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  1. Richard Murray's ThoughtCloud pia sundhage in brasil , USSoccer vs NWSL , corporate joga bonito , FIFAWWC expansion , mannschaft 2014 , atleti preseason 2019 , financing in womens sport, iwobi/zaha at arsenal , inter women maximin , South African Womens national league first announcement/initiation , COSAFA Womens Championship 2019 group results , UEFA women advertisement variance , gender equality or bonding , African Premier LEadership Awards , Balotelli in brazil , Futsal in japan , Female players in Kenya , Banyana Banyana win COSAFA 2019 cup , Nat King Cole and female athletes , referee quality, aritz aduriz begin the la liga 2019-2020 season , pregnant athlete pay , a case for china, DTigress 2019 afrobasket champs, BlackQueens future , coachcam , the sister clubs , corinthians feminino , Ai Kesen, Chelsea ladies and the banning of female soccer players, Bayelsa queens 2019 NWFL champion , 23 year and younger , Ol feminin 2019 to the future , SWNL begins , Neymar transfer window closing 2019 , Hasaacas ladies and pay scales , Brasilian womens champions a2 2019 , UEFA champions league group stage 2019-2020 , Neymar continues his time at PSG , fff female friendly 8312019 , Belgian grnad prix 2019 opening lap , womens soccer, flag weeks, under reported transfers , Womens soccer news 952019 , sereias de vila photos 9/8/2019 , دخترآبی and the rest of the world plus some soccer , atleti in uefacl 9122019 , Neymar at PSG 2019/2020 , The Fate to Ansu Fati , the law versus negative bias from eniola aluko , the health of the female player , Russian Grand Prix 2019 , Japanese Grand Prix 2019 , Lebron on Morey , venting ussoccer , do you know the military world games , Brasil women olympics , Caf women have no cup of nations host a clarification to Julia Wanjeri , part 2 to Wanjeri , state based relpro in the usa , uefa champions league 2019/2020 group stage end results , uefa cl 2019-2020 r16 europa league r32 , Mourinho and tactics and tuschel , Phil Schoen side Mark Lincir , Sporting Money during the corona Virus , Women must own to control , PSG+pogba 2020 , ? Audioblog Season 2 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , ? Copa Libertadores 2020 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , ? Copa Libertadores 2019 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10, 11 , 12 , ? UEFA Champions League 2019/2020 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 ,10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15, ? Matches OL vs Monaco 892019 , OM vs Reims 8102019 , Chelsea vs MUFC 8112019 , 2019 uefa supercup , OL vs Montpellier 8272019 , Atletico Madrid vs Eibar 912019 , Copa do Brasil 2019 leg 1 , Braga vs PSG UEFAWCL 9122019 , Copa do BRasil 2019 leg 2 , Corinthians vs Independiente del Valle Copa Sudamericana , Club America vs Club LEon LigaMX femenil , Juarez vs PUMAS LigaMXFemenil , pumas atletico san luis ligamxfemenino , toluca vs guadalajara , Tigres vs Club Tijuana LigaMXFemenino , Atletico Madrid vs Mallorca La Liga , independiente vs corinthians , Colon vs Atletico Mineiro copa sudamericana , Tigres vs Necaxa LigaMXFemenil , NWSL semifinals 2019 , NWSL 2019 final , Atletico Madrid vs Alaves 10292019 , Galatasaray vs Rizespor , Dijon vs PSG , PSG vs ASse , PSG vs Monaco , PSG vs Monaco part 2, psg/reims coupe de france 2020 , atleti vs Valencia 2142020 , Recopa 2020 leg 1 , galatasaray vs fenerbache 2232020 , Recopa 2020 leg 2 , PSG OL 343030 , bayern munich vs borussia monchengladbach , barcelona vs mallorca 6132020 , real madrid vs Eibar 6142020 , atletico madrid vs osasuna 6172020, barca/celtavigo 6272020 , atleti vs alaves 6272020 , Real MAdrid vs Espanyol 6282020 , atleti vs barca 6302020 , ? Weekends 8-17-2019 , 8-18-2019 , 8-24-2019 , 8-25-2019 , 8-31-2019 , 9-14-2019 , 9/21/2019 , 9/22/2019 , 9/28/2019 , 10/5/2019-10/6/2019 , 10192019 , 10-26-2019 , 10-27-2019 , 11-2-2019 , 11-9-2019 , 11-10-2019 , 11-22-2019 , 11-23-2019 , 12/1/2019 , 12-7-2019 , 12-14-2019 , 12/15/2019 , 1/4/2020 , 1/25/2020 , 1/26/2020 , 2/1/2020 , 2/8/2020 , 2/15/2020 , 2/16/2020 , 3/1/2020 , 3/8/2020 , ? NB Sports Braga vs PSG 9122019 , ? Womens Soccer NEws Roundups 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 19 , 20 , ? PHotos 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , ? Prior ThoughtCloud : 8/9/2019 , CURRENT IS ABOVE
  2. Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona Saul Niguez PK https://www.weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4521738478747669?from=old_pc_videoshow Saul Niguez PK 2 https://www.weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4521750516662290?from=old_pc_videoshow
  3. Real MAdrid vs Espanyol 6282020 Karim Benzema backheel assist to Casemiro goal https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J8OVXxNMl?fid=1034:4521023865815049
  4. Atletico Madrid vs Alaves 6272020 Saul Niguez goal https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J8GmR4Rsc?fid=1034:4520694684254227 Diego Costa goal https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J8GoZukkQ?fid=1034:4520695259136002
  5. Celta Vigo vs Barcelona highlights 6272020 video https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J8ElTfhU3?fid=1034:4520615747452939
