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  1. Richard Murray's ThoughtCloud pia sundhage in brasil , USSoccer vs NWSL , corporate joga bonito , FIFAWWC expansion , mannschaft 2014 , atleti preseason 2019 , financing in womens sport, iwobi/zaha at arsenal , inter women maximin , South African Womens national league first announcement/initiation , COSAFA Womens Championship 2019 group results , UEFA women advertisement variance , gender equality or bonding , African Premier LEadership Awards , Balotelli in brazil , Futsal in japan , Female players in Kenya , Banyana Banyana win COSAFA 2019 cup , Nat King Cole and female athletes , referee quality, aritz aduriz begin the la liga 2019-2020 season , pregnant athlete pay , a case for china, DTigress 2019 afrobasket champs, BlackQueens future , coachcam , the sister clubs , corinthians feminino , Ai Kesen, Chelsea ladies and the banning of female soccer players, Bayelsa queens 2019 NWFL champion , 23 year and younger , Ol feminin 2019 to the future , SWNL begins , Neymar transfer window closing 2019 , Hasaacas ladies and pay scales , Brasilian womens champions a2 2019 , UEFA champions league group stage 2019-2020 , Neymar continues his time at PSG , fff female friendly 8312019 , Belgian grnad prix 2019 opening lap , womens soccer, flag weeks, under reported transfers , Womens soccer news 952019 , sereias de vila photos 9/8/2019 , دخترآبی and the rest of the world plus some soccer , atleti in uefacl 9122019 , Neymar at PSG 2019/2020 , The Fate to Ansu Fati , the law versus negative bias from eniola aluko , the health of the female player , Russian Grand Prix 2019 , Japanese Grand Prix 2019 , Lebron on Morey , venting ussoccer , do you know the military world games , Brasil women olympics , Caf women have no cup of nations host a clarification to Julia Wanjeri , part 2 to Wanjeri , state based relpro in the usa , uefa champions league 2019/2020 group stage end results , uefa cl 2019-2020 r16 europa league r32 , Mourinho and tactics and tuschel , ? Audioblog Season 2 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , ? Copa Libertadores 2020 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , ? Copa Libertadores 2019 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10, 11 , 12 , ? UEFA Champions League 2019/2020 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 ,10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , ? Matches OL vs Monaco 892019 , OM vs Reims 8102019 , Chelsea vs MUFC 8112019 , 2019 uefa supercup , OL vs Montpellier 8272019 , Atletico Madrid vs Eibar 912019 , Copa do Brasil 2019 leg 1 , Braga vs PSG UEFAWCL 9122019 , Copa do BRasil 2019 leg 2 , Corinthians vs Independiente del Valle Copa Sudamericana , Club America vs Club LEon LigaMX femenil , Juarez vs PUMAS LigaMXFemenil , pumas atletico san luis ligamxfemenino , toluca vs guadalajara , Tigres vs Club Tijuana LigaMXFemenino , Atletico Madrid vs Mallorca La Liga , independiente vs corinthians , Colon vs Atletico Mineiro copa sudamericana , Tigres vs Necaxa LigaMXFemenil , NWSL semifinals 2019 , NWSL 2019 final , Atletico Madrid vs Alaves 10292019 , Galatasaray vs Rizespor , Dijon vs PSG , PSG vs ASse , PSG vs Monaco , PSG vs Monaco part 2, psg/reims coupe de france 2020 , atleti vs Valencia 2142020 , Recopa 2020 leg 1 , galatasaray vs fenerbache 2232020 , ? Weekends 8-17-2019 , 8-18-2019 , 8-24-2019 , 8-25-2019 , 8-31-2019 , 9-14-2019 , 9/21/2019 , 9/22/2019 , 9/28/2019 , 10/5/2019-10/6/2019 , 10192019 , 10-26-2019 , 10-27-2019 , 11-2-2019 , 11-9-2019 , 11-10-2019 , 11-22-2019 , 11-23-2019 , 12/1/2019 , 12-7-2019 , 12-14-2019 , 12/15/2019 , 1/4/2020 , 1/25/2020 , 1/26/2020 , 2/1/2020 , 2/8/2020 , 2/15/2020 , 2/16/2020 , ? NB Sports Braga vs PSG 9122019 , ? Womens Soccer NEws Roundups 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , ? PHotos 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , ? Prior ThoughtCloud : 8/9/2019 , CURRENT IS ABOVE
  2. Galatasaray vs Fenerbache 2232020 #galatasaray #fenerbache #continentalderby A great battle, turkey is the best league in uefa:) Fenerbache led from the beginning but to be blunt, galatasaray fought through it. Onyekuru had three chances, but did finish the third. Outside of that, Galatasaray played smartly where I think fenerbache seemed inspired to try and control the game. Ryan Donk- set piece, great corner from marcelo sarrachi, Donk got free and his skill at heading fired it into the back https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IvBbSa5Fb?fid=1034:4475311090237445 RAdamel Falcao- Seri made the pass that released Onyekuru and Falcao as the senior goalscorer took it and scored https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IvBfNEIM7?fid=1034:4475312562700294 HEnry Onyekuru- the throughball was from seri again, onyekuru showed patience this time, cut across the marker, and then showed more patience and waited for the keeper, the keeper chose to rush and he slotted it behind him https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IvBgPax1T?fid=1034:4475314127175700
  3. Recopa Sudamericana 2020 leg 1 #flamengo #independiente #recopa #conmebol Flamengo vs Independiente del Valle- a great battle, Independiente seemed very up to it, looking at this like preparation. Mengao were slow to start, the injury to bruno henrique is massive , hope it isn't devastating Jacob Murillo - lovely set piece, elegant https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iv2G5p67j?fid=1034:4473984436076585 Bruno Henrique-great run from him, but was the recopa worth a bad injury. I hope he is well, but it seems a few weeks at the least, hopefully it is nothing serious https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iv33VaTVo?fid=1034:4473998768013339 Pedro - vitinho, from botafogo , worked well wide and then on the revers eside a nice low cross knocked in, pedro has a role of being that guy to challenge gabriel barbosa or bruno henrique https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iv3f37WM2?fid=1034:4474005927690271 Cristian Pellerano- penalty was earned, and pellerano took it, mengao keeper read it well, but it was placed better https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iv3hyxcs7?fid=1034:4474006389325858
  4. UEFA champions LEague 2192020 #uefacl #tottenham #leipzig #mourinho #atalanta #valencia #gasperini Tottenham Hotspur vs RB Leipzig- From the first five minutes to the half LLoris was busy, his presence and reaction saving is key to Tottenham's survival. Serge Aurier is like MArcelo, a player who plays in a wide defensive back role but pushes hard high so often that he demands an offensive style of play in attack. Some pundits like Eric Krakauer suggest Mourinho was outplayed by the Leipzig coach , Nagelsmann. But , Mourinho is a defensive first coach, brought to a team that was defensively shattering. He has improved their defense so that they are picking up points only fewer than mancehster city. Defense is the beginning and the health in the squad is low. Lloris has also been healthy and that matters. Nothing is over, Tottenham have had an awful season concerning they were finalists last year in the uefacl, two big players hurt in kane/song , eriksen the midfield talisman sold, big summer in transfers for tottenham Timo Werner- the rb leipzig player knew what he was doing it is the old foul trick, a ball is in the air, two players can go for it, one player waits the other goes to the ball, between the ball and the opposing player, foul. It is not a question of fouling, it is a question of intent, the rb leipzig player was going for the foul the whole time. Lloris chose well but Werner had all the elements of a set piece, power/placement no nonsense https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iv0We7WfG?fid=1034:4473917566287877 Atalanta vs Valencia- Bergamo fans had to play in Milan but Bergamo people were there. After the fourth atalanta goal and the 70 th minute atalanta looked gassed.Gasparini changed up the squad put Zapata in for stronger hold up quality, if zapata looked left more, atalanta had two open shots with a simple pass from him. Hans Hateboer - the Gomes cross, brilliant talisman to make the cross to HAteboer https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iv0DxtN30?fid=1034:4473906040602630 Josip Ilicic- the hold up play, magic, so few players today, seem physical, they all want to be on the ball dribbling https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iv0CTirMI?fid=1034:4473905490886659 Remo Freuler - curler, best goal in the match, lovely curl https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iv1aTkxOG?fid=1034:4473926626246660 Hans Hateboer- counterattack, hard run, slot by the keeper near side https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iv0XR9xoj?fid=1034:4473918623514632
