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The Tiger

inspired from The Tyger from William Blake


Tiger Tiger, burning bright, 
In the fairway's grown in night; 
What media mouth or statry, 
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?


In what distant green's or tee's, 
Burn from fire in thine ease?
To what break's dare he conspire?
What the hand, dare seize the iron?


And what ankle, & what art,
Could twist the sinew's of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hip? & what dread feet?


What the driver? what the wedge, 
In what furnace burn'd all hedge? 
What the blade's? what dread club, 
Dare the deadly dimple's snub! 


When the bet's cash'd in their doubt's 
And water'd clicker's with their eclout's: 
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb's make thee?


Tiger Tiger, burning bright, 
In the fairways grown in night; 
What media mouth or statry, 
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?


The Lamb
The Tyger

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Marca's worst 11 2018 is  an example to poor choices in career. 


Kelechi Promise Iheanacho is a started for Nigeria who came through the MCFC system and has remained in England where his game style, as a speedy player is not  settled in a team. The EPL has money but most EPL teams are not good for a young player who needs start time or the correct team to fit their style. Iheanacho need to find a team in italy or germany or france that fits his game. He need a very good defensive team where he can counterattack, that is the system where he fit as an attacker best. 


Luciano Vietto like nearly all in this list, left a team he was in synch too foolishly and has not settled into other teams, usually set up otherwise. He need to find a team like the Villareal he left hastily for atleti. 


Alexis Sanchez side MEsut Ozil made the same mistake Vietto did. They left one from the top duo in Spain to Arsenal. Real Madrid is full of high priced talent as well as FC Barcelona. Both players left those squads to squads that were and are less talented in Arsenal. And under Wenger, the frugal Arsenal did not have a complete squad full from proven quality since the Thierry Henry era ended. 


Wesley Sneijder has a storied , trophy filled career who spent the last few season hoping around clubs: Nice/AC Milan/Al-Gharafa on an extended farewell tour. To say he is part of the worst eleven is to speak falsely to where his career is. Winning a 2nd place or 3rd place World Cup trophy for Holland. A Club World Cup while the only treble in Italian soccer history means you are above a worst anything, after such achievement in teams. This is merely a player like many who has two phase career. The first phase is the yearning: Ajax/Real MAdrid/Inter Milan/Galata Palace , the second is champagne: OGC Nice , AC Milan, Al -gharafa . From Nice to Al Gharafa is good money, nice traveling. Teams that are meant for daring newbies or experienced travelers. When you reach the Journeyman status, you are simply playing, you can not be the worst or the best. 


Tiémoué Bakayoko is another player who left success for a monied gamble and the career , though not the pocketbook, paid for it. Chelsea under Conte is not Monaco under Jardim. One Monaco uses a mostly less traveled side. PEople seem to not comprehend, the key factor separating a long traveled player from a less traveled is the endurance. The soccer player who played for fifteen years as a professional has gone through injuries, played through pain numerous times; said player does not have the physical nonchalance like the less traveled player. It is not about age, but usage. A car that traveled 10,000 miles even being regularly checked or repaired from experts is not like one off the assembly line. The Monaco that BAkayoko left was full from very hungry recently former youth players. Chelsea is not that team. Chelsea is a mature team , they lack the recklessness in Monaco, that helps a player like Bakayoko. 


Ganso is one of those brasilian players who should had never left brasil. HE went from Santos to Sao Paulo and left Sao Paulo to the wrong place. HE was twenty six when he left Sao Paulo.At that age you can not leave to a la liga side like SEvilla. You need to go to a trophy lifting club no matter the country first or foremost. And I comprehend how this happened. In Conmebol, La Liga is very popular, Iberia tend to be a gateway into UEFA from CONMEBOL. But, I think a move to CHina. A move to Russia while not as preferable would probably had landed him on a team where he can win things and continue his career stride. 
The truth is, the Santos team that won the Copa Libertadores should had all been in Santos now including Neymar. But, Santos is a small team fiscally and can't keep great teams together.


Howedes problem is like Ganso. A guy that should had never left his home country and when he did leave, he went to the wrong place. I know Schalke. It is an uninspiring team. Schalke never wins anything. Never seem like winning anything and is a satrap like all other clubs in germany including Dortmund or my Gladbach to Bayern. Juventus is a big team. Juventus has the role Bayern has in Germany in Italy. Howedes had a better idea than Ganso but chose the wrong league still. Italy, especially Juventus, is a serious club defensively. Very few top teams in UEFA,top defined as trophy contending, are serious about defending, in all defensive aspect.  As a Germany, Turkey or Russia was the better choice, which he chose to do now going to Locomotive Moscow. But he should had went to Zenit or CSKA Moscow who are the highest placed teams on average int he past seven season in RUssia. 


Bonucci is the second non career path entry here.  Bonucci left Juventus in my opinion for money. HE functionally took a big year salary from Milan to eventually go back to Juventus afterward. AC Milan have been rebuilding since Zlatan side Thiago Silva left. BOnucci saw an organization not run well that makes poor fiscal choices and decided to take a gamble and it worked. he got a nice bit of cash and got to go back to Juventus to lift things. 


Lindelof is another poor choice in labor move. Jose Mourinho is the finest coach for defensive quality players. But MUFC since Ferguson left designed the roster to fit a coach like Sarri/Guardiola/Klopp not Allegri/Mourinho/Simeone sequentially, while Mourinho coaches MUFC, the squad does not fit Mourinho's style. Now to be fair, the injury to Zlatan derailed Mourinho's original plan, which fit a team that does not defend from the backline well. But, as it is, Lindelof, from BEnfica, knows how to work at defense and switch to attack. But the team is not on the same page thus, as a player soon to settle into his prime game, he need to be in a team settled in style or risk being on a big team not settled for long.


Karius is a media tragedy. KArius was the goal keeper that was part to Liverpool making it to the UEFACL final 2017-2018 but paid the labor price by having a globally publicized bad game. ALlison is a very good keeper, but Karius had a game like every keeper has in one year that is woeful. The problem is that it was in a cup final, not a match that was less publicized or not detrimental to the trophy cause. 


But, all but one < Karius> from the player mentioned show only one bond, a poor choice athletically, systemically. Some moved for money, most moved cause money, but the system they went to from one team to the other either didn't fit them or they didn't fit it and the result showed. 

The key media point is seven from eleven are from the EPL. Now MArca is from Spain, home to la liga but the EPL is the gravesite or derailing to many careers.  and the reason is usually money. Bafetimbi Gomis, Andre Ayew, DZeko, MEmphis Depay, MArio Balotelli <twice> , payet, thauvin, Schweinsteiger, side many other in the English PRemier League made a career mistake for the pay. The EPL more than any other globally advertised league in UEFA is bad for careers athletically.  I repeat, financially an EPL club is the best choice on average but athletically an epl club is the worst choice on average. 


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In Amendment 2-12-2019



Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is my thoughts on psg's defeat of manchester united on february 12th

Tonight we saw a team, a team that under their previous coach didn't do anything well as a unit. They didn't defend together well, didn't attack together well, didn't press together well, didn't retract well together. This team had defenders who constantly made individual errors, a talisman in midfield who was uncomfortable with the challenge imposed upon him by his coach to change his game to find a true balance in the team, the center forward dried up for goals, but still battling. Then the previous coach was ejected. and a new one brought in, a former player, and the team won but the team didn't show improvement in their problems, the team was merely set up to their strengths. Take out the center forward, take out the aerial midfielder in transfers, sit down the older or slower players in midfield or attack. And the team had the ability to punish other teams when they made mistakes. but the team still didn't press together, defend together, retract together, attack together decently. The talisman still didn't have an uncommonly high passing percentage or seem to be the metronome. A winger not used to scoring much placed in the center forward role found a sharpness. and the team won or drew, again and again, never punished. Then came tonight. The problems unchanged in the team were all exposed. That woeful team in Manchester United. a team that against a PSG team simply erasing passing mistakes esposed how poor they are. Thomas Tuchel complained all night about passing cause only when psg gave up the ball did mufc show any threat but the disjointed nature in every aspect of play from manchester united meant the team play from psg was able to counter any threat after a passing mistake. If a coach is removed it is cause the team balance is wrong. Many pundits opined that the problem was not the players collective strategic comprehension or tactical comprehension as individuals. Pundits opined the players needed someone to let them play. but these players show an ignorance or disconnection among each other or internally when left to play. It is not Ole's fault. Ole never said he performed a miracle. Ole made some important changes but the flaws in the team balance he orchestrated, trying to reach a team balance mourinho could not was exposed. MUFC's talisman , paul pogba, showed his talent but also his problems being the talisman. Tonights referee gave each team a warning that the yellow may come out at any time so always be warned. Pogba dived in earlier and had no call, he was called in the second half and red card. The referee warned all players, he will not always see a foul a yellow but he may, be warned. When Lindegard side MArtial came off, slow, out of form, Mata side Sanchez came on and it proved why Mourinho had a hard time trying to find a balance in this squad long term. Both goals from PSG came from exposing the problems manchester united had during mourinho and still had under ole. The first was poor marking. The second was an inability to recover defensively. That is why mourinho wanted better defenders, that is why mourinho wanted manchester united to have a defensive posture, to spare the defenders having to retract back. ... PSG showed alot of problems too. First they are still injury riddled as Verrati came out with fatigue , at the least. but, Mbappe was silent most of the night, he is a threat but he is not a player like neymar who goes into the midfield and dribbles out or passes out. Cavani is needed as a center forward to relieve pressure. The passing in psg midfield is too slow between draxler/marquinhos/bernat/dani alves, yes they looked great against manchester united, but that is only because manchester united, did not even try to press together. It is not hard to look up and see an available channel when no one is running at you. I will not say OLe was outcoached by his opponent or Tuchel masterclassed his opponent. I rather say, the two imbalanced squads showed who was better balanced and could exploit the others weaknesses more and that was PSG. Onto lef two, nothing is over, but the reality check, which all the manchester united players knew, was bound to happen eventually.
The big problem in all this is pundits. Pundits who played to the media popularity in manchester united or the media criminal role they give to mourinho to suggest manchester united was changed after mourinho left them. Wins doesn't always mean a team has reached better balance. The performance manchester united gave tonight would had led to defeats on huddersfield or leicester or similar in england but in the uefa champions league, your problems are exposed, this is what mourinho comprehends. what you may get away with in england, through work or fate, you will not get away with in continental play. Pundits know this too, but chose to play to the modern media position based on unfiltered online fans to seeing manchester better with a bandaid on a gut wound named Ole gunner while trying to suggest a highly experienced successful coach has become mentally inept in mourinho. Tonight proved the online fanbase , while movers in media or the engine to fiscal profitability are not the ones wise pundits let guide them.

