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RM Interviewer

RM Chant

Chant of the week is inspired from Footballcrazy from beinsport and is to Nadia Nadim, you can find her chant on Round 3 from my thoughts. Linked in the ebook you are listening to or the post in social media you are accessing



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RM Interviewer

Weekend Thoughts

Episode 20

Listen to "Weekend Thoughts from richard murray" on Spreaker.


I have spoken to Washington Spirit many time; looking to the end of the national womens soccer league regular season I find a few simple point, to them. First, the Washington Spirit had a woeful off season organizationally. The players like Krieger they let go, the desire to get Pugh they sacrificed for long term is an example to a gamble. this coming off season, I want to see what the plan is to build around Mallory Pugh for the Spirit, if they don't truly build around Pugh then next season will be filled with as many losses as the current. To that point, Pugh is a midfielder. She is not a winger cause she does not have the speed absent the ball for that. She is not a forward cause she does not have the strength or speed against the most athletic defenders for that. She is a midfielder who can play center left or right or cut into the forward area. Thus, Washington spirit need a powerful number 9 atop Pugh. You need at least one aerial outlet. They need wide players in defense or midfield to maintain width no matter where Pugh end up and who offer overlapping play or moving targets between the lines for Pugh's passing. WashSpirit need at least one enforcer in midfield. Whenever any team play a player in a free role that player leaves defenses gaps that will require termination. We shall see what Washington do over the winter break. 
Portland Thorns is a team built to lift trophies. Christine Sinclair, the historically dominant number 9 in the N.W.S.L. only bettered by Sam Kerr who is having a breakout season. Amandine Henry the U.E.F.L. Champions League winner in Olympique Lyonnais. Nadia Nadim a hard midfield worker who loves to cut into the opposing lines and make cutting passes, who is a high quality penalty taker. Allie Long or the currently injured Tobin Heath who are box to box midfielders that when healthy offer the best midfield balance to Amandine Henry. Portland as a team is athletic/mature/has the goal bug. In terms of administration, what Portland places on the field is an administrative superiority to Washington Spirit and thus the match result. Each goal was inevitable if you watch Washington Spirit. A penalty earned by the spirit keeper behind a slow to react back line. A reaction goal from Sinclair. A free header from a corner. None the Spirit defended well and each was straight forward for the Thorns. Aly Wagner side Jenn Hildreth or Dalen Cuff on Lifetime television said it best. The speed off the ball, the free flowing passing from Portland was what they needed before, aside Nadim or Henry fit and in sync to the squad. Portland have no excuse to compete till the end. 

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RM Interviewer

Listen to "chelsea ladies victory chant 2017" on Spreaker.

Am I blue... London Blue
They are all, the things, that I love, cheering too
Will they be, gol scoring
They are now, but they may not, either way
I am blue, London Blue
They are all, the things, that I love, cheering too
Will they be, reigning queens
I know, they will, cause goals are, ventually
London Blue, London Blue
They are all, the things, that I love, cheering too
Season things, are all sweet
Even, if we, only clap, to cheer the day
London Blue... London, BLue...

LINK: Richard Murray Thoughts, Audio or Text, free on Kobo


RM Interviewer

Gavin Mcleavy is a former rugby player from England and the creator of MGM sports management handling rugby players from around the world.

What was your local rugby club growing up and did you get to play for them? 
I played for Walney Central ARL and Barrow Raiders Rugby League.

What rugby player was your idol growing up, what team did they play for? 
Vai'aiga Tuigamala of New Zealand and Western Samoa and Andrew Farrell, both at Wigan at the time. Both of them played league and union in their careers. Farrell is currently the defense coach for the Irish national team and his son plays for England (Owen Farrell)

What is your favorite athletic moment on the pitch as a player, it does not have to be a try but it can be a tackle or any action, whether solitary or in combination to others?  
I just loved playing. I didn't even care if I won or lost. It's just a beautiful game to be involved with. I did enjoy a good hard tackle, especially if the lad was bigger than me. I enjoyed the challenge.

