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  1. IF YOU VIEW RICHARD MURRAY THOUGHTS AFTER 9/1/2020 PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING LINK https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=945 Archive Richard Murray's ThoughtCloud pia sundhage in brasil , USSoccer vs NWSL , corporate joga bonito , FIFAWWC expansion , mannschaft 2014 , atleti preseason 2019 , financing in womens sport, iwobi/zaha at arsenal , inter women maximin , South African Womens national league first announcement/initiation , COSAFA Womens Championship 2019 group results , UEFA women advertisement variance , gender equality or bonding , African Premier LEadership Awards , Balotelli in brazil , Futsal in japan , Female players in Kenya , Banyana Banyana win COSAFA 2019 cup , Nat King Cole and female athletes , referee quality, aritz aduriz begin the la liga 2019-2020 season , pregnant athlete pay , a case for china, DTigress 2019 afrobasket champs, BlackQueens future , coachcam , the sister clubs , corinthians feminino , Ai Kesen, Chelsea ladies and the banning of female soccer players, Bayelsa queens 2019 NWFL champion , 23 year and younger , Ol feminin 2019 to the future , SWNL begins , Neymar transfer window closing 2019 , Hasaacas ladies and pay scales , Brasilian womens champions a2 2019 , UEFA champions league group stage 2019-2020 , Neymar continues his time at PSG , fff female friendly 8312019 , Belgian grnad prix 2019 opening lap , womens soccer, flag weeks, under reported transfers , Womens soccer news 952019 , sereias de vila photos 9/8/2019 , دخترآبی and the rest of the world plus some soccer , atleti in uefacl 9122019 , Neymar at PSG 2019/2020 , The Fate to Ansu Fati , the law versus negative bias from eniola aluko , the health of the female player , Russian Grand Prix 2019 , Japanese Grand Prix 2019 , Lebron on Morey , venting ussoccer , do you know the military world games , Brasil women olympics , Caf women have no cup of nations host a clarification to Julia Wanjeri , part 2 to Wanjeri , state based relpro in the usa , uefa champions league 2019/2020 group stage end results , uefa cl 2019-2020 r16 europa league r32 , Mourinho and tactics and tuschel , Phil Schoen side Mark Lincir , Sporting Money during the corona Virus , Women must own to control , PSG+pogba 2020 , Black ownership has no excuse, ? Audioblog Season 2 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , ? Copa Libertadores 2020 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , ? Copa Libertadores 2019 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10, 11 , 12 , ? UEFA Champions League 2019/2020 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 ,10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15, ? Matches OL vs Monaco 892019 , OM vs Reims 8102019 , Chelsea vs MUFC 8112019 , 2019 uefa supercup , OL vs Montpellier 8272019 , Atletico Madrid vs Eibar 912019 , Copa do Brasil 2019 leg 1 , Braga vs PSG UEFAWCL 9122019 , Copa do BRasil 2019 leg 2 , Corinthians vs Independiente del Valle Copa Sudamericana , Club America vs Club LEon LigaMX femenil , Juarez vs PUMAS LigaMXFemenil , pumas atletico san luis ligamxfemenino , toluca vs guadalajara , Tigres vs Club Tijuana LigaMXFemenino , Atletico Madrid vs Mallorca La Liga , independiente vs corinthians , Colon vs Atletico Mineiro copa sudamericana , Tigres vs Necaxa LigaMXFemenil , NWSL semifinals 2019 , NWSL 2019 final , Atletico Madrid vs Alaves 10292019 , Galatasaray vs Rizespor , Dijon vs PSG , PSG vs ASse , PSG vs Monaco , PSG vs Monaco part 2, psg/reims coupe de france 2020 , atleti vs Valencia 2142020 , Recopa 2020 leg 1 , galatasaray vs fenerbache 2232020 , Recopa 2020 leg 2 , PSG OL 343030 , bayern munich vs borussia monchengladbach , barcelona vs mallorca 6132020 , real madrid vs Eibar 6142020 , atletico madrid vs osasuna 6172020, barca/celtavigo 6272020 , atleti vs alaves 6272020 , Real MAdrid vs Espanyol 6282020 , atleti vs barca 6302020 , Real MAdrid vs Valencia 7162020 , PSG vs Atalanta 8122020 , ? Weekends 8-17-2019 , 8-18-2019 , 8-24-2019 , 8-25-2019 , 8-31-2019 , 9-14-2019 , 9/21/2019 , 9/22/2019 , 9/28/2019 , 10/5/2019-10/6/2019 , 10192019 , 10-26-2019 , 10-27-2019 , 11-2-2019 , 11-9-2019 , 11-10-2019 , 11-22-2019 , 11-23-2019 , 12/1/2019 , 12-7-2019 , 12-14-2019 , 12/15/2019 , 1/4/2020 , 1/25/2020 , 1/26/2020 , 2/1/2020 , 2/8/2020 , 2/15/2020 , 2/16/2020 , 3/1/2020 , 3/8/2020 , ? NB Sports Braga vs PSG 9122019 , ? Womens Soccer NEws Roundups 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 19 , 20 , ? PHotos 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , ? Prior ThoughtCloud : 8/9/2019 , CURRENT IS ABOVE