This ends my talk, the transcript to this is in my aalbc blog, linked in the video description, check out my audio blog in kobo, linked as well.


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in amendment 10-23-2018


against Juventus many pundit said MUFC were outclassed in the first half but I think the issue was the spacing. If MUFC is not going to pass/move/press using a faster pace individually or collectively, they need to be more patient or condensed in the defense , which they were not in the first half. In the second half MUFC players moved/passe using more pace and they pressured Juventus, who were fatigued. I have no problem to Mou using the 4213 but the little triangle matic/pogba//mata forces the two wide player in the big triangle , Martial/Rashford//Lukaku, martial or rashford to improve their game. I dont have a problem to them cutting in on their more deadly foot but their ability to cross using their poorer foot must improve, plain or simple. The problem both have is in the system, defenders know they want to cut in and shoot or cross using one foot, they must gain that ability to cross better using their less trained foot


in amendment 10-20-2018


It seem Mourinho has accepted two triangles. Lukaku//Martial/Rashford then Mata//Pogba/MAtic the team is injury riddled but those two triangle seem to have found an attacking balance. Martial/Rashford  have the wide pace needed but Mata in the ten role is essentially encircled to options all about him which helps him make the game.


in amendment 10-2-2018 


MUFC can play a 442. substitute in bracket


Fred/Matic/Fellaini/Herrera <sanchez/lindegard/mata>

Pogba/Lukaku  <Martial/Rashford replace the pair>


In this system, you have an honest defensive midfield four above a back four. which allows the wide backs to run up freely and not worry about defensive cover as the defensive four are all willing to cover. Pogba/Lukaku do not have speed but they have strength/height  and in a 442 they can both invite the defensive midfield four higher up the pitch in a slow buildup. RAshford/MArtial do not have strength but can hit the counter well and with the defensive midfield four looking to give them the ball as quickly as possible it aids their speedy game. 



After watching Manchester United FC play a number of matches this season it is clear Mourinho has to play three in the back and four in defensive midfield. MUFC squad has strengths , it also have weaknesses. 



MUFC have five players in one line naturally , defensive midfield: Pogba, Fellaini, Matic, Fred, Herrera. 

MUFC have a true number nine in Lukaku as well as experienced hard working wide players in Shaw, Young, Valencia. 


If you take out rashford, martial , lindegard MUFC is slow, no player has a dangerous speed. 

MUFC do not have great central defenders. Between Bailley, Smalling, Jones, Lindelof, McTomiinay none except bailley seem to have the ability to be a dominant centerback, but Bailley plays very risky or is unable to lead the line through that playing style. 



A 3412 system is what is best for MUFC. Ideally I want

Young/Bailley/Valencia <Shaw/Darmian for Young/Valencia OR Smalling/Jones/Lindelof/MCTominay for Bailley>


Pogba <Mata>

Attacking duo (Lukaku/Lindegard<sanchez for lindegard> OR Martial/Rashford)


Martial or Rashford have very good speed but neither play well as foils. Lindegard play well as a foil but having the only speed makes utilizing a 433 system wasteful as the team is too slow to collectively press or recover.

Utilizing the system above, the defensive midfield four can protect or cover the back three, while the back three wide players are comfortable going between wide or central roles while not demanding to run up and down the flanksforcing the physical strength fromt he defensive midfield four to tank the ball up. Pogba is free as the sole offensive midfielder to make up the game and not track back. MUFC do not have many goals in them as a squad, nor collective speed to press or recover, but they have physical strength and a potential to defend greatly if they play a system that uses a natural width in the defensive midfield area. 


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#PSG problem is a little imbalance. But it is not in the  offensive set that #Tuchel has created. I think #PSG should had played #Neymar  behind a front three last season from Emri but he wanted to be too similar to #FCB . The 4213 is 

Bernat/Kimpembe/Thiago Silva/Meunier



Di Maria/Cavani/Mbappe 


The 13 Neymar//Di Maria/Cavani/Mbappe is fine. They make chances, possess, adjust. But, the 42 is not good enough against the better teams. Against smaller teams Bernat is acceptable but against bigger teams Bernat is used. 

I suggest a 3313 for PSG against the best opposition. 

Kimpemba/Thiago Silva/Marquinhos 



Di Maria/Cavani/Mbappe 


Playing only one quality wide back never work, ask Real Madrid when Marcelo does not play side Carvajal or in the Selecao when Marcelo do not play side Dani Alves. The balance matter. if only one side can fly up, the other side become a crutch. Thus, MArquinhos, who was the best central defender for PSG last season, need to play next to the two other top central defender PSG have and then push Meunier into the wide defensive midfield role. He can easily sit into a wide back role if the shape change to a back four. This allows a greater central defense behind Neymar , cause RabiotVerratti leave too much space and force neymar to drop deep. Meunier can help get the ball to Neymar quicker and have quicker space to overlap or support Mbappe. 

PSG defensively need four lines but are to narrow in the defensive midfield. 


#Brasil have a problem. The entire Selecao squad is talented. But Tite is caught between supporting players who reflect a stronger UEFA grooming side supporting players who have a true or pure Brasilian nature, while trying to build the best team about Neymar.

Neymar unlike many from his compatriots became a senior player in Brasil and this reality is what makes him complicated to place in the side. From the recent call up to the Selecao, who are they players born and raised in Brasil to maturity. Neymar/Renato Augusto/Paulinho.  Now who are the players that have a pure<jogo bonito> or true<passion from the prai> Brasilian nature. Marcelo/Dani Alves/Douglas Costa/Willian/Casemiro/Viniciusjr all from them have a passion side jogo bonito style that play well next to Neymar. But, Coutinho/Firminho/Moura/Arthur/Alec Sandro/Fernandhino all seem restrained as players. You never sense from them the freedom that come from the pure or true Brasilian or reared in Brasil players in the selecao.


The Selecao can play Neymar center forward in a 433 but he must be surrounded by players who reflect his way. I can see Marcelo/Thiago silva/Marquinhos/Dani Alves//Renato Augusto/Casemiro/Paulinho//Vinicusjr/Neymar/Douglas Costa in the 2019 Copa America. Firminho/G Jesus do not have the goals or playing style to be in front Neymar as number ten so play Neymar as a 9. But, if Neymar is a number 9, he requires that back midfield three who are full from running and two at his side who are not looking to pass first but cut through first. Those three up top are the most dangerous one on one players Brasil have. Willian is the first option off the bench in the forward or midfield line. If Neymar must play the ten role then I suggest 4213 Marcelo/Thiago Silva/MArquinhos/Dani alves//Casemiro/Paulinho//Neymar//Willian/Vinicius jr/Douglas Costa . Willian/Vinicius/D Costa all do one thing better than G jesus/Firminho/coutinho/arthur they frighten defenders in one on one situations. At liverpool, Firminho does not frighten defenders, salah or mane do and firminho works hard to connect or make runs in for space. At mcfc , G jesus does not frighten defenders, that is sane or sterling, he works hard into spaces like firminho. At FC Barcelona, when messi does not play how effective is Coutinho. Not much at all. Dani Alves said coutinho is equivalent to neymar but neymar took over some games when messi played while coutinho is never more than an attache. Lucas Moura does have speed but like theo walcott or raheem sterling or danny welbeck or marcus rashford, or gervinho or usain bolt:) his strength is running absent the ball, not running having the ball or scoring having the ball. Tite went against the 433 he used in the world cup qualifiers in Conmebol in his Russian World Cup strategy. I hope he can stay true when he find the balance again.


EDIT 11-20-2018

I watched Cameroon vs Brazil and Choupo-Moting convinced me,taking in the cameroon vs morocco match aside, that PSG as well Cameroon have another system. First Cameroon, Seedorf is not interested in bringing players from outside UEFA, like Tite does for the Selecao. But, Aboubakar scored the winning goal that led to Cameroon's Cup of Nations success. Choupo-Moting need to play aside Aboubakar as both are willing to track back and work. The system cameroon need is a 442. Seedorf/Kluivert need to use Choupo-moting/Aboubakar is the front duo. For PSG, it is the same. I saw Cavani playing for uruguay against brasil. Tuschel like Seedorf/Kluivert has it wrong. CAvani/Choupo-Moting up top is the front dup that is willing to work deep in midfield that can support a central midfield duo of Neymar/Verratti while a midfield wing paid of Di Maria/Mbappe thus the PSG squad in a 442 can be


Di Maria/Verratti/Neymar/Mbappe

Bernat/Thiago Silva/MArquinhos/Meunier

though for the 343 idea, I think


Di Maria/Verrati/Rabiot/Mbappe

Kimpemba/Thiago SIlva/MArquinhos


Some people say Neymar/Cavani/Mbappe can not play together but I think the problem is in assessing who they are. Neymar is in truth a creative midfielder who likes to initiate off his dribble rather than pass first, what that mean is neymar can play as a wide player in an attacking front trio. He can play in a high central role. But his best position is in the midfield. The problem is, he demands the ball more. Tite achieved that by supporting the front three in brasil with renato augusto/casmeiro/paulinho. But PSG dont have any midfield like either from renato augusto/casemiro/paulinho . But PSG have two true number 9s. Not the barca-esque false 9s. Cavani/Choupo-Moting are willing to work in the midfield.Put them together up top, they offer strong outlets, not just fast outlets like Mbappe or Di Maria but strong outlets who can bring the midfield into the game. All three can play but can Tuschel who idolizes the guardiola/barca way and what that truly means is coaches the players into his system, not bend his system to reflect the players. Tuschel has the squad to win it all but he must imagine these players as artists, not statistical truths or measurement complexes.


EDIT 11-28-2018

Tuchel played in a must win against Liverpool


Kehrer/Thiago Silva/Kimpembe/Bernat





Again Tuschel proves to me why he should had never been coach to PSG. PSG unlike any other team in UEFA wants to win the UEFA CL, it isn't just money, it is why they have spent the most, why they demand the most. I blame the owners for being convinced a coach who has not won anything in his prior club, his first major club, can be a winner as PSG desire. I watch Tuschel smile on the bench and have this guardiola style arrangements and modulations. I don't like it.  Kehrer is the handball man, the man who always gives away a penalty from a handball, playing him in this match. that is irresponsible coaching for me. PSG is not a coach's play thing. Kehrer to me warranted the bench in his past starts. Bernat is a good player but absent meunier it is lopsided, like dani alves minus marcelo in selecao or marcelo minus carvajal in real madrid. I say 334 Marquinhos/Thiago Silva/Kimpemba//kehrer/verratti/bernat//neymar//mbappe/cavani/di maria

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CONCACAF Womens Championship reflect the same reality in either gender in CONCACAF

Many opined that female soccer need Football Associations, Confederations in F.I.F.A. <Federation International Football Associations>, or F.I.F.A. itself to invest in women programs.


