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  1. Richard Murray's ThoughtCloud Tiger Tiger , Marca Worst 11 2018 , MUFC needed system 2018-2019 , PSG/Brasil needed system 2018-2019 , CONCACAF Womens Championship reflect the same reality in either gender in CONCACAF , Sarri Chelsea part 2 , My UEFA CL champion pick , 2018-2019 uefa womens champions league round of 8 to final thoughts , Womens Soccer in the USA , AWCON2018 World Cup 2019 entries , The Glyne Dame , 2019 Womens World Cup Draw and Ettie , 30 years from now , 2018-2019 uefa mens champions league round 16 , beInMourinho , atleti-juventus2202019 , Ownership or a reply to samantha weber , ElClasico 322019 , thoughts 332019 , ajax/realmadrid352019 , my reply to samantha webber's prose on critiquing prose, Morata/Griezzman/Costa , favorite team by flag , Football Crazy Replies 89, 90 , 91 , 92 , 93 , ? Ownership PSG , Atletico Madrid , Inter Miami , Audio Blog Richard Murray Thoughts <Kobo>, Richard Murray Thoughts segments <Youtube> Image Blogs <Google Photos> WSplus GoalChatter Guest Blog entries Women's clubs must survive , UEFAWCL is better than NWSL in 5 reason , Botafogo Star Guest Blog entries Pereira guidance Initial Introduction When I began punditry on sport, it was confined in online locale to my material, still is. I looked and learned through various other formats or Ideas to create my own place. Past blogging, I thought to use Ebooks, my most common format. EBooks can utilize audio and are a clear way to lineate your actions. I made the Kings of London Epic Poem Series and Richard Murray's Thoughts Series reflecting that truth. But, Ebooks were and are not the most used format to messages through the internet. Sport require common channels be used, if you have not figured out how to use an uncommon channel more imaginatively while attention getting, base on saturation in sport viewers to modern media. I thought to audio blog, The Richard Murray Fanatacism Audible, while collate from some of my favorite womens soccer connections, Richard Murray's Fanatacism, or strictly from the players, The Players Say. I gained more outreach but I found myself acting in similar to what others were doing. I find myself now starting a new endeavor, in this AALBC blog entry, like the Audible but absent the strict format. Now, Richard Murray's Thoughts Version 2 is here. I will post in the comments in this blog, any are free to join me,and state my thoughts. But the content or style will now be free. I will not assume I know how best communicate to the audience or viewership,
  2. FootBallCrazy 93 Reply Transcript Welcome to my audio reply to football crazy episode 93, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as K-a-l-y-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev_Egan is on twitter as k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video Before I speak on the football crazy segments I want to ask everyone to look at UEFA Womens CHampions league quarterfinal matches this wednesday, slavia praha vs bayern munich, Barcelona vs lsk kvinner, and my Olympique Lyonnais versus Wolfsburg. In particular, I hope my OL will get through this challenge. Pernille harder in Wolfsburg is the top scorer in the tournament so far and OL has battled Wolfsburg in two finals in the past three champions leagues, all won by OL. This is equivalent to Atleti - Juventus in the mens champions league as a battle between two common finalists recently. Wolfsburg will probably do as in the past and play the counterattack, as the match is truly 180 minutes. On thursday, my London Blue face PSG. Katoto of PSG side Kirby of Chelsea are tied for second best scorer in the tournament. THis will be an interesting battle. Chelsea have shown fragility in defense or health this season but are on a high. PSG are in a race with OL for the title in France. Neither team can afford to drop points in their respective table but will fight against each other to reach deeper in the tournament. Tough battles. You can access notifications on uefa's websites < top goalscorers https://twitter.com/UWCL/status/1107724757276000261> 0:15 Host segment- THe normal crew are in studio 0:25 Atlanta United segment- KEv review atlanta united early season and while I concur that seven games in twenty four days is a tough way it is not unprecendented in the American continent. In brasil, teams deal with intense copa libertadores action in early or late competitive season times historically. It is merely a challenge. To me, the best coach prepares or tries to adjust for it. Frank Deboer , from UEFA, seems inexperienced in handling Continental American scheduling scenarios but more importantly, he seem to not have a strong enough plan for it, when MLS teams for the past five year, at least, had a similar problem to Atlanta. The question is, did the owners to Atlanta United when they hired deboer ask about his plan for the early season challenge, earned by being an MLS cup winner? Did the owners to Atlanta United demand a comprehensive plan from DeBoer or did they ask for no plan while Deboer did not offer any plan to the question of early season added challenges , earned by being an MLS cup winner. I say bad ownership in Atlanta United concerning a coaching hire. I end this segment with a small point. DeBoer is wrong about Atlanta United's early season challenge being unprecedented, it happened last year. 1:45 Kev Egan nutmeg segment- Kyle nutmegged Egan twice <one nutmeg https://twitter.com/unrelatl/status/1107088431929270274> 2:45 La Liga segment- The fanbase to Real Madrid or most followed pundits suggest the spirit is the most potent thing lifted from Zidane. But, I noticed the way Real Madrid played tactically. It was not merely Marcelo/Isco/Bale/Navas back but it was the freedom. Under Solari, Real Madrid had better balance than under Zidane but under ZIdane Real Madrid attack was and is sharper or more creative while exposing itself defensively which favors Navas's goal keeping qualities over Courtois. Absent CR7 Real Madrid have goals but they have risk defensively to get them, and Courtois is not better than Navas in reactions. Solari suffered the same problem as Jose Mourinho in Pogba. Bale like Pogba from Mourinho was challenged by Solari to be more or better and failed under the setup. Ceballos is like many youth players who go for the money into a top club that is not going to sit down their big money signing for a youth, unless that youth has the ability to take the position beyond statistics, through results or dominant quality. ...A friend or huge supporter to FC Barcelona, Dede Williams <https://twitter.com/darmooh82 > made a great point. Messi is a great scorer but Valverde is underrated this season. He has taken Barca through a positive roster modulation that many other fiscal big clubs: manchester united, bayern munich, ac milan, real madrid have all failed to do while winning. Messi has played well, but I see his movement. Messi is not moving like the past. He is being very patient in his play while focused. It is working but I suspect it is a sign too. Messi has the ability to lift FC Barcelona to a possible trophy filled season but other players better grow their responsibility especially Ousmane Dembele or Coutinho. Valverde will warrant the coach of the year for me this coming december. I do concur to get a Messi/Ray Hudson meetup. Simply because Ray Hudson loves messi in such a deep way. Atleti have a big summer. Godin is gone. Felipe Luis, Juan Fran are injury prone or absent the speed to be killer's wide. Costa is strong but getting banged up more frequently. It is a delicate time for my Colcheneros. THey ask is Diego Simeone capable of adapting into a pep guardiola style but is Pep Guardiola capable of adapting to Diego Simeone. Des Norris make a great point. Coaches must go to organizations that fit who they are. I do not think Simeone or Guardiola will do well in Major League Soccer but Mourinho will. People forget Mourinho won a portuguese treble and nearly had a season absent a lose coaching porto which is the fiscally poorest team ever coached between guardiola/simeone/mourinho coached teams. Kev Egan suggest Mourinho would be the worst but from past histories Mourinho is one of the few coaches who won the uefa champions league in UEFA whose history prove he can win largely with a smaller fiscal side which is every MLS team. 26:11 MLS segment, Atlanta United ownership or management need to be called out. Concacaf champions league play has been early season for MLS team for years. Atlanta United was not prepared. did the coach have a plan? did the ownership ask how well the coach was prepared? 