  6. Atletico Madrid vs Osasuna 6172020 Joao Felix 1 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J79wndrQX?fid=1034:4517048685101078 Joao Felix 2 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J79wOppeU?fid=1034:4517049003606021 Marcos Llorente 1 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J79xItxME?fid=1034:4517049540739074 Alvaro Morata 1 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J79yshUBx?fid=1034:4517049976946706 Yannick Carrasco 1 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J79zBsNvc?fid=1034:4517050455097346
  7. Barcelona vs Mallorca 6132020 Arturo Vidal https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6x5jjXw3?fid=1034:4515571333529609 Martin Braithwaite https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6xhacm6G?fid=1034:4515578514178051 Real Madrid vs Eibar 6142020 Toni Kroos https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6FHz40R3?fid=1034:4515902117576714 Sergio Ramos https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6FIIhVeQ?fid=1034:4515903044255751 Marcelo Viera https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6FK2qrun?fid=1034:4515903841435652
  8. bayern munich vs borussia monchengladbach 6132020 Joshua Zirkzee https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6w0ew6xc?fid=1034:4515529474637828 Benjamin pavard O.G. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6w1pzBhF?fid=1034:4515530321625093 Leon goretzka https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6wm8lxJZ?fid=1034:4515543173234694
  9. PSG+ POGBA PSG can get pogba , with thiago silva/cavani leaving that is circa 600,000 euros and then with the sale of sarabia/draxler/verrati they are combind circa 400,000 euros. that leave psg with circa 1,000,000 euros to get pogba and have change for a recontract of et cetera. They have gueye who they can give a contract boost to thus post after this uefacl Di Maria/Neymar/Icardi/Mbappe (choupo moting/Jese) Gueye/Pogba (paredes/herrera) Bernat/Marquinhos/Kimpembe/Kehrer(kurzawa/meunier) Navas (areola) a 424 pogba and gueye is like pogba and kante. And when a 334 is wanted, merely take out an attacker like di maria and put in herrera. also , for all the matches in french soccer, you can use choupo/jese to rest neymar/mbappe/icardi among the lesser clubs. https://sillyseason.com/salary/paris-saint-germain-players-salaries-69048/
  10. 5/29/2020 The Association of Nigerian Women In Sports has made a public appeal. Considering the way money and government work in nigeria, a public appeal may sway. https://nbsportslive.com/nwfl-nigeria-association-women-in-sports-adjure-ben-ayade-to-clear-pelican-stars-unpaid-salaries/?cn-reloaded=1 Happy to see Kenya supporting their female players. In the end, the idea is simple, leave no one behind. https://nbsportslive.com/covid19-kenya-women-premier-league-players-to-benefit-from-ministry-stimulus/
  11. The problem with Samantha Lewis's article is her opening positions. Free Market Capitalism by default allows for a firm to make choices. No one forced clubs or leagues to accept broadcast money. No forced clubs to spend on wage bills they can not afford and sequentially be bound to sponsorship or broadcast money. No one forced clubs to under utilize or under finance their youth systems or for football associations to under finance development programs. The reason why those aspects will not be addressed is based on a simple truth. Clubs/Leagues/football associations are free to do otherwise at any time. Atletico Bilbao doesn't choose players outside the basque country. Were they originally forced to do this? no. They freely chose to. Do various sponsors or broadcasters or pundits speak ill or try to suggest or demand they change? yes. Do they change? no. The representation or participation of women in clubs/leagues/football associations is something either are free to make better. She is correct that women's sport need time to grow, an argument I often have to state repeatedly. But her second flaw is the solution. She repeatedly ask for change to favor womens sport, at the least to be neutral to mens sport, in the beautiful game. But, that is not the solution. Women must own. Women must become administrators. WIll men block women from owning clubs/running leagues/running football associations ? yes. In the same way men block other men, but women must become the owners/the administrators and when they do they can then dictate. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/may/13/womens-role-in-sport-must-be-addressed-in-post-coronavirus-recovery?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Tweet