  5. uefa champions league 2182020 #PSG #Dortmund #neymar #Mbappe #Atleti #Colcheneros #Liverpool #UEFACL #saul Paris saint-germain vs Borussia Dortmund - Tuschel used a 433 with di maria/mbappe/neymar up top, this is a system absent a number nine. Cavani or icardi, both who played over the weekend. I don't like it. DI maria/mbappe/neymar each need a number 9 to be most effective, as a reference, they are three floaters, but you need someone static up there. Tuschel took off Cavani against Real madrid and psg suffered, he did not play cavani or icardi, why? why? I guess the 424 at home. Tuschel said the team needed rest, but you have to ask players feel the fire. He is micromanaging too much. No verratti or meunier in the next round. Verratti is a big blow, but he has to play Icardi to bring balance to Neymar/Mbappe/Di Maria who clearly missed him, nothing is over, but it will be a shame if psg falter to soft dortmund Neymar- mbappe made it finally cut through dortmund, and neymar was there https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IuRtPnmM1?fid=1034:4473553786175490 Atletico Madrid vs Liverpool - was christened by most in media as the obvious progressors. To me a dysfunctional claim. Any team can beat any other team, thus why Atalanta is in this round of the uefa champions league. One thing I noticed negative in Liverpool is their passing. Liverpool pass to slowly to manipulate the shape of Atletico. And some of their passes, assumed a lack of true defensive cognition. Atleti performed a defensive masterclass on Liverpool who clearly are not used to such high quality defense, locked them up. Atleti must watch out for Correa double yellow but, stay calm. Keep the ball high, twice in the match Oblak or Partay tried to play from the back with a low ball or patient possession and it nearly cost the team. Be more willing to kick the ball wide when under pressure. Mane and salah were taken off and absent their speed the liverpool system is nothing. It is called strategy. Now atleti can progress with any draw.With Manchester city out of the uefa champions league the hope of england in media is relying on liverpool. I just do not see English teams going through. Liverpool will overrun, MCFC will be outclassed, Tottenham will injury themselves out. Saul Niguez-an error in the box, from a set piece https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IuQVgrHg6?fid=1034:4473532617523202
  6. Richard Murray Thoughts Round 12 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/richard-murray-thoughts-round-12-1 ----------------------------------- Title: Introduction Good Morning , Good afternoon, or Good evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and welcome to this audio edition to my thoughts. Remember, to click the link in the description of this edition to view the transcript, that has links to everything I refer OR to send me a message about a topic you want to hear in the future. -------------------------- TITLE: anti china Formula 1 is under a serious challenge. On the one hand it has an immediate situation. April 19th the chinese grand prix is scheduled but the corona virus, most known cases in china < I Will not pretend to know the source or origin or other aspects to the virus>, has put in doubt the event, or at least the fiscal profitability in the event. Formula 1, especially their new corporate ownership, is not interested in an event absent attendees, based on a quarantine. Nor are they interested in a worst-case scenario where drivers/mechanics do not show up to the grand prix or are made sick after or during an attendance to the grand prix. Sequentially, Imola in italy has suggested replacing the Chinese Grand PRix. Formula 1 does not want an embarrassment or anything that media can use to criminalize or speak ill to their administration. BUT... the problem is, China is the second most powerful or wealthiest community in modern humanity. China will eventually get past the corona virus and thrive. China like any community in humanity has some level of pride. China may take a snubbing by formula 1 to heart and not only not have a chinese grand prix but disassociate with formula 1 in various ways in the future, which may be very costly, especially if china becomes the most powerful, past the usa in the future. This is not an easy choice. Formula 1 probably wants china to make the choice, but china, like japan with Fujima and the olympics, is too proud or concerned with their image to reject a global event even if a health risk is involved with maintaining it in their lands. But with Donald trump as president and the various European forces swaying here or there, many want to push formula one in to rejecting China, even doing it insultingly through the chinese grand prix. But, modern day sport is defined by two things, first participation, second advertisement. The beautiful game is the most dominant global sport not because it is globally advertised, the NFL is globally advertised but can not even remotely reach Jogo Bonito, the reason is the nfl is not globally participated. Formula 1 is an expensive sport, and needs as much participation as possible. If I was in charge of formula 1 I will wait for the chinese to decide if holding the chinese grand prix is viable, and if April 19th comes and they say no, then the calendar will have one less grand prix. And if so, then take the risk, assuming china will not want a calamity with faith being given. < referral https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/motorsport/10900426/chinese-gp-f1-coronavirus-shanghai-axe/ > < https://f1i.com/news/367864-imola-circuit-submits-bid-to-replace-chinese-gp.html > ---------------------- Title: MultiUSA I quote myself: The usa is showing in all organizations the challenge in being multiracial while for all... I will not focus to the usa government but focus on the world of soccer in the usa. Jermaine Jones <in twitter at Jermainejunior j-e-r-m-a-i-n-e-j-u-n-i-o-r >side Eddie Johnson <in twitter at eddie_johnson7 e-d-d-i-e-underscore-j-o-h-n-s-o-n-seven> spoke on comments after Jurgen Klinnsman's scenario at HErtha Berlin and media , like alexi lalas chimed in on Klinnsmans previous tenure as head coach of the united states mens national team. Eddie Johnson said, I paraphrase, Jurgen challenged the national team and as Americans, most did not like the challenge. Jermaine Jones said, I paraphrase, Bruce arena has taken the u.s. mens national team backwards. The current team has some players that are not quality while the mixed racial players have been sent away in majority. No matter where players play if they have a usa passport and they are the best available, they need to be in the usa national team. ... I am an outsider to the inner mechanics of ussoccer or the united states mens national team. But, from what I was privy to as a youth soccer player in new york city and various public actions by the administration of ussoccer in various avenues, may it be major league soccer or the mens or womens national team. I can say, without any doubt, the problem in the usa soccer community is the inability to handle multiracial while for all. Johnson spoke of the challenges Klinnsman gave ussoccer. The challenges in terms of roster or players was huge, though few in quantity or simple in design... The soccer world , built by FIFA has every phenotypical race present in administration/ownership/coaching/players. Name me any people, I can tell you they have club owners/players/coaches/administrators in fifa or one of the confederations. You want black people, go to the caribbean football union or the confederation of african football, black people exists throughout either in all aspects, from ball boys/players/trainers/coaches to administrators or owners. You want white asians, go to the asian football confederation and the east zone with china/japan/the koreas. You want mulattoes or mestizoes, go to conmebol, and they exists in all capacities throughout. But, the u.s.a. has a unique property, unlike any other country , the usa has within its borders, every community in humanity. KLinnsman proposed reaching all those communities to get not only the best of the union of european football associations, but the best of the confederation of african football, asian football confederation, cofederation of mesoamerican futebol. The USA has the most multiracial populace of any community on earth. Phenotypical/linguistic/religious/gender, Klinnsman challenged us soccer to do what has never happened in the usa, have an organization that represent the multiracial quality in the usa, not in name but also in body. Find the players in the