29:15 EFL segment side FA Cup, the legend of Jack Grealish in Villa is growing. Manchester United are still the same defensively weak squad and sooner or later, MUFC can't use their speed against opponent mistakes. For me FC Barcelona will wipe MUFC away. MUFC proved they are poor defensively even in the win against PSG. 30:38 UEFA champions league segment, TO be blunt, I think the prior round is being assessed incorrectly. Kev, Key, Des suggest challenges in each tie. I don't. Ajax defeated Real MAdrid BUT, in the second leg, Real MAdrid had sitters they missed. Will CR7 or MAndzukic miss what Varane missed? I don't think so. I think Juventus will have free headers and a sturdier defense will counter Ajax. Same to Manchester United. Yes, they defeated PSG but PSG had sitters that BErnat or Di Maria missed. will Mesis or Suarez or Dembele or Rakitic miss those. I don't see it. I think PSg absent a healthy neymar or cavani aside Real Madrid balanced while uncomfortable under Solari made a situation that flattered the defensive woes in ajax or Manchester United. Liverpool against Porto is another one where the prior rounds scenario flatters the victor. People forget Porto is is one of the few teams outside the england/france/spain/italy/germany pentet that won the uefa champions league, relatively recently. Portugal teams can surprise and to be blunt, this porto have the speed, Bayern lacked. Bayern seemed to slow against Liverpool that they had the correct strategy but didn't have the legs to execute it. Ribery cut into Liverpool but you could see his miles on him, the wear on his physicality was present. But Bayern had the right system. Catching Liverpool with a well executed switch. Porto can do likewise and have a workman's team mentality that will aid them where bayern dropped heads. For me, Juventus/Porto/FC Barcelona go through comfortable. Now, Tottenham against Manchester City is the one where I think the outcome is not certain. Both teams know each other well, in the same league. Tottenham is not in the english table race strongly and Manchester City under pep guardiola tend to fall apart as Guardiola is unwilling to strategically change for the sake of winning it all, merely cause he didn't have to having henry, eto'o side messi although Manchester City don't have any player like said Henry, eto'o or messi. If Kane is healthy, the squad healthy, it can be a tie to remember for tottenham. 32:10 FA CUp segment- Manchester City to me, will get the epl title, merely cause Liverpool will get none. Happy for Brighton and coach Chris Hughton. 35:04 EPL segment- Milner side Virgil Van DJik will have to be great defensively looking forward. Liverpool can drop big points in the english table while get knocked out the uefa champions league. I think Klopp/Sarri are together. Everton Richarlison scoring at the correct time for the international week. Sarri is wrong, the squad has not reached their mental limit. His strategy has shown its weakness like in Napoli. Sarri side Klopp do the same thing and both have weak late seasons cause of it. 37:57 Ligue 1 segment, Mbappe is getting his first lesson in fan reactions at big clubs. He showed his games current weakness. How he is not a number 9 like cavani or a midfield talisman like Neymar in that multifaceted, striker/midfield/forward role. Thank you Kay for rejecting that myth on Balotelli. Balotelli in truth should had played for Ghana. In the end, I think to Gary Bailey who admitted that if he had played for ireland or northern ireland, he could had been starting keeper for a long time but choosing england he had a short career. confederation of african football descended Players raised in the union of european football associations need to choose CAF flag teams even if they don't feel the connection cause the opportunity to play is better. Monaco vs Lille was vital as Lille is now in late season drama, the tight race where absent PSG the french table shows its strength. Monaco or Olympique MArseille or Olympique Lyonnais all feel they can knock Lille out. Lille must be very tough and win all other matches. 43:22 Serie A segment, Ranieri lost in his second game. I hope Roma keep him through the summer but his labor record prove it may not be. 44:41 Turkish super lig segment, Galatapalace commonly known as galatasaray has a chance to catch Istanbul Bashakshehir now. The turkish table is not finished. Galatapalace had issues with the lost goals from Bafetimbi Gomis who left in the prior summer but the january signings have come in well. 45:50 Bundesliga segment, Dortmund players will need to show who they are and win every other game in the remaining season. My gladbach must do likewise. maybe snag a third spot. To James, I think he need to stay in Bayern. Bayern is a big club, he is a creative player and Bayern will rebuild. I hope he chooses to stay unless Real Madrid want him back in the Zidane era. 47:47 Liga Mexico Segment, Chivas lost both in the superclasico but like Bilbao , Chivas ownership or management comprehend their choices, the development system they have , the player they have and accept it. Club America is very much in the real madrid galactico mode. 48:11 Power rankings 10 Sergio Canales starting for spain 9 Monchi returning to Sevilla joining Zidane in the back in action 8 Sadio Mane 20 goals in 38 appearances, he is having the season Mo Salah had last season 7 Genoa defeating Juventus absent CR7 , Juventus absent cr7 are like Atleti absent Costa 6 Quagliarella 36 years 21 goals above piantek or cr7 5 Zidane lucky feeling , Zidane must do more advertisement for irishmen 4 Wayne Rooney first hat trick for DC United and happy for long term coach former player ben olsen 3 LEo Messi hat trick getting betis fans 2 bum goals 1 Fans who showed up for womens game, atleti vs barca, barca women won but atleti are still top of the womens table in spain Congratulations Ana kesell Thank you https://soundcloud.com/footballcrazypodcast/messi-magic-feli-zidane-and-the-griezmann-sequel-football-crazy-podcast-episode-93
  3. https://twitter.com/EricKrakauer/status/1107744234503897098 FAVORITE TEAM BY COUNTRY queried Erik Krakauer MY Answer Spain: Atleti both gender Germany: Turbine Potsdam,gladbach men though i follow gladbach fraun England: Chelsea both gender Italy: Brescia cf no mens team, used to follow AC Milan France: OL both gender Holland: none Portugal: none Brazil- by state Bahia- Botafogo- Santos both gender when applicable Argentina: none MExico: none USA: none, used to be DC United Japan: INAC Kobe no mens Congo: TP Mazembe no womens Nigeria: Rivers Angels no mens club Turkey: Galatapalace China: none Australia: none South Africa: none South Korea: none
  4. INTER MIAMI Ownership 3-17-2019 It is rare I can say, a sport organization I followed from the beginning. Inter Miami is one. The one vital element to Inter Miami's initial time is how much time is spent on everything but players or coaches. Stadiums/insignias/sponsors/first big signings have been reported a lot. But, a coach side players to fill the squad that the big signing will play about, are scant. The following link to an article state the truth https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-soccer-us-beckham/dreaming-of-messi-and-ronaldo-beckham-looks-for-miami-signings-idUKKCN1QX0L7 Beckham started looking for players less than a year before his club will have their first season. That to me will be a factor I will look into as we gauge his ownership in the coming seasons. I note something he said in the article, he said it is catching up quickly to the UEFA big leagues. But MLS teams outside one were knocked out of the Concacaf champions league. This prove to me his ownership model will be based on financial quality, media strength, not competitive quality. I am not suggesting he is wrong or right but in the future when people suggest Inter Miami lacks a competitive quality, i will make sure I note the time index to this post.