I disagree and the reason is how male soccer grew. In modernity, through global communication platform like the internet, many multilog exist on gender equality aside female improvement to equal male standard; in any said log one factor in improving the female position is miscomprehension to how the male position grew. I paraphrase Womens Soccer Fr: “Seeing the quality of the game and the blatant inequality between Panama and the USA (logic once again), it is time for CONCACAF, FIFA and Associations to respond to the creation of genuine women's Programmes” https://twitter.com/WomensSoccerFr/status/1049067362509639680


I do not deny that the F.F.F. <French Football Federation> made Clairefontaine that assisted in developing many player in France, male or female. I do not deny that governments, like from China, finance or organize plans to invest in futebol. I do not deny that Con.Me.Bol <Confederation Sudamericana futebol> created the first confederation flag tournament the Copa America. I do not deny a role exist to any football association, confederation, government, or F.I.F.A. itself in developing the beautiful game. The truth is, the community from clubs is the historical backbone to player development in the beautiful game globally. Absent Liverpool or Manchester United do England win a world cup? Absent FC Barcelona or Real Madrid do Spain win a world cup? Absent AC Milan or Juventus or Inter Milan do Italy win world cups? Absent Santos or Botafogo or Palmeiras or Cruzeiro or Flamengo do we get the Pele or Zico eras in Brazilian futebol? If no Bayern or Gladbach or Hamburg existed do Germany win world cups?


Clubs develop players better than any other organization in soccer. Sequentially, when all who want to see female soccer grow look at flag team disparity, a reality visibly present in the CO.N.C.A.C.A.F. <confederation of north central american and caribbean association football > Womens Championship, we must focus on woman clubs over all other organizations in player development.

To that end, every single female flag team need more people to make a long robust financial investment in a female club in their country, including starting clubs. The reality is the United States Womens Soccer Team while strong in it confederation, is not in a situation like Germany or France in the Union of European Football Associations <U.E.F.A.> where the competitive strength between flag bearers is real or growing, does not have a strong enough domestic competitive league to be competitive long term. The sad fiscal truth is no one can force another to invest in sport; one can try to convince but no one can force. In Panama, Trinidad, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica who is trying to convince those who have money in said countries to start clubs for women or finance sister department in male clubs to long term or evergrowing purposes?


And, the shame is, the male game in CO.N.C.A.C.A.F. prove the point. The caribbean zone in CO.N.C.A.C.A.F. has more members than any other zone in said confederation<31 member>. The North American zone has only three member, those three member include the most fiscally dominant flag in modernity and two other who are way above all other in the confederation. The central american zone has seven member who are on average fiscally above any in the caribbean zone. Financially, the North American zone members have fiscally wealthy communities who can start clubs or leagues. The Central American zone has less than but more than the Caribbean zone on average. While the Caribbean Zone on average is the fiscally poorest region in CO.N.C.A.C.A.F., from a distance, fiscally affluent persons do exist in the Caribbean or the Caribbean community living throughout humanity who can afford to finance clubs long term. The question, is the Caribbean Football Union <C.F.U.> setting up a club system that can help convince people who have Caribbean ancestry, wherever they live, to invest.


In entertaining convincing or regaling fashion, Panama recently defeated Mexico in the

CO.N.C.A.C.A.F. Womens Championship. Mexico just started a league for women last year and Panama just restarted their female flag program after a ban, I think seven year. But, Alexi Lalas in the prior match Panama played against the U.S.A. suggested the keeper to Panama, Yenith Bailey, warranted a college scholarship. I have nothing against training the mind. But, in soccer, training all other part in the body require a club environment. How can going to a college truly improve the Panamanian keeper? Any college has no athletic ambition. Any college has no primary competitiveness. Amateur athletics, meaning non paid athletics has a limit to the athletic challenge it can provide. Alexi Lalas should had said where is a contract to Bailey from an ambitious, fiscally potent female club.


I will end providing videos from Panama versus Mexico that may regale entertain or convince anyone to Panamanian Womens quality, give these women clubs.

1st half highlights


Kenia Kristel Rangel Villarreal to Karla Paola Riley Goal https://photos.app.goo.gl/LxKpUchTQUBJxw5f8

Natalia Mills to Marta Alejandra Cox Villarreal to Aldrith Quintero https://photos.app.goo.gl/cumbZ9z28DQsdySw5

Katherine Lineth Castillo Macias to Natalia Mills to Lineth Cedeno goal https://photos.app.goo.gl/JwLuyrbEQpaKhN4z5


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My original thought to Sarri led CHelsea

Today proved Chelsea under Sarri will have a dip in form late in the season. Chelsea like Napoli under Sarri do not know how to control a game and the constant attack posture is causing fatigue already.  David Luiz side Giroud led to the equalizing goal today against a MUFC squad who have issues communicating in set pieces. MUFC were scored through set pieces in both cases, not open play. To my favorite London BLue male player Willian. IT is a shame this man is not on a team where his crosses or passing has better finishers. He could lead in the assist category in UEFA if he had people to finish his assist over the season at chelsea.

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Juventus is my win for the UEFA CL 10-24-2018

PSG 2 NApoli 2 , Atleti 0 Dortmund 4 , Inter Milan 0 FC Barcelona 2 have one thing in common, not one team can defend absent the ball. All six team look porous and on the day will leak goals. At this point, I am certain Juventus is the favorite to win the UEFA champions League. Pundits praised Spaletti but losing 2-0 started when inter milan made the match a shootout. and in the end, barcelona was counterattacking. Pundits/media concerns preach the evangel to attacking soccer, but soccer is not about attack attack attack as the crowd at the theater of dreams likes to chant. The goal is not to attack, the goal is to play the beautiful game which include all aspect to the game, tackles, coverage, bunkering, and teams have pulled away from that to covet the praise from pundits/fans/media concerns/sponsors each who have a non athletic reason to want shootouts to be the norm.

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UEFA womens champions league quarterfinals/semifinals


OK, here are the quarterfinal pairs

Slavia Praha/ Bayern Munchen - Slot A

Barcelona / LSK Kvinner - Slot B

Lyon / Wolfsburg - Slot C

Chelsea / Paris Saint-Germain - Slot D


the semifinal pairs

Slot A / Slot B

Slot C / Slot D


Again, i am denied any possible final for my teams. as always. I will not speak on how i feel that bayern/barcelona get a free ride to the semifinals. though that semifinal will be tough.  To Chelsea, a battle, plain or simple. PSG women have been second or less to OL year in or year out, constantly since the current ownership era engaged in the womens program. To be blunt, I think chelsea has the stability to survive a lose but if PSG lose, it will be a big blow. To my chelsea ladies, my london blue, they have the talent/skill/fitness to defeat PSG women but they must be sharp. PSG women have a knack of pulling off strong performances against top opponents. I really worry about the speed from PSG, it will be important for the london blue to be concise in movement, don't open themselves up to daringly, too soon.

To my OL... this is war! Wolfsburg OL have met in two or three of the last five finals. Wolfsburg against OL always play to stifle OL. They will bunker, they will tackle, they will be mentally sharp, they will look to frustrate OL. Ol knows Wolfsburg. They must be patient, they must not think they can run through Wolfsburg. They know that. This is to be blunt, a five final run. If OL can win this season, it will not merely be the fourth UEFAWCL win in a row. It will be the crowning achievement in the OL feminin program. The only sadness is the world cup in france will come after this season where OL , the club core to france, will have such a battle. 


I forsee in the semifinal

Bayern Munchen/Barcelona



in the final I see.... drumroll!!!




and OL for the win!!!! Four straight jewels in the crown of UEFA


quarter final



semi final




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Save Womens Soccer In The USA By Changing The Form

I made a query to Thomas Rongen or Phil Schoen, both of them advocate supporting the beautiful game being played/owned/coached by either gender globally, concerning who is in control to women's soccer in the USA and what needs to change fiscally in the NWSL in particular.


Phil Schoen replied


I comprehend that financial truth. The problem is more than one way exist to lessen the fiscal burden. Schoen is correct, the sister club model is what is going on throughout UEFA. Just make women's clubs aside the men's clubs and the infrastructure cost lessen. But another solution exists. To end the NWSL/WPSL/UWS, bar interstate play, make 50 state leagues that can operate as they want internally <meaning franchise or relpro is their option>. And use the us open cup for women as a 50-champion side 14 runner up competition between these champions to decide the best team in the USA. By choosing the solution I suggest, you automatically lower the cost of operation for any team. The travel/hotel expenses are reduced drastically. The media sponsorship now connects to the markets any state league can attract and if the NFL is an example, you don't need a league to be a paid athletic sport globally to achieve global viewership. Sequentially, teams in state leagues can still achieve large sponsorship deals. But it will open up the opportunity for more teams in states to be born and relate to each other. And the US Open cup can be that binder to relate the leagues to each other as well as define a champion. but with only 64 teams in one off round cup tournament, only the finalist will have six games added to their state-based schedule. I comprehend Mr. Schoen's idea, and I imagine it has more followers or adherents among those in control of USSoccer or NWSL or MLS, than my own, in any way. Of the nine teams in the NWSL, five are owned by owners to an MLS team, while five play in stadiums aside an MLS team. Sequentially, most of the teams or interest in NWSL pulls toward Mr. Schoen's point. But my point is what can save the Washington Spirit, what can save Sky Blue FC, what could had saved the Boston breakers, what could had saved Western New York Flash from demoting itself, what could had saved FC Kansas City from being replaced by the Utah Royals. Some people want to invest in sport but don't have the finances to handle the business model from the NFL or want to be shareholders, where they cannot control what goes on in the club over a larger shareholder. I think US Soccer need to pull away from the exclusive owner group model from the NFL and utilize a more open ownership model. To do that, you have to lower the cost to own, not find more money to meet the ownership cost. If you lower the cost, I think more women will want to own teams, individually or collectively and that will long term have a greater effect throughout the women's side in the sport over time.

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Congratulations Nigeria/South Africa for making it to the World Cup in France and all the best in the AWCON2018 final. When last these two met in the same competition South Africa won and Nigeria against top opposition has had problems scoring.