native american reservations, the chinatowns, the southern black towns, the urban poor neighborhoods, as well as the rich white suburbs, and white country towns. Klinnsman didn't want it for philosophy, he wanted it cause he comprehended that the best team the usa can create is one that is built from all people, not one, and the usa has the populace to do that. The mixed players that jermaine jones refer to are a product of the integrated multiracial mantra built in the usa, against white supremacy, that exists interwoven in many other countries, not only the usa. The second challenge was multiracial but in a less individual way. Soccer is a global sport, the only complete global sport. The USA is used to every sport being centered around the usa. How many tennis players live in florida? what is the basketball /baseball/gridiron/hockey world absent the leagues in the usa, the national basketball association/major league baseball/national football association/national hockey league respectively. Absent usa based sports leagues, basketball has no global audience, as the globe does not look at basketball in europe or china. Baseball has no global audience as the globe does not look at baseball in japan ,The gridiron is dead as a sport, since no one but the usa participates in it. Hockey losses a global audience since the world does not look at hockey in russia. Soccer has two globally watched zones, in europe and south america. China want to become a third and may well do so eventually. Klinnsman challenged ussoccer to severe from the pack and look toward the worlds leagues. But the monied interest in the usa that control soccer , control those other leagues and it is not in the best interest of the nba/mlb/nhl/nfl if soccer's representation in the usa accepts players playing outside the usa as a greater standard than in the usa. That will force ussoccer to improve the quality of major league soccer, if major league soccer is going to be treated as a better league than the best outside the usa. But, the monied powers know that to make the uss soccer pyramid better, it will demand infrastructural changes that will have to empower more than the white european communities in the usa,and the white european owners in the usa do not want that. Jermaine Jones suggested that Klinnsman asked USSoccer to judge players by race, but race based on merit, not phenotype/fiscal class/language/geography as long as someone is American. ... While you may think I am being hard or correct to USSoccer, it must be said, the united states of america has always been multiracial and always controlled by one race, that is white european. USsoccer's failure to achieve meritocracy is not a crime considering far more important organizations in the human community that make up the usa have failed to do so. IN AMENDMENT The United States NAtional soccer team players association supports tripling the pay of united states womens national team players. Now as a labor union, it is against their interest to support weaker negotiations for players. But, many articles suggest the us mens national team squad spoke, when the labor union is not the squad. Not all the male players support female players higher wages. I used this to amend to add another element in the problem of Multiracial for all in the USA, and that is the media. Media is allowed too many lies, too many false suggestions, defended by the idea that, people can find out the truth for themselves. But, truth need to be part of the freedom of the press, and I say that not merely based on the forementioned case of the united states womens national team, but the history of the usa, where lies in news media became truth, that still are commonly accepted. The U.S. Women's National Team Players Association is for female players in the usa. < referral https://twitter.com/SG_Calcio/status/1227367159082496001 > < referral https://twitter.com/usmntonly/status/1227273839740178435 > < referral https://www.reuters.com/article/us-soccer-usa-labor-idUSKBN2062YK?taid=5e481cb281f808000152a05c > --------------------- Title: competition The title of the article I will speak on is: "How modern football became broken beyond repair" After reading the article, the biggest problem is the perspective. The article is entitled and in its body refer to the world, but in the details the article only mention Europe. The beautiful game is not broken. The problem is, like in so many modern institutions the head is white european and the body is not. I watch the copa libertadores/copa sudamericana/nadeshiko league/caf champions leagues, some teams have huge stands. Most of these teams are financially modest. The question is, if you take away UEFA, is the beautiful game broken today, broken defined as dominated by a mega rich who win all and dominate all? The answer is definitely no. when you look at china/nigeria/south africa/brazil/mexico/usa can you say a set of teams have the dominance that exists in uefa? the answer is no. The problem is for europeans, white europeans, white people, uefa represents the soccer world gardless of whatever else is going on in the world. So, the problem is the media narrative. Global media is also focused on europe/usa and will lose money, advertising dollars, if media concerns at other places gains global viewers. Thus the only argument global media can suggest is soccer is broken based on uefa. But that argument is itself, not based on comprehensive reporting or global assessment but a limited view toward uefa and the profits they achieve. I tell all with futebol/soccer/the beautiful game or jogo bonito that pele labeled it if you want competitive soccer look at lower tiers, look in conmebol/caf/afc. Instead of being angered at changes in uefa, become a global viewer to the game and view the cups that big money in uefa/usa wants to end. The answer is perception or viewing habits. I love watching turkish soccer, where every season has been an honest race, and yet, are people in europe watching turkish soccer? The soccer world is not broken folks, it is the only place where all in humanity are owners/all in humanity participate, all in humanity are given their space, barring the gender racial disparities. And, gender is slowly coming about. If you want to see big money/highly competitive/black/white/female/muslim in soccer, it is available, turn the channel and it will be there. < article https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/champions-league-superclubs-liverpool-man-utd-barcelona-real-madrid-a9330431.html > < referral https://twitter.com/MiguelDelaney/status/1227562492370526209 > --------------------- Title: Good Thoughts Congratulations to Barca femini for progressing to the next round of the copa del reina and better luck next time to my atletico madrid feminino who did not <https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=839 > congratulations to DTigress, the nigerian womens basketball team for making it to the olympis < https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=841 > ----------------------------------- Title: Conclusion Thank you for listening, if you have something you want me to talk about you can message me on my A.A.L.B.C. blog as a guest. Once I get three or more topics through current events or suggestions I will make another edition. A link ,to a transcript in my African American Literary Book Club or A.A.L.B.C. blog, is in the description to this edition , or any round after, you can use to place a guest comment. I am Richard Murray, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you were listening ------------------------- Description The Topics Covered in this edition are Anti China- Formula 1 challenge,set in a trump administration era, is to trust in the future with china or risk a future against it MultiUSA- the usa has never been multiracial for all, while always multiracial in body, many have tried to make it possible but all failed, including Klinnsman Competition- THe soccer world has something for all, but the inability of the masses to reach beyond the advertised heirarchy in their mind limits the stability that is possible in the beautiful game Good Thoughts Use the Kobo App to listen https://www.kobo.com/us/en/p/apps Transcript to this edition ? Season 2- current season https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard%20Murray%20Thoughts%20Season%202&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=021b4bc9-9b7f-565f-ba12-0e32f4ca5de5 Season 1 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard%20Murray%20Thoughts&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=074aba7e-53c8-5265-8749-e5adfd8a06b1