  2. Good day all, After two seasons, working through AALBC as the main blog format, and Kobo for the audio blog, with twitter as the subtle socializer. I have adjusted for season 2020-2021 First, I have my first soccer fiction that is in development. It will be published on Kobo. I am still not going to wide distribute <not cause it is preferred, I advise all to wide distribute across all platforms>. I think as the internet becomes more blockaded in social media artists are going to have to rely on narrower venues. I will blog the soccer fiction here, on ALBC, cited from AALBC to elsewhere. I will never quit on this black owned website. I plan on doing more soccer fiction, thinking of a few more stories and a comic. But we shall see, especially in 2021. Second, the audio blog will continue on a tumblr. why? Kobo Audio books are sufficient to host an audio blog. But, I find I have less and less to say. Why bog down Kobo with that? Especially as I will have soccer fiction that will be more expansive in length. Third, the sport blogging will be on an Overdrive blog. Again, I am not saying enough on a daily basis to warrant using the AALBC blog for it, but I will be creating soccer fiction that will utilize this AALBC blog more. Blog- remember to join the newsletter http://rmfantasysetpieces1.over-blog.com/ Audio blog https://rmfantasysetpieces1.tumblr.com/
  3. PSG vs Atalanta 8122020 Gasperini has a financially less potent squad, sequentially he embeds in them a collectivism, a desire from each individual to help the group. Atalanta in prosequence was the best team in the U.E.F.A. champions league. People confuse or pundits suggest a talented squad is a good team. A talented squad is a talented squad, it is not by default a good team. Moreover, you can not always manipulate a talented squad into a good team. Tuschel has never manipulated PSG into looking like a good team from the opening to closing whistle. The 424 when the front four of Neymar/Icardi/Mbappe/Di Maria is present works for Icardi as the front 4 in function is a 31. Three players who can play, left , right or center, under a point man. In the run of play, Neymar/Mbappe/Di MAria are left/right/center switching freely as the game progresses, offering various danger. But, when Mbappe is not present or Di Maria is not present or Neymar is not present, Icardi has no function. Cavani was a point man too, but his ability to work in defense and read situations is better. But, Choupo-Moting is the only pure number 9 PSG have and when the Neymar/Mbappe/Di MAria trident are not completely available, Choupo must start. Tuschel never allowed that to been be tried for the most part. During the match, Icardi showed any doubters the truth he showed in the coupe de ligue or coupe de france finals was not a hoax. Choupo Moting came in and in ten minutes made PSG a better team than Icardi in 75. No player on PSG is a bum. Every player on PSG is at the least a great player. But the team balance of PSG can not be based on salaries or talent sheet or media hype. The team balance must be based on the team reality. https://weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4537350332547079?from=old_pc_videoshow
  4. First, I said for the past 15 years, fifteen years, if women want to own, then women, must own. Stop asking men. Am I man? YEs. Do I want to own things? yes. Am I willing to share with women? yes. BUT, I am not every man. Some men don't want to share, some men want to own it all. Sequentially if women want to own, then they must own. Women in the USA, have in their number enough billionaires or millionaires to make their own ownership groups. What took this so long, women? Women, all women on earth, learn from this example. Stop waiting for men's minds to change. Stop waiting for men to like women. Women get out there and take, and take, and make, and make, and do , and do, till you own everything you want and if a man or male is in your way, then go through him. I expound my point to all groups not white /male/christian. If you want to own, own. You got millionaires. No excuse for any group. if you want to own, own, stop trying to change what others own. Stop trying to change others. Empower yourself, empower your community. Second, NYC has a vacant spot in the NWSL... it is the biggest city in the usa? women!!! wake up!! Years ago I wondered why Black women, with someone like Oprah winfrey who is a billionaire, could not come together and own a team in the WNBA or NWSL? now, no excuse exists since black women were unable to do it first. They have no reason to be unable to follow up. No excuse, no excuse. article https://www.nwslsoccer.com/news/article/national-womens-soccer-league-awards-expansion-team-rights-to-los-angeles referral https://twitter.com/i/events/1285575163023507456 ARTICLE CONTENT The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) today announced that a majority woman-founded group led by Academy Award-winning actress and activist Natalie Portman, technology venture capitalist Kara Nortman, media and gaming entrepreneur Julie Uhrman, and tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist Alexis Ohanian who led the investment through his firm Initialized Capital, has secured the exclusive right to bring a professional women’s soccer team to Los Angeles to kick off in Spring 2022. While the team’s official name and venue partner will be announced before the end of the year, the group has formally coined itself “Angel City” in honor of its planned home in