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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 1 May seventh two thousand and eighteen 
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

congratulations Tigres Feminil to being the Liga MX Feminil champions. Tigres mens team is also in a good era, and with the largest crowd to a women's match, at least in north america, that was a great showing.
Tigres Feminil is in Twitter at TigresFemenil spelled t-i-g-r-e-s-f-e-m-e-n-i-l, 

Three financial points to womens crowds. One, ticket prices, as a pundit once said about germany, if the tickets are set to an affordable price people will come. Many leagues , maybe most fiscally potent sport leagues have ticket prices to high on average between their teams. For womens soccer, ticket prices are not as large. Second,womens soccer like mens soccer will grow slowly. Mens soccer did not grow immediately. Mens sport did not become fiscally prudent originally. The New York Knicks, originally played in madison square garden which was set for hockey, fitted for basketball after.The new york football giants were fiscally unprofitable for many seasons but Tim Mara , the original owner, patriarch to the 50% owners of the current team, stayed the course, even though he lost money. The yankees originally played in the polo grounds,yes originally for polo in an earlier community in harlem after native americans but mostly white , which was the stadium for the new york giants. The yankees were paying the giants rent for stadium use. All big futebol clubs around earth started absent paid athletes or utilizing barely paid athletes and at best had one small stand by the standards to modern machester united, real madrid, juventus di torino, bayern munich, boca juniors, palmeiras, club america. Womens soccer must slowly grow. the shame is that so few people who have the money to invest in womens sports for a long haul are interested or willing in doing it. Third, like in mens sport, some matches will have large crowds, others will not. not every match in ligamx feminil was attended like the final.not every match in the nwsl is attended like the clash in cascadia, thanks to Lura McCoy for the derby name she is in twitter as luramccoy81 spelled l-u-r-a-m-c-c-o-y-8-1 .

Speaking to the clash in cascadia, Portland Thorns versus Seattle REign in the NWSL this past saturday was a battle. In the first half fresh legs, derby passion, kept things cagey.  In the second half, fatigue, derby passion, made mistakes which led to goals. As Jess Fishlock said on the lifetime telecast, both teams are trying to find themselves and have linking issues. Many players on both teams have not been in the team for a month. Gelling takes time. Both teams want to play through the midfield but the best linkups, the telekinesis gained over time playing side each other does not exist. 
Jenn hildreth , side aly wagner on lifetime stated that a majority of the five goals came from a set piece, and that displayed how the midfield battle was neutralizing but the set pieces, which either team has not worked on as much, is where both are more open at this stage in their respective projects.  Great battle, i have watched nwsl every year in its existence, the north west teams tend to have the most lively crowds, and especially in geographic rivalries. 
Jess Fishlock is in  twitter as Jessfishlock spelled  j-e-s-s-f-i-s-h-l-o-c-k, 
Jenn hildreth is in twitter as jennhildreth  spelled j-e-n-n-h-i-l-d-r-e-t-h, 
aly wagner is in twitter as alywagner  spelled a-l-y-w-a-g-n-e-r ,

The rivalry between mls side ligamx in Concacaf continue to be dominated from ligamx , Chivas Guadelahara defeated Toronto FC for the title of best team in concacaf and continue the ligamx dominance in the confederation. The reason to the dominance from ligamx is many things; one, a clausura/apteura system utilizing relegation and promotion which pushes teams to be strong in two halves of the calendar year. basically while in the average Western UEFA league, it is one long marathon, near a calendar in distance. in mexico it is two long marathon, one for each half in a calendar. Thus, while leagues in Western UEFA based on second half of season results show huge changes in table positions, Liga MX show the truth, while also utilizing relegation side promotion which pushes anyone out who is below a quality line, giving another club an unbegged for , totally earned opportunity, to come in and prove themselves;  two, teams in ligamx get very good talent from conmebol,though they also get uefa talent, that may cost less than talent from uefa but i think comes hungrier. third is history, teams in mexico are used to big battles, have alot of experience competing in the game. Major LEague Soccer like any league will gain experience through time, and cause it is based in the usa will fiscally be able to afford top quality players from outside the usa, making mistakes or wise choices along the way. But MLS lack of a highly competitive,I repeat a Highly Competitive, calendar is always going to make ligamx sides stronger. People think competition is based on presence. If an athlete is present they will compete. Yes, college players in the usa compete, yes, paid players in many leagues compete, but the collegiate environment is lacking relegation or promotion for teams or money for players. How can you expect them to compete like they are being paid or have a risk of being relegated as a team? yes, paid athletes are paid in the usa, but absent fear to relegation how can you expect them to compete like the team has said risk , even while paid. I do like the NASL,currently unavailable, that uses a double calendar like in mexico, and I hope the NWSL, national womens soccer league, consider making a calendar similar to NASL or LigaMX , even absent relegation side promotion.

One financial point, in UEFA, La Liga from spain, dominates the confederation club competitions, even though the english premier league or the bundesliga make more money or are from a fiscally wealthier country. Like Mexico , Spain dominate its confederation while not being the fiscally wealthiest country or having the fiscally wealthiest or most positively growing league. But, in UEFA many people in england/germany/italy/france will accept LA Liga is the strongest league in UEFA. But in concacaf, i rarely hear ligamx stated in english media as the best league in the confederation and I think it has negatively stymied the media popularity mexican teams have in the usa or canada , especially outside latino communities in said country. I think it is time for the english speaking media in the usa or canada to honour ligamx as the best league in concacaf and honor ligamx teams as the dominant teams in concacaf. I extend this to the caribbean football confederation. Players from jamaica/trinidad/haiti/puerto rico seem willing to go to the the u.s.aa./france/the u.k. before mexico and that is fiscally foolish. if you are a player, from concacaf, why do you want to travel to uefa or conmebol before you travel to the best league in your confederation? Every player from the usa/caribbean/canada/central america need to try to make it in mexico first, it is the best regional league in the area. if you can't make it in mexico why do you think you will make it in brasil/argentina/france/england/spain, especially if you come from caribbean countries or canada. Go to the dominant league in your area. Concacaf players/fans/coaches let us start to honor ligamx as the top league in the cofederation. 

Olympique Lyonnais,the most dominant team in UEFA , have won Division Une for another season,their twelfth straight, sixteen in total, after progressing to the UEFA womens champions league final,their third in a row, this time against Wolfsburg. OL in division une or ligue un under Aulas ownership tend to do thise long eras. The seven straight from OL in ligue1 is a record in the mens game in western UEFA. The Womens teams is in that same zone. I recall when PSG new qatar based ownership came in and tried to mirror the strategy in ligue un in division une and it failed. SO much so that now, Montpellier former second team to OL now battles PSG for another season for the second spot at the end of the season. The truth is, in mens sport you can build a team from money and push above domestic competition but the investment levels, the global player pool does not exist yet in the womens game for the psg model that works in ligue1 to work in Division une. Sadly, this will be the last season for Camile Abily. Like Bompastor/Necib side others before her, she is retiring an OL player. I wonder will Elodie Thomis retire as an OL player as well. 
OL's opponents in the UEFA womens champions league final is wolfsburg, a team like OL that successfully challenged the dominant mens team female representative from mirroring the success in the mens game in the womens. I will never forget when Alexandre Popp,the german international did like didier drogba for chelsea against bayern, and played as a defensive winger in phases to stop the attack from OL and won the uefa womens champions league, I call her the big wolf, this uefa womens champions league final will be a batle ... wolfsburg defeated chelsea ladies.
Camile Abily is in twitter as cam10abily23 spelled c-a-m-1-0-a-b-i-l-y-2-3
Alexandra Popp is in twitter as alexpopp11 a-l-e-x-p-o-p-p-1-1 

Chelsea defeated Arsenal in the FA womens cup. The two goals were from Ramona Bachmann side Fran Kirby, kirby is also the player of the year. Kirby said she want more trophies as part to the team than individual.  Chelsea are rising as a team slowly but surely, thanks president John Terry, coach emma hayes. This season we , yes i support chelsea, have the fa cup and are leading in the fa wsl table. I hope we can win the double. But the consistency from the administration in staying in support to emma hayes, even when MAnchester city came in and forced the team to improve , even through injuries to players like Kirby that destabilized the team. Chelsea administration has stuck to the plan, and that is what I have been very happy about. Teams in all sports must comprehend when the system need to change, when the roster need radical change OR wen the roster need to remain, gardless the results. 
Ramona Bachmann is in twitter as bachmannr10 spelled b-a-c-h-m-a-n-n-r-1-0,
 Fran Kirby, is in twitter as frankirby spelled f-r-a-n-k-i-r-b-y,
coach emma hayes, is in twitter as emmahayes1 spelled e-m-m-a-h-a-y-e-s-1 . 

Iniesta, one of the last symbols from that la masia era that produced an entire squad for fc barcelona to use in winning uefa champions leagues/la ligas/copa del rey's is leaving Barcelona, repeat leaving, not retiring from the game. Some , like thomas rongen , at Trongen in twitter spelled t-r-o-n-g-e-n, suggest that Iniesta loved Barca more than Neymar. He is correct But the labor problem he did not suggest is the role barcelona have to neymar side the fiscal problem I have in that assertion is the absence to barcelona's money. I am a santos fan. Santos is Neymar's first club, not barcelona. If you compare iniesta to neymar in terms of club loyalty then it is neymar's time in santos not barcelona that must be compared to iniesta staying in barcelona. if santos had money, robinho/neymar/arouca side so many players from Santos over the years never! would had left santos. To be blunt, Pele stayed at santos not merely cause it was his boyhood club but money was given to him. Iniesta was given a top salary at barcelona, not peanuts. Thus, barcelona had the money to keep him, in a way that many clubs like OL who had benzema, MArseille who had drogba, Inter who had coutinho/kovasic/balotelli could not fiscally keep. neymar wanted his own team while making money. he had his own team in santos, who won the copa libertadores having him as the center, santos didn't have the money to keep him. ... Now, to the future, The problem in Iniesta leaving Barcelona, in my view,is team balance to where he goes. Iniesta is not an athletic juggernaut. He is a player that is strong in tactical comprehension or technical skill. but when teams are not cohesive, when players do not comprehend each other, it forces athleticism to have a higher value and that is my worry in iniesta's next locale. Like Pirlo, who went to NYC FC in Major league soccer, Iniesta need Athletic midfielders who have the tactical comprehension or technical skill to support him. Like Pirlo had in juventus with Pogba/Vidal but did not have in NYCFC and I hope Iniesta has wherever he continues his career. I repeat a simple point. The team that brings the CHinese super league an AFC champions league victory and a FIFA Club World Cup, that team will be given a huge reward. Iniesta can be part from a team that does this. Iniesta like Wenger is not retiring, simply continuing their current labor in another organization. 

Congratulations to Alex Scott, who is retiring from playing the game, after joining the 100 club to Arsenal, but I hope she has great ambition in coaching or administration. 

Thinking to Iniesta, Alex Scott, i wonder about the great Sonia Bermudez Tribano former rayo former barca forward, has led Atletico Madrid to a title last season and a lead atop of the table this season for a possible back to back reign. She scored the sole goal against LEvante and if the colcheneras defeat Zaragoza, the next to bottom side in the table, Atleti will wear the spanish tiara again. But, looking forward she is thirty three and while ludmila has provided the second most goals in the team with nine. Ludmila need to be a goal scorer in the teens consistently to take Tribano's place as the , Oroguja, golden needle. I hope Tribano can stay and be prolific for at least three more season. Luckily the Colcheneras are on average in the twenties, but Tribano's ability must be replaced at some point. Vital administrative test for Atleti moving forward. But, for now, may thirteenth is the date, the last final of the year for Atleti. 
SOnia bermudez Tribano is in twitter as sbtribano spelled s-b-t-r-i-b-a-n-o ,
Ludmila Silva is in twitter as ALudmilaSilva spelled a-l-u-d-m-i-l-a-s-i-l-v-a;

Two players also seeing a phase change possibly in Madrid is Gareth Bale side KArim benzema. In the recent edition to El Classico , the match ended in a draw. But, while many fans or bandwagoners from either side suggested foul play, i suggest it was a great match. In the end, both side had chances to win, both failed to do it, and the passion, outside the pitch fueled through the media came through in the players.  The one thing I think was not said enough, was the true turning this match showed. Puyol/Xavi/Iniesta had a calm they brought into Barcelona, a sense of communicate passion through playing that this classico exposed may be visibally lacking in future barcelona teams. Many players in Barcelona looked frustrated, including MEssi,  but they were never losing the match. Paulinho side Semedo brought a sense of respond through playing in Barcelona but as Iniesta walk off, I realized even though he was captain on the day, he was unable to lead by example to the other players and that is a bad sign once he leave.

Congratulations to the Selecao Feminil in BRasil in winning the copa libertadores feminino. The season is early for the Sirens, Santos in the brasileiro feminino as well as for the piexe, the greatest pisces in the sea, santos in the brasileiro who have progressed past the group stage in the copa libertadores masculino is early signs. 

Another race that is still up for grabs but is nearing its end is the italian serie a feminile race. Juventus is tied in points to brescia with an eight goal differential and one match left to play. The Leonessa have to face seventh place Verona. Juventus have to face third place tavaganacco The scudetto go to the team that make the most points next round, and if both are equal then Juventus on goal differential. Juventus will be a nail biter, they play on the twelfth in may, if they lose are draw, Brescia will be a nail chewer, brescia play on the sixteenth. 

One race that is finished is the italian masculine scudetto race, serie a tim , Napoli ever since the victory against juventus have let in goals and made terrible defensive mistakes. Sarri in the end, is a great coach, but his inability to accept rotating his squad more, cause his strategy will have to change undid Napoli. No team can play a starting eleven a whole season through all competitions , rarely making a change and not expect fatigue weeks, physically, mentally , spiritually. Sarri was unwilling to change his strategy to fit the players on the bench. The sad thing, sarri did this every season. His first season in Napoli after EMpoli, one can argue was a learning year, his second was sharpening his way, but in this third season he has not accepted , to keep his main squad fresh, a strategy change and he explains why I have doubts to Pep Guardiola in coaching a fiscally smaller team than Barcelona/Bayern/Manchester City. Pep Guardiola does what SArri does; he cuts players out from a team if he does not see them as the player type he needs. Gustavo/Dante after winning the uefa champions league were let go cause pep did not feel they had the right caliber for his system. Sarri does not have in napoli the fiscal ability to sell players and buy news ones every transfer season. I hope Sarri stay in napoli and try to implement another strategy for a bench team that may require it. 

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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 2 May 11th 2018 
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

Congratulations to Olympique Lyonnais for defeating Montpellier 4-0 and entering the Coupe De France final, which will be held on the 31st of may. Captain Wendie Renard said it best,I paraphrase, scoring while keeping a clean sheet, playing strong is the best way to have momentum into the coupe final side the uefacl final . Allez OL! Les Filles TEAMOL 
Wendie Renard is in twitter as WRenard spelled W-r-e-n-a-r-d

The legend Fran kirby and the heir apparant Erin Cuthbert scored timely goals, first to lead, the second to win, to keep the point lead atop the FA WSL table and keep the Double alive for the London Blue < https://twitter.com/ChelseaLFC/status/994304839655018497 > . In FRan Kirby Chelsea have one of the key English players. In Erin Cuthbert one of the key Scottish. Chelsea ladies have a rose, a thistle, now all they need is a shamrock. I think for popularity in britain, if chelsea can find a way, to get a gem of a player who is irish, it will be huge.  I must sing!:) 
Are You Blue!... are you blue... 
are you all! the things, that I love... cheering too...
yes you are... no ques-tion...
It starts with Fran and Erin ends.. all our doubts...
Are you Blue... 

Cesc Fabregas has to stay away from his dummies... But the key to Chelsea now, is where do all the players go? Morata supposedely resigned in Juventus. Willian/Kante/Hazard/Azpilicueta/Marcus Alonso/Moses/Pedro are all gone in my view, they can be good additions to teams in the UEFA CL or can be leaders in teams in the UEFACL. Where will they go? 

Congratulations to Willian Borges for being the Chelsea player of the year < https://twitter.com/ChelseaFC/status/994687445156401153 > he never wins it when chelsea have a glorious season but when chelsea have an "off the high" season. I support chelsea but I do believe at Atletico de madrid ,who I support as well,or Juventus he can have more glory, especially as Chelsea is not in the champions league next season which he will warrant more after brasil win the world cup. 
Willian is in twitter as WillianBorges88 spelled w-i-l-l-i-a-n-b-o-r-g-e-s-8-8
NO SPEAK Willian looking spiffy < https://twitter.com/willianborges88/status/994737192579883008

One last english note, Manchester City football club have achieved in teh 2017 - 2018 season the most points/goals/matches won from a team in one season, while it is also only the third time all three promoted teams stayed up. I think that parallel between MCFC succes rate side the weakening quality in the competition explain MCFC season. Next season will not be the same, people, especially MCFC fans or supporters or hype followers better be ready. 

In the Coupe De France MAsculine, Paris Saint Germain defeated Les Herbiers two goal to zero. The reality is, LEs Herbiers prove that a team with an average wage bill of 40,000 Euros can compete to a team on average in the millions. LEs Herbiers do not have huge training resources, and specific fitness regimens for each player. They don't have the money for the amenities or tools that PSG do. But, they are in the Coupe de France final. It proves like Leicester City when they won the English Premier LEague proved, certain players mentality , certain strategies , can help any team do better, especially in cup play. Remember, what separate cup play from league play is not the existence to challenges but the style. A league is a marathon, on average a round robin ,where a team face every other in the league twice; that marathon,like in running, is long and momentum is key. The ability to stay consistent over the legs is key. But, cup play is about a series of sprints. While in the marathon the momentum from sides has a part to play in their competition each leg, where one side can be far from another. in cup play, all start every leg in a sprint. Which deletes the power from momentum in league play and allows teams to approach. The coach from Les Herbiers Masala , does not have his coaching license, and that proves that is not needed. I enjoyed the commentary from Matteo Bonetti side Phil SCheon. 
Bonetti is in twitter as TheCalcioGuy spelled as t-h-e-c-a-l-c-i-o-g-u-y
Phil Schoen is in twitter as PhilSchoen spelled p-h-i-l-s-c-h-o-e-n 

I read an article < http://www.espn.com/soccer/la-galaxy/story/3487124/zlatan-ibrahimovic-lashes-out-at-la-galaxy-teammates-after-another-loss > in its title suggesting Zlatan lashed out as teammates, when he truth he spoke bluntly not lashed out,  but said scenario encapsulated the true problem to major league soccer, and goes back to my theme from Round one in the Audible, that LigaMX is the best side in Concacaf. The truth is, if Zlatan was on a side like Club america, how dominant would they be? Players like Thierry henry, Pirlo, Gerrard, Beckham came to Major League Soccer hungry to win, not to simply make a paycheck. The truth is, when Beckham came to Major League Soccer, specifically to LA Galaxy, he started the problem. The fiscal ability in Major League soccer, the media potency from major league soccer, mask the skillwise lesser than role MLS has in comparison to LigaMX. I challenge anyone to consider what player from UEFA into MLS would not had been better suited playing for a LigaMX side? If Zlatan was in club america he would be winning? I can not imagine club america do not have the money? I think heavily trophied players in UEFA or CONMEBOL are foolish not to go to LigaMX in MExico over Major League soccer in the usa. 