Why did you choose the United States to promote Rugby, compared to other countries where Rugby is not most popular? 
I would have promoted rugby wherever I landed in the world. Here in the USA there's a special combination of things happening and I'm in the right place at the right time. It's going to be massive here. I just know it. I played in Spain for a while and it didn't have any traction at the time so I didn't get that involved but when I found it here I had the feeling that it was all just about to blow up and it has.

People complained that Italian soccer clubs need to enforce cultural changes in their fans to eliminate biases, based on appearance or religion or other. Are Rugby clubs prepared for such media request if an incident occurs at a club? 
I don't think clubs are prepared for it. However I think our tradition of humility, morals and education prevents people of that ilk coming into this environment. Folk in the stands would simply stamp it out the instant it happened. ...in an ideal world of course. I think rugby is built on the foundation of Being welcoming to anyone and everyone. Gay, straight, black, white, fat or thin. It's a game made for all shapes and sizes so I think people are more accepting of all sorts.

What is the least talked about aspect from announcers or pundits, concerning a rugby match tactically? 
I think a lot of pundits in rugby don't look or maybe don't have time to look at the tiny details of what an individual will do to win the ball, make the tackle or pass well. Preloading a jump at the lineout, a prop getting the right body height at contact in a scrum. Seeing the structure of a team in defense and attack. It's becoming more about the crash, bang and speed. That's what sells tickets to the average joe I guess. The obsessed like myself want to know how and why a team won. The half inches, you know what I mean? We need a bit more analysis.

Do you have a favorite female rugby player or team? 
Heather fisher from the England 7's team. She has had her health problems with anorexia as a kid and rugby helped her a lot. Then she broke her back which caused a lot of stress and she started losing her hair with alopecia. She Couldn't tackle as a kid and now she is known for her tackling. Just a really interesting story and person. Look her up, she is an inspiration.   

Advertise your current activity, youth players your developing or teams/organizations your apart of or charity, in two hundred and eighty characters or spaces? 
So I started a team called the Okapi Wanderers which has been the catalyst for all that I'm involved with in rugby. We are now the biggest rugby club in Florida and investing in youth development in the traditional rugby sense. Along with that I run MGM sports management which hosts rugby summer camps, consults for organizations that want to grow rugby. I recruit for colleges that give kids scholarships to play rugby and I'm also an agent searching for talented players that want to take their game professional. So I keep pretty busy in the rugby world.

What book are you reading now? If none, what was the last book you finished and when did you finish it? 
I've actually just been reading James Haskells new training book. He is a bit of a nutter but he has been around the block in the rugby world and at the peak of his career right now he has some good information. I figure if you're going to spend time reading you may as well make it entertaining.

If you have a chance to speak to one forebear, describe them as you want: who will it be, what will the topic be, and what will be the setting? 
None rugby related? That's easy. My granddad, Tommy Loudon. I spent a lot of time with him as a kid, he played football for Blackburn Rovers and Scotland. Always thought he was a good bloke and very interesting. I found out so much stuff about him after he died, stuff that he never spoke about. He did a bunch of heroics in WW2 traveled the world for work as a boilermaker on boats, hung out with some of the most important footballers and coaches in Britain and just kind of kept it all to himself. He wasn't too happy I opted for rugby over soccer as a kid but never made me feel bad about it. He was from a humble generation and I don't think we extracted a lot of information from them because of the way they were raised. Things are very different now. I would love to pick his brains over a couple of pints.

When you have a chance to speak to the spirit to all that is or is not, what will you say? 
I'm not a religious man. I need proof. If the Bible is a true story I'll probably say " how much did I screw it up?"

What question did I not ask that you wanted me too?  
All good bro.

Social Pages to those or that referenced in the Q&A 
Gavin McLeavy

Walney Central

Barrow Raiders

Va'aiga Tuigamala

Andrew Farrell

Owen Farrell

Heather Fisher

Okapi Wanderers

James Haskell

RM Interviewer

Hello Football lovers, I am a fan to football crazy  on BEINsport and they have this chant that I love to listen to , for the fun of it. 