  5. Morata/Griezzman/Costa The problem in having a front three like them is how they need to be aligned. In the same way I feel PSG can play neymar in between Cavani/Choupo-Moting. Many people see an attacking trident in terms of Barcelona in the MEssi era where Henry/Eto'o/Messi played interchangeably or Pedro/Villa/Messi where Villa stay high but is a low ball player or Neymar/Suarez/Messi where neymar or messi are low ball players. Costa/Morata are high ball players, they must be kept wide like Robben/Ribery in the best system from Jupp Heynkes but not to hold up the play ever higher, making space inside. Costa/Morata have strength but they need to play far wide and pull defenses. Let Griezzman stay in between them and with Correa/PArtay/Koke be an energetic centralized quad that attack/possess/cut through lines/defend supporting the back line. Absent wide backs i suggest three at the back and a 343, utilizing Morata/Costa high wide back to goal. Greizzman top center. And a midfield four. Morata/Griezzman/Costa (Correa can come in for Griezzman/Kalinic can come in for Morata or Costa) Vitolo/Partay/Saul/Lemar (Koke can come in for PArtay/Saul , Rodrigo can come in for Vitolo/Lemar) Perez/HErnandez/Gimenez (Juan Fran/Felipe Luis can come in for either) Atleti defend well but when you have a team that doesn't modulate into an attacking form very threatening you need to have a shape that pushes the team into an attacking posture by default. But a base 343 makes midfield width naturally wider and allows the wide forwards to be center forwards as they have a nearby player naturally when they knock the ball down. Having two back to goal center forwards highest or widest in attack gives an atuomatic long ball to any deeper wide player while also allows the center to be more fluid.
  6. Atletico Madrid OWNERSHIP 2019 - 3/16/2019 FEMININE Luckily they were initially invested in the SImeone era. Pre simeone they had an amateur team that wasn't given the planning needed to move forward. But, Simeone era players/coach have spent time aiding the female program when they can and they slowly built a current team sitting atop the table, at the time of this writing. Using like the mens team an assortment of spanish players with quality players from other flags, not the most highly regarded but all in the skeleton to the flag setup in their countries. When I look at Ludmila, that is a prime example to non spanish players who are key in the setup to a flag, but not considered the top. while Amanda Sampedro, the captain and a key stalwart in the Spanish Flag team is a prime example to how Atleti in male or female like their spanish players, experienced skilled or tough. They are possibly going to win a third straight league title in spain. The Colcheneras grow more and more every season. The owners or president must be happy that in the top flight domestic league, Atleti is doing great in the womens or mens game. MASCULINE I recall the pre simeone era. Atletico Madrid was the little brother to Real Madrid. I like what the owners/president have done in the Diego Simeone era. Simeone started by making the team defensively solid, getting attacking players to commit to defense and focus on transitioning from defending as a team to attacking sharply, making the most of their chances. Players like Turan now in Turkey/Joachim now in Betis made up the past contingent with a stronger Costa / Felipe Luis or Fresher Griezzman. The Colcheneros are the consistent third best team in spain in the Simeone era. His strategy still has strength but this summer, a number of players like felipe luis/costa/juan fran may have to depart somewhere else like Godin to Inter Milan and complete the shift in a new era. Lemar/Morata/Greizzman/PArtay/Gimenez/Oblak are great but Atleti need new wide backs and Simeone may have to start another season trying to use a more attacking form and if like in seasons past it fail, convert to what is more tried or true. The ownership has to keep their trust to him and I think they will. Simeone has earned trust from the atleti board. Losing to Juventus is not a sin and if Atleti end above real madrid that will be two season in a row above Real Madrid which is massive for Atleti's pride. The ownership will show what they value this summer.
  7. MY REPLY Welcome to my audio reply to football crazy episode 92, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as K-a-l-y-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev_Egan is on twitter as k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video 0:35 Host segment, Tim Stannard in twitter as Laligaloco l-a-l-i-g-a-l-o-c-o is in for Kev Egan 1:10 Zidane segment, Zidane is the french Jardim or Real is the Spanish AS Monaco in both cases The ownership went against a coaches view, they had a spat, the ownership/management was proven wrong and the coach is back with more power. From a distance I comprehend why Zidane don't want MAnchester United, Mourinho proved the ownership/management in manchester red will not allow benching too poor playing players that are not fitting the balance, like pogba. Football Crazy with Gabby Amado side Ray Hudson talked about Sergio Ramos's ... rant or public question and answer to himself < SPortsburst relevant episodes https://www.facebook.com/beINSPORTSUSA/videos/vl.300906897291938/513722772485992/?type=1 OR https://www.facebook.com/beINSPORTSUSA/videos/vl.300906897291938/306218613404516/?type=1 > It will be interesting when Pique/Ramos leave FC Barcelona/Real Madrid . They are leaders but also media darlings. I disagree to Stannard, Ramos is needed in real madrid cause he has the one thing that many of the players names are being touted to come in do not have, strength against inconsistency. In Real MAdrid or FC Barcelona this season, Coutinho/Dembele/Bale/Isco all have two thing in common, inconsistency is one, BUT most important is an inability to handle the negativity in either biggest spanish club while being inconsistent. Ramos proved he can get red cards, play bad, he can be inconsistent and win. Navas proves that. MArcelo proves that. Hazard/Pogba proved under Mourinho they can't take it. Real Madrid need Ramos, even with his media ego or background antics. Kay resounds my point. I disagree to Ramos letting the team down when he got a purposeful card. Ramos in Real Madrid does this every season, he did it for three straight season. The true failure to the team against Ajax in the second leg was Bale. He needed to be the attacking talisman on the pitch, and he wasn't, the attacking talisman was still benzema . Bale is gone but I wonder where? Marcelo maybe with Zidane gone. Alec Sandro from juventus is a good invite, with Reguilon backup. But who for Carvajal? Neymar for me need to get back on the PSG train. Love Zidane the galactico whisperer from Des. Hazard is a no from me. Hazard is not a Real MAdrid player with his shaky seasons. Isco is I don't know, though maybe AC Milan, the new pirlo. I said it before, Courtois will be benched for Navas and courtois will have to take