  7. weekends 2/16/2020 #realmadrid #celta #laliga Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo- marcelo /kroos/bale all were legged slow in reactions at times, all seemed out of it , but overall I like dreal madrid's balance. Both defensive goals came from poor communication or spacing with the central defenders. When you have marcelo you know he flied up so central defenders have to be sharper. To be fair, Hazard/Marcelo are great together but when hazard goes off then marcelo need to do off. Fyodor Smolov- some blame marcelo but smolov cut between two defenders, that should never happen. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IuyqroIk2?fid=1034:4472821615624199 Toni Kroos- Benzema side MArcelo set up Kroos and he placed it , like thomas partay's goal earlier for atleti. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iuys5k9zJ?fid=1034:4472822513467394 Sergio Ramos- hazard made the penalty, I wish zidane had not lethazard go to the bench but uefa champions league thoughts and hazard coming back from injury prevailed. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IuyxU5Q7F?fid=1034:4472825885687816 Santi Mina- again, weakness in central defense, especially with the attacking situation changed up front. What people forget about defenders is their comprehension to the players in front of them holds a huge part in their actions https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IuyGBoJye?fid=1034:4472831497666562
  8. photos 2/15/2020 #lebron #dtigress #olympics #lonestar #honda all angles of the lebron windmill https://sports.yahoo.com/lakers-le-bron-james-reverse-windmill-dunk-results-in-stunning-photo-of-the-year-candidate-150006760.html Congratulations Dtigress for making it to the olympicss https://twitter.com/nbbfonline/status/1226241698998706178 Honda the Lone Star https://www.flickr.com/photos/botafogooficial/49506731848/in/feed https://www.flickr.com/photos/botafogooficial/49506809827/in/feed https://www.flickr.com/photos/botafogooficial/49506590681/in/feed https://www.flickr.com/photos/botafogooficial/49506675862/in/feed
  9. weekends 2/15/2020 #gladbach #dusseldorf #stindl #psg #amiens Borussia Mönchengladbach vs Fortuna Düsseldorf- gladbach have a game in hand, this was a must win and they won it. Gladbach have a chance to have a great season, i hope all the players buy into what can happen Erik Thommy- an equalizer, gladbach is the best defensive team in the bundesliga statistically this season but in modernity gladbach always have a softness in defense. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IunYawFn0?fid=1034:4472419587391501 Lars Stindl- his first goal was from Zacharia and this second was from zacharia too, running and laying it off. Thuram started this goal with his midfield control. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iuoekw9uR?fid=1034:4472429591068688 Florian Neuhaus- Thuram's replacement, Ibrahima Traore, chested it for Neuhaus and he did the rest, a controlled dribble and strike https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iuog8vK0K?fid=1034:4472430651965459 PSG vs Amiens- PSG absent Neymar side Mbappe is not the same team; this match showcased the simple truth, clubs have the right to pay what they want for players but that payment is not indicative of a quality standard, that is a personal choice. But, another player paid less must not play as if that payment means they are worth less or can not do more. Serhou Guirassy- his second goal of the match. PSG using a new system, absent neymar/mbappe basically had a preseason match with a rotated squad against a battle hardened team fighting regulation.This goal made the match end 4-4 allez amiens https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IunYKhOiQ?fid=1034:4472419935518725
  10. Womens Soccer News 2152020 #kobe #INAC #cfb #female #refs #barcelona #barca #femeni #copadelreina #atleti Authentic uniforms are sold out for inac kobe https://inac-fanclub.com/news/detail/5914 awards for female referees of the cfb https://www.flickr.com/photos/cbf_futebol/49484568817/in/feed Barcelona progress to the copa del reina while atleti failed to follow them https://twitter.com/UWCL/status/1227645371964362752
  11. #atleti #valencia Atletico Madrid vs Valencia - Atleti really lack the costa/morata double, they need those two to aid in set piece defenses which was the way valencia scored twice and had potentially more times. Thomas PArtay goal- he took the ball from parejo and was not a power shot, it was placed, it curled away from the keeper to the near post https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IufzUAn7H?fid=1034:4472097058258946
  12. copa libertadores 2/12/2020 #copalibertadores #guarani #timao #corinthians #competitive Corinthians vs Guarani - O Timao underhwelmed in paraguay, the season is just beginning in brasil. They lost 1-0. I figured they had the skills to come back from that, but the red card is the key. The red card to Corinthians so early, led to a lack of momentum that got under the players skin at corinthians, and they eventually lost by away goals. For me, the big lesson in this match is that global soccer is not under any threat, when the biggest team in the biggest city in conmebol can lose out to a lesser side like guarani in the biggest club tournament in conmebol, soccer is just fine competitively, maybe people need to turn away from uefa. Luan- guarani were under pressure and looked to cave in, Luan was allowed to easy a time https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/ItYgpqagE?fid=1034:4471431380271118 Mauro Boselli- Vagner Love made this goal, his work back to goal and passing to Boselli was needed when he went off. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/ItYjRn0Xb?fid=1034:4471433514909725 Fernando Fernandez-the goal that sent Guarani through and again led to an upset of Timao by the paraguayan side. Well done, set piece. Cassio has to be replaced. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/ItYPqoEHD?fid=1034:4471453115154438
  13. Weekends 2/8/2020 #atleticomadrid #atleti #aupatleti #granada #laliga Atletico MAdrid vs Granada the key to a defensive purposed team is the efficiency when they attack, the key is not possession percentage but number of attacks on target . IF a team has little possession but has more attemts of high quality then that is a defensive team that has a sharp attack, that is the goal for simeone. Angel Correa- Atleti has been up for it before the goal. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/ItkN2r5eL?fid=1034:4469914145062921
  14. Copa Libertadores 2/5/2020 #timao #guarani #clubguarani #copalibertadores Corinthians vs Guarani- it is early season, so Timao have to succeed in Brasil, which is their long term plan. But Guarani have a recent history of upsetting the musketeers. We shall see. Any goal for guarani will mean an extra goal is needed by TImao. Jorge Morel- lovely set piece ball, some guarani players were offside but the player in question was not. I am uncertain to the offside rules. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IsUaFbePh?fid=1034:4468890768441357
  15. Richard Murray Thoughts Round 11 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/richard-murray-thoughts-round-11-1 ----------------------------------- Title: Introduction Good Morning , Good afternoon, or Good evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and welcome to this audio edition to my thoughts. Remember, to click the link in the description of this edition to view the transcript, that has links to everything I refer OR to send me a message about a topic you want to hear in the future. ----------------------- Title: The quiet legend of The Reggaegirlz LAter in this round I will speak on the problems of media and development in the womens game, but the issue of the Reggaegirlz is a prime example of the challenges in womens soccer in modernity. The first problem is investment. A daughter of bob marley is the only reason the reggaegirlz are still in existence. The jamaican football association was finished with the female project. What does this mean? women who have money must be the owners to womens teams. I do not want to repeat myself, though I will say the same thing later in this round. But, women must be the financial owners to womens sports teams. Yes, sports are a risk, but male ownership to womens teams lends to a lack of financial risk or ambition that, to be blunt, is not how male sports grew. People forget, how many male sports teams had huge financial risk takers on the mens side over the decades. People talk about the 49ers, but they will not be the team they are today absent their legally criminalized former owner. Second problem is... jamaica. No not jamaica as much as what jamaica represents. Jamaica represents disorganized