But south africa better be careful, facing an opponent a second time in the same cup tournament is always dangerous. BUT all is not over for Mali or Cameroon, if anything their next match is more potent, the winner of the third place goes to the world cup. Cameroon has the experience but Mali may surprise. To the QCAF  the queens of caf, the reality is Nigeria earned the QCAF title every time the coronation was held outside Equatorial guinea. This will be a battle. I expect Nigeria finally showing up against a big team, only three big team in CAF womens game now, and Nigeria have yet to defeat any this tournament.It will happen in the final. But Will Nigeria /South Africa/Cameroon/Mali be inspired by their womens teams and make a fiscally competitive female league, taking advantage to their dominance over other sides in CAF?


REVIEWS: Cameroon/Nigeria ; Mali/South Africa ;


Third Place Match: Mali/Cameroon

FInal Match: Nigeria/South Africa


Cameroon defeated Mali 4-2

Nigeria defeated South Africa in penalties 4-3



Cameroon have become the third best team in CAF replaced by South Africa, who have invested decently in the Sasol LEague but this tournament proved Nigeria/South Africa/Cameroon need domestic league strength and have no argument not to have it.  The Boston Breakers went bankrupt and players in the NWSL in the USA speak of financial difficulties in payment, player resources. Nigeria/South Africa have no excuse, if either fa switched the funding between the gender the womens leagues in either country will be a top league. I say why not. Take advantage to where you dominate. Nigeria or SOuth aFrica seem content to make womens soccer in caf subservient to womens soccer outside caf absent the fiscal need to, simply waiting for outside caf to grow financially and make it fiscal reality though it is not now

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2019 Womens World Cup Draw and Ettie Celebration

Group A : France , Korea Republic , Norway , Nigeria

Four strong teams. France will need a strong challenge early to test what they can take in home soil. Nigeria, Norway,Korea republic will want to knock the hosts out and cause chaos for the FFF. My fandom based end result is: France, Nigeria, Korea Republic, Norway. My strategy end result is the same.

Group B : Germany , China PR , Spain, South Africa

China is rebuilding in a long term project, Spain is doing the same, so is South Africa and Germany is resettling. This can be the most entertaining group as each team has uncertainty to who they are going forward, either being first timers to the world cup or in modulation a a team. My fan based end result is : Germany, South Africa, China, Spain My strategy based end is: Germany, Spain, China, South Africa

Group C : Australia, Italy, Brazil, Jamaica

Brazil has a nice group but they are aging. Australia has a tough , globally skilled team. Italy or Jamaica will look to battle from opening whistle to closing whistle.My fan based end: Brazil, Jamaica, Australia, Italy My strategy based end: Brazil, Australia, Italy, Jamaica

Group D : England , Scotland , Argentina , Japan

Japan is a giant and England has a youth movement. That match will be strong. Scotland side Argentina will be battling from opening whistle to closing whistle. My fan based end: Japan, Scotland, England, Argentina My strategy based end: Japan, England, Scotland, Argentina

Group E : Canada , Cameroon , New Zealand, Netherlands

Netherlands has an experience lifting a trophy with the last European championship. They are ready to do damage. Canada is a battling side and Sinclair loves these moments. Cameroon is ever dangerous. New Zealand has done well, maybe they can be like the male Icelanders. My fan based end: Cameroon, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand My strategy based end: Netherlands, Canada, Cameroon, New Zealand

Group F : USA, Thailand, Chile, Sweden

Mighty USA has a group that has two new comers. Sweden will be a battle. My fan based end: Sweden, Chile,USA, Thailand My strategy based end: USA, Sweden, Chile, Thailand

Video 2019 world cup draw

Video Ettie Celebration

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30 years from now administrators in CONCACAF/CONMEBOL/CAF/AFC will lament how women's soccer in their confederation is less potent than UEFA. This article explains fully why. Women's soccer 15 years ago was all square among all the confederations. And, UEFA is moving fast quickly, cohesively, functionally, while all the other confederations at best have some glittering lights in themselves but nothing mirroring a collective plan.

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the 2018-2019 UEFA CL Round of 16 draw angers me cause it eliminates all my potential finals and lifts teams i can't stand to the next round.


MCFC/Schalke - Schalke are a tough side but i worry that their defensive frailty or attacking softness will functionally give the run of play advantage to mcfc easily. One thing about guardiola teams, if you dont have an attack considered highest level or a defense considered highest level, you tend to not perform well against his teams. If Schalke do knock out mcfc, it will be the giant killing of the round. I think guardiola has to at least reach a final this season, to not do so require pundits to speak ill to his qualities in taking a team to the promised land. Considering the hype given to his coaching style from said media.


Atletico MAdrid/Juventus - was one of my potential finals. Of course it is provided here.Both teams are skilled while honest defensively or they have sharp deadly patient attacks. This will be a battle of chicken side chess. Sad to see it now but it will be one of those matches where strategically intense fans will enjoy how all aspects of the game will be displayed, as both teams attack/defend/press/drop back/push forward together. I want atletico to go through as a colchenero but it will be close


Manchester United/Paris Saint Germain- again another potential final for me. PSG have a very deadly attack but an unathletic midfield that is skill based and a defense that is prone to errors but otherwise high class. MUFC is a slow team that need to play in the air and can provide moments of attacking brilliance. The defense of manchester united need to work to handle the psg attack but it can be interesting how this plays out. A good battle, i think either coaches job is on the line. Tuchel nor Mourinho can afford to lose this, but one has too.


Tottenham/Dortmund- the battle of youths. both teams are younger in collective average age than most others. Both teams are full of running. who knows the defensive condition to either team by the time next year they meet but dortmund looks defensively better now, though they must be careful to not understimate tottenham's ability to score under pressure. Any one's match but I sense down to the wire , unless tottenham or dortmund's youth have a bad collective first game.


Lyon/Barcelona- my OL, why saint garrincha, my OL are attacking wise a team that can cut through any other. Defensively, my OL range from a top second tier side to a 4th tier side after a long night from beers. BArca have total danger, sharpened in attack. OL can defeat barca over two legs but the defense has to be sharper, individuals more skilled in unique scenarios. And then our attack must be the best for the two matches. I want OL to progress, it will be a huge upset, especially after Messi made his proclamation but, I will lie to say barca don't have the odds.


Roma/Porto- the two luckiest sides in this round. They have a fair battle against each other. But that will make this tie probably the best to watch. All the other ties have one from two problem. Either two tops may not be in the same quality moment collectively or a known minnow will face a major team not ready. but these two team can face each other fairly over both legs the entire time and no one can expect one to be mightier than the other.


Ajax/Real Madrid- Like MCFC , Real Madrid from all the top sides in fiance or table position have a soft opponent. For Real Madrid it is cool cause they are still unbalanced. and Ajax's youth can be exploited at times, though Ajax have some experience. The attacking power from real madrid is a danger to any team and I am not certain Ajax even prepared have the ability to handle it , especially considering the real madrid players see another potential round of 8 which can provide possible favorite opponents.


Liverpool/Bayern- Klopp is in season for drama. But this is probably the worst of all matchups. Bayern know klopp weel, especially the players, they know how his teams play and know what to expect and bayern's experience makes them a dangerous opponent. They will not rush this, they will try to trap liverpool and one thing liverpool continually show under klopp, that dortmund did too, the defensive caring is soft and if the team slow down, they are truly open. Liverpool have a chance but Bayern can defeat them.



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Jose Mourinho at BeinSports

I provide my postface as a preface here. I concur to mourinho. In the end what I gather from his words is, he thought he could be successful in MUFC gardless the administrative problems but some bad breaks made the mountain too high. I love how he praised players like cech/drogba whom were joys to coach and how he enjoyed the younger days to hazard/willian. I love what he said about repsonsibility on leagues/teams/confederations outside uefa to demand more from uefa coaches , especially to help their local coaches.

Didier Drogba- I love what he said about Didier Drogba. I quote:"mr abrahamovic, pay and don't speak" this explains mourinho's problem, he likes to tell the money what to do and is willing to go to clubs whose owners want to be coaches on the side
To his second phase:"you are not number 1 but i need you here"- this explain what he wanted in zlatan but when zlatan got hurt it changed everything
"players like that of that character are important from first day in their career to the last day" this is what he tried to find in pogba/lukaku but they are not better leaders than didier

Picking CLubs- "coaches are much more dependent on the players we are more dependent on the choices we make"
"some other guys are more clever than me on the choices"- like pep klopp
I concur to his point, he has yet to take a comfortable team, like a barcelona/bayern munich/mcfc whose owners have huge pockets to spend on the best players, who have a cohesive strategy to how they want to play or at the least in mcfc case gave pep the license to make up the team identity.

CR7 vs MEssi- I agree to Mourinho, I never compare players from different generations.
consistency through time is th ekey to the success messi/cr7 have but what would earlier players like maradona/pele/garincha/eusebio have if they had a fitness team around them?

Peter Cech- YOu can see he loves Cech. I admit, I love cech too. And like Drogba, he asked cech to do the same and guide and he did it. YOu can see how much mourinho loved cech as a number 2. When I think to keylor navas, real madrid have that kind of leader in goal. dedicated, serious, doesn't need to start, will fight for his position.

Coaches from UEFA working outside UEFA- Great words, he feels coaches have to come to emerging markets be demanded more influential in information. Not just top coaches, but teachers I quote: "We are all colleagues, coaches" . "Don't you have time for coaches to think about the local coaches. The coaches come and go home and they take your money. I think they should give more here, but that is your responsibility"
"You need to take more from them" strong words from mourinho. Remember he said it is up to administrators in emerrgine leagues to demand it from coaches from uefa to give more. teach

Real MAdrid- He makes a good point, since he has left no manager did better in real madrid in la liga. This is true.

His Best Team- Best team he has managed- I concur that inter side is the best he has managed. The success , the trophies lifted in that period.

The Modern Player- "before the manager decide and you accept, now you need much more communication and the power more focused on one person must be shared. Instead of the manager being the guy telling you to go buy the newspaper" I quote again:"It is not about good boys, bad boys... our kids are different than us"
Lovely quote when people say mourinho is out of touch., He admitted things need to be managed but this hopefully will quell silly mourinho out of tocuh comments, though it will not

Disciplining- "The day a player is more important than the club , goodbye" The players must find a certain balance. "The manager is not their to coach them, not discipline them at any cost" He just outed the MUFC administration absent speaking their name. Saying it is up to the administration to make an environment where the players can work side the coaches co sharing responsibility, not merely in media but behind the scenes. But the ownerships have to set up that environment or coaches are doomed. Alex Ferguson back in administration is great for mufc to do that

News- "Everything I did good with players is not news in modern football" "where you have troubles is when you have news" "It is a problem when a coach does not have the strcuture behind him side the player" He is right, the coach is not powerful enough to manage players. . Players can not have a direct relationship with coaches anymore. "For me a club must be very well organized, where the manager is only the manager not the man who is keeping the discipline" Outed MUFC again

Young Coaches- Results stay forever. That is what makes you belong in a certain level. He called a spade a spade there. Coaches that try to play a certain away, or appease media end up being failure coaches that media suggest are good but the numbers say otherwise. I look at Henry at Monaco as a fine example. Cesc Fabregas is not what Monaco needed. Henry luckily has money to still coach wherever he is accepted but it is foolish to play up to media. get results and explain later.