  12. Football Bankruptcy The chief of saint etienne stated that Ligue1 side ligue2 clubs can become bankrupt. But, that is the biggest problem. In fiscal capitalism bankruptcy is a necessary as well as needed tool. It may be negative, but the function it serve is to allow faulty or dysfunctional or erroneous or negative fiscal practices or practitioners to be exited from the fiscal market. Ronald Reagan was the president when I was born and he started what I call the reagan presidential era. Every president in the usa after reagan , meaning bush senior to trump, plus reagan himself had similar policies. All of them gave huge amounts to the military. All of them have dysfunctional or negative financial activities. All of them have negative infrastructure plans. Those three tenets are seen throughout the reagan era. The one that is important to global football is the financial activities. Reagan cut funding from infrastructure, gave large fiscal firms more leeway. That financial act is the founding of the modern global financial situation. As a kid I learned about the early eighties and later on cognized larger truth. The reagan presidential financial acts allowed losing, bankrupt firms to escape bankruptcy. That is the great flaw and a constant message in the reagan era. In the usa so many firms financial footing is false. How many large firms near bankruptcy sold themselves to escape it? how many firm , tech industry especially, had share trading based wealth but not true market wealth? Later said firms had to be cut up and sold continually, look at the entertainment industry? Look at sports how many sports leagues have fiscally losing teams but get annually propped up, all sports leagues in the usa for example? The one idea that connect the financial environment from Ronald reagan to Donald Trump across all industries, is the ability large firms have to escape bankruptcy, to escape losing it all, to escape all their worth being worthless, to escape cleaning up an industry. I recall countless time people said, today has more money than today or in today's wealth. But the corona virus scenario has displayed the falseness to many financial schemes or opinions, that are broken absent constant fiscal activity, a constant globally active free market. Absent the regular schedule being unbroken, all the debt, all the over spending, all the insufficient revenue take on a value beyond the largest firms reckoning. Thus, sport leagues and teams are in financially dire situations. BUT, that is aright, let them fall, let sports teams or leagues that can't handle it fall. Out of the ashes, better organized leagues or teams can be formed. Bankruptcy allows for rebooting, readjustment, that by default is needed. The sporting world did not do wrong in high salaries or ticket prices or infinite sponsorship deals, the sporting world did wrong in not admitting what leagues or teams are truly earning the value they are advertised. The English premier league is erroneous. West Ham united should not have a value higher than Galatasaray. It is financially negative , though seemingly profitable , activity that led to such a scenario. If league 1 or 2 or any other teams are bereft the funds to survive then let them die. The stadiums will go to sale. The offices will be closed and office space will be for sale. And if wise, the proper value of these items will be listed on the market. Players contracts will have to end, but players need to be wiser about their money as well. I am not against the sporting world, but if the hiatus in sporting activity lead to an end of many leagues or teams in all sports all over the earth, then that is a blessing, that is good. Evading bankruptcy is what led to most of the negative financial scenarios now. The global banks, goldman sachs or company, many tech firms, apple computer, all airlines, yes all airline firms, should not be here today. They should had filed for bankruptcy and been eliminated from the market place. Yes, I know, evading bankruptcy is the norm, but that is why the global market is easily disrupted. Only bankruptcy ends the financial heritage that led to going bankrupt in the first place. Debt matters, revenue matters, controls or regulations to industries matter. Many people in the usa in the past or today battle over government regulation or standards to industries. But it is clear the problem is not merely the absent of regulations but the absence of firms willing to regulate themselves. Regulation is needed cause in fiscal capitalism too many people are willing to maintain a flimsy or negative financial hold as long as they can. How many websites would be up today or what will the internet look like if websites had regulation? Yes, regulation makes profiting slower, makes fiscal activity narrower, but the goal of the regulation is to make solid industries that can handle a wide array of fiscal situations, like when the ebb or flow of the global market is blockaded by a response to a virus. I love the beautiful game, but I think it will be better, globally or long term, if all soccer leagues or clubs, go bankrupt if they need to. Hopefully, then, other voices, will be able to enter the administration and demand not merely larger multiracial, gender/phenotype/age/et cetera, presentation but also change the financial model to be honest, and not rigged or based on complex and at their base negative financial footings. ... as I never like to present a pulpit absent placing my position I will using the following. In the USA , fast food chains are all over the place. But, do you know the fast food chain I respect the most? ... think on it for a second? The answer is... White Castle. Now some of you may say? White Castle. Yes, but I will tell you why. White Castle is not franchised. White Castle is a privately owned firm, a second generation mom and pop business I like to call a family business. Why does this matter. WHite castle does not have the stock market to manipulate its value. White Castle made and make its money