countries. What people have to comprehend is a country can have a government, flag, national song, representation in the united nations and still be completely dysfunctional. What is the dysfunction? the dysfunction is the inability of a government to do anything not generated by an external financial source. Anything not generated by an external financial source means one thing, the government does not do anything that an external source does not pay for. So for example, jamaica need a jamaican womens league? why does it not exist? No one from the united states of america or europe, in particular england, is paying for it. If a multi-millionaire or billionaire from the u.s.a. or europe went to jamaica and gave the government officials and local financial operators money to start a league, it will start the next day. Most countries governments lack any internal will. They will only do what someone pays them to do, but sport is a funny thing. It can make lots of money, but financially in its infant stage or early stages, it requires alot of risk or time that gives nothing back financially. A jamaican womens league will not be fiscally profitable for sixty years if it stay consistent. But, it will grow womens soccer in jamaica. Jamaica needs it, they need it long term, but only jamaicans can make it cause, non jamaicans don't care. And Jamaicans do not want to risk. Third problem is... my old foe, the modern media. One of the problems womens sports has is the constant idea that modernity demands a quicker path to financial success for womens sports. That is the largest media lie in modern sport. Mens soccer was amateur for a large part of its early history but that truth seems forgotten or unknown. Oddly enough, the national collegiate athletics association or NCAA in the united states exists as an amateur organization that most women in soccer played in, yet, they can not extend the allowances to the university of california los angeles to their local teams in brisbane australia or pretoria south africa or sao paulo brasil. I find it very funny how women can play as non paid athletes for four years, but then be unwilling to play in their countries for a smaller contract or as a dual worker, dual worker meaning they play soccer while have a paying job in another field. That imbalance by women is the modern media, which pushes the idea that women have to have equal pay , sustainable pay, when modern media seems to forget, many male players , to be blunt, most male players also are dual workers or play for not the greatest of salaries. In conclusion, I wish the reggaegirls well, but three things are part of any true solution. First , financially able jamaican women need to invest in womens soccer in jamaica, the jamaican government need to learn how to do absent impetus from an outside or external source, jamaican female players have to own up the reality and be proud and able to accept the hardships of the womens game in jamaica as it is and not be swayed by global free market media. Cause, if the best jamaican women do not want to play or are not willing to play in jamaica in less than the best scenarios why will any little girls follow them? In AMENDMENT Jean Quiel, in my facebook page, Richard Murray Sports Talk, asked the following: What are my thoughts on weight limitations within soccer, for example players being cut from flag teams based on restrictions, even though they've played with this weight at club level, especially in the womens divisions My reply was the following: first, in the mens game you have fitness trainers for every player , but many womens players for club or country have to take care of themselves, absent the resources for men. So, the overall environment for women players is my first problem. Second, in the mens game, didier drogba played with a broken arm. hazard started overweight from vacation for real madrid. My point, as female players media/money becomes larger that will end this severity which is being applied largely cause most female players are not high profile enough. And I do not like my reply in total. My first point, didn't offer a valid point. If a female player, or any player, is their natural weight and playing well for a club, then the flag team is being inconsiderate to not allow that player to play. The second point is the solution,as women soccer grows, youth players will have so much invested in them they will be allowed various things based on the financial investment in the player. I recall a toulon tournament where some youth male players were clearly overweight, in all earnest, but many of them are in scenarios with sponsors or agents that demands they play. In conclusion, it will be ideal if flag coaches can treat the club quality as satisfactory, but the culture in the female game is such where many have their philosophies and the lack of big money allows those choices to hold sway. But personally, if I am a flag coach, and a player is playing week after week , I will assess the best natural alignment to the available players and then play them. It is simple to me. I think flag coaches make it too complicated. You have a player pool, who is most fit, what can they do, put them together in their natural way and go from there. < referring thread, please read https://twitter.com/sammweber/status/1218724424251314176 > < referring post https://www.facebook.com/richardmurraysportstalk/inbox/2613610382224672/?notif_id=1580500903100145&notif_t=page_wall&mailbox_id=2357108244541555&selected_item_id=2613610382224672 > ---------------------- Womens Transfer The telegraph in England spoke of the lack of knowledge about womens transfer fees in england. But a greater issue in that post was the movement of female players to england. Ct22 on twitter has always said she feared when the womens game will become the men and one very negative trend is already starting in the womens game. The media infatuation or player infatuation with england. I will explain. When men's soccer began and till the nineteen hundred and seventies, it was mostly a local affair. Local affair meaning, players did not play outside their country of birth. Yes, some did but most players played in their own country. What did this do ? this built up local clubs. Look at the history of many south american clubs. If Brasilian players in pele's time moved like brasilian players in neymar's time the santasticos probably never happens. And thus, club growth in brasil is stunted. In womens soccer, it existed in an environment where the normal is to leave for bigger financial shores, not be blockaded into your own country, so a player like marta has only played one partial season in brasil as a senior player. This means what, a brasilian club never grew around her legend, and thus, womens soccer in brasil is weaker for it. Now, what does this have to do with england? Well, england is not the fiscally largest country in western europe or europe, that is germany or russia , not in population, that is france or russia, not in size, that is france or russia. But in terms of financial activity, England is the leader in Europe. Sequentially, sport contracts tend to go higher in england. Now some will say, but if germany makes more money why isn't germany the big destination. well, another reality is the other problem that relates to womens soccer. Germany/France/Spain/Brasil/Argentina are mostly domestic leagues. Domestic leagues defined as leagues where most teams train/hire talent from the same flag. Yes, barcelona/olympique lyonnais in the womens game hire many non spanish or french. But, look at most teams in the womens or mens game in germany/france/spain//italy and you see, most players are local. But look at the english premier league? Most teams have many non english players. Wolverhampton or Newcastle are portuguese or french teams that play in england at times in their recent history. My point, in the womens game in england, the same trend is starting where england hires the non domestic better than the rest at a high quantity. But what is the real problem? The problem is the narrative? Germany or france or spain are not less competitive than england cause they are not hiring more from outside their flag. They simply choose not to which is why , england men have never reached a world cup final while france, whose league is supposed to be the weakest of the big western european five has two world cup victories. The media narrative is already suggesting england is the better than all the others, better than all the rest, based on their hiring practices. But, the results of english clubs does not show that in the champions league of men or women. If the EPl or WSL was as dominant as media suggest players state, then why are clubs