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Click for more detail about Exile: The Tales of Terrowin: Book One by Jerry Canada Exile: The Tales of Terrowin: Book One

by Jerry Canada
aea Media (Dec 08, 2014)
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Terrowin is an ancient society like no other. Its unique monarchy consists of a king, queen, advisor, protector, king’s mistress, queen’s lover and assassin (collectively known as Royals.) The Birthing Holiday is the grandest celebration in all of Terrowin, when Royals are named every four years according to their birth order on the first day of that New Year. The Royals are taken from their parents at birth and raised at the Royal Ascension School where they receive the most advanced and sophisticated course of study for the first twenty-four years of their lives. The king is raised to lead the people. The assassin, raised to kill him. A murderous plot destroys the School leaving just seven Royals remaining.Twelve-year-old Salil, born an assassin, manages to escape along with six other twelve-year-olds: the future King David, Queen Nara, Advisor Cedric, Protector Tem, Mistress Ava and Lover Brandon. Exiled to a land unknown to them they are pursued by Kass, a ruthless sixteen-year-old assassin out to finish her job. Their studies incomplete, the Royals struggle with their own identities, roles and loyalties while fleeing Kass. Salil, raised from birth to be a killer, must now fight for her own survival and try to save the future King David along with the future of Terrowin.