the starting keeper start, if he can. Zidane through the remaining Real Madrid schedule can be the new Ole after being the new Jardim. I disagree to Des. Zidane can not undo his legacy to himself. I concur to Stannard about the Sergio Ramos question and answer , i wish he would had worn a mario bros mustache. Stannard make an interesting point, I wonder how many big clubs monitor the players esocial account, or how they do it. Valladolid lost against the soccer gods Real Madrid blessing, which meant three Vallodolid goals were canceled out and allowed Real MAdrid back in through time to a blow out. Thank you Des, I did not know the wrong video assistance refereeing booth was being viewed in the match between real vallodolid Love the quote about the future of a coach to the next day from Solari after questioned by Jamie Easton 18:08 La Liga segment, Getafe is battling. I disagree to Stannard, the point of the UEFA champions league spots is they are for those who earn them , not for those who are deemed most viewed or watched. Getafe getting in will hopefully make the valencia's/sevilla's of the world more motivated to be better and not allow a team like getafe to get in the champions league. R.D.T. is wise, it will be easy for hashtags and mentions later, will Zidane get him from Rayo back to Real? Jamie Easton is a good interviewer, I like his pitchcam. Atleti proved we have depth. A battle ensue in Turin. The difference is that Atleti is away so any Atleti goal is a huge weight on Juventus. Juventus will need four goals if Atleti get one in Turin. Big mountain for Allegri, and this UEFA CL absent PSG/Real is open for a winner, as Barca and the winner to Atleti/Juventus is the only finalist from recent prior seasons left in the tournament. 27:39 Copa Libertadores segment, Leonel Alvarez former coach for Libertad de PAraguay was fired for his philandering to players wives. Des Norris referenced something that the coach apparently uses, I will leave that as a suprise in the transcript< https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGrasobHcKA and the Leon introduction:) from the film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=961x0NmyHKE > To the group stage, all the brasilian clubs except paranaense or mineiro are in good positions but the group stage to the copa lib is very early. And the teams in brasil are still in the state championship or pre brasileriao mode. A delicate time but we can only see how they react to these tough eary season challenges. I argue like MLS teams in the concacaf champions league, brasilian teams need a change of schedule to be stronger during the group stages of the copa libertadores. I do not want the state leagues to go but their timing may have to change. Maybe make the brasileiro begin in january and make the state championships after the brasilerao in the october/november/december phase. 29:15 Ligue 1 segment, Balotelli was never a bad player but I think he made moves for money like in Manchester City/AC Milan/Liverpool and never forgave Inter Milan for losing faith, while finally started his career in OGCNice and moved on to the bigger riviera side in Olympique MArseille. Three careers, one youth, one money, one aspiring athlete. I think Balo is right, Maxima from OGCnice is not a wide striker like a robben or cr7, nor is he that hybrid attacking forward midfielder like neymar/messi, he is a foil, like Lindegard at Manchester United. He need to be able to float around a center forward. Balo is that forward. I like PAtrick Viera but I notice, coaches that can not accept Balo for who he is or want him to change. Mourinho/Mancini eventually/Viera don't do as well as Favre/Garcia who seem to let him be. Of course, maybe Balotelli knew he was out the door and simply played himself down till he was out but I don't know background stuff. My favorite Balotelli moment was when he scored the goal and flipped the why always me shirt. I think he never until france got on teams that actually were built around him in any way. Pepe must be careful leaving Lille for any of these big teams. Many modern big teams are not offensively built through one player but an offensive web. Stannard is incorrect, Pepe can not replace robben or ribery, his game is not on the wings, he has to come on for Lewandowski. But, he is not as big as Lewandowski. Maybe Dortmund if they can pay 80 million. OL is shaky defensively. FC Barcelona if they hyper charge their offense can cut through OL. But, OL if they score, put a pressure on Barca and patience is key. Ol can win but they have to be no nonsense defensively and rely on their youth in their attack. Neymar gets injured cause PSG coaches/owners do not give Neymar a midfield like Tite did in the russian world cup qualifiers. PSG need three midfielders this summer. Casemiro/Ngolo Kante/Thomas Partay is the buys in the same way Casemiro/Paulinho/Renato Augusto kept Neymar safe in the selecao. 39:25 Italian Serie A segment, I love Ranieri back at Roma, I wish him well. Quagliarella 20 goals, why not get him MLS clubs? so silly. 41:39 Sportsburst segment, check out sportsburst on Monday to Friday in Facebook beinsports usa, 42:02 EPL segment, Arsenal defeating Manchester United was not a big thing cause MAnchester United performed their way under Mourinho. A chelsea win and a MUFC lose again, Manchester United will be sixth just like when Mourinho left. Aubemayang stayed at Dortmund too long for his career. Should had went to PSG or Napoli. Players have to see the opportunities in the less than teams in big leagues. Congratulations to Gary Bailey for his daughter's wedding, enjoy the cake. I concur to Stannard, Liverpool need to get knocked out of the UEFA champions league to focus to it. But to be honest, Bayern are rising and they have an experience in winning in their team Liverpool don't have. Liverpool are used to folding up. STerling is not the second best player currently to me. It is like Tiago in Bayern when Pep was in Bayern. People love doing that when Pep coach a team. Mueller/Thiago is like Sterling/Kevin De BRuyne . Players who are limited and absent Guardiola's strategies, they are exposed as not as capable. The best players succeed no matter the coach. The moving of Dembele to Guangzhou from Tottenham to me in January derailed Tottenham, underrated player Dembele. Since Real Madrid or Manchester United are out, Mourinho for PSG in my view and then AC Milan for Pochetinno. A young team, wealthy owners. To my londonblue, we shall see what Sarri does. Higuain or Morata are gone and I assume Hazard side Willian side Pedro gone. Chelsea is about to be emptied over the summer. 