Los Angeles. Led by consortium President Julie Uhrman, the founding investor group includes Serena Williams and daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr., actors Uzo Aduba, Jessica Chastain, America Ferrera, Jennifer Garner, and Eva Longoria, late night talk show host Lilly Singh, former US Women’s National Team players including twelve representing Southern California including Julie Foudy, Mia Hamm, Rachel Buehler, Shannon Boxx, Amanda Cromwell, Lorrie Fair Allen, Ronnie Fair Sullins, Joy Fawcett, Angela Hucles, Shannon MacMillan, Tisha Venturini Hoch, and Saskia Webber, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and FIFA World Cup Champions Lauren Cheney Holiday and Abby Wambach, author and activist Glennon Doyle, Netflix VP Original Content Cindy Holland, tech entrepreneur and filmmaker Casey Neistat, Founding Board Member of Baby2Baby, Sabina Nathanson, Media Executive David Nathanson, Baby2Baby Co-President Norah Weinstein, and Bad Robot President and COO Brian Weinstein. In response to fan-driven demand for an NWSL team in the region and inspiration from the USWNT 2019 performance on-and off-the-field, the founders undertook the endeavor to secure the rights to the group: “We took this as an opportunity to listen, talk to players, union reps, presidents and owners to develop a totally new playbook of how to build a professional sports team where mission and capital, entertainment and sport, were equally important,” Founder Kara Nortman said. “The growth trajectory of the NWSL is incredibly exciting, but we also need to be strategic and thoughtful about how fast we expand and the communities we partner with,” NWSL Commissioner Lisa Baird said. “We’ve long sought the right partner in LA considering the NWSL fanbase that already exists in the region and the massive interest in women’s soccer in general. Those factors, along with an incredible ownership group make this an ideal situation and we couldn’t be more thrilled to move forward.” “I am proud to be a part of this wonderful group working to bring a women’s professional football club to Los Angeles, ” Lead Founding Investor Alexis Ohanian said. “Chiefly, because I’m a fan of the game, but also because I believe there is massive potential for the sport and it’s been undervalued by too many people for far too long. As someone who spends hours kicking around a football with my two-year-old daughter, I want her to have a front row seat to this revolution. I’m personally investing on behalf of my family because creating more opportunities in women’s sports is important to my wife and me, and we want to be a part of making a better future for our daughter.” The founders are energized by the opportunity to work with the NWSL to build a club from scratch, to do things differently and to drive further dialogue about the issues impacting the LA community, as well as those that have negatively impacted women’s sports for decades. “We come together with a collective passion for bringing about change, ” Founder & President Julie Uhrman said. “Change for our players, change for our fans, and change for our community. Change that begins today. In addition to announcing the rights to an LA NWSL team, we are thrilled to officially announce our partnership with the LA84 Foundation to help us build out our community relations foundation from the very start. To kick off our relationship, WFC LA/Angel City is now a formal supporter of the Play Equity Fund. The Play Equity Fund is committed to leveling the playing field to help ensure that all kids across Los Angeles have access and the opportunity to experience the transformational power of sport.” “In 2014, we established the Play Equity Fund, the only nonprofit focused on Play Equity as a social justice issue,” said Renata Simril, President & CEO of the LA84 Foundation. “The Play Equity Fund is committed to driving access to sports for underserved communities, including communities of color, girls, the physically challenged and developmentally disabled. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with this incredible group of women upon the launch of their new undertaking. They are dedicated to making a positive impact for those who need it most.” The founders and owners also understand the role that sport can play to help amplify critically important issues in our society, fr
  5. Congratulations Real Madrid Laliga 2019/2020 Benzema penalty winner https://weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4527547187134468?from=old_pc_videoshow&fbclid=IwAR2TiTExONzh0ADHpbRC9vF9Fs6U-Cmq7KoMxfgAcIEyFjHJ_SIYQU4Ckv4
  6. Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona Saul Niguez PK https://www.weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4521738478747669?from=old_pc_videoshow Saul Niguez PK 2 https://www.weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4521750516662290?from=old_pc_videoshow
  7. Real MAdrid vs Espanyol 6282020 Karim Benzema backheel assist to Casemiro goal https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J8OVXxNMl?fid=1034:4521023865815049