and at some years grown, other years or most years, been stable. But white castle never grows beyond its means. Where I live, in NYC, is a geographic community called HArlem, that is in manhattan. A business in that community is called Famous Fish. They were started by a Black couple. Their children kept up the business and now they have three. What is the point? Whether Famous Fish or White Castle, owning your own firm allows you to expand, can be done by any one in any racial category, but has a financial honesty that need to be breathed into all industries, and the sporting industry need it badly. It is time to for clubs to have 100 million to pay a player, not use each season to help pay the yearly installments. You want to pay a player 100 million over ten years, then you need to have 100 million in the bank now and provide 10 million per year to that player. It is time to force every team/league to own up to what it has, stop using yearly funds to prop up the debt their expenses they can not pay for incur. It is time to allow a sport team to play in a stadium with one stand and a muddy pitch. It is time to make tickets affordable. The hype has to die, the truth need a chance. Truth will be hard cause many a former big time owner/coach/player will find themselves next to most of the bitcoin millionaires, absent money in reality. < article https://global.espn.com/football/french-ligue-1/story/4077669/coronavirus-could-force-ligue-1-clubs-into-bankruptcy-saint-etienne-chief , referral https://twitter.com/Jon_LeGossip/status/1242053160061059073 >
  13. Richard Murray Thoughts Round 14 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/richard-murray-thoughts-round-14-1 ----------------------------------- Title: Introduction Good Morning , Good afternoon, or Good evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and welcome to this audio edition to my thoughts. Remember, to click the link in the description of this edition to view the transcript, that has links to everything I refer OR to send me a message about a topic you want to hear in the future. -------------------- Title: Players Choice Daniel Sturridge, Eric Dier, Ronaldhino have one thing in common; they each made choices that were deemed illegal or criminal, but in each you see a bigger problem. The role of media in relating sports stars is the problem. I will segway... A film , titled The Natural, based on a book having the same title < the film did not mirror the plot in the book> had a character named Max Mercy, played by Robert Duvall. I quote Max MErcy side Roy Hobbs from the film. Max Mercy say: They come and they go, Hobbs. They come and they go. I'll be around here longer than you or anybody else here. I'm here to protect this game. Roy Hobbs say: Whose game? Max Mercy say: I do it by making or breaking the likes of you. Roy Hobbs say: Did you ever play ball, Max? Max Mercy say: No, never have. But I make it a little more fun to watch, you see. And after today, whether you're a goat or a hero... ...you're gonna make me a great story. See you around. The Dialog between Max Mercy the Newsman side Roy Hobbs the athlete was prophetic, inspired by a nineteen hundred and fifty four book. It encapsulate the modern reality very well. The media learned in the past it could control the image in the fanbase or viewers to athletes, absent having athletic experience or an unwarranted role as protector in a sport. A subsegway is the notion to all news was prophetic in the Film NetWork by Paddy Chayefsky. Back to the Natural, By making every athlete angel or devil, you take their humanity away, limiting their actions while limiting their relationship to the viewers/listeners/fanbase who are human in their own mind. Why does this matter? Back to Daniel Sturridge/Eric Dier/Ronaldhino, when each is presented in the standard of angel or devil, their successes are milked by fiscal global firms, while their failures are milked by government agencies. Daniel Sturridge made comments to his brother that was deemed insider trading. What is insider trading? It is when someone knows of something supposedly inside the operations that is not commonly known, even if it is public. Sturridge knew events in turkish soccer and told his brother. His brother was deemed betting on knowledge given by Sturridge. But what is the problem? Insider trading is common. You think all the goldman sachs former employees working in the various levels of government in the usa, do not help goldman? Of course, but these actions may not be deemed insider trading or reviewed by law enforcers who pick and choose the cases to approach. What is the argument pro sturiddge. He is being targeted cause he is an athlete, not cause he made statements revealing insider information. Media have placed Sturridge in the breaking zone. The world is full of tier two soccer leagues. Are you telling me, tier two soccer all over earth has no incidents of gambling cheaters based on insider information? Eric Dier leaped in stands and punched a fan, after said fan had an altercation side a blood brother to Dier. In my life I saw countless number of fights break out between fans that led to nothing, not one imprisonment or chastisement to a fan. What Dier did as a paid athlete was costly to him, financially or legally. But if Dier was