53:49 Grealish Segment, I said it many times before pundits or announcers on t.v. , streaming, cable like to suggest what fandom is, that being a positive thing. I disagree, fandom come in all ways, positive or negative. I recall in Boca Juniors vs River Plate when a fan , yes a fan threw a grenade of some gas into the tunnel. Fandom is not merely positive scenarios. Fans having opposing color shirts having a beer. But, fans stabbing other fans happens to, like in napoli vs roma a few years back. Remember the old firm history. Did anyone not call those glasgow rangers or glasgow celtic fans who hurt each other in the past not fans? < video to the attack on grealish by a fan https://twitter.com/ESPNFC/status/1104729392909975552 > Happy GRealish scored and moved on with what he called, his job 56:49 MLS segment, Atlanta United learning what it is like shifting coaches who are not alike as maybe advertised. 58:58 Stannard's Dortmund segment, Dortmund's problem is they are a selling team but they advertise themselves or as they are advertised as a top team 1:00:36 Power Rankings segment 10 Leganes, international womens jay jerseys, victoria pavone is the director 9 Grealish assaulted but scoring the goal 8 Getafe, 4th place still 7 Quagliarella- goal leader in italy 6 Inuyi- Takashi Inui apologizing to Betis while on loan in Alaves 5 Balotelli- 4 home games 4 Late goals- Pepe, Rondon, Villareal 3 PSG/DIjon/Copa Libertadores/UEFA CL/Europa League THE CHAMPIONS! and the EUROPA league 2 hat trick heroes Ben yedder side Sterling 1 Zizou! back at Real MAdrid Share your thoughts in my youtube comments or aalbc blog or tweet me on twitter Thank you LINK https://soundcloud.com/footballcrazypodcast/the-return-of-zidane-football-crazy-podcast-episode-92
  8. https://twitter.com/sammweber/status/1105203925525954563 My reply Instead of criticizing organizations who are investing, suggest ideas that can move the financial winds to favor the change. I will explain using a short history and then give my suggestion based on your prior tweets... jackie robinson is known by most as a black person allowed to play in a <before him> all white league owners/coaches/players/groundspeople but the team he played for , the dodgers was a bad team. My point, the owner didn't get jackie robinson <JR> cause he loved blacks or wanted to integrate anything positively. He got JR cause he hoped his skill will attract all fans or his phenotype will attract black fans. It was a great fiscal gamble, and it worked. But it didn't come from the yankees who were far and away a better team than the dodgers or fiscally more potent. It was fiscal desperation that made it so and as other teams saw the Dodgers success they wanted similar improvements and got black players. The yankees being the last team to get a first black player, as well as the most dominant or safe team fiscally. The lesson. The dodgers were in a tough fiscal wind. the yankees were in comfort. Financial winds when negative force firms to risk. Now, to my suggestion. You mentioned the australian women will get an addidas bonus but none are addidas players. I suggest using your pulpit to ask the australian womens team to find a firm that will give them a better deal. Don't judge addidas false, suggest the players go to other firms whose owners are desperate for more market, like the dodgers owner. Maybe a chinese/russian/brasilian/continental european apparel maker is willing to do for the australian market what Nike/Addidas will not. Dont waste time speaking ill to Addidas or Nike, dont unfriend them, guide the players using your voice to firms that are fiscally desperate enough to give them a better deal and global giants like Nike/Addidas will drag like the yankees but most other apparel firms like most teams in MLB will change afterward far quicker. Jackie Robinson wasn't given opportunity by the yankees, which in retrospect would had made the yankees a more beloved team than they are now. BUt the yankees were to fiscally safe to see it. Robinson was given opportunity by a team whose owner was not making the money he wanted and was looking to do anything to make a better profit. Use your pulpit to guide the female athletes to more desperate fiscal pastures. Money is out there in modernity, in the global economy.
  9. PSG OWNERSHIP 2019 - 3/6/2019 FEMININE The wOmens game is not the mens game. The saturation of high quality clubs or teams or players is not as high in the womens game Sequentially, developed players have a greater chance in the womens game to succeed. PAst that, PSG ownership applied the same design to the women as the men. Collect the highest quality international squad. Utilizing only a few french players. The problem is Olympique Lyonnais, who started their program earlier, have a better balance between developing players and the ability to fiscally compete side PSG in the womens games to contracts. But all in all PSG womens are a miniature money pit compared to the men but they have been consistent, only bettered by the best team in the womens game in UEFA. PSG MASCULINE The problem in PSG is not spending 1.15 billion Euros since 2011. It is not in wanting to win the UEFA champions LEague in ten years or less. It is wanting to win the UEFA CL while being a media darling. It is like Thierry HEnry when coach of AS Monaco when he said he wants to coach like Pep Guardiola. What was the unique success of Guardiola coaching FC Barcelona? It was not the trophies, it was the media adulation. When Guardiola coached FC BArcelona, most heavily followed pundits, or pundits on the largest media properties globally created the narrative not only did Guardiola win, but he won the best way ever. any other win can not be as good if it is not similar. This meant, winning the way Barca did during that time was more than just a win, it was a cultural statement. Many clubs saw this media reply and wanted to turn their teams into Barca-Clones to not only win but be in media favor. PSG/Chelsea/MCFC/Dortmund/Liverpool all are barca-clones. Like every clone it lacks something. PSG have a similar front three, but don't have a midfield trio like busquets/iniesta/xavi who compress the opposition during possession or individually great wide players in defense like Dani alves at Barcelona. Chelsea don't have a forward trio like Henry/Messi/Eto'o or a midfield trio like iniesta/xavi/busquets or defenders with individual quality like puyols or pique. MCFC don't have a talisman like Messi. Dortmund have a side lacking the same gel that Pep guardiola's la masia squad had when from la masia. Liverpool lack a talisman like Messi. Each clubs fortunes prove being a clone is perilous. The owner to PSG Nasser Ghanim Al-Khelaifi through qatari sports investments only error was placing his team in coaches hands that are not winners, but entertainers. Emri's sevilla was never a top winner. TUchel's dortmund were never a top winner. Ancelotti won as player or coach at the highest and should had been kept on till he won the uefa champione leagues. BLanc was not a winning coach but was a winning player. Then Al-Khelaifi went against winning and toward impressing. Emri won nothing, Tuchel won nothing but were given the task to making a team supposedly meant to win it all, the quartet: coupe de ligue, coupe de france, ligue1, uefa champions league. THe most important transfer is the next coach to PSG. And only one coach I know of warrant PSG who is available. His name is Mourinho.