Style- PEople that win consistently will tell you otherwise. "where are the young ones with a real impact,in terms of results, where are they?" He is right, pochiteno, klopp, emri, sarri, tuchel don't have results. The pundits praise them but the owners want results. And if you don't provide it then... and even if tuchel does win it all in psg, even though he lost in the coupe de ligue recently so no perfect win, is he consistent, no way

Future- he will coach top level but i think he will make a smart choice and that is why he is waiting. but what team and where, he has something up his sleeve

MUFC- He says winning 2nd in mufc was one of his best achievements in his career, and he admits most will think it is crazy but he said it clearly, no one knows behind the scenes and that to me says it all


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Good morning good afternoon or good evening, wherever you are listening I am richard murray and this is my reply to episode 89 of football crazy
Football crazy involve Kay Murray, Kev Egan side Des Norris, Kay is on twitter spelled  K-A-y-L-M-u-r-r-a-y Kaylmurray, Kev is on twitter spelled K-E-V-underscore-E-g-a-n Kev_Egan , Des is on twitter spelled p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r partidopooper
My talk is available as a transcript in my african american literary book club blog linked in the details to this video, I will note the time to subject matter in the football crazy podcast in the transcript. At the end of the transcript I will have links to things I refer too

0:52 Atlanta United segment, they do have a strong fanbase. Check Kev's twitter for a link to an article explaining the process the owner to atlanta united did to make the team and grow a potent young fanbase. I am HAppy Kev has an association to them. But I didn't know Kay did the efifa cup final. Esports is the future in many way. The audience already exist and is growing, the sponsorship will grow Though modern humanity's majority, which is fiscally impoverished, will always have access to a ball rather than a computer able to play in an online massive multiplayer environment.Esports is not for the global poor, the beautiful game still is.
2:03 Real Madrid segment, I agree to Kay or Gary Bailey concerning viniciusjr or marcelo,  Gary_bailey is on twitter as g-a-r-y-underscore-b-a-i-l-e-y-one gary_bailey1 . I think viniciusjr needed to start against Girona, but Solari is a patient coach, and MArcelo is a willing player. MArceloa never seems unhappy on the bench.  But, Marcelo's game was grooved around cr7 who only has a replacement in viniciusjr. So strategically , MArcelo needs Viniciusjr's game. For me, Sergio Ramos yellow or red card was more potent. Unfortunately, Des is correct, dangerous play is not based on intent but occurance.
8:30 Paul Pogba SEgway, I agree to Kev's position that pundits have to stop suggesting things that reject fairness. In my opinion , any are willing to think the same, To suggest that pogba has to not be carded to save the game is false. The rules exist supposedly for all. As a pundit if you don't speak to equality under the referee then you are sinful to complain when some suggest favoritism, unless you desire favoritism but are unwilling to say it publicly. Pogba warranted a double yellow in the first half. Commentators display their mentality toward the game in general when they think a player must be protected for media or fiscal profit.
9:02 Real Madrid segment return , 25th red card for Ramos. I didn't know that. I should had expected such a high number. Real MAdrid should tolerate it cause only the best defenders risk. Poor defenders don't risk red card situations.  The art of defending is risk, in the same way the art of attack is risking looking silly the art of defense is risking weakening the team.
11:23 Lopetegui segment, I didn't know wolverhampton wanted lopetegui. in retrospect, that would had been a bad choice for a battling english team. Lopetegui like keoman at everton is a rigid coach that having players to fit his mold can do great, but not having those players is bound to fail.
12:20 Gareth Bale segment, The link to his gesture is in the transcript page.  I comprehend it is against the law but the question is, does the law need to be changed? I say change the law, and allow the gestures, but I dont have the power to change the law and those in control of the beautiful game, are not interested in changing the law, as they feel, audiences need to be coddled like children.
13:38 FC BArcelona vs Valladolid segment, yes Jamie Easton, on twitter spelled e-a-s-t-o-n-j-a-m-i-e eastonjamie , had a good interview with Kevin PRince Boateng. Boateng in my view has always been an honest man and a passionate player. He loves to play the game, artfully, excitingly, but he has never been complicated in his words. I wonder if kevin prince will manage or involve himself in the ghana fa.  I oppose Kev Egan concerning messi being rotated out, kev's position is correct strategically, tactically, but not communally, Messi said to the fans of FC Barcelona when the season started they will try to win the uefa champions league and all competitions. This is the grind, messi has put a challenge on himself to lead this team, when he doesn't have the henry/eto'o/david villa/neymar's of the world aside him. It is a challenge, I think messi can achieve it side his teammates but it will be a grind and it is a risk. I wonder about the copa america. can messi be run to the ground for fc barcelona even if it leads to all trophies and then lead argentina? Kev Egan is correct for me, the opposition to Valverde is aesthetics, though it is the real madrid success in the uefa champions league that supports it well. But what kev nor others said in the podcast is how pundits set up the fans. I recall the pep era  henry/eto'o/messi/iniesta/xavi/busquets/puyol/pique/alves/abidal/yaya toure/mascherano. Pundits made it seem natural that la masia provided a near whole squad at the same time to the first team, when that is not natural. Pundits made it seem barca has to play the way from cruyff through rijkaard through guardiola. Pundits set up the fans as the internet potency to make pundit bugles louder that barcelona has only one way to play and that is why Valverde's success is actually viewed negatively. Though I suggest it is waranted cause Mourinho success from the same pundits is always treated as from an unfortunate beauty.  Umtiti will allow for good depth, and big teams have that. Barca during the best seasons had that.
19:22 Atletico Di Madrid segment, The problem is to Morata, it is not enough time for him to gel side Griezzman. And having Costa side Morata  will place griezzman under both for me.
22:01 Allegri segway, Juventus/Atleti is a battle, two teams who are artists in defense and have sharp attacks. It will not be boring for those who enjoy all actions on the pitch, not just goal scoring.
22:14 ATletico di madrid return segment, with the contract extension of Simeone, Diego Costa/Morata//Griezzman  will come good more next season as they can start that way
24:10 MArio sUarez segment, yes Kay Murray gave him sweets. Good one des, Sergio ramos stays clean of sweets that is why he has more wins, good fun.
28:32 Celta Vigo segment, Kay remember good luck trinkets, I wonder if Kay has an image or can remember the name to the trinkets
28:55 Valencia segment, Marcelino needs sharpness in goal, sometimes a team is able to set up opportunities but doesn't have the sharpness to score. Does the valencia board have the confidence that marcelino can find a better balance?
30:08 SEvilla vs Villareal, Villareal is hungry and took advantage against a sevilla that losses something away from home. I wonder what is the cause in the drop. I call it proper footballers. proper footballers can play pumped up anywhere, anywhere, false players need a crowd
31:07 Getafe segment, getafe are one point from champions league spots, a nice story.
32:54 Gaby Amado yes, mon friday 12pm eastern  
33:19 PSG segment, I disagree to Kay, Mbappe had a game where he won the game through his brilliant goal scored. but dani alves made the pass and the midfield of psg was not convincing against better opposition. Lo celso was from the Unai Emry idea. EMry wanted a creative player to get the ball moving fast, but neymar needs powerful midfielders, like Casemiro, paulinho, matuidi. Neymar is not like Mbappe. Mbappe is like CR7, a goal machine that in mbappe's case is only growing.  Neymar is a talisman that like Messi can be the beautiful diamond that shines to all other on the pitch, and neymar's legend has a greater ceiling. I wish pundits would stop beefing up Mbappe like they did Messi. Messi proved he can get angry and be distasteful. Mbappe doesn't need to be viewed as the golden boy. let him be human. Tuchel has gotten away with a side that passess to slowly in midfield, does not have players cutting through midfield enough, while having a defense that is porous, relying on individual talent too much against top sides. PSG didn't beat a great team, with a masterclass in the champions league. PSG was a slow, unsharp, team that faced a team that didn't know how to press and was waiting for mistakes with haphazard play. Mbappe was not brilliant against Manchester United. He play positively or well, but he was not able to be the center, like CR7 he need a team to build under him and psg did not build, but was saved by a poorer manchester united. PSG through neymar side Mbappe will answer can cr7 play on the same team as Messi. I think psg can do it, but the media will try to break them up.
36:14 Monaco segment, the return of Jardim is everything. The problem with MArtins from sporting in portgual is that Atletico madrid had griezzman and Lemar. Like Coutinho, players have to comprehend when they need space to be themselves. Martins can come back stronger to Atleti. Every team when it has a talisman , like messi/griezmann has a player that is given a leeway that force other players to be uncomfortable at time. MArtins didn't handle that in atleti under griezzman but in Monaco he is free. Coutinho under Messi or Dybala under CR7 is a fine example of players who need a new spot.
37:55 Balotelli Segment, Balotelli was never a bad player. Only one that media chose to criminalize, beyond villainy, criminalize. Rudy Garcia knows Balotelli is one of the few true number nines, players who can play back to goal, can score a goal, and can pass in tight spaces. MArseille has in thauvin side others, the speed, movement, cutting nature. The truth is, OGC nice sell more than OM and Balotelli comprehended that while his career finally started in france, yes I don't see his inter milan/manchester city/ac milan /liverpool time as his athletic career, merely various big money moves where he played soccer in imbalanced organizations. But, OGC nice is not the top. PSG is the top in france and Olympique Lyonnais have their youth movement model so OM is the only other remaining big team in france compared to all others. he is in OM , make it happen balotelli.
38:58 OL segment, Fekir is out by card against Barcelona. OL is a dangerous team. If Barcelona is slow, unsharp, if Barcelona think against this youthful team they can lolligag the beautiful possession, they have a high chance of pay.
39:49 Lille Segment, Mourinho was in the audience at Lille. Karanka at the sans siro. i disagree to Kev Egan, if Nicola Pepe is like Drogba, pepe will be legendary. I agree to KAy, Mourinho is making moves to get a new job but he wants to have an organization unlike any he had before where Mourinho is content to the long term projest while making sure it is a long term project. I provided a link to a quote from mourinho's talks on beinsport in the links section on the trancript page. Des point is true, PSG essentially, places a cap on the remainder to ligue1, which has not changed its alignment since PSG qatari ownership came in.
42:43 Newport vs MCFC segment, learn how to pronounce padraig. Now I know how to say Pádraig Peter Harrington, the golfer.
45:26 Inter Milan vs sampdoria segment, Icardi is the continuation to the unbounded cinema verite that started in the 1970s but has grown through kardashians/trump to now icardi side his wife/agent. The public twitter argument between icardi side his sister, prove this is manufactured chaos, and why, cause chaos brings more public attention than happiness. Can ICardi be captain again? I imagine so, the inter team is full of leaders who don't need a badge.
49:39 AC Milan vs atalanta segment,  Krzysztof Piątek and Lucas Paqueta are showing signs to something. but piatek better be careful. big teams love to buy players , young and sparkling, but being in another another team will influence your system.
51:20 Fiorentina vs SPAL segment, the spal player who scored , the spal ballboy, brother to the spal player, Allesandro, I wonder what he was told, i hope he is not confused
53:19 Zaniolo mother - I noticed his mother's account on instagram. her profile image is a kissing photo and she has from the latest photos alot of head shots and kissing face. I think she likes photos. The one thing interesting is Zaniolo's mom is married, i assume happily, she just like taking photos to herself, where she is appearing giddy or wanting. Zaniolo is embarassed it seems but I think it is unfair. His mother isn't inviting anyone to anything, merely enjoying her life. Be happy your mother can feel good about her body and all the guys talking about your mom crudely on the pitch or the locker room... man up against. I linked an article to Zaniolo's mother that include a link to her instagram in the link section in the transcript page
54:11 Turkey Superlig segment- Galatapalace is climbing, long season ahead
54:36 Bundesliga segment- Pizarro oldest player to score in that league.  Nice snide Kay, Claudio Pizarro is younger than Zaniolo mom
55:18 POWER RANKING segment, check links section under the transcript in the transcript page linked in this video for images or video or articles
10 Jordi Masip Real Valladolid topping messi, lovely double save
9 Balotelli 3 goals in the last 4, Balo was never a miserable player but in france he found teams that seem to be well with him.
8 VAR flexing, in Spal Fiorentina , I wish you well Allesandro Voloti and big brother , a rule change to when VAR can be used based on time must be discussed, the spal/fiorentina match showed var can manipulate a match highly, now is it just?
7 MBappe , brilliant goal from a player only starting
6 EMLS league series, the future, but again, not for the fiscally poorest kids
5 SWapping goal celebrations, dybala/cr7 , balotelli/thauvin
4 Pizarro oldest scorer in bundesliga history
3 Piantek in AC Milan brace
2 Napoli all ballgirls Sao PAulo  Cannavaro celebrating as a ball boy with diego maradona
1 20-0 Pro Piacenza had to play to save the club, seven 17 year olds against 11 with a 17 year old coach, legends in losing