Listen to "footballcrazy may1st/2nd weekend football chant possibilities" on Spreaker.

The first past is for Alcacer who scored the winning goal for FC Barcelona against Grenada. It is referenced from Oyo como va from Tito Puente  

Oyo como va? 
Mi tarja
Bueno pa' crec' en <Bueno para crecer en>

How is it going? 
My tally 
Good for growing in 

Oyo como va? 
Bueno pa' gozar    

How is it going? 
Good for enjoying

The second part is for Higuain aka Judain in Napoli. It refer to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida from Iron Butterfly 

In the garden San Paolo, I am
cursed to never score again  
In the garden San Paolo, Juve 
please never play me again

Ne'l giardin di San Paolo, io son
maledett de non se-gnare di pui
Ne'l giardin di San Paolo, Juve 
preg' non giocare a me, di, nuovo

Here is my chant for Lukaku of Everton https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/139-lukaku-chant/

Here is my Kings of London epic poem series, a poem for every match of the Chelsea FC season in the year stated 
Kings of London 2014-2015 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/kings-of-london-epic-poem-cfc-2014-2015
Kings of London 2013-2014 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/kings-of-london-epic-poem-cfc-2013-2014
Kings of London 2012-2013 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/kings-of-london-epic-poem-cfc-2012-2013




RM Interviewer

This is my Q&A to Jessica Amadi , Rivers Angels FC media officer  

When did you start as the media officer to Rivers Angels F.C. ?
August 28, 2015 
Is there any media officer to a sporting team or organization that you admire? 
That would be the former media officer of defunct Dolphins, China Acheru
The Nigerian league is the strongest womens league in C.A.F. , what should it emulate from other leagues media-wise to grow? 
It should get closer to the communities and always respect player’s contracts.
Many say big clubs around the world in the men’s game have lost their communal feeling, do you have any idea how that can be stopped in the women’s game? 
Like I said, our female teams should get closer to the communities since women football in the country is not as strong as that of the men. If games will be taken to either the Universities or community fields, trust me, the awareness will be enormous
What is the best advertisement/commercial/promotional for soccer you know of in each confederation: C.A.F./U.E.F.A./A.F.C./Con.Me.Bol./Co.N.C.A.C.A.F.? 
I really don’t have any in particular but think I’ll go with the Nike Airport 98’
What question did I not asked that you wanted me to?
We have Continental competitions for the male league clubs in Africa…..why isn’t there one for the female clubs? 
What book are you reading now? If none, what was the last book you finished and when did you finish it?
Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man
Say one thing you know that few do? 
Ah!! Nothing more than gossip….lol
If you have a chance to speak to one forebear, describe them as you want: who will it be, what will the topic be, and what will be the setting?
My Grandmum, Topic: Too Soon! You should have waited to teach me more about our culture and those special delicacies of yours.
When you have a chance to speak to the spirit to all that is or is not, what will you say? 
Always follow your heart and never give up on your dreams!

Jessica Amadi online social pages


RM Interviewer

This is my Q&A to Gloria Chetachi Ofoegbu Nigerian womens national team player 

What is your nickname, your favorite position on the pitch? 
Daughter of Zion, left wing back
Growing up what was your favorite club in Nigeria?  
Eyimba of Aba
Currently, What is your favorite club in all C.A.F. ?  
black stars
Does your favorite club in all C.A.F. have a womens team? If no, do you want them to start a women's team? 
yes, Ghana women's team
What soccer player,any gender, do you emulate? 
Crystal Dunn of USA, and Cristiano Ronaldo
What was your favorite goal in the African Womens Cup of Nations in Cameroon? 
My goal was to win the trophy no matter what was happening around
If you had a chance to gain three sponsors, assuming they will give you more money than you dream: who will they be? 
Dangote,Wale Adenuga and coca cola
What womens team outside Nigeria impressed you the most, after looking at them play? 
USA and Germany
What is your favorite moment on the pitch?
federation cup i scored 2 goals and u-20 world cup qualifiers I scored 2 goals against Zimbabwe
What question did I not asked that you wanted me to? 
No question
What book are you reading now? If none, what book do you want to read?
Reading beyond bound arise
When you have a chance to speak to the spirit to all that is or is not, what will you say?
When you honor God,he does the same in return