  10. Real MAdrid vs Ajax 3/5/2019 thoughts Lopetegui and Solari have joined David moyes as those unfortunate coaches who came after great eras when the wheels came off. Strategically, if I am honest, finishing is what Real MAdrid miss. Real Madrid had two free headers, two goal post saves, a Varane no goal. Can you imagine messi or saurez or griezzman or neymar or mbappe with those chances. Congratulations to Ajax but based on their play, they will lose in the next round, both legs, no doubt. They are defensively soft. In the positive, Ajax is a high flying team, like dortmund, these youth high flying teams seem great when they win, but when they lose, they look silly. Ajax is as defensively imbalanced as Real, the difference is that Real have no goals in them while Ajax have quite a bit. This is a key time for Real Madrid's ownership , management. Ajax's coach knows his team is vulnerable and against any team that has goals in them, Ajax will suffer, so Ajax must work on their defense, alot. It is like Manchester United. PSG was the worst team for Manchester united to face. Ajax the worst for Real Madrid. My OL face Barcelona tomorrow, I am sad cause I think this match will make Barcelona more sharp, they will not want to join madrid, but they still can, Allez OL. Who do REal madrid bring in I hear people mention Hazard, but Hazard is for me unstable, he has waving seasons at chelsea. Icardi is good at scoring but not anything else. Real MAdrid are looking for galacticos, highly skilled/highly athletic/highly media popular/tested at the highest level players. Those players are rare, and I don't see too many. Reply to Darmooh82 https://twitter.com/darmooh82/status/1103056158535884802 well, I am not surprised at the result but the assessment from pundits is wrong. It is not that this squad isnt playing well, they are not finishing well. this game showed that greatly, Varane free header, nacho free header, varane free in the box at the penalty spot, modric slider to benzema, benz slip, viniciusjr hit post, bale hit post, those show Real is able to score but they are not scoring and any team that has problems scoring that has an attacking posture, has problems. it is like spain in the world cup. they dont have goals and that is what hurts them. they possess, defend through possesion, play wide, make triangles, but if you dont have goals... The end of an era is not the end of a team
  11. FOOTBALL CRAZY 91 REPLY TRANSCRIPT Welcome to my audio reply to football crazy episode 91, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as K-a-l-y-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev_Egan is on twitter as k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog linked in the description to this video 0:42 crew segment, the standard crew is for today 0:59 Barcelona Real MAdrid segment, I oppose their view, many great highlights in madrid's attack. I think busquets did very well, even though he still passes slowly in midfield. Kay ask, how big is the gulf in class between Real MAdrid/BArcelona? I answer, Real Madrid don't have high quality finishing, but can do everything else. They still risk defensively and that cost them but they are still using an expansive style and that leaves open spaces. Barcelona showed quality from experienced players. Pique in defense, Rakitic in midfield. They do not always have the best games, but they did against Real Madrid this time. The last ditch defending was massive from Barcelona. If Olympique Lyonnais play their best game they can defeat Barca and that will not be as shocking. BArca do not defend through possession at a high enough quality. and, their last ditch defending , like from any team, has weakness eventually. Great point from Des Norris about Kun Aguero not speaking english well in any way while playing at Manchester City for equal time as Bale. But, I concur to Kev Egan, Isco was not angry. Vieri or Ray Hudson mentioned when Griezzman did the same with MEssi in a match where Atleti lost to BArcelona. Some players prove their mental quality is weak. Griezzman or ISco need to learn how to be angry like Diego Costa. Many pundits speak against Costa but Costa battles from opening whistle till he is off the pitch and that mentality helps. QUESTION: Where does Bale go? I don't think the EPL is it? KAy made a good point, who can pay for Bale? KEv did made a good shout out for Bale to MAnchester United, Alexis Sanchez is done. Still a good player but the chilean must leave england. 14:59 Atleti Segment, Kay made a shout out to Campeones, here is the trailer < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0p5-b3YwIM > Morata is more suited to Atleti than Jackson MArtinez. I agree to him side Dre Cordero. Morata at Juventus , who play similar to Atleti, was able to fly in that attacking freedom. Teams like Barca/Chelsea under Sarri want to possess the ball so they need attackers who are predatory. But teams like Juventus/Atleti want to defend and attack sharply through a few which favor Morata or Costa. 18:33 Huesca vs Sevilla segment, I still don't see how sevilla have a different form based on geography. QUESTION: Is it a mental issue to why Sevilla have a different form at home, based on their nature or current events 19:44 espanyol vs valladolid segment, Lei Wu 40 million people watched him score in china. Commercially chinese players are big shirt sellers, like usa players. QUESTION: is the media missing how potent chinese players are to selling shirts compared to statian/usa based players? 21:38 Miguel Cardoza gone at Celta Vigo segment, I concur, I concur, luckily for him Thierry Henry was the worst coach signing this year in the top uefa leagues 22:01 Getafe segment, I agree to Kev, Getafe need to be more advertised but just like Leicester in England or Lille in France, when small teams do well, the media treats them as fiscal minnows, which they are. The only answer is for people who want to talk more about all teams equally is to own their own media outlets and demand certain procedures. QUESTION: who will get fourth from getafe/alavez/sevilla/valencia? I getafe have momentum but I need to see their schedules to make sure 25:17 Gabriel Amado segment, check out SPortsburst on BeinSports on facebook 12 pm eastern standard time 9pm pacific time 25:54 EPL segment, I concur to Kev, Dortmund is free falling, but Liverpool is making some points, it is not a total freefall. I think the pressure of the media hype and the competitiveness from fans is what is attacking Klopp in Liverpool. Media have waited for decades to praise Liverpool as champions of the english premier league. Liverpool is the traditional biggest team from England in terms of success in England or outside of england. QUESTION: Absent Mourinho, media in England had to find a target to pummel. Is Klopp suffering from an absent Mourinho? Good point from Des Norris, Manchester City fans want to retain the title and not merely for the challenge but to get as many championships in comparison to MAnchester United. But Kev's point is true, if Pep does not get to a final. His greatness as a coach has to be questioned. Mourinho reached a final coaching three teams, Porto/Chelsea/Inter My London Blue, chelsea did win the west london derby, against Fulham but still shaky from them. I wonder can chelsea survive in the Europa League Brendan Rogers leaving celtic is not