Speaking to comparatives in sport, it is interesting that Nascar viewing or attendance is falling. < https://sports.yahoo.com/report-france-family-exploring-sale-nascar-194740381.html > I am a fan of Formula 1 and like open wheel racing in general, though I do not watch Indycar also. But, like many sport organizations in the usa, the problem is the fiscal history to said organizations blockades or shades truth that in a global fiscal capitalistic sense, create problems. The truth is, NASCAR as a sport culturally, communally, is restrictive. It is amazing how often I must say this in private or public, but the usa has more than white people in it, and the other people in the usa, while in the past, had negligible fiscal value, today have more and are connected to a larger non white community outside the usa that will not connect to a sport league that is regionally focused as well as communally focused in the usa. I repeat a simple truth, white people from france started F.I.F.A. and the role was for the domination to the global game through Europe. But, whether those in france knew it or not, FIFA as a framework allows the sport to grow beyond Europe and to be centered outside Europe. This is the flaw in MLB/NHL/NBA/NFL/NASCAR each had a role to make money in a sport ,baseball/hockey/basketball/gridiron/stock car, and they failed to comprehend that role. That said sport leagues functionally rejected the idea, that one day, people outside the usa, people in the usa not white, would have a fiscal value a fiscal potency that the sport will need to access. MLB, a combination between the american side national leagues, rejected joining the mexican league/negro leagues/nippon league in a global framework. Now comprehend, MLB made alot of money,still makes alot of money. But they are not as dominant as they were and that reflect their choice to make money, but only in a limited way, that now, they can not undo; that is the same problem in NASCAR. It was started in the 1940s in the usa. In the decade known as the 1940s Natives/Black/Mestizos all non whites, most white women, most non christian whites were disallowed opportunity in the usa, in varying ways. And NASCAR reflected that normal, but today is not the same and NASCAR now is looking for buyers when it has never truly courted all others. 

And to new ventures...Iniesta will NOT join Japanese side Vissel Kobe all articles saying such need to be retracted or deleted from the internet < http://www.espn.com/soccer/barcelona/story/3488708/barcelonas-andres-iniesta-set-to-join-vissel-kobe-in-japan-sources > Vissel Kobe is a team owned by the CEO to JApanese global media firm Rakuten, the shirt sponsor to FC Barcelona. 
Some say he is doing it for vineyard assistants but I see another reason. Chinese super league teams like major league soccer teams in the usa, did not offer help to a player like iniesta to play his best. Pirlo came to NYCFC after being in Juventus side pogba or vidal and never had the midfield support to thrive. Outside the fiscal, to the strategic, I think Iniesta see that it is better to go to a league having a smaller media footprint that will allow him to figure out how to be a big money signing. Which is something he has never been. He is used to a system where the core of the team were raised in a style, thus the majority of the team has a similar thinking or comprehension to strategy. He does not have that at Vissel Kobe. If he does not get injured and enjoys himself, I think he will make the move from japan to china. Interesting that Arsene Wenger made his first big coaching move in Japan. To be honest, China's ambition in soccer will make Japan/South Korea's soccer leagues , historically the two most dominant in the asian football confederation, to become stronger. I do wonder will iniesta become the new captain instantly or will lukas podolski keep it. Second, Vissel Kobe were 9th in the table so Iniesta is not going to a juggernaut. They are currently circa tenth in the table. Iniesta is going to a club that he can make money but not one where the demand is beyond his athletic abilities. I think he can add to the midfield quality and stabilize their position and then push them next season in the J League. I think it is interesting that Iniesta is the majority shareholder in Albacete Balompie, his boyhood club , whose chairman also operates iniesta's winery interprise. While, it is rumoured the owner to Vissel will assist in Iniesta's winery enterprise. PArt of me, wants to see Iniesta side Pirlo make a wine? anyone with me?

The champagne football coach of the year, Mauricio #Sarri the coach to #napoli , some suggest,is on his way to #arsenal in england, I hope he stay in #Napoli and improve his use to rotation, and learn to be willing to change his strategy if need be to utilize those bench players. 

Serie A teams will have the ability to have development teams in the Serie B, I know LaLiga teams already do this, most famously Barcelona or REal Madrid. This is something I hope is implemented in all womens leagues. I know in the Fraun Bundesliga, development teams are able to play in FBL 2. I know in France it does not occur in womens or mens. I comprehend the argument to why not. This allows smaller clubs, fiscally, to have a way to make money and build relationships to larger fiscal clubs and utilize talent that they may not be able to develop. But, I think the utmost sides in UEFA leagues have youth development systems that are too strong to deny placing in the table system officially. Not every team will have the finance or quality to do it, and mid level sides like napoli will need to still use lower level sides to give their youth experience < https://twitter.com/Don_Nerazzurri/status/994288446528278529
I learned this from Mike Whittaker who is in twitter as Don_Nerazzurri spelled d-o-n-underscore-n-e-r-a-z-z-u-r-r-i

Juventus di Torino wiped the Coppa italia floor using AC Milan. I repeat, when Milan let Zlatan/Thiago Silva/Seedorf/Pirlo go and then dumped the blame on Allegri and all the players side coaches they brought in, starting to Balotelli  side Seedorf then going on to Felippo Inzaghi/Menes/Vincenzo Montella/Nikola Kalinic now suggesting Gatusso side this band of untested youth prospects having one positive spurt show stability. AC milan earned this era. They did not administratively change well from the Berlusconi era into the Li Yonghong era, and that poor modulation reflected in how the coaches or players were treated. 
Juventus are the first club in all of UEFA to win four straight domestic cups O GLorioso!!!! :)

Now... for the rumour mill...
Unfortunately for me, a player that seems destined to move on from OLympique Lyonnais is Nabil Fekir, some say to Liverpool... please saint garrincha no. I wanted to see what a settled four from Mariano/Depay/Traore/Fekir will do next season. But, if we, yes I support OL, can sell Fekir and keep Mariano/Depay/Traore and place Cornet in the four with maybe diop in support. OL have a great young team, but need to keep them around mid twenties before they are sold. OL is a selling club, develop until mid twenties at best then sell. 

Unfortunately for me, again!... is the exit to Antoine Griezmann to Barcelona from my Colcheneros. To be blunt, I wonder if this is not Barcelona's version to Real Madrid getting Kaka. Greizman is a great player but does he fit Barcelona, more over, COutinho or Dembele will have to start. Something tell me, Griezmann may replace Suarez in a false nine role. 
lastly, If Neymar leave PSG for Real Madrid, the cost to the sale will mean players will have to leave Real MAdrid but who leaves. The way Zidane uses rotation every player has done well. I can see Bale leaving to MUFC for Neymar to come in. The problem is, Neymar likes the left side like CR7, so CR7 must be willing to go centrally. But, who will be Neymar's mirror? ISco. Mbappe is a better mirror for Neymar when he play wide left. If Brasil win the World Cup, Neymar's price will rise and REal Madrid will not be able to buy him. 

Wilfried Zaha told Mimi Fawaz < https://twitter.com/MimosaFawaz/status/994677685619224576 > why he chose Ivory Coast. I quote my reply: Exactly, the truth is Zaha gave england all the opportunity , favored england, england said no. the fact that ivory coast was willing to wait even being snubbed for years is a model for other CAF countries 
Beyond my reply, C.A.F. confederation of african football members need to utilize the patience IVory coast showed and leave doors open, utilize more invitation to players, not merely the ones selected for big teams in uefa or for big money mediawise but the ones trying to impress the football associations to the countries their parents or guardians took them too.  
Mimi Fawaz is in twitter at MimosaFawaz spelled m-i-m-o-s-a-f-a-w-a-z 

Some Media notes...
The chinese use the term little emperor for Lebron James Xiǎo huángdì 小皇帝 I am certain I am saying it wrong <https://twitter.com/nick_kapur/status/993521866651381764 >, I am glad , cause I have tried to get my #EmperorJames hashtag to work 

Ina Franzman < https://twitter.com/FabricOFootball/status/994582626605457409 > is the name of the woman who designed the Germany Kit in 1988- 1992 period < https://twitter.com/tancredipalmeri/status/994154162765090817 > I learned it on tancredi palmeiri twitter feed, it is at tancredipalmeri spelled t-a-n-c-r-e-d-i-p-a-l-m-e-r-i 
Fabric of Football is in twitter as FabricOFootball spelled f-a-b-r-i-c-o-f-o-o-t-b-a-l-l

Arsene Wenger has been given many adulations but the record of Arsenal at the end of this season in away matches is not going out in style and must be considered from the next team that hire him

DanielleWarby wrote an article to the coming out < https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/may/08/are-elite-sportswomen-changing-what-coming-out-looks-like > where she suggest modern electronic based tools allow for female athletes , as women, to be open or private to their non sporting or household activity in various way new or uncommon compared to the past. I replied < https://twitter.com/Thetenner10/status/994015759562133505 > : "you miss one point,geography;humanity in south america/africa/western or central asia is not connected to the internet like in the usa/western europe /australia nor do they have the same communal tendencies aside the internet or in themselves. " 
When we speak of sport we must realize in a global context, that not every place is the usa or western europe or eastern asia. Thus, suggesting a global change in media is not correct, it is a regional change. 
Danielle Warby is in twitter at DanielleWarby spelled d-a-n-i-e-l-l-e-w-a-r-b-y

...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club Richard Murray's fanatacism or twitter as thetenner10.. Be SAfe

Questions from Content
If OL feminin win thee straight UEFACL in a row, how much will OL feminin gain in prestige in the media or financial advance in sponsors? 

Why didn't the likes of Zlatan/Henry/Pirlo/Gerrard go to top LigaMX sides like: Club America/Tigres/Monterrey/Toluca ? If you are a player who spent most of their career in UEFA or Conmebol the best locale to have success in Concacaf is not MLS, it is LigaMX. Zlatan/Pirlo/Henry all sounded or sound frustrated at tmes, but they would not be in LigaMX top sides. Why did they not go: the money/the hype? why can't Iniesta go to CLub America, isnt' that the best club for him to go to in concacaf? 

Do sports based in the usa, absent a global presence in paid labor or activities, not media presence, like NASCAR have a limitation or fiscal fallout that is unreported? 

Has Sarri become better as a coach from when he started in napoli to now, or is he consistent while rigid as a coach?   

When media speak about cultural changes in humanity, how inefficient is the absence to geographic specificity? 

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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 3 may 14th 2018
I am in google plus as Richard Murray Fanatacism , I moderate a community in google plus called wsplus spelled w-s-p-l-u-s
I am in twitter as thetenner10 spelled t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

How are my womens teams doing this season? Yes, I am boasting. well, Brescia in italy have forced a playoff match between themselves side Juventus for the scudetto, and they knocked the zebretta out the coppa to get into the semifinals. OL, Olympique Lyonnais, are in the Coupe de France final side the UEFA champions league final, having won Division 1 twelve times in a row. Remember folk, the greater the challenge the truer the image to where the competition is. Do not ask the a fighter to drop in level to another, ask a fighter to raise their level to another. Chelsea Ladies, the London Blue, won the FA cup against Arsenal disallowing Alex scott, the great alex scott a trophy in her last season like wenger was denied, and need one point from the next two match to win a league cup double. Atletico di Madrid won Liga twice in a row, down to the last day PLease note! that I said! it was a battle in spain down to the last day in the womens game in spain... did you know that... remember that for later in this audible. And, my Colcheneras are in the round of eight in the copa de la reina. The FohlenElf Gladbach are back in the Frauen Bundesliga 1.  Die Turbinen, turbine potsdam, placed fourth in Frauen Bundesliga 1 FBL1, and were a semifinalist in the Pokal or cup. Santos, the reigning campeonato brasileiro feminino champions are currently leading group 2, but the season is very early and the copa libertadores feminino has not begun. All in all1 I am very happy to their quality as well as the growing quality in womens soccer in itself. 

...Katie Chapman had her final home match for Chelsea ladies as did  Elodie thomis, Camile Abily, Corine Petit for Olympique Lyonnais. Thomis is going to be a media technician.  Xabi Prieto < https://twitter.com/EricKrakauer/status/994932054503710721 > who played his entire career for Real Sociedad I am not a personal fan of, though i know of the soon to be former player, but Sociedad made a special crest using a graphic styled on his face. I like that idea in general and wonder if other clubs, did it, and definitely, think it need to happen going forward. I know it is too soon for Elodie Thomis or Katie Chapman but hope others consider it. Maybe Renard/Bouhaddi for O.L. Sonia Bermudez for Atleti 
...I learned to Xabi Preito from Eric Krakauer who is in twitter as EricKrakauer spelled e-r-i-c-k-r-a-k-a-u-e-r 
Krakauer asked me : You don’t think it would devalue the gesture?
Me reply: No cause it is so unique. How many players earn such praise, to play for a team their whole career and do it in quality. I think if it is given as an honor akin to players who will do similar to prieto then no 
Katie chapman is in twitter as Chapmans17 spelled c-h-a-p-m-a-n-s-1-7
Corine Petit is in twitter as corinepetit17 spelled c-o-r-i-n-e-p-e-t-i-t-1-7
Camile  Abily is in twitter as cam10abily23 spelled c-a-m-1-0-a-b-i-l-y-2-3
Elodie Thomis is in instagram as elodie_thomis12 spelled e-l-o-d-i-e-underscore-t-h-o-m-i-s-1-2
Elodie on Culture Club < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLwtbuAShUw

...To the selecao, Ludmila Silva the brasilian forward, is not the biggest , but she is learning or growing well in atletico di madrid. I hope brasil consider using her more. she is not the biggest or has the most flair but she is very hungry in front of goal, and sometimes that is the best focus for the spearpoint.
ludmila Silva is in facebook as LudmilaSilvaReal spelled l-u-d-m-i-l-a-s-i-l-v-a-r-e-a-l
she is in twitter as ALudmilaSilva spelled a-l-u-d-m-i-l-a-s-i-l-v-a

....Portland Thorns vs Orlando Pride showed Portland have a way to go to find their balance but when they are less craftful, more purposeful, from defense to attack, they are potent. Orlando's coach sermanni, has a problem, he has many quality forwards, ubogagu/morgan/marta/leroux/, with the younger danica evans/nadia gomes he can not play them all, or ask most to play out of the position if he try to. He made nine changes from the last match and like Zidane, for Real MAdrid in the UEFA champions league or la liga, he is cognizing how to rotate to effectiveness, gardless players pride/media views/owners agendas.The only problem I have in Orlando at this stage in the National Women Soccer League season is Ali Krieger, she must go for me. I said this last season, I repeat. she is too slow in that backline, and she made many passes or headers from the back that were intercepted. Now, maybe she has to find her groove, she did play better in the second half... but

...Ettie is the name to the mascot for the two thousand and ninteend fifa world cup < https://twitter.com/ELS_9_FRANCE/status/995351414963625985
AND! I ask you all to check the Transcript in the comments to see the Gunnersaurus moments side Arsene Wenger , they are pure classic, I had to add an Alex Scott in there too... don't hate the mascots, hate the game
Eugenie Le Sommer is in twitter as Els_9_France spelled e-l-s-underscore-9-underscore-f-r-a-n-c-e
Gunnersaurus is in twitter as gunnersaurus spelled g-u-n-n-e-r-s-a-u-r-u-s 
the great alex scott is in twitter as AlexScott spelled a-l-e-x-s-c-o-t-t
video < https://www.instagram.com/p/BimJAnQhe1o/?taken-by=officialgunnersaurus
image < https://www.instagram.com/p/Big05eAhk6O/?taken-by=officialgunnersaurus >
the breakup side Alex Scott < https://www.instagram.com/p/BcuyL-7Apfx/?taken-by=alexscott2