Gloria Chetachi Ofoegbu social pages


communicated through Jessica Amadi - Rivers Angels FC media officer ( https://twitter.com/Isiokpobabe // https://www.instagram.com/isiokpobabe_/

RM Interviewer

OBMono poem

The following is link to a Renga for Obama- 100 length

But I thought about why not we writers outside harvard have fun but what can we truly do?
Using hashtags with indexes, we can do a monostitch with these rules, they can be extended to any webstie anywhere

<hashtag:OBMono><numeral:value +1 prior><CONTENT:at least nine syllables, it repeat the syllable representing numeral-1 if zero then syllable 9>


the first can be
#OBMono1 He wanted to stitch the U.S.A. 
the next can be
#OBMono2 He wanted to make the u.s.a. closer to the happiest dream
#OBMono3 Some want to dismiss what we all can be
#OBMono9 Trump can not be blamed for what we do
#OBMono10 Trump never said he is a hero

In this way, anyone can add to the poem,  unbound to any site as long as they reply noting the source

If you start a OBMono or add to one, link it into the comments. 

HEre is the OBMono I started

If you are willing to have a laugh about soccer and like poetry, check out my ebooks 
Kings of London 2014-2015

Kings of London 2013-2014

Kings of London 2012-2013


RM Interviewer

Lukaku Chant

In my reply to Kev Egan from Footballcrazy , Lukaku Chant

Listen to "footballcrazylukakuchant" on Spreaker.

soft, and sweet, handy and tandy 
toffee, from antwerp, in, pool wrapping 
and, when he passes, oh when he passes, is ahhh!
when he holds, he's like a rocker
that bangs so cool and yells so fiercely
that, when he passes, each mark he pass by go Ahhh!
Gols, in the blue of this city
Wins, in the grand old lady
Yes, he would beat Mou gladly
And you know, he does not really see
the gegenpress as a new thing
soft, and sweet, handy and tandy 
toffee, from antwerp, in, pool wrapping 
and, when he passes,he smiles, but we don't see



If you are willing to have a laugh about soccer and like poetry, check out my ebooks 
Kings of London 2014-2015 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/kings-of-london-epic-poem-cfc-2014-2015

Kings of London 2013-2014 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/kings-of-london-epic-poem-cfc-2013-2014 

Kings of London 2012-2013 https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/kings-of-london-epic-poem-cfc-2012-2013 


RM Interviewer

This is my Q&A to Aleks Vee - experienced New York City based journalist; she formerly wrote for FourFourTwo, was featured on SB Nation, worked for FC Dynamo Moscow and the New York Cosmos; she currently operate the Goalchatter soccer blog or radio show, that she started. 

What is the name to the magazine/newspaper/journal that inspired you to create goalchatter, putting journalism back in sports journalism? And, did said publication inspire you to reach toward a higher quality above it or stay away from a lower quality under it? 
There wasn't a particular paper that inspired the project. GoalChatter started out as a weekly radio show at my college radio station. I then had a blog that served as a complement to the show. After awhile, my background as a writer caught up with my growing interest in sports - soccer in particular - and the blog evolved to what it is today.

Please define what characteristics make the best text article? 
The best article is one that is written from the heart of the writer. It's honest, and also shows that the writer did his/her research. For me, a great article pays attention to both the creative and technical aspects of writing. It states something beyond the obvious, brings up interesting questions and provides the writer's unique take on things, hopefully without grammatical errors. 