comparable to Lopetegui, I concur to Kay. 39:44 Bundesliga segment, my poor gladbach were hammered by Bayern. I don't know what to say. In the end, Gladbach does not have the ownership style to be atop the german table. Buy 40:59 Copa Libertadores segment, I can't wait for the group stage. Now time for the brasilian clubs to do better. Brasil is the sleeping elephant of Conmebol. From finance or population brasil should be much stronger, but they are not. QUESTION: what brand is the smoked salmon KEv uses? HE is fortunate to be side Ray Hudson , especially for a River Plate game 43:09 Ligue1 Segment, Balotelli is scoring near once every game. Love the instagram story though it was the goal that was better. Balotelli had three parts to his career. Inter youth under Mourinho. The Money run between Manchester City/Ac Milan/Liverpool and then his third era as a footballer in France. first for OGCNice and now for bigger club Olympique MArseille. No shame in making money early and earning respect late. Question: So the best in the world goes from CR7 side Messi to Mbappe, will Neymar be named the best player in the world, what if they stay on the same team? Fekir did not play against Barca in the first match but OL kept a clean sheet. OL do not need to win in Camp Nou, a scoring draw is enough. Jardim Didn't know Tullett is british. 49:53 MLS segment, Beckham had a statue in LA Galaxy. QUESTION: DEs Norris asks does Beckham warrant a statue in LA Galaxy? I answer no. Beckham was a money pot for every team post Manchester United in his career. He sold shirts but in terms of athletic quality QUESTION: what will MLS be absent the Beckham era? I say MLS will be other than it is, but maybe better for non white communities or smaller geographs in the usa. Beckham supported the corporate plan but was that the best plan. Kay L Murray's ability to know about the Turkish Super Lig or Major League Soccer is quality considering she has to stay highly knowledgeable to La Liga, Ligue 1 59:06 italian Serie A segment, CR7 comprehends that Juventus will need to play greatly to overturn the goals situation against Atleti, time to be obsessed in Turin 1:00:21 J League, Villa scored his first goal for Kobe POWER RANKINGS 10 Huesca, 20th place hashtag #Minnowday 9 Copa Libertadores returns side the UEFACL this midweek 8 Quagliarella deuce, 19 goals in 25 games in Italy 7 Wu Lei, 2 million euro signing, 40 million watched his first goal, I ask if a uefa team has a usa player or chinese player, which is the best fiscal pick? 6 Manchester City taking the top in England 5 Mourinho the pundit, the special one is still special 4 Rakitic sole goal in el clasico win, Barca lead in wins in el clasicos now Mourinho said he must advance his media game 3 MLS is back ,late winners 2 Instagram storying, ala Balotelli 1 Blaugrana, Mes que un club , nothing is over, but a bright possible season Thanks friends, love you guys too:) In honor of that priase I will do a little old school calling ...Norris is in the midfield, holding the ball up, the riverdancer is making a fool of busquets, who is on his backside like a turtle as ray hudson would say, he passes wide to the waiting bansheeman, egan flies down the flanks taking a selfie to himself while cutting through Chiellini who has pulled over to aid Bernat, but the irishman emasculates them both, and the cutting ball back to the Steel driving woman, Murray has Chiellini trying to pull her down, grinding on her stomach but she rides his challenge and leaps beyond his recognition and reaches the cross from Egan, De GEa cognizes the situation and jumps like a cat in front of Murray but Murray simply heaed the ball to herself on the way down and heads it into a free net past De Gea's ribcage and Bspor win the club world cup! the crowd is going while, Coach Hudson and Assistant Coach rongen are going crazy, KEeper Schoen and Captain of the team Metellus is jumping for joy in hugs. Amado the lightning bug is jumping on the team huddle, with egan/cordero/rios inside giggling like kids from the wing. Rich is coming off the touchline, not even needed on the pitch for the win! THe crowd goes crazy!! Thank you ARTICLE https://www.beinsports.com/us/el-clasico/news/football-crazy-madrids-double-bernabeu-defeat/1130380 AUDIO BLOG https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard%20Murray%20Thoughts&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=074aba7e-53c8-5265-8749-e5adfd8a06b1
  12. Thoughts 3-3-2019 MArta is the greatest female player currently playing. But in the end, her problem is the teams she played for. If MArta was french/english/german/statian/spanish she would had spent all her career in her native country. The reality is, the Selecao's weakness stem from the same problems in MArta's overall career. Nothing is negative in playing wherever you want. But, when the country you come from has the heritage in futebol Brasil does and can not dredge up a respectable womens program for club or flag play, all the problems are present. Now the solution as the video below state is simple. SOmeone who has money that want a better brasilian womans program must use their money or get money they can spend to finance a stronger brasilian womens program. The Key in Morata or Costa is they combined provide needles, Aguja's to the Colcheneros or matress makers. The genius in Atleti is their ownership/management not only allowed Simeone to manage the development to the team in transfers/youth policy but kept true to his vision and let him try his best to adjust his team in other ways but upon coming back to center stay true to the coach. Sometimes Atleti do not win a trophy but the consistency from the management to the idea from the coach is rare. Like their bilbao roots, who remain true to their basque empowerment culture, Atleti stick true to their identity, win lose or draw.
  13. THOUGHTS TO EL CLASICO 3-2-2019 I am saddened to the result cause my Atletico MAdrid needed Barcelona to lose the match and thus,after victory tomorrow, have a three point distance; but, it was not meant to be. To strategies, Patrick Kluivert said it best. Real Madrid midfielders drove not into the midfield, absent the ball. I minded not the lineup, but I minded their arrangement. I think Real Madrid needed a 2143 system Ramos/Varane Kroos Carvajal/Modric/Casemiro/Reguilon Bale/Benzema/Viniciusjr The problem in the arrangement Real MAdrid used Carvajal/Ramos/Varane/Reguilon Modric/Casemiro/Kroos Bale/Benzema/Viniciusjr is the movement. Benzema dropped deep constantly but could not catch up to the wide play. Vinicisujr pushed the defense but had not the support quick enough. Bale had not enough overlap from Carvajal. Modric/Casemiro/Kroos stayed behind Bale/Benzema/Vinicisujr . The forward trio needed movement past them. The midfield trio needed movement past them. A change in system as I suggested allows Kroos/Modric/Casemiro to stay together while places Carvajal/Reguilon closer to the forward line and maintain a higher natural width in possession than the 433. I cognize, Real Madrid love the 433 but the squad in the pertinent to this entry El Clasico needed a change in formation. Between Kroos/Casemiro/Modric the duo made from Ramos/Varane can get aid to lengthen the back line to five if necessary while allowing the attacking wide players a higher starting position to support the forward line.