Paulo Freitas shared an article from Rafael Reis < https://twitter.com/Cynegeticus/status/994914628693053440 > stating the state leagues of UEFA were as boring as the state leagues of Brazil. 
I tweeted to Paulo: I will read it, share after I do, thanks for sharing in advance though Paulo. two questions do come to mind before reading: what defines interest or excitement when you view a sport, ad what is the cause to predictable outcomes in sport? 
Paulo replied : Question 1 is hard to answer but question 2 is because the gap between the top teams and the rest is too big. 
After reading the article, the author uses accumulation to prove the dominance in a few trophy lifters to domestic leagues in Western UEFA. He does not state he know a complete solution but he suggest a tactic in the solution is the redistribution to funds; purposefully used to lessen fiscal power from owners. 
THen, he state his support to the initiative some fiscally wealthy, he use the word elite, clubs in western uefa have to turning the current champions league into a championship, not cup tournament, between the current, on average, dominant clubs.
...In reply, I have many thought. First, he offer a fiscal contraposition. IF you want rules to lessen or eliminate fiscal dominance from owners to some clubs over the many others in their relative football association, you can not support a singular league that blockades the many others at the same time. Why initiate fiscal rules to level out money, when you are blockading the ability to most other teams outside three promoted ones a year to even competing to the fiscally wealthiest clubs in western uefa... or all uefa. 
Either you want the money in each championship to be equalized amongst all the clubs and a disallowal to owners in their ability to finance their club highly above others in a championship OR! you want the current fiscal reality while the champions league is no longer a cup tournament but a round robin championship. 
If you have the former, each football association is unchanged in their tables while money or buying power is equalized. If you have the latter, money or buying possibility is unchanged while the table structure to UEFA is changed to force more competition between the most fiscally potent clubs. 
You can not have both, you can only have one or the other, not both.
Second!... both possibilities, the fiscal leveling out or the uefacl now round robin championship, have problems that he has not realized before writing are dysfunctional in modernity. 
The question is, why do people invest in sports clubs in modernity? When berlusconi bought AC Milan, that club was in a low moment fiscally or athletically. When he sold it, it was in a low moment fisally or athletically, but the trophies/prestige/value he paid for during his tenure,using fiscal power, made AC Milan worth enough for Li Yonghong to buy it gardless the athletic or revenue situation. Manchester City or PAris Saint Germain, absent fiscal power, will not have the success they had in the past five season. 
Yes, in the infancy to male sports or any sport, including womens, the owners are people who are into a sport, or into a region, and are willing to provide a long term fiscal investment, absent any equal return or often, a larger unknown debt. When any sport, mens or womens, become mature the revenue from those involved is in the positive; and! that bring those who are looking to make even more money, changing the culture to most owners in a sport. 
To changing the UEFA Cl league into a round robin championship, the question is, how imbalanced will that be for the FIFA landscape. EAch country has their own Football association. Each confederation has a cup tournament for the champions or best clubs in each football association to face each other, yearly. A uefa champions league as a round robin will automatically block the growth from other teams. Monaco/Leicester City could not had achieved what they did in seasons past absent the cup format to the uefa champions league. A championship format will blockade the appearance to other clubs. Moreover, It will make the top tiers in each football association the second tier. That will cluster more inequal fiscal power in UEFA into the championship format champions league. 
Instead of people investing in clubs in particular football associations, they will invest in the UEFA Champions LEague members. Now one can say , you can restrict the financial activity. But how can you get the fiscally largest teams in UEFA to accept a twenty team round robin champions league absent their ability to gain ever largening investment for profit? 
Most modern investors to sport do it hoping to get a large windfall later OR ever increasing revenue, success is a huge part to that, financial leveling makes it harder for the investment to lead to success. 
Making all the top table leagues in UEFA, tier twos to the UEFA champions league as a round robin championship, will functionally reduce every football association in power and totally destabilize UEFA. 
Third... he does not state a simple truth. The beautiful game is global. Western UEFA, while very visible and financially extremely potent in relation to most other confederation regions is not alone. Nearly every government in humanity has a football association in it. IF you want to see more variance in trophy lifters, all you have to do is change the channel to another league. The fiscally cheapest solution is for fans to follow more than the most fiscally vaunted leagues; they will then see leagues that have all the competitive battle down to the last game in the season. Moreover, outside Western UEFA, the fiscal desire or structural desire he want is disastrous. In C.A.F. for example, Nigeria/South Africa/Ethiopia do not have enough big money clubs, the f.a. in either can use some big money spender as an owner to a bunch of clubs; to be blunt, many Football Associations in C.A.F./A.F.C./Con.me.bol need the money to flow wild. Look at China now. Alot of money has been placed in, some individuals choose to invest in more, not less. if the C.A.F. or A.F.C. champions league or Copa Libertadores are made into round robin championships the teams will dominate those confederations , near forever. Thus, UEFA acting in either way, en large, if reciprocated will be a negative in the other confederations. FIFA itself, is strong, cause it is a place where more structural fairness, not fiscal fairness, exist, primarily from the Blatter era. Every confederation has a cup competition for the best teams in the football associations. the football associations have the champions to their country. Structurally, FIFA is more level than any other intergovernmental organization, including the united nations or olympics, where the usa dictates all and masquerades the larger body for the media, while the larger body has no potency at all. The game is global, fifa is global, global humanity has never been absent, abuse, unfairness, inequality, these are negatives, but not evils. You can always find equality or fairness in humanity somewhere. Maybe the best challenges will not be in western uefa state leagues or the brasilian state leagues but they exist elsewhere. If he wanted to see two down to the wire competitions, the FA WSL or the Liga Iberdrola or calcio feminile went down to the wire this past weekend, luckily for me, my chelsea ladies/atleti feminino/brescia calcio feminile all had destiny in their hands. But, has he watched womens soccer? 
Fourth... in UEFA, the Turkish Super Lig is going down to the wire. I know turkey is not in western UEFA, but... watch turkish soccer if you want a league in UEFA that is going down to the wire. If people are unwilling to watch the global sport globally,that is their problem, not the sport. 
Fifth, Brasil is a false comparitive to UEFA. Brasil is a country, it has a football association. That association decided, in its legal right, to create state championships under it. UEFA is a confederation, functionally it has states that have a sovereignity that brasil does not have to contend with in itself. 
I think one of the problems in sport, a subset to humanity, is that people tend to want actions that require more money or require larger structural changes when they are not needed. Sometimes, money need to be leveled, sometimes structures need to be destroyed, but you have to have the wisdom, not knowledge or erudition, to know when. 
This is the underlying problem to Video assitance reviewing or goal line technology, is it mandatory, or is it wanted from some. Both are wanted from some, but neither are mandatory. But those who want them are suggesting a mandatory nature, and that falsehood hurts their argument. Fiscal leveling or more fair competitiveness is wanted from many to western uefa state leagues or in the brasil state leagues, but is it mandatory to gain fiscal equality or competitiveness in the global game? no, the global game, futebol, joga bonito, has enough championships that are fiscally equal or competitive to sate any fan, if they look to them.
I conclude stating what I told paulo frietas: I finished reading and i sum up my thoughts with the following: if people look at the soccer world they can find any playing style or strategy while they can find any competitive quality. but they have to look for it. 
The Link to the original article or an english translation is in the transcript. 
Paulo frietas is in twitter Cynegeticus spelled c-y-n-e-g-e-t-i-c-u-s
DONT READ link to Rafael Reis article < https://blogdorafaelreis.blogosfera.uol.com.br/2018/05/11/nacionais-da-europa-ficaram-tao-chatos-quanto-os-estaduais-brasileiros/ >
DONT READ translation to Rafael Reis article < https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fblogdorafaelreis.blogosfera.uol.com.br%2F2018%2F05%2F11%2Fnacionais-da-europa-ficaram-tao-chatos-quanto-os-estaduais-brasileiros%2F&edit-text=&act=url >

...Bafetimbi Gomis , O.L. youth product, who also played for O.M. ,  find himself in Galata palace or galatasaray one goal away from having the record for most goals from a non turkish player in turkey in one season aside from winning his first league title. I do not recall where but I do recall some news source, stating Gomis was convinced to go to Turkey through Didier Drogba. I think players are falsely led to reject moves to clubs where they can be happy and succeed. I think to Oscar in Guangzhou evergrande as well. I have to admit, if Gomis had gone to Turkey earlier , before he reached thirty, what success in a team he could had? I cognize that western UEFA or USA based media, especially sport media seem unable to speak much or positively toward soccer in eastern UEFA or the AFC.. or CONMEBOL or C.A.F.  But, money/glory/happy careers exist beyond western UEFA/USA, including even in mexico. I repeat, players need to comprehend what opportunities are out there, do not snub what is available , do not snub whatis deemed less than, fiscally or mediawise. If Fernando Torres is wise he will go to a top club in mexico, not mls, if he must play in concacaf. 
Bafetimbi Gomis is in twitter as BafGomis spelled b-a-f-g-o-m-i-s

... again, Zlatan is publicly upset but I repeat the same idea I have sounded on in the past few Audibles. Zlatan is not in the temperament to build a team, he wants to be part to a team. And that is why, he , like Rooney if wise, though rooney already signed to DC United, should had went to a ligamx, mexican side. I must repeat this simle truth. The top league in Concacaf is LigaMX, the top clubs in Concacaf are the top teams in LigaMX. I saw LigaMX teams play MLS teams, Zlatan/Rooney/Henry/Pirlo all hurt themselves choosing to go to MLS and like Gomis, who has found the best season in his career in Turkey, I think players foolishly let the media stance to a league deny them happiness playing. Zlatan should had went to a top LigaMX side. 

... Now for little quibs,
If Neymar come to Real Madrid while Gareth Bale stay we have to call them, Fire and Desire 

I blame administration from Fc Barcelona for certain choices concerning Messi but, I blame valverde for not rotating enough and in a highly rotated scenario having a team unaccustomed to it

LAstly, Paulo Guerrero is suspended for fourteen months and will miss out on the world cup playing for Peru. 

I must mention Resting Grump Face, who educated me on who the black guy is in the gif that is pointing to his head that has become common usage. < https://twitter.com/deluske/status/995036096114364417 >  His name is Kayode Ewumi , and the gif is taken from his documentary HoodDocumentary . Check the transcript for the links. 
Resting Grump Face is in twitter as deluske spelled d-e-l-u-s-k-e
Nnedi Okorafor is in twitter as Nnedi spelled N-n-e-d-i
This is an entry in the HoodDocumentary < https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=93&v=ZFm-t58_E_E

...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club ... be Safe

NO SPEAK Timing from Spreaker, infer main questions, place in aalbc article side google post 
Gloating to my womens sides
End of career and badges from honor
Ludmila silva
portland thorns vs orlando pride
Ettie and Gunnersaurus in a mascot tree
Boring state leagues
Bafetimbi Gomis and choosing a place to play that is positive for you
Zlatan and choosing a place to play that is negative for you
What do we name Neymar side Gareth Bale? 
Why Barca lost against LEvante
Paulo Guerrero missing out
Resting Grump Face telling me who is Kayode Ewumi

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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 4 5/22/2018
I am in google plus as Richard Murray Fanatacism , I moderate a community in google plus called wsplus spelled w-s-p-l-u-s
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 


Thanks to Lisa Alborghetti < https://www.instagram.com/lisaalborghetti/?hl=en > for allowing the viewing to the SErie A femminile championship match between Brescia side Juventus women. I wanted Brescia to win it very much, but it was not meant to be. Losing a championship on a one off match gone to penalties stings as a Leonessa fan. But, I am happy that the introduction to Juventus has not derailed Brescia as sisters club did all over the western uefa landscape where all the champions in england/france/italy/spain/germany are sister clubs, them being Chelsea/Olympique Lyonnais/Juventus/Atletico di Madrid/Wolfsburg. Only germany/italy have strong eough womens only clubs to challenge for a title. Love you Brescia gardless. 
Lisa ALborghetti is in instagram as Lisaalborghetti l-i-s-a-a-l-b-o-r-g-h-e-t-t-i 

Congratulations to Chelsea ladies for winning the double, the FA WSL championship side the FA cup, and... FOR having an invincible season!! what barcelona men failed to do, Chelsea ladies can do!  I must sing 
Are you blue...are you blue!...
Are you all, the things, that I love, cheering too... 
Will you be... In-Vin-cible...
You were before, but now all know, to say...
Are you blue....
are you blue... are you blue!... 
are you all the things, that I love!.. cheering too... 
will you stay... K-A-tie!... but if you don't,we'll always love, eternally...
are you blue... in-vin-cible... are you blue?... 

And... there is sadness cause Eniola ALuko side  Claire Rafferty side Katie Chapman  side rebecca spencer are all leaving ... I wonder what they will do. I wonder how to keep people posted to former female players?any idea please contact me in the aalbc page or google plus or twitter.

NO SPEAK here are the goals in the penultimate match that led to the double < https://twitter.com/ChelseaLFC/status/996782577993338882 >
Katie chapman glory < https://twitter.com/ChelseaLFC/status/998200632782786560
legends Eniola ALuko side claire rafferty side katie chapman < https://www.instagram.com/p/BjAIwhUBJeA/?hl=en&taken-by=chelsealfc
Invincible gif < https://twitter.com/ChelseaLFC/status/998220143363837952
message from claire rafferty eiola aluko katie chapman @clrafferty1 @EniAlu @chapmans17 <https://twitter.com/ChelseaLFC/status/998231556832550913 >
rebecca spencer message in reply to fran kirby < https://twitter.com/beckyspencer2/status/998231085531172864 >

Congratulations to Atletico De Madrid MAsculino, three goal against zero goal from Olympique marseille < https://twitter.com/EuropaLeague/status/996852807046193152
Many laugh to old myths but Payet touched the trophy when he entered the stadium and his injury hurt OM badly. But, Atleti is a team that defends properly during the modern era. The brilliance of soccer is that the global system allow any style to live. If no FIFA existed if soccer was only based in the usa, every team would mirror barcelona right now, but the beautiful game system allows for variant ways to play.   
Simone has in his atleti what mourinho had in inter milan, what he had in his first chelsea, what he is trying to get from the MUFC players, what ranieri got from leicester city, what allegri get from Juventus especially having that true italian defensive core. Someone, I believe JAck Grimse or Eric Krakauer said to me, after I opined the optimum is a team that attack like pep while defend like mou, you can either do one or the other not both. Coaches like Allegri/Mourinho/Simeone/Ranieri allow a team to defend first , defend together, and attack sharply. Klopp/Guardiola/Sarri allow teams to attack first attack together, defending sharply. All coaches want great defense side great offense but in the run from play, most coaches allow a weight in one way or the other. Zidane allows whatever the scenario the team is in favors for his team. 
And Willian may join Mourinho in MUFC, I support chelsea, but I am a fan to mourinho or willian, Willian is a mourinho player < https://twitter.com/Cynegeticus/status/996870999101595650 >
Paulo freitas is in twitter as Cynegeticus spelled C-y-n-e-g-e-t-i-c-u-s

I Asked MisterChip < https://twitter.com/MisterChiping/status/996857118077661185 > , he is a well known statistic man in twitter, can you correlate the success of spain teams in uefa with the ever increasing media revenue from the epl. the epl makes ever growing money but has no european trophies to show for it. so is the epl hype? 
By rights La Liga in spain need to have the big sponsorship money. Clearly english speaking media fueled from the united states of america, not merely the united kingdom, manipulate the internet to favor english speaking things, thus the english premier league. The forces against what La Liga merit I imagine are complicated but begin with english speaking media concerns strength in controlling the internet.
I learned from Ray Hudson on the show, the extra on beinsport that the europa league final clean sheet was simeone's two hundreth clean sheet coaching atletico madrid
Mister Chip is in twitter as MisterChiping spelled M-i-s-t-e-r-C-h-i-p-i-n-g
Ray Hudson is in twitter as RayHudson spelled R-a-y-h-u-d-s-o-n

15 seconds, yes I counted, before atletico di madrid were to lift the europa league trophy a commentator, alexi lalas, opined how atleti: win ugly, are not a fan favorite, only care for themselves or their fans; I thought, some pundits truly push the narrative agenda, no matter what happens; that relate to the sport called basketball side a legend in that game, Michael Jordan. I remember the rise to the perception to jordan as the best to play the game ever, none are better before, none are better after; that narrative was fueled from most heavily followed or watched basketball programs, unabated. And Michael Jordan, like all athletes, retired and the eventuality from the narrative took hold. In every heavily or decently followed media outlet , every basketball player who has talent or is a star or is a superstar must be related to michael jordan. that happened as the internet grew more powerful. like trump through twitter prove everyday, if a narrative can take hold to an internet audience, polling online shows how strong that narrative is. the narrative built before the internet concerning michael jordan, mutated through the creation from the internet into a larger more potent audience; you see reflections from said narrative in the current narrative around messi or cristiano ronaldo. the most important people who needed to shut up were the pundits who created or emitted the narrative; they pushed it every day, most from michael jordans career, unabated; now, that it is saturated, it is hard to eliminate the narrative; that ability is what the internet gives modern media. When media personas, in the rush limbaugh style, sound their horn daily; they are trying to create a timeless narrative like the basketball pundits created for michael jordan, or that trump or the kardashians or beyonce created for themselves, that will never die cause it is embedded in the common language to the interested fanbase. 

I said in reply to a Hedvig Lindahl , the great chelsea ladies keeper, tweet < https://twitter.com/hedvig_lindahl/status/996872928019996672 > : One thing i have learned, you have to have a more concise plan,  most people will say they want gender equality but then when it come time to define it, people start arguing
beyond my reply, people have to stop asking for initiatives absent plans, the goal is easy, the plan is hard, this is in most things
Hedvig Lindahl is in twitter as hedvig_lindahl spelled h-e-d-v-i-g-underscore-l-i-n-d-a-h-l 
NO SPEAK Enjoy this post < https://twitter.com/liannesanderson/status/996869131055108103

It is interesting how players do not get career advantage for past deeds. I always think to MAnchester City where sergio aguero is a modern legend yet, the person who passed him the ball that led to his goal, balotelli many treat as a less than player. In the same light, Andres Schurrle side MArio Goetze were the duo that led to the <https://youtu.be/qLkwtWq8MDA?t=546 >

Congratulations to Galata palace or galatasaray for winning the Turkish Superlig aside Bafetimbi Gomis for earning the most goals in one season for a non turkish player. A great season to club or player
DO NOT SPEAK Photo to Gomis < https://twitter.com/Galatasaray/status/997894756100460545

Congratulations to my LondonBlue for winning the FA Cup. I have to admit, I was sad for Mourinho cause he was treated false by the club. And, the players in chelsea showed how false they are, Willian did not start, Bakayoko had his best game of the season. Kante was brilliant, the true midfield force. I think Mauricio Sarri from Napoli need to coach Chelsea. I do not like his system cause in cup competitions it is deadly risky. but, HAzard/cesc/pedro/morata all need Sarri's system. Mourinho's or Conte's defense first systems, team defense systems, the players do good in one season and then all but willian/kante/terry fall away the second season. 
Mourinho has to get rid of Jones or at least replace Bailley to whomever he want. I don't know why he did not play Bailley. Next season, if Mourinho still play SMalling side Jones then that is the deal he made to the MUFC board, but they are not in the quality to Terry/Lucio/Walter Samuel/Sergio Ramos/PEpe/Ivanovic.
Chelsea have a big summer. hazard/Cesc/Bakayoko chose the last match of the season to play fully to their best, against Mourinho, it say a lot. if mourinho wasn't the opponent, if this was an epl match would the team be up for it. Nahhh, Sarri need to be the next coach, not a defensive based coach. 
I bet mens/womens/boys have never won the fa cup for the same team before or often
... and congratulations to FC metz for winning Division deux in france

A flippant thought, how long will it take before guards of honor are problematic in the womens game 
NO SPEAK atleti mulheres guard of honor < https://twitter.com/AtletiFemenino/status/998146704619786240 >
Chelsea ladies guard of honor < https://twitter.com/ChelseaLFC/status/998164467425992704

Like Napoli , Barcelona defeated their biggest rival then failed afterwards to win and succeed to their goals. 

SR4,sergio ramos, rap, is linked in the transcript,i will be unbiased as a friend suggested and just let you hear it < https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi6aHAFHNa6/?utm_source=ig_embed

Iniesta symbolized spain, Buffon symbolized italy... mueller when he retire from bayern will symbolize germany, can't say who will symbolize france or england... Ronaldhino symbolized Brasil though i wish a brasilian team had the money or patience to get all his remaining years, gremio needed to do that but didn't have the money, though santos would had been the best example. 

I stated to Dre Cordero from Beinsports < https://twitter.com/DreCordero/status/998308689428860928 > using the following:  You guys did great this season, the larger battles all  sport media has is the desire from the Owners to media properties focused to: global fanbases over local fanbases;refereeing/aesthetic quality or manner codes over athletic/strategic multiversity or unfiltered manners
Unfortunately owners to media are very similar in their approach to fiscal profit, i restate saying, most think they can make the most money the same way, and it show in the similarity in media concerns structure or style. 

Radja Nainggolan, Mauro Icardi, Mario Balotelli are all victims to immaturity amongst modern players or coaches. The World Cup is near over one hundred year old. Many teams in the past played on pot marked pitches, side teammates they hated, trying to win for themselves. Today many players or coaches in the most fiscally potent teams in U.E.F.A. require manicured pitches, require a congenial training ground, are looking to grow a global brand. And that is why Balotelli was not in the italy world cup qualification squad? why icardi or nainggolan is not in their respective flag bearing teams. And I oppose that culture one hundred percent. Ray Hudson from BeinSports once said in may twnety first two thousand and eighteen that he applauded Roberto Martinez, the coach to belgium, for not bringing nainggolan but I do not applaud martinez. Martinez is not challenging every player in the belgian squad to mature. If any belgian player does not like Radja, to damn! bad!  he is one of the highest if not highest quality belgian midfielder available. To snub him and then hide behind a "it was best for the tactical structure in the team" speech like Roberto Martinez gave is sinful to me. A true coach is willing to call players out. Player X does not want to play side player y and I chose as coach to not bring player y based on that. case closed. I am the coach, i make the choice. Not stating that, insults the player who merits coming in, while gives a see something say something cover to a cowardly player who is unwilling to admit they do not want a player to play next to them. That is why I oppose messi not letting icardi come but at least he is honorable compared to whomever in belgium does not want to play next to Radja, aside from whomever in italy does not want to play next to Balotelli. Buffon admitted some player or players are behind balotelli not being in the azzurri, and it is not him. 

Please go to the transcript to see the links to videos depicting magic from a son from Marcelo < https://twitter.com/BrazilEdition/status/996463593007734784 > and Marcelo himself < https://twitter.com/BrazilStats2/status/997554218968985600

After this audible round, the brasileriao/national womens soccer league/major league soccer/any chinese or japanese soccer i can report/and of course the world cup in russia will be the primary topics, as all uefa womens or mens leagues i follow are on break to the next season.