a fan in the stands, it would had led to nothing. Why the variance? Media , as Mercy alluded to, live by focusing their prose on athletes, not the fans. A fan throws a punch or object to another fan or an athlete, their name is not mentioned. They receive a non fiscal penalty.An athlete throw a punch or object, as a fan, and they are signs of evil, signs of cultural decay, signs of immaturity, signs to something negative that warrant financial plus legal penalty. That is called inequality. Ronaldhino attempted to get into Paraguay, to do a charity event which I learned from Maria Ceci Britos solely in media, by using a fake passport. Fake passports are illegal. Ronaldhino had problems getting a passport based on his supposed, or unconfirmed, tax issues in his native brasil. Sequentially, Ronaldhino had two crimes, some sort of tax evasion <note I have no evidence that Ronaldhino is financially empty> and illegal immigration. I remember in the United States of America when the entire banking industry fell, absent any illegal manipulation or all on its own, and they were too big to fail. Banking firms owed billions of dollars and the most powerful government in the world, first Bush jr and second Obama, thought the debtors warranted a welfare check. In the United States of America today, millions of illegal immigrants suggest that they warrant a pardon for their illegal immigration based on their non violent labors, criminally offensive clean records. Why is Ronaldhino's tax situation unforgivable, like Joe Louis of yore? Why is Ronaldhino's illegal immigration warranting a grand stand, when it is for charity, a lifelong activity for him? Simple answer to either question, whether people think Ronaldhino is a goat or the hero, he makes a highly retweeted, reshared, liked, etraffic driving story. If Ronaldhino was a CEO of a tech firm owing taxes or trying to get into another country illegally or some unknown athlete trying to do a charity, he is not reported by media. why? The ceo's or unknown athletes, whether goats or heros , do not earn highly retweeted , reshared, liked, etraffic driving story. The problem is the players choices are judged before they make them. Everything the modern professional athlete does is already judged in media before they do it. Players are like pinballs, their choices the pins, but the media is the table. The table is so intricate, no matter where the pin direct the pinball, the table guides the ball into a slot predetermined and absent the control of the player, the fans are the player, to deem better or worse, only to witness. And, the Corona Virus affect on Sports media displays how strong media have guided sports. Human beings can enjoy many various activities. But, in modernity, sport has become the relaxer. While: books can have themes a person does not want to read or interpret, films can have a theme a person does not want to view or pay attention to, Craft requires a time or patience some may not want to exhibit. Sport can be enjoyed absent interpretation, paying attention, or exhibition. One can watch sport relaxed on a couch or chair, in a near meditative state, not acutely doing anything. This ability is why sport is massive to the population on earth. It is one of the few entertainments that does not require or ask anything to the viewer or listener or attendant. If you take eyes off a book you can not read it, if you stop listening to an audiobook or film you will miss key parts, but sport with the MAx MErcy's in modernity can immerse you in a world of sounds/sights/flexing energy while you do nothing, allowing you to do nothing. Sequentially, the attendants in the stadiums or at home, accept the judgments from the Max MErcy's in modernity, cause they do not want to think. IF the fan thinks, they think to the job they can not stand, the homelife that is uncomfortable, the world that is unfair. The human fan does not want to consider humanity, and sport allows them that better than any film or book or craft, each that demand a human caring or concern to act on. Considering, I am in the Max MErcy role as you listen to this, I can not say I am not as much the problem, I hope I am not. But what is important or what is vital, is not to make an angel or demon out of athletes, while accept they can be a role model or a living example to caution. Allow the athlete paid or unpaid to be human, allow sport to be human, choose to find out how your life away from scheduled matches or stadiums can be truly happy, can massage you the way watching sport does. If the fear brought on by yourself, the media, during the corona virus's spread can help you choose to live happy away from sport, then it is worth it. ...IN AMENDMENT Concerning Eric Dier I asked about and BAvon Grey < https://www.facebook.com/rich.murray.5872/posts/194274105177476?comment_id=194291721842381 > and Jean Quiel < https://www.facebook.com/rich.murray.5872/posts/194274105177476?comment_id=194291721842381&reply_comment_id=194548768483343 >on twitter replied, please read the transcript, linked in the audiobook description to see the links to their thoughts on facebook or their thoughts in full description. Eric Dier is not unsupported for his actions by more than meets the eye. Concerning Ronaldhino, always follow Paulo Freitas < https://twitter.com/Cynegeticus/status/1235596542469386240 > on twitter to stay up to date concerning on or off the pitch activity < Daniel Sturridge article https://sports.yahoo.com/daniel-sturridge-handed-worldwide-ban-161926562.html > < Eric Dier video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZl9gDSAs4I > REPLIES TO MY Support to Eric Dier < https://www.facebook.com/rich.murray.5872/posts/194274105177476 > Bavon Gray on Facebook said : Well done Eric. Normal People forget that soccer players have feelings too and are human beingsjust like the rest of us. Jean Quiel on Facebook said : I agree with both of yall, I feel bad when the famous get harrassed by paparazzi and are unable to protect themselves or families, they too should be held responsible < Ronaldhino being questioned in paraguay article https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/05/ronaldinho-questioned-by-police-in-paraguay-over-alleged-fake-passport , referral > < Ronaldhino being photoed with fans in the paraguayan courtroom https://twitter.com/DailyCupOfChino/status/1235620272142725121 > < Maria Ceci Britos on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mcbritos > < Ronaldhino convicted in paraguay court article https://g1.globo.com/mundo/noticia/2020/03/08/ronaldinho-e-investigado-por-outros-crimes-afirma-promotor.ghtml , google translation of article https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fg1.globo.com%2Fmundo%2Fnoticia%2F2020%2F03%2F08%2Fronaldinho-e-investigado-por-outros-crimes-afirma-promotor.ghtml > ---------------------------- Title: Women lead Women I have followed womens soccer for over fifteen years solid. I watched women soccer go from something only seen through the womens world cup and otherwise streaming to modern broadcasts and all sorts of media outlets. The one constant in womens soccer's life is male controlled organizations. From FIFA to CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, CAF, AFC, UEFA, OCeania, to every football association. Womens Soccer is at the mercy of a male dominated football association. The question is simple, if a male controlled organization never shows willingness to aid women to the best of their ability, then do women need their own organization. I suggest every confederation and FIFA , the federation of international football associations, double in membership. I suggest every football association split between a mens organization and a womens organization. For example, the Unites States Soccer Federation, USSF, can split itself in two. The male half will have the current president and current board of the current USSF handling the united states mens national team , male under sixteen and younger , major league soccer and united soccer leagues while the female half will have a whole new structure or system altogether handling the united states womens national team, the national womens soccer league, girls under sixteen and younger. Karina Leblanc , an ambassador to the game, former canadian keeper, made a great speech to women asking them to lead. I am a male, a grown male or man, and I know she is correct. Can anyone deny that the human community on earth has few male communities that can be trusted to do better by women? In the united states of america female first ladies absent an executive or legislative role are treated negatively trying to perform their symbolic role, to be a symbol of greater unity among the fifty states. Hillary clinton was booed trying to formulate universal healthcare for all that she did not have the ability to legislate or execute but wanted to give time to construct functionally. Laura Bush was ignored trying to improve the library system that many rely on in the USA for books or internet or a place to enjoy the day. Michelle Obama was chastised for trying to help children be more physically active. In Brasil, young girls are still ridiculed for wanting to be athletes, even soccer players, till they no longer desire anything but to be the wife of a man the family chooses for them. In Egypt, aunts or uncles, fathers or mothers, still prepare their daughters for clitoris cutting. In Paris, how many Eastern European girls fill the less advertised streets drugged to remain prostitutes for the rest of their lives, trying to flee poverty in their native homes. In India, how many female children are sold to pay debts from or make better lifestyles to their parents against total strangers. Can men change their relationship to women more positively? yes. Is it better for women to wait for men to accept them at the table or for women to make their own table? That is my question, as a man, I say it is better for women to make their own table. Carlos Cordeiro, the recently former president of the United States Soccer federation, lost his job after he posted a letter and court case reveals were made public. The letter he submitted had no purpose in making the USSF case against the USWNT better; it made it worse, merely stating USSF opposition. The public court papers,thank Meg Linehan side friends for trying to get through the over two thousand page deposition, was the final nail in his removal. Coca cola, the global firm, made a public tweet demanding a private talk and their commitment to gender equality , and Cordeiro was out, and a new temporary president