from england not dominating the finals? The reason is simple, having international squads is great financially. That is why epl clubs are followed more in the confederation of african football or the confederation or north , central, and caribbean association football or the asian football confederation. The top USA, Australian, Japanese, nigerian, south african players main destination is england. Very rarely do the best outside U.E.F.A. find themselves anywhere in Europe but england and that leads to media power, cause the fans in those countries want to see their flag stars. I close to this point, the system of mens soccer in england is being mirrored in women and the lies/problems in the mens game in england from the quality of play especially is creating the same flaws in the womens game. In parallel, the daily mail spoke of the tottenham womens team and the issue is the truth of being a sister club. I can remember when womens soccer teams throughout UEFA were mostly unconnected to any male team. Then came my Olympique Lyonnais, whose men team I supported in France, and some clubs took notice and the aulas project became the advertised norm for sister clubs, sister clubs defined as women soccer teams attached to much older or financially potent male teams. But a problem existed, what Olympique Lyonnais did was not common, it was not standard. Yet, throughout the union of european football associations, male teams began the habit of making sister clubs, Atletico madrid or Wolfsburg or Chelsea did this, or taking womens teams and turning them into sister clubs, Juventus and ac milan did this to my brescia who survived it. The problem is, no real standard existed. U.E.F.A. side Football associations in general were merely content that big name mens teams labels dominated their first tier women leagues. Thus while you have the o.l. women or barca women or atleti women who are treated with ever growing facilities or respect you also have the guingamp women , tottenham women, et cetera that exist in a state below the grandeur to their label, but they have the label. Who is to blame is simple? administrators in the game, most who are men and most who feared the womens games clubs being different than the mens games. What people have to comprehend is that, if the mens clubs didn't dominate the womens first tiers, over time, that will have empowered womens clubs but will have meant the cohesion to the mens clubs plans may not happen. In U.E.F.A. , most top tier womens leagues have the same names as the males , more importantly, the same owners, so the same strategies will be applied and friction will not occur. But, what is the remedy? This is difficult. It is hard to place strict rules on operation throughout the futebol world. Countries have different finances, clubs have different scenarios. It is not wise to apply a global standard for clubs in FIFA. Humanity is not an even community by any measure. The remedy has to be womens clubs themselves. In the end, womens only clubs exist. The question is, can they compete financially. IF anything , this is a test to fiscally wealthy women. In modernity, fiscally wealthy women exist but their financial actions tend to be safer more than riskier. I can not imagine that will change. But, fiscally wealthy women in certain regions, need to come to a collective agreement and if they share the cost shall be able to turn a womens club into a better competitor to the sister clubs. As I say to all communities that are not white european male, white being a phenotypical race, the other two self evident. The futebol world does not blockade anyone from owning a team. Too many countries have leagues to think anyone is barred today if they have the money. The question is, how much money do you and how long will you invest. Investing with others is always safer financially while more complicated organizationally, but is the way for womens clubs to return to the top of the womens game and have the finances to stay there. More importantly, it is clear, that sister clubs in majority are nothing but window dressings for clubs looking to spend a long time waiting along till the advertisement money comes in stronger for women. I do not think women have to wait. < referring article https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/01/31/transfer-market-has-arrived-womens-football-cost/ > < referring article https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7932047/Rats-digs-jam-sandwiches-lunch-inside-hidden-world-womens-football.html > -------------------- Project Africa One of the most distasteful thing in modernity , fueled by the recent or farther past, is the notion that a community, phenotypical or geographic, can be bettered absent its own internal strength. I have no grand bias or dislike toward f.i.f.a. president, from u.e.f.a. which represents europe mostly, infantino, but if fifty members can not find their own strength to better themselves, then no external source will be able to do it. The confederation of african football has fifty members. The idea that F.I.F.A.'s three key point: refereeing/investment mobilization/competition development needed f.i.f.a. to be said in c.a.f. is untrue. Are referees in c.a.f. sometimes paid to rig games? yes, most countries in c.a.f. are financially negative. Thus, one uses their position to make an extra dollar. Do leagues in c.a.f. gain huge investments from outside c.a.f. ? no. But, outside south africa/nigeria most countries in c.a.f. either are too tiny in populace or too fiscally negative to warrant huge financial investment from outside coming in. Lastly is competitiveness. TP MAzembe was the first team outside the union of european football associations or the confederation or mesoamerican futebol to reach the club world cup final and where are tp mazembe from? congo. The competition isn't a necessary issue. Yes in the past and today, I do know a better model for the cup of nations or world cup qualifiers exist for c.a.f. but implementing either is not a mandatory. Competitiveness is not a need in c.a.f.. The problem in c.a.f. is internal finance. As I said in the first section of this round, most countries in c.a.f. are fiscally poor and thus all in government , including referees or administrators to clubs work on a payoff model. Someone pays them and they do something, if no one pays them, nothing happens. It is crude, not proactive, but it is the truth and in a modernity where financial winds from afar are not blockaded in most countries local community, it is unfair to ask most in humanity, to suggest skimming a dollar is a grand evil when their financial safety is not protectable in the country they live in. < https://www.fifa.com/about-fifa/who-we-are/news/project-african-football-to-the-top-of-the-world > ------------------------ Title: Good Thoughts Thank you and congratulations to Christiane for joining Santos. I hope this can be a great era for Santos women. < https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=828 > Congratulations to Rinsola Babajide on getting a haul, or four goals in one game for Liverpool women Congratulations to Christine Sinclair, nicknames Sinc, for becoming the female player with the highest tally of goals to any flag Congratulations to Dzenifer Marozsan for performing an Olympico in the run of play , not through set piece < https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=831 > Congratulations to Shrewsbury town for continuing the battle against liverpool in the f.a. cup < https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=829 > ----------------------------------- Title: Conclusion Thank you for listening, if you have something you want me to talk about you can message me on my A.A.L.B.C. blog as a guest. Once I get three or more topics through current events or suggestions I will make another edition. A link ,to a transcript in my African American Literary Book Club or A.A.L.B.C. blog, is in the description to this edition , or any round after, you can use to place a guest comment. I am Richard Murray, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you were listening ------------------------- Use the Kobo App to listen https://www.kobo.com/us/en/p/apps Transcript to this edition ? Season 2- current season https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard%20Murray%20Thoughts%20Season%202&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=021b4bc9-9b7f-565f-ba12-0e32f4ca5de5 Season 1 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard%20Murray%20Thoughts&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=074aba7e-53c8-5265-8749-e5adfd8a06b1