Link to audio on soundcloud

Efifa world cup

Bale Gesture

a mourinho moment

Zaniolo mother, francesca costa

Cannavaro celebrating side MAradona

Jordi Masip save messi penalty

Balotelli goal, and Thauvin Celebration

Voloti goal is circa 1:58

MBappe one touch brilliance

EMLS doolsta victory

Dybala side cr7 share a goal celebration

Claudio Pizarro - nice set piece

Piatek- the beginning

Napoli ballgirls
the junior female team

the Pro Piacenza seven, i hope they are remembered or followed
a photo


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VIDEO LINK-copyright forces it on google photos




Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, I am richard murray and the following are my thoughts on atletico di madrid victory against Juventus
First, a look at Oblak's save, I just want to display it since all too often, goal keeper saves are not mentioned
Geogemtric vs figurative image 37
Now onto the Morata goal. Do you know why I called it a goal? not cause it was given but cause I interpreted it that way. And, interpretation is the true problem in video assistance refereeing. It all started with Frank Lampard's uncalled goal in a world cup. Pundits/advertisers/owners/administrators all called for more technology, when the first discussion should had been selecting which referee choices are geometric side others that are figurative.
Geogmetric choice image 10
Geometric choices are defined as referee choices that can be made through arithmetics purely, an example is a sphere crossing a plane.
Figurative choice image 16
Figurative choices are defined as referee choices that involve making a choice based on factors that can not be arithmetically defined, like collaborative intent between two players each from an opposing team, an example is every foul.
Geogemtric vs figurative image 62
The video assisted referees are not right or wrong in making the call against Morata. Pundits or fans are wrong in labeling their choice correct or proven correct or proven false or false. Sequentially, the video assistance refereeing role is an impossible task. To aid humans in making human choices considered tautologies towards actions that can never be arithmetic in nature.Here is the Morata goal, notice the buildup play before it. Atletico di madrid is not a boring side, or a defensive side, they are a complete futebol playing side.
Morata goal
Figurative choice image
You see, anyone who says it is a goal, like me, is not right or wrong, anyone who say it isn't a goal,like most juventus supporters, is not  right or wrong. We are all human , figuring an action between humans. The question now is, figurative choices can not be arithmetically composed, while video assistance refereeing, VAR is unable to aid in making the human figurative arithmetic thus, is it a wasted expense or not?  I say the answer is obvious, it has to be a wasted expense. But what is the solution? the solution is pundits/fans/sponsors/owners/administrators changing their narratives when referees choices in figurative calls do not go as they like.  
The following is the Giminez goal. The only point I have to make in this goal is referee consistency. by the morata goal disallowed, this goal should had been disallowed.
GIminez Goal
Complete futebol playing side
Now here is the Godin goal, love godin, sad to see him leave this summer for internazionale milano. but all careers must move on. The one thing after this goal is how pundits suggested atleti have offensive problems. Costa or Morata played in the way, Atleti need. Atletico Madrid's offense is based on traditional number 9 play. Hold up the ball, link in the midfield.The midfield in atletico is designed to spend time defending absent the ball, and attacking in a quick strike way. Teams that guardiola or klopp coach, have midfield designed to spend time attacking while possessing the ball, and defending in one on one quick presses. That is why Guardiola keep failing post messi led barcelona in winning the uefacl. In a big cup tournament where all is even in the opening whistle, it is dangerous risking defense while supporting attack. it is wiser to risk attack while support defense. Take out barcelona all the other recent winners risked attack, defended together. Here  is the Godin Goal
Godin Goal
Thank you for your time, the transcript or other relavent links is attached in the info section to this video, be safe



audio blog
youtube link


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FootballCrazy Episode 90 Reply TRANSCRIPT


Welcome to my audio reply to football crazy episode 90, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as K-a-l-y-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev_Egan is on twitter as k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r
PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog linked in the description to this video

0:45 Gabriel Pessoa is in for Kay L Murray, he is in twitter as mr pessoa m-r-underscore-p-e-s-s-o-a https://twitter.com/Mr_Pessoa

1:09 EFL Cup segment- Kepar proves the following summer must solve the problem as hazard is leaving and the transfer ban may apply. The link to my longer view is in the transcript

10:52 MUFC segment- Ole still unbeaten in the EPL , but that say more to the EPL competition. I link to my larger thinking in the transcript.

11:30 Klopp the coach segment- The problem in Klopp's method is the same thing that happened at his last season in Dortmund. The electric frenetic pace is not possible throughout the whole season, no matter the team. His teams freefall over time.

17:59 The Brendan Rogers segment- His artistic collection, I wonder how someone replaces all their teeth.

19:23 Sevilla against the messi hat trick segment- Messi is a greatest in this time. He was not the greatest in times past or will be the greatest in times future. But, against the better teams Messi can not do it alone, he need greatness in the team around him.

23:14 LA Liga tops segment- Kev made an interesting point, BArcelona/Atletico MAdrid/Real MAdrid are going through phases

24:58 Coutinho in FC Barcelona segment- the guy gabriel pisou suggested coutinho was the best player when for me he was the worst, his job was to replace renato augusto and instead dysfunctioned the selecao. In Barcelona, Coutinho is unable to play with Messi for the same reason.

27:41 LEvante vs Real Madrid segment- Video Review is merely another referee set making choices. The assumption is another set of referees will make choices that media feels will go as media want. Media keep forgetting human referees interpret laws that are open to various interpretation. So Bale is in the same situation as Balotelli. Some players do not want to smile or be amusing. Media need to support those players in their narratives to the public, not letting the public dictate their narrative to the players.  https://i.pinimg.com/originals/fe/43/e6/fe43e6a8d2438222c24d489b56f5f0d3.gif

35:58 Wednesday El Clasico in the copa del rey- For me, both sides seem healthy, it is a matter of who is sharpest. It is a game of mistakes. If Barcelona win, it will be from Messi

37:50 Atleti segment- A healthy costa and a fitting, meaning fit in the system, Morata is great for Atleti in supporting goal creation or forward play. Atleti need sharp attacking to support the collective defense, it seems to be happening

44:31 Mbappe segment- MBappe is the new biggest goal machine , he is not a complete player. PSG have not missed neymar or cavani cause they have not faced a tough enough opponent that expose the game mbappe does not have or the weakness in his support

45:32 Jardim retourner segment- the monaco owners wanted to make a change and showed their inability to own efficiently. My OL showed an incorrect defensive quality, but in preparation to Barcelona i think they got caught. It will be interesting if OL play like they did against MAnchester city or if they play like they did after the manchester city win

48:53 Piantek in AC Milan segment- HE is young but his success can not be viewed as defining how good he will be in the best or AC Milan being a truly consistent side

53:22 Copa Libertadores segment- I admit, i have liked MElgar too, I must support my sole entry remaining in the copa libertadores or copa suadamericana, botafogo ,  but I will like melgar against others.