Cindy Parlow Cone,a female, was put in. As a point of note, I searched on google, president ussf, and carlos cordeiro came up. In the United States of AMerica, where an outcry , called MeToo commonly, led to many public criminalizations of males in sport or media in the USA. Is it not telling that Cordeiro did not even consider the negativity in his actions or their potential reply or result for him? If Women in the USA , whose merit is unquestioned in terms of trophies won, can be treated negatively, then what chance do women in places in humanity less supportive to females? How long can women wait for men to give up power to stand equally aside women? In my polling and replies, some of the public ones I placed in the transcript, none of the private I shared. I learned a few things in culmination. Men in the replies are more willing to see football associations split than women, let women have the power and make the best of it. Women see more value ,long term, in men changing for the better and not having to start an organization from scratch even if the cost in abuses exist. In the end, this issue for me is not about right or wrong but expediency. How can womens soccer be better supported by football associations now? The male controlled bureaucracy , globally or in each football association, show no sign of making it possible now. Women, is it truly worth the wait? ...IN AMENDMENT Make sure you read the transcript for comments to the question of splitting the football associations by gender from: Jean Quiel, Abimbola Lameed, Syane Dalmat, side DAvid LAssiter < KArina LeBlanc https://twitter.com/karinaleblanc/status/1235692967341539330 > < Carlos Cordeiro letter to the public concerning the court case between ussf and the uswnt < https://twitter.com/CACSoccer/status/1236439340294770689 > < Meg Linehan displays excerpts from the USSF case against the USWNT https://twitter.com/itsmeglinehan/status/1237231993081024512 > <Question asked on facebook https://www.facebook.com/rich.murray.5872/posts/198578138080406 > Jean Quiel said: Ya I think this day and age calls for that, it calls for the ability to have both <Question plus poll on twitter: https://twitter.com/Thetenner10/status/1238180530824392704 > Sporting Crystal 32fm twitter handle @AbimbolaLameed said: It might work oversees, but what about the financial inefficiencies/ irregularities in our FAs in Africa? Syanie Dalmat twitter handle @SyaneDalmat said: No, I don’t think so... it is not a Good idea according to me David Lassiter twitter handle @MisterLassiter said: Don't know enough about how FA's work, but I figure someone who could commit 100% to the womens' game and help get it up to speed is a good idea -------------------------- Title: Corona Virus In the first segment of this edition, I stated that the affect of the Corona Virus will give humans a chance to be happier away from sport as a human. Another aspect is the governance in the sporting world. Was all in the sporting world unprepared? yes. But what hindered the reactions from the sporting world... the global economy. What people do not comprehend is modern finance reacts so fast, trades in such a high volume, that whenever a little bobble occurs it causes quakes. The sporting world is financially unstable. The reasons are not mismanagement as much as fitting the global model. In the soccer world, you have a global set of banks, utilities, airlines, real estate operators, whose businesses rely on the movement of players, their residencies, their contracts aside the contracts of sports clubs and their various financial dues. Unlike any other sport, soccer has financial movement between continents in the billions. A system supported by the mesh of national banks, private banks, trading houses using electronic tools commonly called the global economy. Every single sporting industry know a stall in profits will bring instability to all involved: teams/leagues/players/coaches/trainers/stadium staff/specific media et cetera. The answer is clear, it is time to stop the dysfunctional financing, the debt financing. Major League Soccer teams are mostly unprofitable, meaning they end the fourth quarter in the red, and yet they keep getting money infused into them. That business model has to stop.People say socialism is making strides in the majority consciousness. But, fiscal capitalism in its inability to be applied honestly from those in power is the problem. Why not have a forced share of resources, revenue, when the market is rigged for failed firms to be too big to fail? when huge firms are buying back their stock to break even? when global sports brands can be in the red but can be annually given infusions placing the wealthiest in a somehow allowable debt? It is time for the sporting world, and everything outside the sporting world to own up to its fiscal reality. The Corona Virus proves, debt is not currency. Debt can not accumulate forever, cause resources are not forever. It is time to restructure towards true stability even if that lowers the revenue possibilities. It is time to deflate the costs of tickets, salaries of players, value of sponsors. The Corona Virus prove it is time , to lower the damn rent. ----------------------- Title: Good Thoughts I have no sport based good thoughts OR ask rich segment , the