...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club as RM Interviewer ... be Safe

NO SPEAK Timing from Spreaker, infer main questions, place in aalbc article side google post 

Good season Brescia 
Chelsea Ladies win the double 
Atletico MAdrid masculino Europa LEague winners 
Spain's La Liga merited and is meriting more sponsors than the english premier league but it is not happening, why?
How Micheal Jordan birthed Lionel Messi side Cristiano ROnaldo 
What is a goal absent a plan in gender equality? 
What worth is past deeds? 
Congratulations Gomis from Galatasaray 
Chelsea win all FA cup and FC metz division 2 champions 
Guards of honor 
Napoli or Barcelona tiring at the end? 
Symbols to a place
Sport media challenges 
Lacking truth in media starting from Roberto MArtinez 

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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 5 may 25th 2018 
I am in google plus as Richard Murray Fanatacism , I moderate a community in google plus called wsplus spelled w-s-p-l-u-s
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

Olympique Lyonnais have won three straight back to back U.E.F.A. champions leagues, and have won more than any other team, that being five. While they also won the past thirteen or fourteen division1 and the past seven coupes. true domination. what Barca/MCFC/Bayern/Juventus/OL men are trying to do, OL women are doing
A great gif I saw from Ann Odong, check for the link in the transcript and as well as the WSPLus link with various gifs/images/videos  < https://twitter.com/AnnOdong/status/999721200354930688
Ann Odong is in twitter as AnnOdong spelled A-n-n-o-d-o-n-g

WSPLUS LINK < https://plus.google.com/b/113017478177192749610/+RichardMurraysFanatacism/posts/28LDZbH38DM >

Laura Georges is placing her cleets up < https://twitter.com/SyaneDalmat/status/999017652545781766 > I was informed from Syanie Dalmat. I wish Georges well. She is interested in women coaching. 
Syane Dalmat is in twitter as SyaneDalmat spelled S-y-a-n-e-D-a-l-m-a-t

Georges has an interview in Lequipe < https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Laura-georges-arrete-sa-carriere-a-34-ans/903642
interview in english < https://plus.google.com/b/113017478177192749610/+RichardMurraysFanatacism/posts/28LDZbH38DMhttps://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lequipe.fr%2FFootball%2FActualites%2FLaura-georges-arrete-sa-carriere-a-34-ans%2F903642&edit-text=&act=url >

I have used often the masculine/feminine parallel to the teams i support. I am glad chelsea is realizing this concept. At Atletico or Olympique Lyonnais it is already comprehended. Atleti/OL arenot differed when the male team or the female team play. it is all one club. I think in germany they did this very well. Now chelsea fc is merely chelsea fc whether it is men/women/boys and one day girls. 
Thanks to informing MyK Mccormick in Google plus, check the transcript for his page link < https://plus.google.com/b/113017478177192749610/116940364488380406824
Chelsea FC Women description on the new chelsea website < https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2018/5/23/introducing-chelsea-football-club-women

Argentina top goalkeeper Sergio Romero is out from the world cup while no Icardi. I sense a possible disaster in the Albicelesti. 

Harry Kane said anything less than a win is not good enough for the three lions world cup team. Strong words as a captain but... 

A great post from wake up people , i have the twitter post linked in the transcript, state meghan markle aspect that while some may deem obvious or natural, in a humanity where female children still become child brides, it say something
Wake Up people post < https://twitter.com/WakeupPeopIe/status/999059015056453632 >
MArcelo post, about getting girls away from being child brides < https://twitter.com/MarceloM12/status/998619182949457920

Barcelona want to get Rodrygo from Santos  < https://twitter.com/Cynegeticus/status/999734994854653953 > the question in my mind is, what has gone wrong in la masia? why is barcelona unwilling to show faith in it? They glorify iniesta/xavi/messi or other but then when it comes time to trust the system that bred them they are looking over seas. 
I learned from PAulo frietas , who is in twitter as Cynegeticus spelled C-y-n-e-g-e-t-i-c-u-s

Speaking to andres iniesta, he was allowed,happily from the club i imagine, to sit in Camp Nou in the darkness after ceremonies. beautiful photography  , check the transcript for the link < https://twitter.com/ActuFoot_/status/998483096595988480
AND!... Iniesta has joined Vissel Kobe, i thought it was fake but that was merely Vissel media managing. < https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/44233197 > I like the move. Iniesta in Vissel have a team that can afford his price, while they have a project that he can watch grow. I think his age or playing style demand he be in a team that is not dominant but a team that need to grow like Vissel who is eight in the japanese table.  
The photographer is not mentioned but i saw the photo from a post from ActuFoot_ a news service in twitter as ActuFoot_ spelled A-c-t-u-F-o-o-t-underscore
great birthday cake photo:) < https://twitter.com/IbrahimEmbaby75/status/994954385942876162

I replied to Neil w Blackmon's post , not the man himself, using the folowing : is this about the beckham team? if so, he could had tried a combination Libertad Miami FC , it has the latino essence which is pure miami while he has the freedom aspect he want, if you are referring to beckham's team, otherwise i am totally inappropriate 

Remember! the last Audible when I shared a son from marcelo < https://twitter.com/realmadrid/status/996735908396322821 > well, Marcelo replied to the youth team his son play on, reversing the role < https://twitter.com/RMadrid_FR/status/998591542892859395 >

Real Madrid versus Liverpool will be in the uefa champions league final saturday. It is simple for me. Liverpool have a fast paced attack, supported through a midfield press. Real Madrid is a team built to attack, from deep or midfield or the front, according to the opponent. I said to friends this match will be a rout for Real MAdrid. Liverpool have to play high paced, high speed in the midfield press. Can they play that way? We shall see. 
The strategist in me think the match will be close, but Real Madrid's experience in these situations will have them ready, while Liverpool have to be their best in the most rarest scenario. I sense a rout. 
The ability to play slow is vital when you have a long layoff. Liverpool will have their speed, but I doubt their connection, their sharpness, will be retained from the way it is throughout the season. lastly, OL won the threepeat, so I favor Real to do the same... oh, one way or another, a huge summer for real madrid transfer wise.

Carlo ancelotti is the new coach to Napoli. Mauricio Sarri I wished had been given a chance to improve his coaching or go to a team that suit his style. Dortmund or Arsenal are not available, as Emri or Favre have them, so the only option he has left is chelsea. I do like him for chelsea. I think chelsea will need to get rid from some players, like willian or kante, willian hopefully to manchester united, kante hopefully to psg. but hazard/cesc/pedro/morata all need sarri system. 
And , that is the point i wish more pundits will speak on. most coaches style require certain players. Simeone's style does not fit most players in chelsea, barring willian or kante. The problem in mourinho is that he did not get rid of players that do not fit his style. smalling/jones/ do not fit and when you have a system that demand the team defend, you can not have anything outside the highest quality central defenders... we shall see. 

Any fans of balls of fury the film or table tennis, enjoy the link in the transcript to that < https://twitter.com/WhistleSports/status/998379600437653504

Cubes is a sport, never think it is not, see the transcript for the proof < https://twitter.com/BrunoBalmokoun/status/995758986841518087 >

...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club as RM Interviewer ... be Safe

Timing from Spreaker, infer main questions, place in aalbc article side google post 


0:42 ALLEZ OL! 
1:42 Cheri Amour!... Laura Georges is gonna away
2:14 Chelsea Ladies are now Chelsea FC women
2:56 Don't cry for Argentina, don't you dare 
3:10 Kane is starting his captaincy strong, albeit very high energy 
3:22 A little note on the Duchess of Sussex 
3:44 the distance between Barcelona or La Masia 
4:26 Iniesta in meditation 
5:30 Marcelo^2 and Marcelo 
5:50 Real Madrid vs Liverpool 
7:04 Ancelotti in for Napoli
8:05 Balls of Fury 
8:15 Can you do the cube? Let us make this a sport 

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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 6 DATE 
I am in google plus as Richard Murray Fanatacism , I moderate a community in google plus called wsplus spelled w-s-p-l-u-s
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

Olympique Lyonnais feminin earned this season the first three peat in uefa champions league/ the all time uefa champions league lead in womens teams/ an invincible season < https://twitter.com/OL/status/1000750302021275648 > and next thursday a coupe de france versus psg to cap off a perfect year, doing what other teams male or female failed to accomplish. I don wonder about the future starting in this summer. Many players will need to come in. I wonder if OL will focus on french diamonds and remain a mostly french team or try to grow the brand globally and get more non french players to sell shirts. 
A historic OL opponent yuki Nagasato < https://twitter.com/chiredstarsPR/status/1001183847642517507

Liverpool side Real Madrid both showed a rust in their passing or execution. I saw the foul on Salah. Sergio Ramos dragged him. But that is not a dirty play. That is why players like Cesc Fabregas look out for themselves. Salah needed to pull out that foul. The goal was to slow Salah down, it happens. Salah must learn to take care of himself. When Salah came out Liverpool was stunned < #statofthegame #Liverpool to win have to prove they are not as #salah dependent as statistically shown keepers biggest factor, Ramos is not dirty, tough, salah has to learn to pull out @Isiokpobabe @darmooh82 @KayLMurray @kev_egan @EmekaEnyadike @mildredtuhaise @MimosaFawaz https://twitter.com/PaulCarrTM/status/1000460708042113026 > Carvajal then injured himself. But, while Carvajal 's cutting wide play is not replaceable from Nacho. Liverpool are more stunned. Salah's speed in pressing, movement off the ball is irreplaceable and it favors Real Madrid who can play slow better than liverpool. 
In the first half Isco had chances to score that first goal. Did he go out for Bale in the second half as I predicted...No, Zidane waited for the sixtieth minute. 
In the first half The keepers side injuries had the largest role. Ray Hudson predicted the role goalkeepers have. 
In the second half after Isco came off and Bale came on, Real MAdrid gained width, better defense on headers, and two goals, one of highest skill, the other from highest power
Benzema started the bad day for KArius, going back to Ray Hudson's focus. Benzema exploited Karius's poor selection in activity and Bale showed his positioning weakness and athletic weakness. Now Karius can improve or grow, but great lesson today
Zidane is a risky coach that has a team in Real MAdrid whose players are quality enough to risk. 
Klopp like Sarri has to grow as a coach, in three season, sarri never used rotation or had another system for the bench squad. Klopp is still using the same system that led to Dortmund's trophy failures. He has to learn how to get a team to play another way. 
One point Kev Egan talked about how LA Liga in spain is talked about from many as a less than to the English premier league < https://twitter.com/kev_egan/status/1000490801166774277>  I do feel this topic has value. Agents who are clearly following the money are guiding players to the fiscally strongest league in uefa while the better leagues in terms of uefa champions league final appearances are treated as less thans, in spain's la liga first or foremost aside the italian serie a. I wish more players from the confederation of african football found themselves in spain or italy through france. 
... hurt to hear Salah will miss the world cup 
Ray Hudson is in twitter as RayHudson spelled r-a-y-h-u-d-s-o-n
Kev Egan is in twitter as kev_egan spelled k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n
Paul Carr who shared the liverpool before or after statistic linked in the transcript is in twitter as PaulCarrTM spelled P-a-u-l-C-a-r-r-T-M
egyptians on the match < https://twitter.com/jenanmoussa/status/1000463370481553408
a nice long distance dialog between casemiro/xavi , tko from casemiro in retrospect < http://www.espn.com/soccer/club/real-madrid/86/blog/post/3507748/real-madrids-casemiro-has-perfect-response-to-xavi-saying-he-wouldnt-fit-at-barcelona
"Madrid break apart, seven players attack and Casemiro stays back on his own to cover the centre," Xavi told El Pais in January. "[Barca midfielder Sergio] Busquets cannot do that as even I am faster than he is. Casemiro is super fast, but he has trouble with everything else as he has not worked on it.
"He has other characteristics, is more defensive, makes more tackles, covers more ground, but he does not dominate space-time. If you had started with Casemiro aged 12, 13, 15, then he would have that."
Casemiro said. "I couldn't sign for Barca, as I can't play football the way Xavi wants. I am with Madrid until death."

The guardian had an article on the addition to Manchester United in the english football association womens soccer leagues pyramid  < https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/may/29/womens-league-revamp-winners-and-losers > aside other english teams. To be blunt, the process by default is flawed. In the mens game, a new team must start from the lowest tier and climb up. Manchester united are being pushed forward. All womens teams if new need to start from the amateur and promote themselves up. The problem in womens sport like most sport male or female today, is owners, those who own or adminsitrate, want to make money the entryway not quality. If any male club is serious they will be willing to start from the amateur level and promote upward. I think england womens soccer will always be structurally behind frech/german/spanish women as the anglophone cultural element of franchisement will always create instability into a fiscally less potent sport landscape like womens soccer. And, when womens soccer does become fiscally potent, those who were efficient, or in for the long term will benefit. 
I learned about the article from Suzy Wrack < https://twitter.com/SuzyWrack/status/1001509571377160192
I learned to the suzy wrack post from Ann Odong. 
the standard had an article on crystal palace on appealing after fa rejects application < https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/crystal-palace-consider-appeal-fa-rejects-application-tier-two-womens-football-a3850261.html > and functionally no one can contest their claim. Manchester united are creating a womens team and are not starting at the lowest tier. Lewes or West Ham finished beneath crystal palace this season but are being given entry into the second tier. This is a clear sign the english football association is not concerned to athletic merit or long term planning but wants money to be the standard to entry or the franchise model, most popular in the biggest anglo country in the world, the usa. I am not in power, but if I was an administrator I would not act as the english football association has. 
I learned to the evening standard article from Nikita Whinnett in twitter as Nikita21Out spelled n-i-k-i-t-a-two-one-o-u-t 
Suzy Wrack is in twitter as SuzyWrack spelled s-u-z-y-w-r-a-c-k
Ann Odong is in twitter as AnnOdong spelled a-n-n-o-d-o-n-g

Roger Federer said something in an interview recently that media headlines focused away < https://au.sports.yahoo.com/federer-says-serena-greatest-time-050820927.html > not that serena williams is the greatest all time, but that serena williams became an overall great through a situation that made it harder to happen. The problem in tennis, historically,  is the cost to being a professional. The open model, the international tournament model does not favor fiscally poor or fiscally disconnected folk. It just does not and most countries local scene is too weak, competitively to brew player strong enough. The Williams sisters prove what is required to make it in the tennis world from outside its system and to be blunt, it is not easy nor welcoming and that places serena as the best. 

Robin Carlin stated < https://twitter.com/robincarlin/status/1000943949610024967 > "There’s nothing wrong with being the second best player of all time" 
The problem is the whole concept to a greatest of all time or GOAT. To me, sport has only GITTS or greatest in this time . If people simply say that Bill Russell was a GITT, Wilt was a GITT, Oscar Robertson was a GITT, KAreem was a GITT, Magic was a GITT, Isiah was a GITT, Larry Bird was a GITT, BErnard King was a GITT, Michael Jordan was a GITT, HAkeem was a GITT, Shaq was a GITT, Kobe was a GITT, Allen Iverson was a GITT, Lebron is a GITT, Steph Curry is a GITT then no challenges in media would and will exist, cause at a certain time frame, no one can argue, in a certain time frame, a certain player was the greatest. 
Some players are great in a short time frame or in multiple short times, you see this in Magic or Bird who swapped short GITT phases side each other, Russell side Wilt had that too. Some players have length or many quantities like Kareem or Jordan or LEbron that make people cheaply say they are the greatest ever, but that concept is a automatic impossible. You can only compete in the now, so to assume forever is functionally false. 
BUT!... I do comprehend the reason why? in an evergrowing fiscal sponsorship environment, stating a player is the best ever aids in players money making aside the sponsors who attach to them. This is why CR7 or Messi in the beautiful game constantly get GOAT queries, when both are merely GITTS who switch with each other regularly, not unknown in sport, I mentioned Bird side Magic. But, the media support the GOAT mandate for another reason. 
It creates argument, automatically. See if someone says, LEbron is the greatest in this time, people will say yes. THis time is not ten years ago, not last year. Curry was the greatest in this time last year. But, the second anyone say one player is the greatest of all time, what they are saying is that one GITT is greatest than all other GITTS at any time, thus in basketball terms. When BIll Russell was the GITT for five straight seasons are so, Michael Jordan was actually the GITT and RUSSELL number 2. wHen Bird or Magic were swapping GITT years they were both swapping second to Michael Jordan who was the true number one. The dysfunction is evident, and the audience listening to programs, Not just the sean salibury show where Robin Carlin is a pundit at but all the shows, bite the bullet and contest this point which in truth is auto false. 
I replied to Carlin using the following: #EmperorJames is a #GITT Greatest in this time, no one can contest that point

I said the following in reply to Van Cough < https://twitter.com/Notepaid/status/1000906611232305152 > in twitter: is cup competition assessed fairly in the common? in league play you have an honest competition between all opponents, but in cup play it is based on the given day, the momentum in league play is absent in cup play  
League play is a marathon but cup play are sprints. 
We continued the dialog < https://twitter.com/Notepaid/status/1000908878609960960 >
well, what define lesser opponents? i have always felt a teams balance can leap beyond their revenue or table position, at porto/chelsea 1st or 2nd/inter milan/real madrid mourinho found a balance. I have yet to see mou reach a balance in MUFC thus his results these 2 season

The problem Iran has is the desire to be against the West, against, the christendom, dominion to christians, against Europe, against the United States of America, serves them well, when the west/usa/chrisendom/europe try to manipulate or manipulate iran , usually to negative purposes. But, Iran has to learn a simple truth, that exist throughout humanity. No community in humanity is all positive or all negative. Yes, the usa/christendom/the west/europe have all hurt Iran for a long time and still have a negative influence to the country. But, the ability in the usa for women to be equal or greater to men as individuals, and maybe one day as a community is not evil, is not a negative, even if the usa itself has been a negative to many others.

Chinese firm Suning provides forty million in revenue to Inter Milan < https://www.fedenerazzurra.net/news/2018/5/29/suning-does-not-stop-40-million-in-revenues-from-chinese-sponsorships > Suning is one from the largest retailing outlets offline side online in east asia, they do a lot in japan as well. 
I said it before and I will say it again. Far East Asia is the future fiscal center to humanity, not Western Europe, not the USA, if things go to course. People are foolish to reject fiscal possibilities in China/Japan/Korea/taiwan. Inter Milan have a strong ownership connection that will only grow over time.  
i learned this from Mike Whittaker in twitter as Don_Nerazzurri spelled as D-o-n-underscore-N-e-r-a-z-z-u-r-r-i  

Lewis Hamilton comprehends what more side more athletes realize. They can get more from the owners than they are. Sport is not like manufacturing. In Manufacturing the product is made, the owners can pocket all the revenue and manipulate how the process to make it benefits or who in the process to make it benefits. In sport, the product is a human being, the product itself demand more from the revenue. thus owners can not escape giving higher shares to revenue, unlike in manufacturing, where the product is a slave, has no voice but to be bought or sold < https://sports.yahoo.com/red-bull-boss-says-grotesque-sums-money-holding-170021657--f1.html >

Some cultural thoughts...
Check the transcript for a truthful graphic from American Indian 8 on twitter concerning white supremacy in the usa < https://twitter.com/AmericanIndian8/status/1001580190160576514
... Morgan Freeman is demanding a retraction from CNN based on their false reporting it is called defamation of character < https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/morgan-freeman-demands-retraction-apology-cnn-sexual-harassment-report-152324100.html >  reported from taryn ryder 
... serena williams came to Roland Garros in a great body suit, that is the most efficient ware, not odd dresswork or pants < https://sports.yahoo.com/serena-williams-rocks-black-bodysuit-french-open-debut-153024217.html > the design is great as well
.. it seem that thousands died in puerto rico recently after a hurricane hit the island than the less than one hundred stated in official record < https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/harvard-study-estimates-thousands-died-in-puerto-rico-due-to-hurricane-maria/2018/05/29/1a82503a-6070-11e8-a4a4-c070ef53f315_story.html?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.36021973d2e2
...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club as RM Interviewer ... be Safe

END SPEAK Timing from Spreaker, infer main questions, place in aalbc article side google post 
0:52 Olympique Lyonnais feminin 2017-2018

1:51 UEFA CL final 

6:11 The New FA WSL 

9:14 Roger Federer's state a deeper truth to tennis

10:25 #EmperorJames / MJ/Russell side all others are GITT 's  no GOAT 's exist , I explain

13:40 Cup play in opposition to league play 

14:35 Women in Iran 

15:36 Chinese Revenue 

16:34 The Negrargine Black Silver, Lewis hamilton ... or will he be silver for long? 