  16. womens soccer news 2/3/2020 #rinsola #babajide #liverpool #sincy #sincy12 #marozsan #OL A haul <four goals> for Rinsola Babajide - RinsolaB11_ https://twitter.com/LiverpoolFCW/status/1221843278758400002 congrats Christine Sinclair on becoming the top goal getter for any flag as a female player < @sincy12 > thanks for sharing @Ahema6 https://twitter.com/sincy12/status/1222751337923989505 Goal of the week @KaylynKyle @gabamado @CeciiBritos @_DaniRiosG from #Marozsan @GDMetellus8 @EricKrakauer @DreCordero @PhilSchoen @TRongen Allez OL!! @cami22ethomas @OffsideBeet @AScavs https://twitter.com/OL_English/status/1223655548622688256
  17. weekends 2/1/2020 #realmadrid #atleti #benzema #PSG #montpellier #dimaria #leipzig #Gladbach #MHSC #plea Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid in Spain the first half was balanced, missing felix/deigo costa/trippier has hurt the balance to the team. In the second half, Lemar side carrasco came in for morata side vitolo, then partay out for canello , interesting, simeone is testing these players by fire. I like Atleti's chances in laliga, I do not think atleti will lose another game in all earnest. karim benzema - team goal, vinicius jr started, he is learning the ability to be patient centrally, while having a great dribble, something neymar does brilliantly. Playing fast does not mean you have to move fast. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Isfcc5P6W?fid=1034:4467315631390722 PSG vs Montpellier in France Montpellier went down a player and it was their keeper. IT was a downhill spiral for MHSC after that. When neymar went down and seemed to injure himself after being dragged down quite crudely by a montpellier defender, I was worried. I like neymar and want to see his dream of winning everything with psg side brasil in 2020 happen, he deserves better luck. In the second half, he was on the pitch moving well, so a good sign to his fitness , his strength... and his luck Angel Di Maria- nice chip, always good for players to see placement is greater than power. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IsfEP7UF5?fid=1034:4467333436211210 Kurzawa - it was a Daniel COngre own goal, but kurzawa was the marker. PSG seem to have the luck on their side. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IsfG8pmQo?fid=1034:4467334165757955 Mbappe- the assist was from who... NEymar, again, if PSG administration can keep this team together PSG will have an era. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IsfTxBwB0?fid=1034:4467342336524296 LeipZig vs Borussia Monchengladbach Monchengladbach had leipzig 2-0 until the plea double yellow, that changed it all. Leipzig found advantage and it led to a draw. The good thing is , nothing is over and gladbach are still in the race. A win against leipzig would had been better for gladbach long term but as long as the race is still active, all is well. Alassane Plea- gladbach as a team moved better, reacted faster than leipzig. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IsfU8heb5?fid=1034:4467343162540037 Jonas Hofmann- this was another team goal, beautiful movement before the goal. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IsfV4aBAZ?fid=1034:4467343548416009
  18. photos 1/27/2020 #f1 #floersch #shrewbury #kobe Sophia Floersch makes a good point but a constructive argument is formula E, that is a relatively new racing environment and may b better for women to get a initial look at https://twitter.com/SunMotorsport/status/1218641793413271554 Shrewsbury getting a second chance against liverpool in the FA cup https://twitter.com/RossDyerTV/status/1221506558485565440 The legacy of Kobe a father's happiness https://twitter.com/Phil_Lewis_/status/1221544430303432706 learning the trade https://twitter.com/TheKingCenter/status/1221550685868773377
  19. Womens Soccer news 1/27/2020 #INAC #santos #christiane #cbf #NWFL #logo INAC have the leading japanese scorer for the past four season <article https://www.kobe-np.co.jp/news/sports/202001/0013044621.shtml > <referral https://twitter.com/kobeshinbun/status/1218455819307507713 > Christiane of Santos https://www.flickr.com/photos/santosfc/49415386521/in/feed Congratulations mr. muktair @ONewsNGR thanks for posting @TheNWFL thanks for sharing https://twitter.com/ONewsNGR/status/1220630840184623105 The CBF women https://www.flickr.com/photos/cbf_futebol/49373699947/in/feed
  20. weekends 1/26/2020 #galatasaray #realmadrid #psg #falcao #neymar #kobe Galatasaray vs Konyaspor- some opined my galatapalce had no chance to lift the title, but i repeat in turkey nothing is ever finished till the last month of the season. Radamel Falcao - the first goal of the game, falcao's game was never speed or strength, he had thse in arelative quality, his game was and is positioning and finishing and those traits are eternal in soccer. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IrlGdwEJk?fid=1034:4465181712121872 Emre Akbaba - caught konyaspor again, sharp thinking, wqins is vital in getting a team moving forward, oddly enough ryan babel's move back to holland seemed better for galatapalace. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IrlGXiUly?fid=1034:4465182148067337 Adem Buyuk- the game was over but this made it certain, Konya seemed deflated in their movement or energy. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IrlHBdzOy?fid=1034:4465182601314306 Real Madrid vs Villareal - Real are top, in th end, the key is winning and if barca flop, it will be because they treasured image over success , like image is acceptable. Nacho - great cross in from toni kroos. nacho ran straight to zidane, he is doing it again. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IrntBaXD5?fid=1034:4465250779725832 PSG vs Lille- neymar said it best himself, he is having the best moment in psg. I think having mbappe/icardi around with gueye behind is giving him enough options to be a focus but not be crushed under the weight. When mbappe first came in neymar took a lot of weight on, it seems mbappe's growth has allowed neymar to be not paid attention to , which si lethal in all earnest. I know cavani wants to go to Atleti but in all earnest, atleti need to wait for diego costa to be ready and cavani can come in the summer. I hope simeone stay at atleti but if cavani leave for atleti he may not like it if a new coach come in that is less defensive minded. Neymar highlights- Neymar rushed back from injury twice, and neither time was correct. He healed properly and looks healthy again, if he wants to win it all with psg and the olympics and the copa america, he must be fit, I think he can do it. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IrnwhxnNm?fid=1034:4465251606003718
  21. Weekend 1/25/2020 #gladbach #mainz #BDL #valencia #barca #laliga Gladbach vs Mainz-Gladbach are still defensively soft, though they are better than years past. Luckily, the offense from gladbach is hungry and capable. Even if gladbach do not win the title, it is a race, and that is enough. Alassane Plea- it was quick awareness, speed of play. Gladbachcaught mainz fatigued or napping on their defensive duties and executed well. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Irbot8BIm?fid=1034:4464786373541901 Celebration- look at hunter:) end of the game proceedings, the third goal by gladbach was the goal of the week, perhaps the month in the bundesliga, a chance of being goal of the year candidate. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IrbqM9Dag?fid=1034:4464787120390172 Valencia vs Barcelona- no suarez, high percentage possession, but not enough patience by barca. Valencia like all teams know barcelona is a slow team throughout, very weak on the counterattack, playing a highline Maximiliano Gomez Gonzalez- sealed the game for valencia, barcelona trying to play high up did not have the athletic recovery ability individually or collectively to reshape and it showed. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IrbuX2wtQ?fid=1034:4464790085500955
  22. Copa Libertadores 2020 1/22/2020 #Copalibertadores C.D. San Jose vs Guarani highlights The penalty that Guarani earned had to be called cause the path of the ball was blocked using part of the hand, not only the head. This is another great battle in the first round of the tournament. The second leg will be drama filled. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IqLZq7S1v?fid=1034:4463808995852291 Progreso vs Barcelona S.C. highlights Barcelona S.C. didn't start out the best but the lack of finishing from PRogreso gave Barcelona S.C. time and that was enough. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IqNyDxsGd?fid=1034:4463869389635603