10 mbappe 50
9 willian's face on the bench during the english league cup kepar/sarri row circa 0:35 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-25/manchester-city-league-cup-final-chelsea-kepa-arrizabalaga/10845010
8 jardim resurection
7 Portuguese
6 36 quagliarella 17th goal of the season 37 joachim score a brace 36 years beasely in guatemala
5 Sergio Canales best season in his career
4 Bafitembi Gomis- scare the ball boy- AL-Hillal https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/8487545/prem-gomis-scares-tball-boy-celebration-giving-shirt/
3 Getafe -Los Azulones- the big blues-  in 4th place
2 Leo Messi  25 goals 11 assist 23 la liga apps the GITT
1 El Clasico 3 clasico in 25 days Copa del rey second leg



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PREFIX 392019

Dirk Nowitski said:"I don't know if it's about winning as much anymore as it is looking good on instagram, twitter, having followers and having clicks and likes"
Beyond the fact that the Kardashian clan or Donald Trump prove no labor field is absent the positive influence on being followed/liked/disliked or having some cult online to gaining positively in a labor field in modernity, he miss a simple truth.
Players are following the owners lead. The atlantic anglophone meaning USA/UK/Canada is the most potent in modern media. Sport leagues in those places NBA/NFL/NHL/MLB/EPL prove fiscal success is not tied to competitive succes. Sequentially  the new york knicks in the NBA/the dallas cowboys in the NFL/the new york rangers in the NHL/the new york yankees in MLB/Manchester United in the EPL are the most fiscally potent teams in said leagues and none are competitively dominant.
The reason why is the respective owners to each. Sequentially, when anyone suggest the players are looking for followers or instagram or tweets or likes, the players are simply mirroring the clubs who are looking for tweets/likes/followings/media shows/sponsorships based on the clubs hype. The players are following the lead from the clubs or fans. Fans don't care about competitive quality. Fans online argue about competitive quality but never come to conclusions that focus on why the competitive quality is lower than desired, sequentially, fans online don't want to improve the competitive quality to teams they face but like to argue about it online, gaining their own small likes or dislikes that coincide to the players or clubs, likes or dislikes.
The culprit is not the players, the owners/fans/players are all aiding or abetting the crime against increased competitive quality.

Dirk Nowitski quote


A Question To Change In Sport 2/28/2019


Good Morning Good Afternoon or Good Evening, I am richard murray and this is my thought to an article from samantha weber, everything pertinent is linked in the transcript to this post

Anthony Dicicco originally shared the article from Samantha Weber; it concern why the NAtional Womens Soccer League exist. She made many point I read before concerning the beautiful game played by women in the usa. I advise reading her article if you are unaware to the national womens soccer league; she is a former player, who experienced life in the National womens soccer league. I only wish to amend one point to her article, that point is how to change the national womens soccer league.

I used to communicate online my dissatisfaction or anger at the lack of relegation or promotion in Major LEague soccer, aside many other complaints. But, a year ago I decided to stop complaigning online as loudly to said issues. why? The blunt or sad truth is, at the least in the usa, if you own you control. In the usa you own when you finance. The truth is, relegation or promotion/connecting to non white communities/larger fiscal investment in females playing soccer, each have the same simple answer. Finance those things. Get money or use your money to finance those things.
You want relegation or promotion in the beautiful game in the usa for males or females , the answer is simple. Spend money to make two league tiers, one female one male, from maine to hawaii that utilize relegation and promotion, from the unstoppable position known as owner.
You want non whites to have greater opportunity in the usa for females or males, the answer is simple. Spend money to make two league tiers, one male one female, from maine to hawaii that publicly unashamedly determinedly give opportunities to non whites as coaches/fitness trainers/media opratives/sporting managers/club presidents/players/kit managers/youth players/ball kids or kids who handle the ball during matches/grounds keepers/secretaries to administrators side the many other opportunities available in a sports league, from the unstoppable position known as owner.
You want better financing or another guidance in the usa to a league in the usa, like the national womens soccer league. Spend money to buy the league and if not for sale , spend money to start your own from scratch, implementing all your ideas from the unstoppable position known as owner.
If you own, you control and you can do whatever you can finance.

Now some will say, public opinion has value, the people can rally, or you can join the ussoccer administration and work from the deep innards to your changes. I do not deny all the actions I said have value. But none are lasting, none are certain and definitely not compared to being the owner who finances/who produces/ who is in control unquetioningly.
I know some will say, but I have no money. That is the point. I am someone , when a boy, thought opportunities were coming in MLS, they never did. The way was very simple. it was not my laziness or interest lacking, it wasn't the infrastructure to the usa. The reason why I did not have opportunity stemmed from the owners plan not fitting me. So what solution exist to the kid today? rallies/speeches/penniless work in administration... no, the answer is be the owner and make it yourself. If you do not have the money figure out how to get it where you can dictate how the money is spent. If you do have the money, go and spend it to implement your plan.
I know it is a crude thing, an insensitive thing, but it is the way in the usa.


Samantha Weber ARticle


Anthony DiCicco post


My AudioBlog

https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard Murray Thoughts&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=074aba7e-53c8-5265-8749-e5adfd8a06b1



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I am saddened to the result cause my Atletico MAdrid needed Barcelona to lose the match and thus,after victory tomorrow, have a three point distance; but, it was not meant to be. To strategies, Patrick Kluivert said it best. Real Madrid midfielders drove not into the midfield, absent the ball. I minded not the lineup, but I minded their arrangement. I think Real Madrid needed a 2143 system






The problem in the arrangement Real MAdrid used





is the movement. Benzema dropped deep constantly but could not catch up to the wide play. Vinicisujr pushed the defense but had not the support quick enough. Bale had not enough overlap from Carvajal. Modric/Casemiro/Kroos stayed behind Bale/Benzema/Vinicisujr . The forward trio needed movement past them. The midfield trio needed movement past them. A change in system as I suggested allows Kroos/Modric/Casemiro to stay together while places Carvajal/Reguilon closer to the forward line and maintain a higher natural width in possession than the 433. I cognize, Real Madrid love the 433 but the squad in the pertinent to this entry El Clasico needed a change in formation. Between Kroos/Casemiro/Modric the duo made from Ramos/Varane can get aid to lengthen the back line to five if necessary while allowing the attacking wide players a higher starting position to support the forward line.

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Thoughts 3-3-2019


MArta is the greatest female player currently playing. But in the end, her problem is the teams she played for. If MArta was french/english/german/statian/spanish she would had spent all her career in her native country. The reality is, the Selecao's weakness stem from the same problems in MArta's overall career. Nothing is negative in playing wherever you want. But, when the country you come from has the heritage in futebol Brasil does and can not dredge up a respectable womens program for club or flag play, all the problems are present. Now the solution as the video below state is simple. SOmeone who has money that want a better brasilian womans program must use their money or get money they can spend to finance a stronger brasilian womens program.


The Key in Morata or Costa is they combined provide needles, Aguja's to the Colcheneros or matress makers. The genius in Atleti is their ownership/management not only allowed Simeone to manage the development to the team in transfers/youth policy but kept true to his vision and let him try his best to adjust his team in other ways but upon coming back to center stay true to the coach. Sometimes Atleti do not win a trophy but the consistency from the management to the idea from the coach is rare. Like their bilbao roots, who remain true to their basque empowerment culture, Atleti stick true to their identity, win lose or draw.




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Welcome to my audio reply to football crazy episode 91, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as K-a-l-y-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev_Egan is on twitter as k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r
PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog linked in the description to this video

0:42 crew segment, the standard crew is for today

0:59 Barcelona Real MAdrid segment, I oppose their view, many great highlights in madrid's attack. I think busquets did very well, even though he still passes slowly in midfield. Kay ask, how big is the gulf in class between Real MAdrid/BArcelona? I answer, Real Madrid don't have high quality finishing, but can do everything else. They still risk defensively and that cost them but they are still using an expansive style and that leaves open spaces. Barcelona showed quality from experienced players. Pique in defense, Rakitic in midfield.  They do not always have the best games, but they did against Real Madrid this time. The last ditch defending was massive from Barcelona.
If Olympique Lyonnais play their best game they can defeat Barca and that will not be as shocking. BArca do not defend through possession at a high enough quality. and, their last ditch defending , like from any team, has weakness eventually.
Great point from Des Norris about Kun Aguero not speaking english well in any way while playing at Manchester City for equal time as Bale. But, I concur to Kev Egan, Isco was not angry. Vieri or Ray Hudson mentioned when Griezzman did the same with MEssi in a match where Atleti lost to BArcelona. Some players prove their mental quality is weak. Griezzman or ISco need to learn how to be angry like Diego Costa. Many pundits speak against Costa but Costa battles from opening whistle till he is off the pitch and that mentality helps.
QUESTION: Where does Bale go? I don't think the EPL is it? KAy made a good point, who can pay for Bale? KEv did made a good shout out for Bale to MAnchester United, Alexis Sanchez is done. Still a good player but the chilean must leave england.

14:59 Atleti Segment, Kay made a shout out to Campeones, here is the trailer < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0p5-b3YwIM >
Morata is more suited to Atleti than Jackson MArtinez. I agree to him side Dre Cordero. Morata at Juventus , who play similar to Atleti, was able to fly in that attacking freedom. Teams like Barca/Chelsea under Sarri want to possess the ball so they need attackers who are predatory. But teams like Juventus/Atleti want to defend and attack sharply through a few which favor Morata or Costa.

18:33 Huesca vs Sevilla segment, I still don't see how sevilla have a different form based on geography.
QUESTION: Is it a mental issue to why Sevilla have a different form at home, based on their nature or current events

19:44 espanyol vs valladolid segment, Lei Wu 40 million people watched him score in china. Commercially chinese players are big shirt sellers, like usa players.
QUESTION: is the media missing how potent chinese players are to selling shirts compared to statian/usa based players?

21:38 Miguel Cardoza gone at Celta Vigo segment, I concur, I concur, luckily for him Thierry Henry was the worst coach signing this year in the top uefa leagues

22:01 Getafe segment, I agree to Kev, Getafe need to be more advertised but just like Leicester in England or Lille in France, when small teams do well, the media treats them as fiscal minnows, which they are. The only answer is for people who want to talk more about all teams equally is to own their own media outlets and demand certain procedures.
QUESTION: who will get fourth from getafe/alavez/sevilla/valencia? I getafe have momentum but I need to see their schedules to make sure

25:17 Gabriel Amado segment, check out SPortsburst on BeinSports on facebook 12 pm eastern standard time 9pm pacific time

25:54 EPL segment, I concur to Kev, Dortmund is free falling, but Liverpool is making some points, it is not a total freefall. I think the pressure of the media hype and the competitiveness from fans is what is attacking Klopp in Liverpool. Media have waited for decades to praise Liverpool as champions of the english premier league. Liverpool is the traditional biggest team from England in terms of success in England or outside of england.
QUESTION: Absent Mourinho, media in England had to find a target to pummel. Is Klopp suffering from an absent Mourinho?
Good point from Des Norris, Manchester City fans want to retain the title and not merely for the challenge but to get as many championships in comparison to MAnchester United. But Kev's point is true, if Pep does not get to a final. His greatness as a coach has to be questioned. Mourinho reached a final coaching three teams, Porto/Chelsea/Inter
My London Blue, chelsea did win the west london derby, against Fulham but still shaky from them. I wonder can chelsea survive in the Europa League
Brendan Rogers leaving celtic is not comparable to Lopetegui, I concur to Kay.

