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by Roberta Roberts
Uraeus Press (Dec 16, 2020)
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Life is a game of chess. Marginalized people play the game with the black chess pieces, moving second in response to the actions of the white chessmen, and therefore almost always on defense. The playing field is not level, but some of the most thrilling victories are won by defenses

Bigotry is proudly on display in America, and abuse towards the disenfranchised appears to be trending. Celeste teams up with her two comrades to fearlessly navigate the lopsided chessboard of life in search of success and happiness. They’ve been living in a bubble of progressive minds, and are awakened to the reality of an intolerant world. How can they survive, strive and thrive in this oppressive society?

This historical fiction moves through BLM protests prior to the 2016 Presidential Election and the fallout afterwards. Racism, sexism and a hostile society subtly affect the choices the ladies make in their everyday lives, and ultimately the quality of their lives.

Undertones: Watch for law of attraction, power of intention, chakras, and how the characters move like the chess pieces. Although the storyline flows without reading the chapter prefaces explaining the moves of the chess pieces, chess players might enjoy the introductions as a preamble.

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