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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 7 june sixth 2018  
I am in google plus as Richard Murray Fanatacism , I moderate a community in google plus called wsplus spelled w-s-p-l-u-s
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

Ann Odong shared an article from < https://twitter.com/AnnOdong/status/999848230425739264 > from Amanda Shalala < http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-25/aflw-where-have-all-the-female-coaches-gone-and-why/9798866
concerning the quantity or percent from coaches in the australian football league women tournament or other top female leagues in australia. The article do as most concerning the topic to women in the work place do; it state statistics to how men have more coaching jobs than women, it state financial reasonings to explain why men are selected over women, and lastly the distant vision to a humanity where no race/class/rank/grade will matter and only merit will matter, the content of character over the color of skin...but like all these articles, an absence of planning. 
Too many people offline or online suggest change through hoping, they state what they want and no path way to get to there from here, outside raw chance, and thus why these changes do not occur.  
Ann Odong is in twitter as annodong spelled a-n-n-o-d-o-n-g < https://twitter.com/AnnOdong >
Amanda Shalala is in twitter as Amandashalala spelled a-m-a-n-d-a-s-h-a-l-a-l-a < https://twitter.com/amandashalala >

A thunderstorm stopped the coupe de france final between Olympique Lyonnais side PAris Saint-Germain. In the fifty-ninth minute <https://twitter.com/KopFenottes69/status/1002285415137775616 > and then afte forty seven minutes the game was continued and PSG eventually won 1-0 and OL lost the COupe de FRance. In the end, I do not blame referees or rules, PSG did what PSG have done for years and that is bunker and try to get  1-0 result, they achieved that. Captain Wendie Renard was very angry at the game, but it happens. Sometimes, it seem everything is against a club on the day. It is sad that a goal was not given for OL in the ninety third minute < https://twitter.com/OL_Plus/status/1002311185881018368 > but such is life. Onto the next season. 
The Captain getting in a late match altercation < https://twitter.com/OL_Plus/status/1002312431870316545 > , her interview < https://twitter.com/OL_Plus/status/1002314023143198721

Like my OL , my Atleti fell on the last game of the season...<sigh>Atleti went into extra time, but Barcelona scored one goal against zero from my colcheneras. Was hoping for a double and a treble, double for atleti, treble for ol, I got a championship for atleti and a double for ol. ... Chelsea got a double. Brescia came second in calcio or coupe., gladbach promoted into tier1 and turbinen is midtable ...Great seasons for all, I will see them in the uefacl and they have a chance to battle and my dream of a semifinal with only my teams is possible:) Enjoy the summer and prepare for next season in europe. 

Osasu Obayiuwana called it, Zidane has stepped down as Real Madrid coach, after three staight uefa champions league wins. < https://twitter.com/osasuo/status/1000482604099960832 > I think it was a smart move. One, this season proved Real Madrid do need big changes gardless the uefa champions league success. And, Zidane comprehends he does not have the experience to modulate a team. Many in this squad came from Mourinho's tenure and then advanced through ancelotti. Zidane as a coach has proven he can lead a true team full from stars to great heights consistently. His next task as coach, to expand as a coach, in my view, is to take a workman team, a midtable team. To me, the great sin to Pep Guardiola is that he went from Barcelona to big money bayern to big money manchester city and in both cases he has not proven he can coach an everton like Koeman who failed poorly and implement his style. Guardiola did not prove he can go to a Napoli, where Sarri left and prove he can win with them. Guardiola has never coached a truly lesser team. Zidane has coached the heights in Real Madrid. No other team in UEFA is like them roster wise. Zidane need to coach a midtable team and grow his coaching skills. 
To the BBC! Benzema/Bale/Christiano Ronaldo. They each have a huge choice to make. Do they want to start another journey in real madrid or change teams now. I think all three need to go. Real Madrid can swap neymar to CR7 going to PAris maybe side Benzema. Lewandowski can come into Real Madrid for Benzema. I think Zidane is giving his final lesson to the star players in Real MAdrid, learn how to leave a team that you can not stay in forever. I hope they all listen. Isco/Sergio Ramos side other spanish players will look to do like Raul but Benzema/Bale/Cr7/Kroos need to consider. MArcelo/Modric/Casemiro are too vital to Real for them to let them leave, but we will see. 
I can see Neymar/benzema/bale up top but if the entire bbc leave, I can see Neymar/isco/?//modric/casimero/kovacic/carvajal/varane/sergio ramos/marcelo. 
Asensio or lucas vasquez or others are good players, but not the potent quality to support neymar/isco ... Mbappe will be ideal. But, PSG may see this as a greater opportunity and keep Neymar/Cavani/Mbappe for a season to win it all, which after a world cup where france/brasil can reach a final will be fiscally dynamite. 
I said in a prior round that this will be a big summer for Real Madrid, I was correct. 
Osasu Obayuiwana is in twitter as osasuo spelled o-s-a-s-u-o 
Zidane statistics< https://www.facebook.com/groups/410280079072359/?ref=group_header

The Cleveland Cavaliers in some way are the depository to the idea that absent relegation and promotion, absent a league model where the members face off evenly, competitiveness can rise or live up to the challenge. 
To be blunt, all the big sport leagues in the united states of america,big sports leagues defined as major league baseball/national football league/national hockey league/national basketball association/major league soccer, are filled from annual losers. Losers defined as teams that in a common international sport format will be relegated or deemed midtable. Every single new york city based team outside the new york yankess would had been relegated in the past twenty years. can you imagine: bayern munich/milan/real madrid/manchester united/boca juniors being relegated. It would be catastrophe, apocalypse. the existence to rel/pro does maintain a quality, it is a gate keep to athletic competitions. That is absent in the usa, thus the teams that drag at the bottom in every big sport league in the usa. 
Lebron James absent another super star in the age of multisuper star teams in the nba has reached a final. this makes many other teams in similar situations seem psychologically or spiritually less than. 

When Roman Abramovich,the russian billionaire, bought chelsea football club it was a big money move and led to a huge fiscal investment. The governmental denial to Abramovich getting a visa in the united kingdom. I think it was silly that the united kingdom would reject the visa application to an owner to one of the big teams in the english premier league who has been that owner for a long time. Thus, roman halting the stadium is , expected and I validate it. why? if i was in his shoes , having shown honest investment, to be treated as such is a dishonorable act from england. we shall see what the future hold for chelsea... maybe with mcfc , chelsea are no longer desired in the same way as before... who absent money knows  
Report < https://twitter.com/ManuelVeth/status/1002166966931648512 >

Balotelli, MArio Balotelli, spoke to Calcio Mercato < https://www.calciomercato.com/en/news/balotelli-racism-in-italy-it-s-time-to-wake-up-69659?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=account&utm_campaign=autopost > to his recent time. It is funny, people suggest balotelli is ignorant but in the interview, he admitted his joy for Nice, his pricing from his agent is too high for italy, and he restated what he said before concerning phenotypical bias in italy, italy need to wake up. Mario Balotelli in OGCNice finally found a true home. I know he can not stay there forever, but this time, his first time at a club. Like Bafeteimbi Gomis in Galata palace, is a turning point in his career. I think people make too light of players like messi or cr7 who settle strongly in a club very early in their paid athletic career.
Twitter link https://twitter.com/CmdotCom_En/status/1003298251703894016

Kheira Hamraoui is leaving Olympique Lyonnais to another team, this means camille abily, elodie thomis, corrine petit, and now kheira hamraoui are all leaving OL this summer so, a big summer for OL feminin to maintain the high quality depth in the team  <https://twitter.com/kheirahamraoui/status/1003297231577985024 > 
Remember to check the transcript for a link to her favorite goals < https://twitter.com/kheirahamraoui/status/1003297221310328832
Below is her message and the translation
de bien des manieres. J'ai surmonte les nombreuses difficultes. Je me suis liee fortement d'amitie avec certaines de mes coequipieres. Cela fait parti du jeu de savoir prendre des risques, et personnellement quand je regarde en arriere, je ne regrette absolument rien. Ajourd'hui, une nouvelle aventure tout aussi palpitante, ambitieuse et interessante, s'offre a moi. Je peux ainsi regarder devant moi avec fierte. En football, <<seul le travail paie>>. Alors je vais continuer a travailer dur et a ne jamais rien lacher comme je l'ai toujours fair. la seule difference cette fois, apres 12 saisons en D1 feminine, est que le challenge qui m'attend aura une saveur etrangere! Merci a tous mes proches et toutes les personnes qui ont toujours ete derriere moi dans les bons 
in many ways. I overcame the many difficulties. I am strongly friends with some of my teammates. It's part of the game of knowing how to take risks, and personally when I look back, I do not regret anything. Today, a new adventure equally exciting, ambitious and interesting, is offered to me. I can look ahead proudly. In football, "only work pays". So I will continue to work hard and never let go of anything as I always do. the only difference this time, after 12 seasons in D1 feminine, is that the challenge that awaits me will have a foreign flavor! Thank you to all my loved ones and all the people who have always been behind me in the good

The world cup for men is now approximately a week away. I do not want to do a group review, but I will admit, my final is brasil versus france and brasil winning. I do not think strategically it will be easy but I want nigeria to make it into the semifinals at least. For a fourth team in the semifinals, I do not know. Brazil to me, are not only a deep team, but they have a talisman. My problem in germany or spain is , the uefa model, the team is high quality but not one player on spain or germany commands the respect the talismans in conmebol sides do, and that is the key. If the world cup were a league tournament, round robin, then uefa teams i will favor more, but in a short tournament where cohesion is key, but also players who can break the mold, you need those players. I know many oppose the following view, but brasil did not have neymar when they lost to germany in brasil. In parallel, if the team about messi for once shined greater than messi , argentina would had won in brasil. Germany while a good team is like spain, during the world cups both teams won, it was not a blowout performance, just a consistent one that had too many conmebol teams not utilizing their star players appropriately. Well, we shall see

...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club as RM Interviewer ... be Safe

END SPEAK Timing from Spreaker, infer main questions, place in aalbc article side google post 

0:39 Why Coach is male? 

2:16 Coupe de France final 2018

3:06 Copa de la Reina 2018 and womens european end

3:51 Zinedine Zidane 

7:08 Do the cleveland cavaliers give an example to why relegation or promotion is not needed in the usa sport model? 

8:33 Chelsea Football Club's future 

9:22 Balotelli is mature 

10:18 The ever sexy Kheira Hamraoui is moving on from OL 

10:48 World cup

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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 8 June 13th 2018 
I am in google plus as Richard Murray Fanatacism , I moderate a community in google plus called wsplus spelled w-s-p-l-u-s
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

If you want the best transfer news in the womens game, check out WSPlus in Google+ , getting updates from Isabela Lamberti working for Tutto sul calcio femminile, the link is in the transcript
Link to transfers section in wsplus < https://plus.google.com/b/113017478177192749610/communities/114953854665899342269/stream/167bd732-b3c3-432f-b32b-1a882f313958 > 

?Mimi Fawaz spoke to Daniel Amokachi < https://twitter.com/MimosaFawaz/status/1004444761095360519 > concerning morocco bid to host the world cup. I will be interested to see who from uncaf/cfu/caf/conmebol representing the geographic regions: central america the caribbean africa south america respectively will vote for. 
Mimi Fawaz is in twitter as MimosaFawaz spelled M-i-m-o-s-a-F-a-w-a-z
This is my comment to the twitter post : the one point Amokachi made in this excerpt to his interview side @MimosaFawaz that is most alarming is mexico joint bidding to the usa, a country whose president/organizations/citizens speak ill to mexican people daily, is being deemed acceptable, Morocco is a fiscally better  

?UEFA has placed Wolfsburg as the highest ranked womens team by coefficient points in the womens champions league < http://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/competitions/Draws/02/56/28/87/2562887_DOWNLOAD.pdf > what I want to comprehend is how PSG had a higher coefficient than OL. PSG women did reach the final but OL won three straight finals and  did not acquire a larger coefficient distance from wolfsburg. I admit, i am thinking about the coupe de france final and feel like this coefficient reflect that. If Olympique Lyonnais somehow win a fourth straight uefa champions league, I will want to see a much larger difference in coefficient. 
I learned about this from the UEFA womens champions league site, in twitter as UWCL spelled u-w-c-l 
UEFA Womens champions league link < https://twitter.com/UWCL/status/1006169295527833600 >

?ACF Brescia , my Leonessa are now the womens division to AC Milan. < https://www.acmilan.com/it/news/club/2018-06-11/ac-milan-acquisito-il-titolo-sportivo-dallacf-brescia > But they also took a competitive hit for the modulation through the FIGC, the italian Football association < https://twitter.com/mameofan/status/1006249006312427522 > and Fiorentina or Tavagnacco will earn their spot in the uefa womens champions league. I am saddened cause the players earned that spot but can AC Milan operate Brescia effectively or destroy it ? i am worried. 
Robby e Socio is in twitter as Mameofan spelled m-a-m-e-o-f-a-n 
Barca women is in twitter as barcawomen spelled b-a-r-c-a-w-o-m-e-n

? Maame Dede Williams posted a paper from the government to ghana stating their plan to shut down and remake their football association <https://twitter.com/darmooh82/status/1004791987730558977 > ... yes, a documentary caused this but the greater problem is the lack of an in depth plan to recreate the ghana football association. The problem some members in the confederation of african football, asian football confederation or confederation of south american football have is all these geographic places still have a fiscal environment based on the white european empires that controlled them,
Maame Williams is in twitter as darmooh82 spelled d-a-r-m-o-o-h-8-2

? Henry Bushnell's article to Hope Solo's position toward the world cup 2026 bid < https://sports.yahoo.com/hope-solo-campaigning-u-s-led-2026-world-cup-bid-course-151638427.html > has one great flaw, he never state bluntly she is correct in everything she stated to USSoccer, the football association to the united states of america. Hope Solo is correct. US Soccer is corrupt, the process that made Major League soccer proves that if anything else. If a cheese thief accusses a bread thief, and only two thieves in the room exist, who amongst thieves will accuse the cheese thief? The US Federal government has involved itself deeply recently in FIFA affairs, advertised it is to weaken corruption or illegality in ,FIFA but USSoccer itself is corrupt or illegal and the US federal government seem unable to do anything about USSoccer's corruption or illegality.
Bushnell's article is linked in the transcript 
Hope Solo is in twitter as HopeSolo spelled h-o-p-e-s-o-l-o 
Hope SOlo in the article : I think it should be awarded to a country which abides by federal law, who is transparent, who runs their non-profit organizations in the way it should be run, who aren’t hiding millions of dollars, and a company who actually answers these questions that want to be answered 

?The financial times has an article <https://www.ft.com/content/ab460ce2-67ff-11e8-aee1-39f3459514fd#myft:my-news:grid >
 that ask, how the federation for international football associations, or F.I.F.A. commonly spoken as fifa , become controlled by autocracies or become an autocracy itself. First, what is autocracy, autocracy is rule from self. Autocracy, rule from self need not be rule from one person, second autocracy is not automatically a criminal situation. The article continue and ask, how was the organization corrupted? Which is a false question. FIFA always used big money to manipulate things in itself, starting in UEFA. The better question the article could had asked , instead of the prior , is why, those outside western europe or the usa in humanity do not think highly or give favor to western europe or the usa? Lastly, the article ask, can football fans do anything about it? but, that question suggest that russia or qatar do not have football fans, that morocco or C.A.F. do not have football fans. Sepp Blatter won another term cause the media representation from the united states of america side united kingdom was and is false. the usa side uk were angry but most in humanity were not angry at blatter or found him unsuitable to run fifa.
...I learned to the financial times article from lensois in the usa in twitter as LensoisInTheUSA spelled L-e-n-s-o-i-s-I-n-T-h-e-U-S-A 

?I read Terrell Owens public statement, made from a publicist. IT has no ill words to anyone. Donald Trump the current president to the usa has insulted people , from leaders outside the usa to those invited to the white house outside governmental affairs, yet people say he must be respected gardless his words. Owens insulted no one, and simply stated he does not want to attend, and he will celebrate it somewhere else, side those he love. I think that is not dishonorable. Unprecedence is not auto-dishonour. unprecedence can be dishonorable. Some in the media are suggesting dishonor absent anything dishonorable from terrell owens... owens public statement is linked in the transcript < https://twitter.com/terrellowens/status/1004772353346277376 > 
Terrell Owens is in twitter as t-e-r-r-e-l-l-o-w-e-n-s
terrell owens has not said anything negative to anyone, he spoke well to fans/all the teams he played for/supporters he just said he does not want to attend, is it really disrespectful? unprecedented yes, but disrespectful?  @ClaytonESPN  @SeanUnfiltered  https://twitter.com/terrellowens/status/1004772353346277376

?Question, who else beside #EmperorJames commonly known as Lebron James or King James went to the nba finals absent another player on the team deemed a superstar, in the past twenty year? Use the hashtag #RMAudible ... on another note, Lebron James continued the super team trend started from Boston in Miami and then betrayed the superteam trend going back to cleveland cause cleveland could not aid in making it happen. he won one with merely a duet but it is clear, lebron side two others could had won more and more but he didn't have two others. Will he get two others now? It is the age of the superteam in the NBA, the owners tried everything to stop it from, forcing dratees to remain in the drafted team to forcing dratees to play in the ncaa, to salary caps, the owners tried everything to stop the super team, but the super team is here, I hope Lebron build a super team in a big market and go out on a run.
... Lebron James state he will consider the children in any action, but has decided some possibilities. He seems interested in joining a project not building. Miami he has considered, and pat riley admitted it took time but he comprehended Emperor James choices to succeed in Cleveland, though i do concur to riley that miami could had gotten to the final four years instead of cleveland and had better chances to winning more titles than the one cleveland did. I can see Kyrie/DWade/Lebron/Bosh as winning all four seasons in all earnest. Houston is a ready product and in harding or chris paul lebron does not have to worry about moving the ball up and down the floor all the time, but can houston keep paul and get james? Philadelphia is interesting. Charles Barkley opined, incorrectly again, the Emperor James is not as good as Michael Jordan. A false statement cause the two players are not even similar. Players similar to Michael Jordan are Kobe/DWade , Shaq is a center whose game is like Chamberlain/Ewing , Lebron's game is like... Magic Johnson and you know who has a game similar to Emperor James or MAgic, Ben Simmons. The only way to compare players is through their playing style, not their achievement cause you can not assess two or more individual scenarios in varied team environments. It is invalid by default from the many radom radical possibilities. MJ was the greatest scorer in a time, greatest two guard in a time, greatest in a time, a G.I.A.T. a giat. Lebron is the greatest point guard now, greatest complete ball player today, greatest in this time  a G.I.T.T. gitt , but no player is the greatest in all time, that is impossible. 
lastly, and i repeat my opening question in this segment, did mj/kobe/shaq/ever or any other player win an nba cup final absent playing side another player who is considered a superstar? the truth is , only hakeem alajuwon can state that, in his first win in houston, facing a new york knick team that was similar in patrick ewing side others; thus that series went to seven games and , sad for me, alajuwon won and patrick ewing never got a ring. but, charles barkley or chris webber, as players never reached a final or never reached a final absent another superstar on their team and yet, can speak ill to lebron. 
article on Lebron James transfer < http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article212867159.html >

?I quote Lionel Messi < https://twitter.com/sean_murray1/status/1004271714686177280 > : As a UNICEF ambassador, I cannot play against people who kill innocent palestinian children. We had to cancel the game because we are humans before footballers. 
I add my own point, the jewish people in israel like the entire populace in the usa, some time aid or usually abet sinful things internally or externally.
I learned this from a post shared from Steve Graff who is in twitter as SG_Calcio spelled as s-g-underscore-c-a-l-c-i-o 
from a post by sean murray in twitter as sean_murray1 spelled as s-e-a-n-underscore-m-u-r-r-a-y-1

?what sports club, not league, but club or team has the best former player association? I have a link to an image citing the beginning of the real madrid former player association <https://twitter.com/HemerotecaRMCF/status/1005375363109801984 > 
posted from HemerotecaRMCF in twitter spelled as H-e-m-e-r-o-t-e-c-a-R-M-C-F , shared through Bodo Ilgner who is in twitter as Bodo_Illgner spelled B-o-d-o-underscore-I-l-l-g-n-e-r 
... Illgner asked a great question to Karius, did liverpool ask for the medical to protect karius as a goalie or his health? < https://twitter.com/Bodo_Illgner/status/1003940679146528768 >  

? Marcus Breton had a comment about Muhammed Ali that I found absent key truth <https://twitter.com/MarcosBreton/status/1005192209698734080 > here is my reply, you can use your mind to derive the source: please define the phenotype or give the common phenotypical label to the majority of those that as you say hated Ali when big, strong, baddest man in the world, they were not black were they? 

