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Interview to Jessica Amadi

RM Interviewer


This is my Q&A to Jessica Amadi , Rivers Angels FC media officer  

When did you start as the media officer to Rivers Angels F.C. ?
August 28, 2015 
Is there any media officer to a sporting team or organization that you admire? 
That would be the former media officer of defunct Dolphins, China Acheru
The Nigerian league is the strongest womens league in C.A.F. , what should it emulate from other leagues media-wise to grow? 
It should get closer to the communities and always respect player’s contracts.
Many say big clubs around the world in the men’s game have lost their communal feeling, do you have any idea how that can be stopped in the women’s game? 
Like I said, our female teams should get closer to the communities since women football in the country is not as strong as that of the men. If games will be taken to either the Universities or community fields, trust me, the awareness will be enormous
What is the best advertisement/commercial/promotional for soccer you know of in each confederation: C.A.F./U.E.F.A./A.F.C./Con.Me.Bol./Co.N.C.A.C.A.F.? 
I really don’t have any in particular but think I’ll go with the Nike Airport 98’
What question did I not asked that you wanted me to?
We have Continental competitions for the male league clubs in Africa…..why isn’t there one for the female clubs? 
What book are you reading now? If none, what was the last book you finished and when did you finish it?
Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man
Say one thing you know that few do? 
Ah!! Nothing more than gossip….lol
If you have a chance to speak to one forebear, describe them as you want: who will it be, what will the topic be, and what will be the setting?
My Grandmum, Topic: Too Soon! You should have waited to teach me more about our culture and those special delicacies of yours.
When you have a chance to speak to the spirit to all that is or is not, what will you say? 
Always follow your heart and never give up on your dreams!

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