  14. PREFIX 392019 Dirk Nowitski said:"I don't know if it's about winning as much anymore as it is looking good on instagram, twitter, having followers and having clicks and likes" Beyond the fact that the Kardashian clan or Donald Trump prove no labor field is absent the positive influence on being followed/liked/disliked or having some cult online to gaining positively in a labor field in modernity, he miss a simple truth. Players are following the owners lead. The atlantic anglophone meaning USA/UK/Canada is the most potent in modern media. Sport leagues in those places NBA/NFL/NHL/MLB/EPL prove fiscal success is not tied to competitive succes. Sequentially the new york knicks in the NBA/the dallas cowboys in the NFL/the new york rangers in the NHL/the new york yankees in MLB/Manchester United in the EPL are the most fiscally potent teams in said leagues and none are competitively dominant. The reason why is the respective owners to each. Sequentially, when anyone suggest the players are looking for followers or instagram or tweets or likes, the players are simply mirroring the clubs who are looking for tweets/likes/followings/media shows/sponsorships based on the clubs hype. The players are following the lead from the clubs or fans. Fans don't care about competitive quality. Fans online argue about competitive quality but never come to conclusions that focus on why the competitive quality is lower than desired, sequentially, fans online don't want to improve the competitive quality to teams they face but like to argue about it online, gaining their own small likes or dislikes that coincide to the players or clubs, likes or dislikes. The culprit is not the players, the owners/fans/players are all aiding or abetting the crime against increased competitive quality. LINKS Dirk Nowitski quote https://twitter.com/BleacherReport/status/1104197000260714496 A Question To Change In Sport 2/28/2019 Good Morning Good Afternoon or Good Evening, I am richard murray and this is my thought to an article from samantha weber, everything pertinent is linked in the transcript to this post Anthony Dicicco originally shared the article from Samantha Weber; it concern why the NAtional Womens Soccer League exist. She made many point I read before concerning the beautiful game played by women in the usa. I advise reading her article if you are unaware to the national womens soccer league; she is a former player, who experienced life in the National womens soccer league. I only wish to amend one point to her article, that point is how to change the national womens soccer league. I used to communicate online my dissatisfaction or anger at the lack of relegation or promotion in Major LEague soccer, aside many other complaints. But, a year ago I decided to stop complaigning online as loudly to said issues. why? The blunt or sad truth is, at the least in the usa, if you own you control. In the usa you own when you finance. The truth is, relegation or promotion/connecting to non white communities/larger fiscal investment in females playing soccer, each have the same simple answer. Finance those things. Get money or use your money to finance those things. You want relegation or promotion in the beautiful game in the usa for males or females , the answer is simple. Spend money to make two league tiers, one female one male, from maine to hawaii that utilize relegation and promotion, from the unstoppable position known as owner. You want non whites to have greater opportunity in the usa for females or males, the answer is simple. Spend money to make two league tiers, one male one female, from maine to hawaii that publicly unashamedly determinedly give opportunities to non whites as coaches/fitness trainers/media opratives/sporting managers/club presidents/players/kit managers/youth players/ball kids or kids who handle the ball during matches/grounds keepers/secretaries to administrators side the many other opportunities available in a sports league, from the unstoppable position known as owner. You want better financing or another guidance in the usa to a league in the usa, like the national womens soccer league. Spend money to buy the league and if not for sale , spend money to start your own from scratch, implementing all your ideas from the unstoppable position known as owner. If you own, you control and you can do whatever you can finance. Now some will say, public opinion has value, the people can rally, or you can join the ussoccer administration and work from the deep innards to your changes. I do not deny all the actions I said have value. But none are lasting, none are certain and definitely not compared to being the owner who finances/who produces/ who is in control unquetioningly. I know some will say, but I have no money. That is the point. I am someone , when a boy, thought opportunities were coming in MLS, they never did. The way was very simple. it was not my laziness or interest lacking, it wasn't the infrastructure to the usa. The reason why I did not have opportunity stemmed from the owners plan not fitting me. So what solution exist to the kid today? rallies/speeches/penniless work in administration... no, the answer is be the owner and make it yourself. If you do not have the money figure out how to get it where you can dictate how the money is spent. If you do have the money, go and spend it to implement your plan. I know it is a crude thing, an insensitive thing, but it is the way in the usa. Samantha Weber ARticle https://medium.com/@sammweber/why-does-the-national-womens-soccer-league-exist-aad5229b94f4 Anthony DiCicco post https://twitter.com/DiCiccoMethod/status/1100199846084960257 My AudioBlog https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard Murray Thoughts&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=074aba7e-53c8-5265-8749-e5adfd8a06b1
  15. FootballCrazy Episode 90 Reply TRANSCRIPT Welcome to my audio reply to football crazy episode 90, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as K-a-l-y-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev_Egan is on twitter as k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog linked in the description to this video 0:45 Gabriel Pessoa is in for Kay L Murray, he is in twitter as mr pessoa m-r-underscore-p-e-s-s-o-a https://twitter.com/Mr_Pessoa 1:09 EFL Cup segment- Kepar proves the following summer must solve the problem as hazard is leaving and the transfer ban may apply. The link to my longer view is in the transcript https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=472 10:52 MUFC segment- Ole still unbeaten in the EPL , but that say more to the EPL competition. I link to my larger thinking in the transcript. https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=465 11:30 Klopp the coach segment- The problem in Klopp's method is the same thing that happened at his last season in Dortmund. The electric frenetic pace is not possible throughout the whole season, no matter the team. His teams freefall over time. 17:59 The Brendan Rogers segment- His artistic collection, I wonder how someone replaces all their teeth. 19:23 Sevilla against the messi hat trick segment- Messi is a greatest in this time. He was not the greatest in times past or will be the greatest in times future. But, against the better teams Messi can not do it alone, he need greatness in the team around him. 23:14 LA Liga tops segment- Kev made an interesting point, BArcelona/Atletico MAdrid/Real MAdrid are going through phases 24:58 Coutinho in FC Barcelona segment- the guy gabriel pisou suggested coutinho was the best player when for me he was the worst, his job was to replace renato augusto and instead dysfunctioned the selecao. In Barcelona, Coutinho is unable to play with Messi for the same reason. 27:41 LEvante vs Real Madrid segment- Video Review is merely another referee set making choices. The assumption is another set of referees will make choices that media feels will go as media want. Media keep forgetting human referees interpret laws that are open to various interpretation. So Bale is in the same situation as Balotelli. Some players do not want to smile or be amusing. Media need to support those players in their narratives to the public, not letting the public dictate their narrative to the players. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/fe/43/e6/fe43e6a8d2438222c24d489b56f5f0d3.gif 35:58 Wednesday El Clasico in the copa del rey- For me, both sides seem healthy, it is a matter of who is sharpest. It is a game of mistakes. If Barcelona win, it will be from Messi 37:50 Atleti segment- A healthy costa and a fitting, meaning fit in the system, Morata is great for Atleti in supporting goal creation or forward play. Atleti need sharp attacking to support the collective defense, it seems to be happening 44:31 Mbappe segment- MBappe is the new biggest goal machine , he is not a complete player. PSG have not missed neymar or cavani cause they have not faced a tough enough opponent that expose the game mbappe does not have or the weakness in his support 45:32 Jardim retourner segment- the monaco owners wanted to make a change and showed their inability to own efficiently. My OL showed an incorrect defensive quality, but in preparation to Barcelona i think they got caught. It will be interesting if OL play like they did against MAnchester city or if they play like they did after the manchester city win 48:53 Piantek in AC Milan segment- HE is young but his success can not be viewed as defining how good he will be in the best or AC Milan being a truly consistent side 53:22 Copa Libertadores segment- I admit, i have liked MElgar too, I must support my sole entry remaining in the copa libertadores or copa suadamericana, botafogo , but I will like melgar against others. 10 mbappe 50 9 willian's face on the bench during the english league cup kepar/sarri row circa 0:35 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-25/manchester-city-league-cup-final-chelsea-kepa-arrizabalaga/10845010 8 jardim resurection 7 Portuguese 6 36 quagliarella 17th goal of the season 37 joachim score a brace 36 years beasely in guatemala 5 Sergio Canales best season in his career 4 Bafitembi Gomis- scare the ball boy- AL-Hillal https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/8487545/prem-gomis-scares-tball-boy-celebration-giving-shirt/ 3 Getafe -Los Azulones- the big blues- in 4th place 2 Leo Messi 25 goals 11 assist 23 la liga apps the GITT 1 El Clasico 3 clasico in 25 days Copa del rey second leg Article https://soundcloud.com/footballcrazypodcast/the-kepa-cup-final-kerfuffle-football-crazy-podcast-episode-90
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