  8. Atletico Madrid vs Alaves 6272020 Saul Niguez goal https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J8GmR4Rsc?fid=1034:4520694684254227 Diego Costa goal https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J8GoZukkQ?fid=1034:4520695259136002
  9. Celta Vigo vs Barcelona highlights 6272020 video https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J8ElTfhU3?fid=1034:4520615747452939
  10. Atletico Madrid vs Osasuna 6172020 Joao Felix 1 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J79wndrQX?fid=1034:4517048685101078 Joao Felix 2 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J79wOppeU?fid=1034:4517049003606021 Marcos Llorente 1 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J79xItxME?fid=1034:4517049540739074 Alvaro Morata 1 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J79yshUBx?fid=1034:4517049976946706 Yannick Carrasco 1 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J79zBsNvc?fid=1034:4517050455097346
  11. Barcelona vs Mallorca 6132020 Arturo Vidal https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6x5jjXw3?fid=1034:4515571333529609 Martin Braithwaite https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6xhacm6G?fid=1034:4515578514178051 Real Madrid vs Eibar 6142020 Toni Kroos https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6FHz40R3?fid=1034:4515902117576714 Sergio Ramos https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6FIIhVeQ?fid=1034:4515903044255751 Marcelo Viera https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6FK2qrun?fid=1034:4515903841435652
  12. bayern munich vs borussia monchengladbach 6132020 Joshua Zirkzee https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6w0ew6xc?fid=1034:4515529474637828 Benjamin pavard O.G. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6w1pzBhF?fid=1034:4515530321625093 Leon goretzka https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6wm8lxJZ?fid=1034:4515543173234694
  13. PSG+ POGBA PSG can get pogba , with thiago silva/cavani leaving that is circa 600,000 euros and then with the sale of sarabia/draxler/verrati they are combind circa 400,000 euros. that leave psg with circa 1,000,000 euros to get pogba and have change for a recontract of et cetera. They have gueye who they can give a contract boost to thus post after this uefacl Di Maria/Neymar/Icardi/Mbappe (choupo moting/Jese) Gueye/Pogba (paredes/herrera) Bernat/Marquinhos/Kimpembe/Kehrer(kurzawa/meunier) Navas (areola) a 424 pogba and gueye is like pogba and kante. And when a 334 is wanted, merely take out an attacker like di maria and put in herrera. also , for all the matches in french soccer, you can use choupo/jese to rest neymar/mbappe/icardi among the lesser clubs. https://sillyseason.com/salary/paris-saint-germain-players-salaries-69048/
  14. 5/29/2020 The Association of Nigerian Women In Sports has made a public appeal. Considering the way money and government work in nigeria, a public appeal may sway. https://nbsportslive.com/nwfl-nigeria-association-women-in-sports-adjure-ben-ayade-to-clear-pelican-stars-unpaid-salaries/?cn-reloaded=1 Happy to see Kenya supporting their female players. In the end, the idea is simple, leave no one behind. https://nbsportslive.com/covid19-kenya-women-premier-league-players-to-benefit-from-ministry-stimulus/
  15. The problem with Samantha Lewis's article is her opening positions. Free Market Capitalism by default allows for a firm to make choices. No one forced clubs or leagues to accept broadcast money. No forced clubs to spend on wage bills they can not afford and sequentially be bound to sponsorship or broadcast money. No one forced clubs to under utilize or under finance their youth systems or for football associations to under finance development programs. The reason why those aspects will not be addressed is based on a simple truth. Clubs/Leagues/football associations are free to do otherwise at any time. Atletico Bilbao doesn't choose players outside the basque country. Were they originally forced to do this? no. They freely chose to. Do various sponsors or broadcasters or pundits speak ill or try to suggest or demand they change? yes. Do they change? no. The representation or participation of women in clubs/leagues/football associations is something either are free to make better. She is correct that women's sport need time to grow, an argument I often have to state repeatedly. But her second flaw is the solution. She repeatedly ask for change to favor womens sport, at the least to be neutral to mens sport, in the beautiful game. But, that is not the solution. Women must own. Women must become administrators. WIll men block women from owning clubs/running leagues/running football associations ? yes. In the same way men block other men, but women must become the owners/the administrators and when they do they can then dictate. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/may/13/womens-role-in-sport-must-be-addressed-in-post-coronavirus-recovery?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Tweet
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