39:44 Bundesliga segment, my poor gladbach were hammered by Bayern. I don't know what to say. In the end, Gladbach does not have the ownership style to be atop the german table. Buy  

40:59 Copa Libertadores segment, I can't wait for the group stage. Now time for the brasilian clubs to do better. Brasil is the sleeping elephant of Conmebol. From finance or population brasil should be much stronger, but they are not.
QUESTION: what brand is the smoked salmon KEv uses?
HE is fortunate to be side Ray Hudson , especially for a River Plate game

43:09 Ligue1 Segment, Balotelli is scoring near once every game. Love the instagram story though it was the goal that was better. Balotelli had three parts to his career. Inter youth under Mourinho. The Money run between Manchester City/Ac Milan/Liverpool and then his third era as a footballer in France. first for OGCNice and now for bigger club Olympique MArseille. No shame in making money early and earning respect late.
Question: So the best in the world goes from CR7 side Messi to Mbappe, will Neymar be named the best player in the world, what if they stay on the same team?
Fekir did not play against Barca in the first match but OL kept a clean sheet. OL do not need to win in Camp Nou, a scoring draw is enough.
Didn't know Tullett is british.

49:53 MLS segment, Beckham had a statue in LA Galaxy.
QUESTION: DEs Norris asks does Beckham warrant a statue in LA Galaxy?
I answer no. Beckham was a money pot for every team post Manchester United in his career. He sold shirts but in terms of athletic quality
QUESTION: what will MLS be absent the Beckham era?
I say MLS will be other than it is, but maybe better for non white communities or smaller geographs in the usa. Beckham supported the corporate plan but was that the best plan.
Kay L Murray's ability to know about the Turkish Super Lig or Major League Soccer is quality considering she has to stay highly knowledgeable to La Liga, Ligue 1

59:06 italian Serie A segment, CR7 comprehends that Juventus will need to play greatly to overturn the goals situation against Atleti, time to be obsessed in Turin

1:00:21 J League, Villa scored his first goal for Kobe

10 Huesca, 20th place  hashtag #Minnowday
9 Copa Libertadores returns side the UEFACL this midweek
8 Quagliarella deuce, 19 goals in 25 games in Italy
7 Wu Lei, 2 million euro signing, 40 million watched his first goal, I ask if a uefa team has a usa player or chinese player, which is the best fiscal pick?
6 Manchester City taking the top in England
5 Mourinho the pundit, the special one is still special
4 Rakitic sole goal in el clasico win, Barca lead in wins in el clasicos now Mourinho said he must advance his media game
3 MLS is back ,late winners
2 Instagram storying, ala Balotelli
1 Blaugrana, Mes que un club , nothing is over, but a bright possible season

Thanks friends, love you guys too:)
In honor of that priase I will do a little old school calling
...Norris is in the midfield, holding the ball up, the riverdancer is making a fool of busquets, who is on his backside like a turtle as ray hudson would say, he passes wide to the waiting bansheeman, egan flies down the flanks taking a selfie to himself while cutting through Chiellini who has pulled over to aid Bernat, but the irishman emasculates them both, and the cutting ball back to the Steel driving woman, Murray has Chiellini trying to pull her down, grinding on her stomach but she rides his challenge and leaps beyond his recognition and reaches the cross from Egan, De GEa cognizes the situation and jumps like a cat in front of Murray but Murray simply heaed the ball to herself on the way down and heads it into a free net past De Gea's ribcage and Bspor win the club world cup! the crowd is going while, Coach Hudson and Assistant Coach rongen are going crazy, KEeper Schoen and Captain of the team Metellus is jumping for joy in hugs. Amado the lightning bug is jumping on the team huddle, with egan/cordero/rios inside giggling like kids from the wing. Rich is coming off the touchline, not even needed on the pitch for the win! THe crowd goes crazy!!

Thank you






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Real MAdrid vs Ajax 3/5/2019 thoughts


Lopetegui and Solari have joined David moyes as those unfortunate coaches who came after great eras when the wheels came off.  Strategically, if I am honest, finishing is what Real MAdrid miss. Real Madrid had two free headers, two goal post saves, a Varane no goal. Can you imagine messi or saurez or griezzman or neymar or mbappe with those chances. Congratulations to Ajax but based on their play, they will lose in the next round, both legs, no doubt. They are defensively soft. In the positive, Ajax is a high flying team, like dortmund, these youth high flying teams seem great when they win, but when they lose, they look silly. Ajax is as defensively imbalanced as Real, the difference is that Real have no goals in them while Ajax have quite a bit. This is a key time for Real Madrid's ownership , management. Ajax's coach knows his team is vulnerable and against any team that has goals in them, Ajax will suffer, so Ajax must work on their defense, alot. It is like Manchester United. PSG was the worst team for Manchester united to face. Ajax the worst for Real Madrid. My OL face Barcelona tomorrow, I am sad cause I think this match will make Barcelona more sharp, they will not want to join madrid, but they still can, Allez OL.


Who do REal madrid bring in

I hear people mention Hazard, but Hazard is for me unstable, he has waving seasons at chelsea. Icardi is good at scoring but not anything else. Real MAdrid are looking for galacticos, highly skilled/highly athletic/highly media popular/tested at the highest level players. Those players are rare, and I don't see too many.


Reply to Darmooh82 https://twitter.com/darmooh82/status/1103056158535884802

well, I am not surprised at the result but the assessment from pundits is wrong. It is not that this squad isnt playing well, they are not finishing well. this game showed that greatly, Varane free header, nacho free header, varane free in the box at the penalty spot, modric slider to benzema, benz slip, viniciusjr hit post, bale hit post, those show Real is able to score but they are not scoring and any team that has problems scoring that has an attacking posture, has problems. it is like spain in the world cup. they dont have goals and that is what hurts them. they possess, defend through possesion, play wide, make triangles, but if you dont have goals... 


The end of an era is not the end of a team




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PSG OWNERSHIP 2019 - 3/6/2019



The wOmens game is not the mens game. The saturation of high quality clubs or teams or players is not as high in the womens game Sequentially, developed players have a greater chance in the womens game to succeed. PAst that, PSG ownership applied the same design to the women as the men. Collect the highest quality international squad. Utilizing only a few french players. The  problem is Olympique Lyonnais, who started their program earlier, have a better balance between developing players and the ability to fiscally compete side PSG in the womens games to contracts. But all in all PSG womens are a miniature money pit compared to the men but they have been consistent, only bettered by the best team in the womens game in UEFA.



The problem in PSG is not spending 1.15 billion Euros since 2011. It is not in wanting to win the UEFA champions LEague in ten years or less. It is wanting to win the UEFA CL while being a media darling. It is like Thierry HEnry when coach of AS Monaco when he said he wants to coach like Pep Guardiola. What was the unique success of Guardiola coaching FC Barcelona? It was not the trophies, it was the media adulation. When Guardiola coached FC BArcelona, most heavily followed pundits, or pundits on the largest media properties globally created the narrative not only did Guardiola win, but he won the best way ever. any other win can not be as good if it is not similar. This meant, winning the way Barca did during that time was more than just a win, it was a cultural statement. Many clubs saw this media reply and wanted to turn their teams into Barca-Clones to not only win but be in media favor. PSG/Chelsea/MCFC/Dortmund/Liverpool all are barca-clones. Like every clone it lacks something. PSG have a similar front three, but don't have a midfield trio like busquets/iniesta/xavi who compress the opposition during possession or individually great wide players in defense like Dani alves at Barcelona. Chelsea don't have a forward trio like Henry/Messi/Eto'o or a midfield trio like iniesta/xavi/busquets or defenders with individual quality like puyols or pique. MCFC don't have a talisman like Messi. Dortmund have a side lacking the same gel that Pep guardiola's la masia squad had when from la masia. Liverpool lack a talisman like Messi. Each clubs fortunes prove being a clone is perilous. The owner to PSG Nasser Ghanim Al-Khelaifi through qatari sports investments only error was placing his team in coaches hands that are not winners, but entertainers. Emri's sevilla was never a top winner. TUchel's dortmund were never a top winner. Ancelotti won as player or coach at the highest and should had been kept on till he won the uefa champione leagues. BLanc was not a winning coach but was a winning player. Then Al-Khelaifi went against winning and toward impressing. Emri won nothing, Tuchel won nothing but were given the task to making a team supposedly meant to win it all, the quartet: coupe de ligue, coupe de france, ligue1, uefa champions league. THe most important transfer is the next coach to PSG. And only one coach I know of warrant PSG who is available. His name is Mourinho.

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My reply

Instead of criticizing organizations who are investing, suggest ideas that can move the financial winds to favor the change. I will explain using a short history and then give my suggestion based on your prior tweets... jackie robinson is known by most as a black person allowed to play in a <before him> all white league owners/coaches/players/groundspeople but the team he played for , the dodgers was a bad team. My point, the owner didn't get jackie robinson <JR> cause he loved blacks or wanted to integrate anything positively. He got JR cause he hoped his skill will attract all fans or his phenotype will attract black fans. It was a great fiscal gamble, and it worked. But it didn't come from the yankees who were far and away a better team than the dodgers or fiscally more potent. It was fiscal desperation that made it so and as other teams saw the Dodgers success they wanted similar improvements and got black players. The yankees being the last team to get a first black player, as well as the most dominant or safe team fiscally. The lesson. The dodgers were in a tough fiscal wind. the yankees were in comfort. Financial winds when negative force firms to risk. Now, to my suggestion. You mentioned the australian women will get an addidas bonus but none are addidas players. I suggest using your pulpit to ask the australian womens team to find a firm that will give them a better deal. Don't judge addidas false, suggest the players go to other firms whose owners are desperate for more market, like the dodgers owner.  Maybe a chinese/russian/brasilian/continental european apparel maker is willing to do for the australian market what Nike/Addidas will not. Dont waste time speaking ill to Addidas or Nike, dont unfriend them, guide the players using your voice to firms that are fiscally desperate enough to give them a better deal and global giants like Nike/Addidas will drag like the yankees but most other apparel firms like most teams in MLB will change afterward far quicker. Jackie Robinson wasn't given opportunity by the yankees, which in retrospect would had made the yankees a more beloved team than they are now. BUt the yankees were to fiscally safe to see it. Robinson was given opportunity by a team whose owner was not making the money he wanted and was looking to do anything to make a better profit. Use your pulpit to guide the female athletes to more desperate fiscal pastures. Money is out there in modernity, in the global economy.


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