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by Monica Anderson

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    List Price: $10.99
    Format: Paperback, 286 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780978637828
    Imprint: TyMAC Books
    Publisher: TyMAC Books
    Parent Company: TyMAC Books
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    When a good woman dates three men to AVOID falling in love again, it’s not a sin it’s a…Sinphony.Third grade teacher Nona Huff has two dreams: a promotion to Vice Principal and making her parents proud. There are only three things standing in her way: —Franklin, mature and successful with the sex drive of a shoelace. He’s a big horn in public so she plays him for her friends and family.—Terry, the much younger artist, who makes her feel his age. He strums her like a Spanish guitar in private.—Vince, her new colleague, who would be the perfect man if he wasn’t after her dream job. She chose the "independent" label because she’s already made an A+ in Heartbreak 101. It was a hard, painful lesson learned. Now that she’s directing the sheet music, can anyone touch her heartstrings

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