Name the article ,from a sports journalist, you like the best?  If said article is not from a female sports journalist, please name the best article from a female journalist(you can name one of your own)? 
There are a few quality writers I follow. It's tough picking out one article, but I'd have to go with "Come For the Beer and Stay For the Football" from the blog Two Men In Search of The Beautiful Game. That particular article spurred my interest in English football outside the Premier League. As a female journalist, I quite like a piece I did called "Chomsky, Football and Feminism".

What factor(s) separate audio side text based journalism? 
There are many similarities; it's almost like asking what separates drawings from paintings. They're two different formats with the same goal - that of telling a story. Text-based journalism is perhaps more accessible than audio. Some podcasts can only be downloaded through iTunes. If the audio is in another language, you can't translate it on the go, as you can with text.  

What characteristics make the best audio journalism, that text does not have?
The quality of the audio and good diction.  

Name the audio interview/blog/essay, from a sports journalist, you like the best? If said audio is not from a female sports journalist, please name the best audio from a female journalist (you can name one of your own)?
I really like Women's World Football Show from Patty La Bella and Adam Barlow. They're very well-informed and passionate about women's soccer and are a joy to listen to.

Do you read sports journalism in a language other than English? If no, will you do so in the future or do you think it will become more valuable a skill in the future? If yes, what sports journalistic publication do you read or listen to most in said language?
On a daily basis, I read about soccer, hockey, tennis, and boxing on the Russian website Sport-Express. Occasionally, I'll check out La Gazzetta dello Sport - I studied Italian for six years, so I try to maintain it. Univision's coverage of Liga Mexicana is a great motivator in helping me brush up on my Spanish skills! 

You are a New York City based journalist, how did you get connected to FC Dynamo Moscow? What influence did the Russian community ,or a member in said community,in New York City had? 
My dad has been a fan of Dynamo since the Lev Yashin era, so naturally I began following the club as well. I ended up doing some translation work for their official website. After noticing the lack of an official English site, I got in touch with the club and offered my services. The rest, as they say, is history.

Stating from conjecture or personal dialog, why is it FC Dynamo Moscow or New York Cosmos do not have a female team in the top tier, in their individual homelands? 
The obvious answer would be money, especially when it comes to Dynamo, who have had some financial woes build up into a rather cumbersome conundrum. Regarding the Cosmos...women's professional soccer has a much larger following in the US than in Russia, but it's still a fairly recent phenomenon. If you look at the NWSL, it's all clubs in cities with a strong MLS following. The women's clubs not affiliated with MLS still tap into an existing fan base. If the NASL ever sees the kind of attendance figures that MLS does, there's no doubt there'd be someone willing to invest in a New York Cosmos, Carolina RailHawks, or Fort Lauderdale Strikers women's team.

What soccer player was mentioned the most positively where you grew up? 
Probably Beckham. His name has become synonymous with soccer.   

What soccer player was mentioned the least positively where you grew up? 
I can't think of any!

Do you follow a women's soccer team? If yes, what date did you start? If no, what action will inspire you to start from a team?
As a New Yorker, it is my duty to support the Western New York Flash, even though they're all the way in Rochester. I actually started following the NWSL when Alex Morgan was still with the Portland Thorns.
What issue in women's soccer is reported the least, to its importance? 
The availability and accessibility (or lack thereof) of training for women's soccer in the US prior to reaching college. I don't think I've ever seen that issue discussed.

What issue in women's soccer is reported the most, from its importance? 
Probably the disparity between the salaries and tournament prize money of women's and men's soccer.

From Megan Rapinoe ,who knelt during the U.S.A. national anthem, to Michael Bradley, who asked questions concerning the varying response to the election season in the U.S.A., athletes are involved or asked many questions that are not athletic related; are those questions valid in your opinion, to un-elected official, or unwarranted, even considering freedom of speech?
It really depends on the question, but I like to think that, with the exception of sports diplomacy, sports and politics shouldn't mix. With regards to free speech, Eleanor Roosevelt said it best - "with freedom comes responsibility".  