?The ringer is the one that exposed Colangelo. We need to honour investigative reporting and hope that it happens more outside the athletic arena and in the places where, food/energy/wars/financial transactions reside 
Robin Carlin is in twitter as robincarlin spelled as r-o-b-i-n-c-a-r-l-i-n 
The Ringer good shout @robincarlin investigative reporting is rare, i did not know who broke the story, imagine if such journalism could expose big firms or governments https://www.theringer.com

?Kelly Marie Tran deleted all her post on Instagram < https://twitter.com/SWTweets/status/1003833275738013697 > cause from people speaking ill to her on t-instagram , i read daisy ridley did likewise... what is my point for sharing this. the location does not matter online. the location does not matter. negativity is not a province to twitter or facebook and absent instagram or snapchat. Negativity is a matter to the community communicating through electronic communication medium commonly called online.  
The site does not matter. I have a blog on aalbc, a boutique site in the ever growing internet. But, this site if larger will reflect the communication skills to the people in it. if the people in it are venting or ranting negativity then it will predominant and pollute the communication environment. the place online does not matter, what matter is the desire from each person in communicating online. 

...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club as RM Interviewer ... be Safe

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0:32 womens transfers news site 

0:48 mimi fawaz speak to Daniel Amokachi about morocco world cup 

1:24 UEFA coefficients

2:16 Brescia is no more and pays a price 

3:07 the ghana football association remake 

3:54 Hope Solo does not hate US Soccer 

5:03 The West is not best 

6:57 Terrell Owens respectful decline 

7:58 a question to an emperor viva superteam

11:44 Messi is the man 

12:32 et tu former player?

13:32 Ali bouma ye!

13:57 let us honour the ringer

14:21 The place is not the community online 

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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 9 June 19th 2018 
I am in google plus as Richard Murray Fanatacism , I moderate a community in google plus called wsplus spelled w-s-p-l-u-s
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

This edition will be short. And may be the last until after the world cup, remember to check the AALBC blog for information on the next posting
and with that being said, big thanks to @JimmyConrad for stating $431 dollars per ticket for the usa world cup. I wonder what the price to morocco's if they would had won?  
Jeremy st Louis has clearly never been fiscally poor to jibe to savings in reply to jimym conrad's statement  
I quote Maame Dede Williams: <https://twitter.com/darmooh82/status/1006935816931815425 > All those tweeting crap about countries who didn’t vote for the #United2026 bid, get off your high horses. Hosting the WC is earned not a right. So stop complaining & calling other countries names because they exercised their sovereign right. No one owes U an explanation! ?? 
...My reply to her is: that is to be expected , you have to realize if morocco or usa won, the ones who voted against the usa would be criminalized in usa media. Thus only Cuba abstained from voting. 
... now getting into the voting is interesting. A friend of mine came from small islands in the caribbean, who have been denied aid from the usa, they all voted for the usa, including dominica who voted against the usa in the prior round. Gary Bailley stated how can countries like bahamas vote against the usa, considering the repurcussions. If only the caribbean would had abstained altogether. 
The map from a ny times article display it well < https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/06/08/sports/worldcup/fifa-vote-world-cup-2026-host.html > All in concacaf voted for the usa. All but brazil in south america voted for the usa. I will love to know why or how brasil didn't but then all the others did vote for the usa. I know story is there. 
Most from UEFA voted for the USA which is expected. Spain did not vote, which is interesting. France side Italy, netherlands, belgium, voted for the morocco bid. 
In AFC, Iran voted to neither usa or morocco. In Far east Asia it played out in some way obvious. But had interesting moments, One china, peoples republic or taiwan, voted for morocco. Hong Kong, oddly enough voted for the usa, while china/north korea/macau/taiwan all voted for morocco... hmm 
In the end, while the usa was able to finance all the votes in concacaf outside cuba, morocco was not able to regale all from CAF/all muslim/nearby UEFA to vote for them. 
Nearby uefa in spain/italy/france voted for morocco. but the following is a listing of countries that have majority muslim populations or are in the confederation of african football or the caribbean football union that did not vote for Morocco, make of them what you will. 
afghanistan , anguilla, antigua and barbuda, bahamas, azerbaijan, bahrain, bangladesh, barbados, benin, botswana, british virgin islands, cape verde, curacao, dominica, dominican republic, grenada, guinea, guyana, haiti, indonesia, iraq, jamaica, jordan, kuwait, kyrgystan, lebanon, lesotho, liberia, malaysia, mozambique, namibia, saudi arabia, sierra leone, singapore,south africa , saint kitts nevis, st lucia, st vincent, suriname, trinidad and tobago, turks and caicos, united arab emirates, uzbekistan, zimbabwe 
... after looking at who voted against , southern C.A.F. members lost any future claim to caf unity to me, if any country from the southern C.A.F. want to hold a world cup the other countries in c.a.f. who voted for morocco must vote against them. I have heard many in the south africa's , zimbabwe,s botswana's, talk about uniting caf, and yet they voted this way. for me, caf unity is finished. To the C.F.U., they all could had abstained or voted none of the above, like cuba. but c.f.u. unity is finished for me, cause when you can vote for a country that is hurting your own, that has a negative influence on your own, that betrays the whole point of unity. lastly, muslims, i find it entertaining that the united arab emirates voted against an arab country. Again, do not speak of unity on larger things when you can't be united on lesser things.   
I asked Paulo Frietas did the brasilian fa say anything about why he voted, he replied  < https://twitter.com/Cynegeticus/status/1006950854937796608 > < https://twitter.com/Cynegeticus/status/1006954901933576211 > and basically, the elected official was quite and didn't go into details. i expect, the legal action from the us federal government to former brasilian fa officials side investment oportunities in morocco or debts from the brasilian world cup had a part to play. 
The official list from FIFA is linked in the transcript < https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/voting-results-for-the-2026-fifa-world-cup.pdf?cloudid=vpnl19m2xr8zk50mnor3 >  
... I looked at the future bids to 2030 and 2034, it seems the influence to the usa rears its ugly head again. Argentina/Uruguay/PAraguay have a collective bid for 2030. all the countries in caf that voted for morocco must vote against them, on pure principle. a southeast asian collective want to joint bid for 2034. ... I remember when Japan/south korea joint bidded. It was japan's world cup with south korea getting some matches. if this goes to the inevitable then one day we will see confederation bids. where essentially, the world cup rotates from confederation to confederation in a simple sequence where confederation make joint bids from members. having a voting process to regions in confederations makes the single vote augmented too much. we will see. 
...Maame Williams is in twitter as Darmooh82 spelled d-a-r-m-o-o-h-8-2 
Jimmy Conrad is in twitter as JimmyConrad spelled j-i-m-m-y-c-o-n-r-a-d 
Jeremy St Louis is in twitter as jrstlouis spelled j-r-s-t-l-o-u-i-s 
Gary Bailley is in twitter as 
Paulo frietas is in twitter as cynegeticus spelled c-y-n-e-g-e-t-i-c-u-s
... and remember to check out articles from outside the anglophone to comprehend what others are saying about the usa victory
... like the following < https://globoesporte.globo.com/futebol/copa-do-mundo/noticia/voto-do-brasil-no-marrocos-desata-crise-diplomatica-na-fifa.ghtml TRANSLATION https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=pt&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fgloboesporte.globo.com%2Ffutebol%2Fcopa-do-mundo%2Fnoticia%2Fvoto-do-brasil-no-marrocos-desata-crise-diplomatica-na-fifa.ghtml&edit-text=&act=url > I learned from Paulo Frietas detailing the issue of brasil voting against the other conmebol countries. From the article conmebol had arrived with a planned block vote to regale, not enforce concacaf through the usa lead to vote as a block for argentina/uruguay/paraguay as a joint bid. The brasilian fa head knew but he chose to vote for morocco. While the USA did its best to eliminate as many people as possible from fifa who were in potent positions in denying the usa a world cup, those people have others who will always resent the usa for what it did and that repurcussion will be seen or unseen in the administration to the beautiful game globally 
quotes from brazilian article 
: "The formalization of the support was in a document made public by Conmebol on April 13, the result of a meeting of Conmebol Council - of which Nunes is part - held in Buenos Aires. The agreement would be ratified in two other meetings of the same Council, one May 11 in Asuncion, and another on June 11 in Moscow. Colonel Nunes, 80, was present at all."
: "At Conmebol, which cemented support for North America, CBF's attitude was understood as an inexcusable betrayal. In exchange for support for the 2026 World Cup, the South American confederation hoped to have the votes of the North in the vote to choose the venue for the 2030 World Cup, when a candidacy made up of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay must face England." 
: "This Thursday, therefore 24 hours after the crisis created by Coronel Nunes, Conmebol will promote an event in Moscow to promote its candidacy for the 2030 World Cup. All leaders of the continent will be there to show support for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay . In the conversation between cards, Brazil became a joke: "Perhaps it is better for Brazil not to send anyone. They can declare support for the other candidate." Nunes was told not to go there." 
: "The lack of a convincing explanation on the part of the CBF fueled several speculations, each with some degree of verisimilitude, but none doable. One: it was a retaliation to the fact that the US and Mexico did not accept to compete for the Copa América of Brazil in 2019. Another: Nunes did not vote in the US as a revenge against the country that ended the career of his mentor, Marco Polo Del Nero." 

Kay Murray suggested < https://twitter.com/KayLMurray/status/1007311658182733825 > , and I paraphrase her, over playing quality or tournament need, the bringing together to the global sporting event known as the fifa world cup, is the best part and helps beyond the pitch. 
... I think her position has value but structurally, the problem is world cup qualification or the confederations structures. Conmebol in particular has to add more members to is confederation to sustain the conedration model, uefa has too many countries already. AFC or CAF have so many countries they can tolerate the growth more. I think the cfu, the caribbean football union may break up into a north and south version, or at least, need to, with the south joining conmebol. I consider southern cfu, the lesser antilles side the south american cfu members. If fifa keeps growing the members to the world cup, conmebol will need more than three new members to maintain the competitive advantage in their qualification model. 
... some have opined that conmebol side concacaf need to combine a kind of soccer based monroe doctrine. i do not like that idea. the usa has already shown its ability to use its government to influence fifa, doing this will only make it stronger, and fifa will become like the united nations or olympics, a usa based organization masquerading falsely as global. 
... I responded to kay with the following : a structural question is: will conmebol add members to maintain quality in their qualification model? a cultural question is: are most communities in modern humanity desiring unity side each other? 
... check out the prose from romelu lukaku in the player tribune, shared through kay murray, linked in the transcript.
Kay murray is in twitter as kaylmurray spelled k-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y 
Romelu Lukaku players tribune
article < https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/romelu-lukaku-ive-got-some-things-to-say?utm_source=social&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=worldcup18&utm_term=Lukaku
tweet < https://twitter.com/PlayersTribune/status/1008560263182897162
referral < https://twitter.com/KayLMurray/status/1008909366920085504

Res Roma will join ACF Brescia and become a sister club. While ACF Brescia will become AC Milan, Res Roma will become AS Roma < https://plus.google.com/b/113017478177192749610/116860551396466062603/posts/U17zEUxC6oE
The news came from Isabella Lamberti in WSplus , please go to the transcript to read the news. 

?To the copa mundial ...that the results so far from this world cup prove that Video Assistance Refereeing like refereeing absent video assistance, picks or chooses when it operates, ala the goal against Brasil from Australia. Miranda was pushed in the back, if following the law is the point, then not following the law is... what... Confederation of African Football members have been hurt by penalties and set piece more than any other. This proves that the refereeing in C.A.F. will no longer suit the refereeing in the world cup. I still advocate not implementing video review in any tournament or league. but the competitiveness in C.A.F. has to grow. In the transcript I have my idea that was created for the womens game, but is applicable in the mens game in CAF. < https://plus.google.com/b/113017478177192749610/+RichardMurraysFanatacism/posts/d3FoSrqJERB > CAF must become more competitive in all flag based or club based competition. Dani Alves injury was massive. I wish Tite was brave and play a 343, utilizing Miranda/Thiago Silva/Marquinhos in the back, and in midfield Marcelo/casemiro/Paulinho/Willian and in the attacking trident use Douglas Costa/Neymar/Coutinho
Gabriel Jesus/Fernandhino/Danilo to me, need to all be on the bench. they are all good players but they are all tuned to the guardiola way and each offers little to nothing in the individual artistic threat that permeates the others. the 433 when Dani Alves played side Marcelo worked cause the artistic attack had balance as marcelo side dani alves both are electric from the wide back role. The only way I can see the 433 remain is if Felipe Luiz can play a false right back role. thus, casemiro/paulinho/renato augusto can play in the midfield. two from thiago silva/mirande/marquinhos can play center defense. and then Neymar G jesus Willian can play up top with marcelo as the right back and felipe luis as the false left. Lastly, if Napoli taught me anything and this relate to Mexico, when people start crying and becoming very emotional at the end of a match that has not decided anything with many matches to go, they can truly slip up. we will see how mexico handle the next match. 

...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club as RM Interviewer ... be Safe

END SPEAK Timing from Spreaker, infer main questions, place in aalbc article side google post 

0:40 USA wins the 2026 world cup congratulations but here is some information you may not know

9:32 More world cup entries will force a change in conmebol 

11:36 Res is not AS

12:11 world cup thoughts 


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6/25/2018 I hear many speak about Argentina in terms of best players, or best players, but I rarely hear the world balance? What is the balance? Brasil has balance. Yes, Brasil have a talisman in Neymar, like Argentina have in Messi. But, Brasil have balance. Brasil have played a 433 like barcelona while argentina can not? but why? Brasil have wide back players argentina do not have, in felipe luis, marcelo, dani alves, danilo, fagner, each from them if argentinean are a starter. These wide back players push the attack from deep. This allow Neymar to play a freer role. Dani Alves requires more safety and had great balance to Willian who is a true team player. But, with Alves injured, Douglass Costa was placed in the mirror role to Neymar ahead of Fagner and the balance was made in the last match; in that match Fagner played safe, and allowed Douglas Costa to attack instantly, thus Neymar was not as fouled cause the attack had balance. But, in the midfield, Casemiro/Paulinho/Coutinho offer everything any team need in midfield. Defensive cover, passing to control the flow of the game, running between lines or into spaces or in cover absent the ball. Brasil have not only great players, but great players who together can make a great team. Now, you can argue that a team not have balance in all sectors. Look at Spain, spain have only one forward capable in a team full of midfielders. the key is that iniesta/isco/silva/thiago/busquets all are used to moving about and making shapes in a midfield setup, thus five midfielders can create their own brand of balance. yes, spain is not a big goal scorer having that setup but they at least can reach a balance. Argentina have five forwards, who are used to midfielders providing them the ball. Aguero/Di Maria/Messi/Higuain/Dybala all receive the ball, sometimes helping the midfield to build. thus, if you play those five, adding the fact that argentina have no quality wide backs, argentina's natural system with their squad is 325. If argentina had icardi, they could be a 3241 as icardi is a poacher. But, thus the problem. Messi wants to play a possession game and his team clearly are a counterattacking team. Sampaoli will have to get argentina's attackers to learn to play deep in a counterattack , or get players to play outside their routine at clubs. One thing is certain, if Argentina are imbalanced against Nigeria and Nigeria play a 334 system, like the last match, which showed balance, Argentina are in trouble cause argentina's defenders are the weakest element in Argentina. As a support to CAF I hope Nigeria win. 


Ending question, why did Brasil never call up diego costa, no disrespect to G Jesus, whom I think, like his MCFC conmebol teammates, fernandhino/danilo/aguero are all poor in flag competition this summer. is not as potent as Costa would had been, thus why brasil never called him up? part of me think it is Dunga's influence. Dunga did not bring ronaldhino to south africa and Scolari was only a short stop gap for Brasil. I think Tite would had brought Costa in, and that true power is what Brasil need up top. Short flag cup competitions are not like club cup or league competitions,, they are far shorter and require instant connection. No time exist to build anything and i think that is why many conmebol players in guardiola teams have issues in their flag side. 


Argentina need balance, can all its great players side its great coach find it? Ol messi , need a merry old goal and a merry old goal he need... 