sporting world is taking a hiatus for source material, but I want to tell people it is good seeing people post jokes online and I hope everyone gets to reading, enjoying being around their loving ones, make something, even tiny like wittle wood, that is the craft I hope to do if my writing ends and time permits. still go outside and breath in the air, don't act unhealthily, you know what you like to do, don't deny those things if you do not have to. An unhealthy spirit can not help a body. Have fun folks. Be Safe, I don't know when the next edition will be, but I imagine this will be an extended season. If you truly have to get a fix on soccer, check out liga mx in mexico or the turkish superlig, currently still on. Well, again, be safe, be happy, have fun, remember to calm down and don't let all the apocalyptic movies in the past twenty years get to your head. In the transcript, linked in the description, is a link to an informative website for the corona virus < straight forward corona virus news source https://ncov2019.live/data > < Democracy now article citing this honest news source to the corona virus https://www.democracynow.org/2020/3/13/meet_the_17_year_old_behind > ----------------------------------- Title: Conclusion Thank you for listening, if you have something you want me to talk about you can message me on my A.A.L.B.C. blog as a guest. Once I get three or more topics through current events or suggestions I will make another edition. A link ,to a transcript in my African American Literary Book Club or A.A.L.B.C. blog, is in the description to this edition , or any round after, you can use to place a guest comment. I am Richard Murray, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you were listening ------------------------- Description The Topics Covered in this edition are Players Choice- Daniel Sturridge, Eric Dier, Ronaldhino have one true opponent, the media. An opponent that attacked their forebears and will their futures. Hopefully the response to the Corona virus from their fans may truly go against the grain. Women lead Women- If men are in control of a thing, can women afford to wait for men to share control? The Corona Virus- The sporting world is put on hiatus because of it. Can fans cognize the need to adjust the entire financial structure of the sporting world, and then force the owners to do that? Good Thoughts Use the Kobo App to listen https://www.kobo.com/us/en/p/apps Transcript to this edition ? Season 2- current season https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard%20Murray%20Thoughts%20Season%202&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=021b4bc9-9b7f-565f-ba12-0e32f4ca5de5 Season 1 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard%20Murray%20Thoughts&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=074aba7e-53c8-5265-8749-e5adfd8a06b1
  14. UEFA CHampions league 3112020 #PSG #Dortmund #neymar #bernat #atleti #colcheneros #liverpool #simeone #Klopp PSG Dortmund- When PSG are hungry, they will defeat anyone Neymar-The diving header, he left his man to reach the ball and headed it properly, Neymar has been busy practicing his skills. Lovely header, and his goal was first, again, Neymar is the talisman in PSG. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IydbRa2Ce?fid=1034:4481538407202822 Players celebrating in the bannisters while psg fans are outside https://twitter.com/GFFN/status/1237863762993893376 Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool- People hyped Liverpool based on their media footprint, not the truth. Atletico Madrid is in the past five season a better team in the uefacl than Liverpool. Wijnaldum- Wijnaldum separated from Savic, and had a free header, firminho made the assist https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iydvkzxz7?fid=1034:4481539418030082 Marcos Llorente 1 - Allison made a mistake, but the speed of reaction, placement , was all Llorente https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iydwtct4F?fid=1034:4481551103361030 Marcos Llorente 2 - Morata made great work, lovely wide proper forward play and great cross, Liverpool rely on Van Djik to defend, they do not defend as a team and that leads to their defeat, and was the same for klopp's prior team dortmund https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iydx4pkJB?fid=1034:4481551426322436 Alvaro Morata - the game killer, Liverpool was stretched https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iydxz8sE4?fid=1034:4481551799615492
  15. Copa Libertadores 2020 3/10/2020 #santos #Delfin #peixe #palmeiras #verde #guarani #copalibertadores Santos vs Delfin- Santos are in no way stable as a team, seem to be in a battling phase. Sampaoli as a coach is not a long term coach, nor does he make a team better than when he found it Highlights https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iy5rasWPK?fid=1034:4481240355504157 Palmeiras vs Guarani - Palmeiras in front of a packed crowd, handled Guarani. Guarani never looked threatening to Palmeiras, not in any honest stretch. The Luiz Adriano Hat trick was nice to see, another Brasilian player, happy in brasil, it seems. Highlights https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iy5siuzv7?fid=1034:4481240687116324
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