What is the best answer an athlete can give a sports journalist who asks something concerning non athletics? 
Ignore it and get back to the game, or whatever sports-related topic was being discussed. 

Many have spoken about the death or near death to investigative journalism, is investigation in sports journalism: dead, dying, still, reborn, rising, or flying? and why?
Investigative sports journalism is just as alive as its non-sports counterpart. It's there, but like a lot of good writing, is constantly overshadowed by yellow journalism, which is why it's easy to think it doesn't exist. However, some of the mainstream media, like the Guardian and USA Today, have disproved that notion. The latter was one of few media outlets to write truthfully on the meldonium scandal.

Name a subject or issue you have not discussed in your entire career that you will need a greater investigation, considering finance or time, to produce in a high standard? 
I would love to do a travel series that explores soccer history, or how soccer came about in a particular geographic region.  

You have written comedy, what is the funniest soccer story you know, it can be in any medium(film/book/audio)? 
Who Ate All the Pies did a story about Chris Nicholl scoring all four goals in Aston Villa's 2-2 draw with Leicester City in 1976. she had another in mind later so I amended her answer using it I've read in "Amazing & Extraordinary Facts - Football" of a match between two Danish sides in 1960 in which the referee was about to signal the end of the game when his false teeth fell out. The club losing 4-3 equalized, but the ref found his teeth, disallowed the goal, and blew the whistle.

What is the funniest goal celebration you know?
When Lithuanian club Trakai's Dzmitry Kowb celebrated his goal by sitting in the stands and applauding...himself. 

Do female soccer players on average have enough originality in goal celebrations? yes or no, please why in your opinion? 
I can't recall too many interesting goal celebrations in the NWSL. Outside of the usual USWNT suspects, of course. Not sure why.

If you can meet one fellow sports journalist you have not before, any age or gender or phenotype, who will it be? 
If I had a time machine, I'd probably like to meet George Allison. Although he's known as Arsenal's second longest-serving manager after Arsene Wenger, he was also a sports journalist and the BBC's first sports commentator. 

If you can reject meeting one fellow sports journalist you have not before, any age or gender or phenotype, who will it be?
No one in particular! 

What inspirational words will you give someone wanting to enter sports journalism, any age or gender? 
Two words: Plan ahead. Make sure you have multiple skill sets, not just writing, if you're going into the sports industry. Very few people make a decent living as sports journalists - most of the really talented writers I know have a job outside of the industry and write as a hobby. There are few places that pay writers well. Get an education in broadcast or television and make sure to do as many apprenticeships as possible while you're still in school. 

What fearful words will you give someone wanting to enter sports journalism, any age or gender or phenotype? 
This may be advice for any industry in today's age, but it is very difficult to compete if you're starting after you've graduated college. There's no such thing as starting too early. Get involved in sports journalism in your teens - if your school has sports teams, write for the school paper. If you live in a small city, write for the local paper. And do internships or apprenticeships at the kind of places you're looking to work at in the future.

Did you ever play soccer? If no, did you play any sport and what sport? If yes, what position and what memory is your worst or happiest?
I played in a local pickup soccer group, mostly as a forward or attacking midfielder. My happiest memory is scoring a hat-trick in 8 minutes!

What book are you reading now? If none, what was the last book you finished and when did you finish it?
Most recently, I was re-reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Say one thing you know that few do? 
About sports, or life in general? I think one thing I know that few do is that not everyone can be "labeled" or placed in a specific category. It may be great for marketing purposes, but real life doesn't always work that way.  

If you have a chance to speak to one forebear,describe them as you want: who will it be, what will the topic be, and what will be the setting?
My grandfather from my dad's side, who I didn't get to meet. We'd just talk - no specific topic. Setting isn't too important either.

When you have a chance to speak to the spirit to all that is or is not, what will you say? 
No idea - I'm way too young to consider this question! Then again, I'll probably say the same thing many years from now.

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Aleks Vee Links

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