Edited by RM Interviewer
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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 10 June 28th 2018  
I am in google plus as Richard Murray Fanatacism , I moderate a community in google plus called wsplus spelled w-s-p-l-u-s
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

Jessica Houara has left Olympique Lyonnais < https://twitter.com/JessicaHouara/status/1009013739880886273 > I am starting to worry about next season. Thomis, abily, petit, houara, hamraoui are all leaving. I hope they will be replaced by hungry, quality players. The starting eleven only has a few positions open but a great team need a great bench. ... Kheira Hamraoui has joined Barcelona... ahhh:( hurts  < https://twitter.com/BarcaWomen/status/1009035189035642880>

Osasu Obayiuwana shared a thought to an article from the Guardian that is excellent < https://twitter.com/osasuo/status/1008753529379610627 ; https://twitter.com/guardian/status/1008744451718737920 ; https://www.theguardian.com/football/shortcuts/2018/jun/18/eni-aluko-alex-scott-stars-world-cup-commentary?CMP=twt_gu > I paraphrase him, Eniola Aluko orAlex Scott are not suprisingly competent cause they are females, they have the basis to competence in jogo bonito, they have prepared well and have deep knowledge to the sport. I concur to him. The problem is, equaliy. The language to inequality is in the suprise when another has ability. I quote the guardian article : "he breakout star of the men’s World Cup is a woman. It’s not something many would have seen coming. " , that quote suggest surprise, when why is it a suprise that two female soccer players one, recently hanging her cleets up, the other playing for juventus are knowledgeable about the game? Congratulations to them both but truly seeing someone else as able has to come from more than a advertising line, but must come from your inner mind, and if that inner mind has a negative bias, it will display itself.
Eniola Aluko is in twitter as EniAlu spelled E-n-i-A-l-u 
Alex Scott is in twitter as AlexScott spelled A-l-e-x-S-c-o-t-t 
Osasu Obayiuwana is in twitter as osasuo spelled o-s-a-s-u-o  

Interpreting law on the pitch or in a private room having video monitors is still interpretation and will always be questionable. V.A.R. is not what people need, they need to accept human error. The idea that V.A.R. would had changed outcomes assumes teams in losing scenarios would had achieved more. For example, england in the hand of god scenario. but having var does england get to face argentina? some like Matteo Bonetti have suggested, VAR lead to equalization but I oppose that position. Human error tends to equalize for all teams in any tournament.  and I repeat the truth that Thomas Rongen stated, which i paraphrased in the last round. In the world cup VAR has lead to more goals by penalty or set piece than any other, thus, I am uncertain its effect in a short cup tournament using immature player groupings is yielding the results in goals that people want. And, having goal fest between inequal opposition is derived from FIFA expanding world cup entrants. 
Thomas Rongen is in twitter as TRongen spelled T-R-o-n-g-e-n
Matteo Bonetti is in twitter as TheCalcioGuy spelled T-h-e-C-a-l-c-i-o-G-u-y

Thomas Rongen , whom I don't know intimately but from his media persona, seem able to view cultures not his own positively, made a point < https://twitter.com/TRongen/status/1008148212371394560 >  to say rooting for mexico is a positive thing. I replied to him: "I wonder for those that are unwilling to root for mexico , were they rooting for germany? In 2014,many brasilians, not all, rooted for Arg as a conmebol member. fans in the usmnt are unwilling to root for the confederation neighbor that was just part to an advertised joint bid. "
In amendment, the inability to cheer for a geographically bordering country, in the same confederation as you, from many or most in a populace is telling to who they truly are. Again, I noted this when brasilians had issues supporting Argentina, not all, some, maybe most. I saw this in the fifa voting when all the members of the southern subconfederation in C.A.F. confederation of african football, did not vote for morocco. I see this in fans to the US national team, unwilling to support the flag team to the fa, football association, that just won a joint bid to host the world cup side the usa. 
BUT, it prove a point I made in an earlier round, Liga MX is the best soccer league in CONCACAf, but the populace in the usa has no history to giving praise to anything foreign, foreign defined as something based outside the legal geographic bounds, especially in sports. Again, mlb,nba, nhl, nfl, representing baseball basketball hockey the gridiron have no competition outside the usa from other leagues. all other leagues in those sports feed the statian based leagues. but MLS, has comparitives, that are much better, far older, and based in governments, fiscally far weaker or poorer than the united states of america, and that truth is why Liga MX is not touted as the best league in CONCACAF, even though they continually dominate the concacaf champions league, which is the premier club tournament in Concacaf. 
I will always find it odd, that while the usa federal government as well as most states is has elected officials who seem opposed to mexico/mexicans or many other people outside the usa, the us soccer, the statian f.a., football association, has successfully made a joint bid side mexico. That is imbalance in the truest sense. 
... by 2026 the united states of america may have a huge wall or many wall network between itself and mexico while also having a trade barrier or restrictor between itself and canada while all three are hosting a world cup, anyone explain to me why that is not crazy

? Jimmy Conrad suggested < https://twitter.com/JimmyConrad/status/1009066454715518977 > that set piece goals are all about concentration side determination, not skill, considering all the set piece goals in the world cup but I think it is a skill. 
this is my reply to him: "maybe that is the problem, the concept that no skill is involved in defending set pieces is the lie. you have to make quick adjustments from a standing position, you have to read the opposition and not just your marker but your area. it is skill"
and in succession < https://twitter.com/JimmyConrad/status/1009072627443367936 > : "well , when neymar has the ball and dribbles through opponents he has to comprehend ahead where they will move, how they move, in set piece defending, many defenders get caught not reading the other markers the larger environment. if assessing a situation is a skill then ..."
and continue : "I do comprehend your point. awareness is mandatory, vital, the quicker you are aware the quicker you can adjust, but the best set pieces must be interpreted before hand, in the same way the best defenders in open play read the offense setup, not just mark one guy, "
A stat concerning Japan, Columbia from mister Chipping < https://twitter.com/MisterChiping/status/1009068285483192320>

?FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 Group stage ends and group by group I will go through where I went wrong and end with an assessment to the round of 16. In the transcript, look for my assessment to the group stages, made on december 1st 2017 
...group a, from top to bottom, uruguay, russia, saudi arabia, egypt, I was correct in Uruguay winning group A. I was wrong in egypt, russia, or saudi arabia's placement. Russia at home was lifted but also showed their quality. The russian premier league is not a miserable league even though coming from the anglophone, most media speak ill to it. This tournament proved that. Saudi Arabia like most west AFC members has money, has invested in infrastructure, but is also not spoken well of, unlike russia i never get to see their league. Egypt, as a CAF member, I did wish to progress through. I thought they would battle it through. As i made my group choices last year december, I did not calculate salah's injury in the uefa champions league final into the mix. It is unfortunate he was not able to play all three games. 
group b, from top to bottom, spain, portugal , iran, morocco, ...I was correct in the top two teams but I did not think Costa would settle. Spain have figured out how to play a true number nine next to five true midfielders, mostly all central midfielders. their movement is key, spain still lack true width and can have a dawdling aspect in midfield but costa allows that outlet and power that can be dangerous. Iran to me were very impressive. Again, like most west afc members, i do not get to see them play. In Iran's case the relationship to the usa off the pitch, like with russia makes this obvious in some way. Morocco to me, lost alot when they lost the bid to the usa. It may sound silly but i think the mood soured and right before a world cup, having the mood sour, especially when morocco a country whose geography is in africa, whose populace is mostly muslim or arab did not get all votes from caf, muslim, or arab football associations, I think played an energetic role. The own goal in their first match just turned the knife in them.
group c, from top to bottom, france, denmark, peru, australia, ... France to me have the same problem they had in the euros, olivier giroud. It will always amaze me how the best forward france have has missed a euros and a world cup for off pitch nonsense. Deschamps for me, is a poor coach. I saw the Euros, france were missing the best center forward they have, who has the best striking capability, best passing back to goal, best movement in forward areas, Benzema is the best center forward France have and bullshit, yes bullshit, can not be what a true coach uses to justify not bringing a player. Like The french Deschamps, Dunga did the same to Brasil. He would not bring Ronaldhino whom he knew was preparing for this. Ronaldhino was ready to go to south africa, and dunga didn't bring him. he didn't bring a player that has helped brasil get to three finals being supported by kaka/robinho/ a young neymar , dunga wasted the opportunity and deschamps likewise is doing the same in france. Like in the Euros it will bite deschamps and pundits, who supported deschamps choice, like Ray hudson on beinsports, will not admit a simple truth, if you do not bring the best players available in a short cup competition using a temporary team, you are foolish.  Denmark was very precise, and like their northern neighbors or others later on, the expansion to teams is proving to aid UEFA most of all. But, the team I had second was peru and peru made a mistake a number of others made. That mistake is to not start your best player available. Like egypt not playing salah the first game, PEru chose not to start paulo guerrero the first game. the group stage is three games. Brazil , comprehended neymar needed all three games. Star players have got to fight through whatever ails or bothers or hinders them and start all the matches. A wise coach uses a substitution if injury arrives again, but you have to start your best players, the group stage is too short for games. Peru not starting guerrero cost them second and they moved to third.  Australia to me were outdone by Denmark. Denmark played the way I thought australia would. Tough in the back, never say day, sharp attacks. I think in some way, australia's coaching change late hindered the team alongside some players a little out of form as well. 
...group d, from top to bottom, croatia, argentina, nigeria, iceland, I was correct in croatia or iceland, i said croatia is dangerous. Depth and a potent midfield is the key to croatia, and a true team spirit. The parts of yugoslavia really like being parts. I thought the stable athletic skillful nigeria would override imbalanced, defensively inept argentina, but in the end, one goal difference separated the two. The truth is Nigeria needed to defeat Iceland and didn't, just drew. Had they defeated iceland, it was all over for argentina. but they didn't. Argentina played desperate the whole match against nigeria, did not pay for their fouling. But achieved two goals through the defensive gambling in nigeria. But argentina are not balanced and it shows. Iceland are a solid team but in the world cup, unlike the Euros, most of these teams have talismans from varying qualities that will expose the lack of specific quality in the average icelandic player. 
...group e, from top to bottom, brazil, switzerland, serbia, costa rica, Brazil is a favorite, largely cause even absent marcelo, dani alves, douglass costa, they have the depth to handle all three not available and still be a balanced side full of craft or goals. I figured switzerland who are hard workers who also have flair and technical skill would overcome, serbia who battle but are lacking some goal power or costa rica who have a strong defense but few goals in them or players that can make a large march to goals from deep. 
... group f, from top to bottom, sweden, mexico, south korea, germany, I have to first admit my lack of researching skill. anyone who paid attention to the last four world cup winners from fifa will see they each did not get out of the group stage in the next tournament thus why will germany be other, no reason exist and germany continued the tradition from france to italy to spain to present. Each time a uefa team win the world cup they come back after four years using a similar squad who are not the same. Brazil, a team used to winning, more than any other, overturns the best over time. Sweden proved they are better absent zlatan, it is not that zlatan is a bad player but his unique physicality side skill set make it hard to find teammates who are similar to him. paul pogba is one of the few if only top player who like zlatan is not confined to the common definition to the role he is given. Zlatan is not really a traditional number nine or ten but a unique player who can play various roles in the attack or midfield based on a mix of skill side physicality like paul pogba. Mexico fell in the last game but showed in the first two that they are dangerous when they get it correct, in a sharp counterattack but have a physical softness when pressed by a physically daunting team like sweden, which is unlike short south korea or artistic germany. South Korea showed more grit and physical determination than germany in the last game. They can take that idea and build on it, they also need better finishing. Song can score goals but his role in the team is midfield facilitator, they need someone to be a natural goal scorer. Germany are suffering from the modern coach syndrome, that is when modern coaches prefer players who are midfield esque throughout their team and place to little emphasis on phsyciality or determination or total team play, not jsut attacking team play but defensive team play. Germany played a team that was built to play prettily but lacked athletic danger, lacked a true team play mentality in defense, midfield, or attack and it showed. 
...group g, from top to bottom, belgium, england, tunisia, panama, I admit i have a caf preference thus tunisia. Belgium topped the group in the third match showing their quality is greater than england, but england did not have to progress. I wonder if belgium will pay for not being challenged in the group stage, especially in midfield absent nainngolan. I dreamed for tunis, but the dream ended quick. Panama to be fair fought well, as they did in the qualifiers, but the lack of playing on more ambitious teams as well as small teams who dont suggest high ambition which will make the players for said teams more sharper. Panama have talent but their players do not have access to teams to grow it better. 
... group h, from top to bottom, colombia, japan, senegal, poland, I admit C.A.F. bias, Senegal could had progressed. To be fair, they did not based on yellow card accumulation which is from referee bias, which does exist. But, like Nigeria against Iceland, Senegal needed to defeat japan to put pressure on the conmebol team they faced next or make their entry into the next round easier. Senegal had no reason not to defeat Japan, they just did not. Poland is like wales, lewandowski can not undo the weakness throughout the polish squad no more than gareth bale can the welsh but the uefa qualification model is the problem. It like CAf, AFC, Concacaf, uefa has a qualification model that does not challenge enough and allows the luck of the draw to favor the fiscally impotent flags while give the fiscally potent an easy path.  

Final thoughts, CAF members must develop their domestic leagues while improve their qualification model for the world cup . See the transcript for the link to my idea < https://plus.google.com/b/113017478177192749610/+RichardMurraysFanatacism/posts/GynW3nTpnzs > AFC or UEFA must also improve the quality of world cup qualification. All coaches to every team must realize you have to start your best every single game, no question. Three matches do not allow for the rotational concepts in league play or domestic cup play. Video Assistance Refereeing is not goal line technology. Goal line technology is mechanical it assess a true or false situation. V.A.R. is more opinion from referees in a video conferencing room added onto to the opinion from referees on the pitch. Getting calls correct is not why VAR was needed or how it was advertised, most calls absent VAR were correct from referees. V.A.R. was sold on the idea that it will get calls correct absolutely. But this world cup proved that to be a false advertisement, which common sense people like me side others said from the beginning but those who own or control the beautiful game, overrided through their power which enforced advocacy from all over the media element in the soccer world. V.A.R. does not guarantee a team will not be denied a just call, it merely provides another fiscal cost to the beautiful game and gives pundits who could not accept human error on the pitch, a displaced referee whom they can accept being erroneous, that being a referee in a video conference room. very silly to me, but again, the people who own or control have given it support in western uefa or the usa thus it will happen their but Gladly! most of the football associations do not have the time to waste on a fiscally costly system that offers nothing over what is already present in the game. 

To the round of 16, match by match,the most important thing is yellow card, red card accumulations, as that can force adjustments in the round of 16 that teams do not want
Uruguay versus Portugal ,will be a battle, two teams who defend mostly and counterattack well, neither possess well and both have danger in attack, as well as collective steel in defense. I sense a close game, and I will say go to penalties, and uruguay will go through, cr7 missing a penalty. Both teams are healthy but whomever progresses will probably not have a player for the round of eight. 
France versus Argentina, will be a blowout win for France. Argentina are slow in defense or midfield and france may be the fastest in attack, as well as the most athletic in midfield overall. Lastly, Mbappe, Griezzman, Dembele, Giroud are far more media loved than Iheanaco and if they are fouled like Iheanaco was the penalty will be given. I say france earn an early penalty and score many goals, argentina are blanked. France nor argentina have any player unavailable but I think France must be careful, while routing Argentina, argentina will try to terminate players with very malicious fouls. I expect a top player from France to be injured out of the tournament or maybe the next round, hopefully not pogba but i will call an otamendi foul on pogba, as a mirror to sergio ramos on salah.        
Brazil versus Mexico, is interesting, Brazil have the athleticism to stun Mexico like Sweden while they have the skill to challenge mexico aside their physicality at the same time. I think this can be a rout. Mexico have talent but brazil is the epitomy to what mexico or all other latin american sides want to be. Hector Moreno will be out and as a starting central defender that will mean mexico will face brazil using an uncommon central defending duo. 
Belgium versus Japan, is a rout for Belgium, Lukaku is too strong for any defender from Japan and the speed or strength on average in Belgium will exploit the lack of physical strength in japan. Belgium can attack in any way, and Japan do not offer much in attack but a patient counterattack that is not sharp enough. Belgium again, are not challenged enough to show their weaknesses. Belgium or Japan are fully available. 
Spain versus Russia, is tricky, like Uruguay, Spain have in diego costa that knife that can cut through russian defense. but, unlike uruguay spain have a soft midfield that russia can outwork. Whomever scores first has an advantage as Russia can not open up to midfield strong Spain while Spain can not play rushed to an eager or hard working russian team. Smolnikov is out, no matter who is the right back, russia will not be attacking from wide alot. I say one goal win for Spain but Russia score.
Croatia versus Denmark, is a battle, a team that has a great keeper and defends as a team with a lukewarm attack against a team that has a strong midfield with a workhorse number 9. this match is another battle. I say penalties at the end. Both teams have players who work hard for each other. Denmark win on penalties. 
Sweden versus Switzerland , is a battle, and heavy yellow card influence. Sebastian LArsson, a midfielder, is out for Sweden.Lichsteiner side Schar are out for switzerland, the swiss backline is all new for this match. This will be a grind and sweden will win the penalties. 
Colombia versus England, is interesting, England is all about speed and youth. Colombia may not have James Rodriguez which is bad for their midfield out passes. England have danger all over. Colombia have more experience especially facing tough matches and that may help them catch england on the counterattack and measure the game well. But England can fly on Colombia. I say, Colombia shock England 2-1 victory for Colombia. 

Thus I predict in the round of eight, uruguay versus france, brazil versus belgium, spain versus denmark, sweden versus colombia
My final of France/Brasil can not happen sadfully , I wish it could.  

My Thoughts on who would progress from December 1st 2017 , I took this off from a google plus post

Group A — Russia, Uruguay, Egypt, Saudi Arabia 
Saudi Arabia

Uruguay are battle tested, and in egypt/russia/saudi arabia they don't have a contestant who offers an offensive danger that will startle uruguay. Egypt through salah have a determined group, they have fought hard to be in this competition. I think they can gain more points than Russia or Saudi Arabia. Tough tournament for Russia national team, I hope the players can keep their cool.

Group B — Portugal, Spain, Iran, Morocco 

Spain are very dangerous but in Portugal they have a team that know them well and is in a positive modulation post Euros. Morocco is a team that battles , and will bunker and counter throughout the group. I have not seen much of Iran. The Spain /Portugal match will be huge.

Group C — France, Peru, Denmark, Australia 

France have a good group. None of the other teams have attacking abilities that can destabilize france and the athleticism side skill from France is something only Peru has dealt with regularly. PEru/Australia match will determine who gains second. Tight matches that can waver in the second spot.

Group D — Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria  

Croatia is a very dangerous team and the most balanced team in the group. Nigeria is underrated and they have youth coming up who will be more mature during the cup led by a free Mikel. ICeland is a very trained team and if Croatia/Nigeria/Argentina underestimate them then they will lose points. Every match matters, every point matters. The team that start out winning will have the advantage.

Group E — Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia 
Costa Rica

Brazil is the class but must not treat any of their group mates less than. The second place spot is a clear battle. BEtween Switzerland/Costa Rica/Serbia it is a matter of fine details

Group F — Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea  
South Korea

Germany has the best blend of athleticism/skill in the group. Mexico is very skilled and experienced to european teams. If Mexico does not lose to Germany they can top the group. The first match in this group is vital. Sweden got in through the backdoor but they must try to come in balanced. South Korea has three teams that will test them in all ways. They must focus. But, if results go wise, they can gain second.

Group G — Belgium, England, Tunisia, Panama  

Tunisia is a very simple team, defend and counter. They do this throughout the CAF qualifiers. they will not change. Belgium is being coached to be a possession  based team which means they are open to the counter. England did good in the UEFA qualifiers but like always once they get into the world cup the higher quality exposes the weakness in the england squad. Panama will battle, any draws they get to other teams will highly influence the ending table

Group H — Poland, Colombia, Senegal, Japan 

Senegal will be hungry and in Colombia or Poland do not have an opponent as dominant or experienced in world cup play. Senegal or Colombia can cut through Poland and Poland through the European qualifiers was never tested as much. Japan will play a very attacking style but Senegal or Colombia are counterattack tested and have the patience to cut through them. 


I will post another audible after the round of 16. 