  23. PSG vs Reims Coupe de la ligue #PSG #Reims #Coupedelaligue Tanguy Kouassi - first goal for PSG, good luck to the youth. Neymar and Mbappe both look so healthy, happy, it is a good sign. PSG have to defensively be sharper and Verratti is needed to play a full match. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IqLgmu5Yk?fid=1034:4463781514772485
  24. copa libertadores 2020 1/21/2020 #copalibertadores Carabobo vs Universitario Copa Libertadores 2020 Edson Alejandro Tortolero Toro scored for Carabobo while Jonathan Dos Santos scored for Universitario. This was a flat out battle, poised for its second leg finale. Best to both clubs, but neither has a chance of progressing against stronger opposition if they play as lose as they did today. They need to be more tight. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IqDBVbDUt?fid=1034:4463486512594955
  25. Richard Murray Thoughts Round 10 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/audiobook/richard-murray-thoughts-round-10-1 ----------------------------------- Title: Introduction Good Morning , Good afternoon, or Good evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and welcome to this audio edition to my thoughts. Remember, to click the link in the description of this edition to view the transcript, that has links to everything I refer OR to send me a message about a topic you want to hear in the future. ----------------------------------- Title: THe WNBPA The new collective bargaining agreement between the womens national basketball association the WNBA and the Players in the WNBA. Top players, I did not find out what defines a top player exactly, can get half a million. DeWanna Bonner was the top salaried player with one hundred and twnety seven thousand and five hundred as her base salary. five hundred thousand as a base salary is a near four hundred percent increase, as dewanna bonner's salary is twenty five point five percent of five hundred thousand. Now, rookies in the wnba made approximately fifty thousand, more to forty five thousand, and it was forty one thousand in the year two thousand and sixteen. But, the new league average will be one hundred and thirty thousand , again a huge increase. Now, some other financial facts is that , half the wnba players , play in european leagues for more money. And, statisticians suggest the wnba is growing near the same rate, but a little faster, as the the nba. While all these fiscal numbers are great, and I am happy for the players, the issue isn't this agreement but the media presentation to this agreement as landmark. I have traveled outside the usa, and one thing I notice is the female relationship to male outside the usa is far less positive in most places. As I said in an earlier round concerning iranian women. Sport can not undo off pitch problems, they may allow a nice colorful bandaid but in the end, an operation is needed on off pitch issues , and the gender balance is an off field/pitch issue. The reason why serena williams is the only female athlete to reach the top one hundred is no accident. Most human communities about humanity are not only advanteged to male, they are dominated by males usually to female detriment. My point is simple, statian actions on gender do not reflect the human community outside the usa and if women in the usa think the wnba's policies will be copied outside the usa, they are foolish.And women outside the usa will be foolish using the usa as a reference point to change the condition to women wherever they are, outside the usa. To women in the usa, this is a good sign, and an ever growing one that better days are coming. <article https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/14/sports/basketball/wnba-contract-collective-bargaining-agreement.html?smtyp=cur&smid=tw-nytsports > <tweet https://twitter.com/NYTSports/status/1217082475056418816 > <referral https://twitter.com/jesscribe/status/1217102131343384579 > <article https://www.wnba.com/news/wnba-and-wnbpa-reach-tentative-agreement-on-groundbreaking-eight-year-collective-bargaining-agreement/?fbclid=IwAR2ELCL1KSoTItV4Ip3TPS_cniCJ0sEPdwdoEkaUm1xB3qm0gVxpr-k3Vyk > <referral https://www.facebook.com/groups/410280079072359/permalink/2567306613369684/ > <article https://www.investopedia.com/financial-edge/0410/top-wnba-salaries.aspx > -------------------- Title: The LEgend of Neymar I know Neymar, not personally, not as the individual off the pitch, but I know the player on it. This man's ambitions are very high, I argue too high. He wants to say in one year he won the UEFA CL/Ligue 1/coupe de ligue/ coupe de france/olympics/copa america. He will not change his playing style, still dropping deep, though if I am honest, neymar has learned to be more picky , still playing the deepest of the attacking sector of psg, but he is not being as forceful, allowing the midfield or defense to get him the ball. IF he physically survives, he is a legend and ballon d'or winner hands down. But, the challenge of winning all that while playing his way is a very demanding request neymar is giving hiself. <article https://globoesporte.globo.com/futebol/futebol-internacional/futebol-frances/noticia/apos-brilhar-contra-monaco-neymar-diz-que-quer-jogar-copa-america-e-olimpiada-sou-fominha.ghtml > < referral https://twitter.com/Cynegeticus/status/1216540431250526208 > ------------------------- Title: MONEY Money money Bobby McMahon has a two part study of barcelona's finances. The first part is what I will speak on... I was ignorant in the past in that I did not comprehend how straight forward many soccer clubs finances were. Coming from the usa, sport teams are run like fiscal operations held by global banks. but many soccer clubs in europe, honestly over one hundred year old, have come late to the intricacies of modern financial accounting. I respect barcelona for keeping their socio system while reaching a more comlex financial structure, internally. .. I think now on pop from the natural, not the book but the movie, especially the kind of simple, player/coach/owner he represented. Ticket sales/advertisements/concessions/salary/travel/health/training was all pops saw, the acute financial ways were trciekd upon him, but he survived through sport. FC Barcelona have messi to thank a lot for. Some people say that barca has wasted messi's time organizationally. But the articel from bobby mcmahon made me see, barcelona realize what they have in messi and have worked hard to strengthen their financial footing, not for today, but also for the future. Cause when messi is gone from barca, the same when pele left santos or cruyff left ajax, more than likely barca will never be the same for a long while if ever on the pitch. but unlike ajax or santos whose greatest talismans left them before modern financial intricacies, Barca will be ready to remain a bigger club. <article https://www.forbes.com/sites/bobbymcmahon/2020/01/15/barcelona-the-top-earning-team-in-the-world-how-did-they-do-it/#7e8921ff16fc > <referral https://twitter.com/BobbySoccerRep/status/1217608351506452480 > ---------------------- Title: Good Thoughts Woedikou Mafille is the first paid female togolese player And, congratulations again, to the wnba players contract negotiations <referral https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/page/11/?tab=comments#comment-818 > ------------------------ Title: Conclusion Thank you for listening, if you have something you want me to talk about you can message me on my A.A.L.B.C. blog as a guest. Once I get three or more topics through current events or suggestions I will make another edition. A link ,to a transcript in my African American Literary Book Club or A.A.L.B.C. blog, is in the description to this edition , or any round after, you can use to place a guest comment. I am Richard Murray, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you were listening ------------------------- Description The Topics Covered in this edition are The WNBPA- The contractual agreement is good news but some in media or in the esocial sphere are suggesting a global scope and that is false The legend of Neymar- if he can succeed with his personal goals for Paris Saint Germain side Brasil, he will win the Ballon d'or MONEY Money money- Barca's fiscal climb does not show a team that is not thinking about tomorrow or treasuring today Good Thoughts- just happy thoughts Use the Kobo App to listen https://www.kobo.com/us/en/p/apps Transcript to this edition ? Season 2- current season https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard%20Murray%20Thoughts%20Season%202&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=021b4bc9-9b7f-565f-ba12-0e32f4ca5de5 Season 1 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard%20Murray%20Thoughts&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=074aba7e-53c8-5265-8749-e5adfd8a06b1
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