...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club as RM Interviewer ... be Safe

END SPEAK Timing from Spreaker, infer main questions, place in aalbc article side google post 
0:37 I am worried for my Lyonnais

1:10 Women's equality

2:50 Interpreting VAR

4:18 loyalty in a neighborhood watch

7:32 set piece goals

8:43 World Cup 2018 group stages 
20:27 World Cup 2018 group stages final thoughts  

22:21 World Cup 2018 round of 16 assumption 

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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 11 july 5th 2018 
I am in google plus as Richard Murray Fanatacism , I moderate a community in google plus called wsplus spelled w-s-p-l-u-s
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

? The round of sixteen began with France versus Argentina, to me, this match proved the fiscal power in messi or the hype machine against non white athletes, cause, I figured western UEFA france will not be denied fair refereeing, but they were just like Nigeria, and the only thing both team have in common is all the non white players in both. macherano evaded a red, otamendi evaded a red, penalties were evaded in the box on griezzman, mbappe's fouler warranted a red in the penalty he earned, Iheanacho was hit in the face in the box and ighalo had a goal opportunity denied by a rojo arm but, they are wearing nigeria's colors, i comprehend the media hype is high against nigeria thus favoring referee choices against nigeria, but why france? People will speak of great goals from france but for me, the treatment of french players was woeful by the referee. argentinean players were allowed to commit many dangerous tackles on french players and france is lucky none of it harmed a star player: mbappe/pogba/griezzman. Now post france versus argentina, i will start in argentina, ICardi was not selected. Dybala did not play at all. Listen, both of those players are in form and are better than all other options available. why not bring them? i don't care if Icardi slept with every other players wives, he is the best center forward argentina have and must play for them... to France, one player and one player alone played badly for France, his name is Olivier Giroud, he miscomprehended great passes from griezzman or pogba, and he missed a chance to score with weakness controlling the dribble. He is going to cost France, like he did in the European championship, against Brasil in the semifinals hopefully and not sooner. DEschamps only brought one center forward and that is not a great move. I dont care if benzema frequented every brothel in every city he ever played in he is the best option in center forward. 
...Uruguay versus Portugal was another match that went the way of team play over media hype. I have nothing against messi or cristiano ronaldo but their club teams createa  false view to their individual playing styles. Messi or Neymar are allowed an attacking only role in barcelona or real madrid that in portugal or argentina, they are not allowed as the teams are not as quality. Better teams in France or Uruguay knocked out lesser teams. The problem with Portugal going forward is getting team balance correct. Move on from CR7 as the center to the team , like argentina must do concerning Messi. Uruguay are a hard working team, who play one way but do it honestly and as a team unapologetically. France can become lax. Against Argentina they showed a lax of focus in both goals that uruguay's experienced patience can exploit. 
...Spain versus Russia was another case of imbalance, like Argentina versus France. Argentina have a bunch of forwards, no midfield, no defense. Spain has many central midfielders but only had one forward, in diego costa and had no wide players, no honest wide players. Jordia Alba is not creative enough. When you compose a team you must compose honest players to make a balanced side. Too many teams are imbalanced and in a larger tournament, against balanced sides like uruguay, like russi are exposed. Russia forced spain to have players who can cut through lines and none did. France challenged argentina to be able to defend absent the ball and defend as a team and argentina couldn't do it. Big names is not what make a team. Balance make a team. Germany like Spain wanted to possess but showed little to no goal getting. I was wrong in thinking Spain would cut through Russia, spain was not tested in such a way prior nor did they prove they had the ability to condense as they press.
...Croatia versus Denmark, was as Aly Wagner said, the day of the keepers , Schmeichel side Subatic were great keepers. 
... Brazil versus MExico was eventuality, in the first half mexico tried to score, put brazil under pressure but Fagner /miranda/thiago silva/felipe luis are defensively very secure, they don't add to the attack like when marcelo/dani alves are in fagner/felipe luis position but they support the midfield better. Coutinho to me, is just not working. I think Tite likes him cause neymar is not 100% and having coutinho float around neymar offers that attacking capability but at times he was too slow in defensive cover, too slow in the midfield press. Brazil is not barcelona, brazil do not defend through possession. you have to cover your teammate, and coutinho seem tired in doing it. Mexico played well, Rafa Marquez coming off in the second half destroyed the balance in the mexico and put them under pressure for an entire half. 
...Belgium versus Japan ...Japan defended organised themselves the way italy used to as well as how spain or germany need to. italy/spain/germany trying to play like a pep guardiola coached team is their problem. Same too Belgium, who are lacking ideas and open in the back with carrasco in a wide back role and a bunch of central midfielders kdb/witsel/mertens all of whom play centrally and never play wide. Fellaini came in and his physicality over a naturally smaller japanese team proved too much. Belgium scored on two headers, from vertonghen the other from fellaini all based on physical weakness from japan. I think japan was tired and took that last corner in fatigue. Japan did not switch, the entire team played 90 minutes, i wonder about that. Japan must rotate better. 
...switzerland versus sweden was a battle as I said, two battling teams and sweden achieved the one goal from forsberg after an assisting deflection. 
... England versus Colombia was an even greater battle than switzerland versus sweden, i think both teams have higher profile players but have similar attitudes to toughness or roughness, in the end, england win on penalties, and colombiaa have yet to defeat england in a competition, i must add, the history of colombia versus the usa or uk, the anglophone is quite interesting.   

Final thoughts on the round of sixteen... The expansion of teams into the world cup in the round of 16 show favor the union of european football associations, uefa, outside colombia , who just left the tournament, one half of the bracket is all teams from uefa, thus these teams will get a coefficient boost that will aid uefa in the overall argument to coefficients and what teams need to get the new slots. To the teams that lost: argentina portugal denmark mexico japan switzerland colombia they each show various issues. Argentina is disorganized from the administration to the pitch, portugal against a team that play a counterattack need to find a roster more potent in possession based attack, spain lacked balance in their roster, one type of player can not be utilized for over half of the positions, denmark battled and lost on penalties, mexico continue to get knocked out by former world champions, japan must find depth in their team.. no substitutions for a whole match against a side physically stronger athletically dominant than yours is unwise, switzerland lostafter letting in a deflected goal .. like penalties they lost an even battle, Colombia battled and they lost on penalties. Three of the teams out of the tournament in the round of sixteen faced an even team , they just didn't win. they did not lose cause they were outmatched. argentina/japan/spain/portugal all have things they could had improved, saw and had time to improve and did not. argentina/spain/portugal/japan needed to improve their teams and had ample time before the world cup. argentina is the most extreme as they did not find a way to play some from their most in form players like dybala or icardi while they never played a system that seemed to connect to the players playing style and always seemed imbalanced, and argentina knew this from the last world cup and the last copa america and never once seemed close to solving those problems, i wonder if they tried. spain did not yet learn from the last european championships absent a xavi who gets a team to compress while also possessing, they need true width, true attackers and playing five central midfielders will not do, portugal should had learned after the euros,european championships, that against a france their counterattack is enough but agagainst a fellow counterattacker they need another system and perhaps other players for that system. Japan from the last world cup should had learned that you must use depth, must have a bench. In the last world cup japan died late in their last match. only one substitution against physically or athletically more dominant opposition. Japan had time to figure out a better rotation scheme but still have not. Mexico is the one team that did not face an equal opponent, Brazil is a better team but I do not think mexico needed to work on something strategic before the world cup outside of group stage management. the truth is, mexico had six points and needed a draw to top the group and evade brasil. they lost and thus faced brasil as second in the group, sweden getting switzerland. Mexico i fancy against switzerland. so... I don't know if more teams will come in the next world cup in qatar and if so how that may reduce the world cup group stages. i know the first world cup after qatar will use three teams in a group,not four thus it will make group stage management somewhat irrelevant as you simply have to win both matches to progress which mexico would had did having won their first two. we shall see. the teams whose problems were exploited must improve, the teams who failed against equal opposition , better luck next time. 
To the progressed, my final France versus Brasil will be a semifinal the others, russia/croatia/belgium/sweden/england all have issues. Three of them : russia, croatia, sweden have strong defense but no goals, no lethal attack. croatia unlike sweden has a strong midfield but the attack is still lukewarm.  Belgium side england have attacks but their defenses are weak. belgium nor england showed defensive strength , and over time showed defensive frailty, which will not be fixed by the next round. 

?The round of eight is...Uruguay versus France, Uruguay will deny space, play counterattack and test the midfield defensive team motion of france, absent matuidi, who is on yellow card accumulation. Uruguay may not have cavani which is a huge blow. France should had brought benzema and if they do lose the lack of ability from giroud is the reason. But dechamps as coach has to own his choice in not bringing the best center forward france have to the world cup. Uruguay side France are balanced teams, who know what they have to do. Uruguay is a counterattack team, as well is France so, this will end up made on a set piece or a defensive error in modulation from attack to defense.  I say France 1-0 with a pogba long range goal, but penalties is the favorite. 
Russia versus Croatia is two battling teams,neither have many goals, Croatia will have to get through lines, i think kovacic has a huge role in the game if he starts. Russia like JApan is a serious team, no philosophical nonsense. Football is simple and they play like they are in a short cup tournament and are looking to win, and their fans are the ones who will be happy. outside of long range goals from modric or rakitic, this will be another game where set pieces or errors in modulation from attack to defense will lead to goals.  I say penalties and croatia get through. 
Brazil versus Belgium for me is a brazilian win, belgium will try to score early , play fast early but Brasil will absorb and then dominate the match. Belgium are slow in movement , possession, it is a statistic team that lacks real cutting quality. Witsel/kdb/mertens are not going by anyone, and fellaini is not catching anyone, The midfield of Belgium is soft. The one issue Tite got is who comes in for casemiro. I suspect fernandhino but i hope renato augusto. Neymar will get more than one goal. The only worry I have is a kompany foul on willian or neymar taking either player out the tournament. kompany is not a dirty player but he is a serious defender, he will foul hard and earn a red to stop a goal being scored to keep things even in score, which is how the game will begin. But unlike Japan, Brazil should cut through Belgium more frequently and have a goalfest late that prove them a cut above the rest.  
Sweden versus England for me is a sweden win. England has a media hype machine about it, that suggest favor where it is not. england have a bunch of players who do not play in a balanced system, a system that all the players seem comfortable in. Sweden will not allow Kane to earn fouls. and sweden has a stronger mentality than england. which they can play a full match consistently. Forsberg will score again. 

?I predict the Round of four is France versus Brazil, Croatia versus Sweden. ... I will speak on thoughts to the round of four after the round of eight. ... i repeat, expanding the teams in the world cup is structurally not looking great. it functionally created, one half of the bracket in the round of sixteen as a proper world cup while the other hald was a european championship inviting colombia in. I do not like that. 

?lastly, John Obi Mikel's father is safe and the Japanese team or fans clean up are some stories of perservance or kindness or peace overcoming various negativities. I linked them in the transcript
.. and what i feared has not come to pass , colombia I hope has calmed down 
John Obi Mikel <https://sports.yahoo.com/nigeria-captain-john-obi-mikel-reveals-father-kidnapped-match-vs-argentina-144711130.html> 
The Japanese <https://sports.yahoo.com/japanese-team-leaves-dressing-room-spotless-even-devastating-loss-belgium-150835246.html> 
Colombia < http://www.businessinsider.com/andres-escobar-brother-says-world-cup-loss-puts-colombia-team-at-risk-2018-7> 

...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club as RM Interviewer ... be Safe

END SPEAK Timing from Spreaker, infer main questions, place in aalbc article side google post 
0:37 World CUp round of 16 thoughts
8:56 World cup round of 16 final thoughts
14:04 world cup round of 8 assumptions
17:20 world cup round of 4 prediction
17:55 John Obi Mikel and the Japanese before what i feared

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Ok, CAF/ Conmebol/ AFC teams are all out of the tournament. I hear many people talking about this or talking about that. but what does conmebol/caf/afc have to do , to improve their teams, that does not involve UEFA. Many will oppose the following but UEFA is the problem. When I look at this world cup, it has become functionally a european championships with invites from others. When the world cup after Qatar comes, what will become of the world cup? The world cup in russia round of 16 had one half of the bracket all uefa teams except colombia and the other half a proper world cup. Now some will say, it is a competition, these things can happen, it is not indicative of anything or needs to generate such a negative posture toward uefa. but when you look at France/England/Germany/Belgium  whose players rosters have lineage from throughout CAF/AFC/CFU but were unwilling to play for the parents from their forebears. What do CAF/AFC/CONMEBOL/CFU <caribbean football union> need to do, to stop UEFA dominance?  If FRance win, Pogba/Mbappe are the best in the world. if Belgium win Lukaku/Hazard, if England win, Kane, Ali, STerling, the UEFA media powers will make sure , like with germany or spain before, UEFA is positioned in a godlike role above the other confederations. Considering BRexit/Trump/immigration antagonists in continental europe against those immigrating from africa, CAF/COnmeBol/AFC/CFU need to show greater pride in themselves, and in their people, no matter where they live. Just cause you move to a place to make money does not mean you have to play for their flag. 


What do CAF/CONMEBOL/CFU/AFC need to do? How does UEFA get totally knocked out of the round of eight in Qatar? CONMEBOL/CAF/AFC Japan-Nigeria-Ghana-Ivory Coast-Egypt-Brasil-Uruguay-Argentina-China-South Korea how do they improve to make it happen? I want ideas a list of ideas, anything, guest comment. 


I admit i am pumped. in four years, qatar is coming. In south africa, i had to suffer spain winning. in brasil i had to suffer germany winning. Now in Russia, someone from UEFA is winning. UEFA has three straight world cups, let the reign end in Qatar, CONMEBOL/CAF/AFC/CFU have to get better, against the north atlantic. <western UEFA/North America > 



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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 12 july 7th 2018 
I am in google plus as Richard Murray Fanatacism , I moderate a community in google plus called wsplus spelled w-s-p-l-u-s
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

?Round of eight matches were... 
France versus Uruguay, absent cavani, the attack from the back in uruguay was not as sharp. 
Brazil versus Belgium, belgium did a mourinho though few will admit and absent a starting dani alves/casemiro/renato augusto who won brazil the 1st place in qualifiers, brasil were not as balanced as they could be.
England versus Sweden was an anglish team dominating sweden in their own aereal game, which reflect influence from the English premier league
Croatia versus Russia was a fight, the host against a very determined team , in the end penalty battle went in favor to Croatia

?Final thought on the round of eight, 
afc/conmebol/caf/cfu the asian football confederation, confederation of sudamericana futebol, confederation of african football, caribbean football union have a problem. The problem is UEFA side the USA, the union of european football associations side the united states of america. The reality is during the second world cup in Brazil one confederation had not won three world cups in a row, UEFA achieved that when Germany defeated Argentina. Now, in Russia, UEFA will achieve four world cup victories in a row, and in that finals, only one from eight participants were not from UEFA, that being argentina in the second brasilian world cup. Qatar will be in four year and then a world cup using more teams will be in eight years. UEFA is in a very dominant phase, that if the other confederations want to stop, they will have to change the way things are. I already know afc/caf/conmebol/cfu are fiscally disadvantaged compared to uefa or the usa, which finances many big clubs in uefa, but if the other confederations want to do better, they have to figure out a way that Meunier from belgium does not play side Neymar. Meunier from Belgium you can see watched neymar for a whole season and knows his moves. this has to end. I do not have any money to influence or administrative positions to regulate or control things in the futebol world. But, i can see that this world cup has become a European championships with invitations from others, and as UEFA get more slots by their ever strenghtening coefficients, that will only give UEFA more teams into the expanded world cups in the future and a greater chance to dominate all rounds in the competition. If those who finance or administrate CAF/COnmebol/AFC/CFu or any clubs within want to undo UEFA dominance, they must disasssociate from UEFA in as many way as possible. If said people do not want to undo UEFA dominance, then keep the status quo, but it is inevitable. 
UEFA, is in a golden period, everything is in its favor. UEFA have the strongest financed leagues, that attract the best players from outside uefa, that are able to develop local talent, from native or immigrant stock, the immigrant stock usually more willing to play for the uefa country than the non uefa country their parentage is from. UEFA have more slots than any other confederation in the world cup. UEFA is on top of the world, and the world cup is merely a european championship in disguise, as things stand UEFA has only one threat to its dominance and that is the radical unknown. 
On a media note, I always thought that the happiest fans, the most entertained fans were the ones whose team lift the trophy at the end. some keep suggesting this world cup is the most entertaining ever. I assume that means, Qatar will not be as entertaining.  I can not see the future but if one event which is part to a cycle is the most in anything then all the events before or after in the cycles repetition have to be less than. If this current world cup is the most entertaining from world cups that happened, then you are suggesting that for every country this world cup was better for them than every other beforehand. I can not imagine, any fan bases from past winners who can not see their team lift the trophy: brasilians/germans/italians/uruguayans/argentineans/spaniards OR fans from teams who can lift the trophy but have not earned it yet: the french or english so far can say this is the most entertaining world cup. Now, i realize one countries fans is not all in the world, but i mentioned six teams with huge fanbases in the soccer world. together, that is many fans. The world cup is a great event, that is it, one edition to the world cup is not better or worse, the only aspect to world cups that can be related is how any particular team  succeed in the editions. In this case, for belgians/russians who i do not think ever reached this far in the tournament, this is the best world cup ever. for english or french, until they win it, you can not suggest this world cup can compare for their fans they way it was when their teams won it. for croatians, they need to reach the final for this world cup to the best ever.
share thoughts to improving CAF/CONMEBOL/AFC/CFU < https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/225-richard-murray-fanatacism-audible/?do=findComment&comment=426

?round of four is France versus Belgium and England Versus Croatia
Brasil did have the opportunities I said they would they simply did not capitalize. France will to against Belgium, like Japan did as well , I wonder if Belgium can get through three teams who outplayed them. Japan got tired at the end. Brasil could not finish all the chances, as I said. France will have matuidi and if they finish their early chance, the way brasil did not, if they finish their late chances the way brasil did not , they will rout belgium. If France are unable to put the ball in the back of the net like Brasil, Belgium can squeeze through again.  And after France versus Argentina I am certain, referee favor, not illegal bias, legal favor or bias will not go to France but go to Belgium. 
England versus CRoatia, two teams that came to the semifinals on penalty kicks, one surviving their second in this tournament, the other surviving their first in recent history. I imagine it will go down to penalties again, as unlike SWeden Croatia have players that can expose england problems, while like sweden they can battle england on athletic or skill terms. I say another penalty match and Croatia win. 

?I assume the final will be France versus Croatia, and the third place match will be Belgium versus England. I have it on record in the transcripts that my final was france/brasil, which was ruined through table placement. but, so far i can still see one from my final in the finals. 

...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club as RM Interviewer ... be Safe

END SPEAK Timing from Spreaker, infer main questions, place in aalbc article side google post 
0:35 Round of eight

1:55 round of eight final thoughts

7:28 round of four

9:18 final match and third place


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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 13 july 12 2018 
I am in google plus as Richard Murray Fanatacism , I moderate a community in google plus called wsplus spelled w-s-p-l-u-s
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

The two world cup semifinals matches were, France versus BElgium side England versus Croatia 
France versus Belgium was the same story as Japan versus Belgium or Brazil versus Belgium, Japan/Brazil/France each had true chances in open play whereas Belgium had far less, but none from either, punished Belgium for the defensive openness they have. Roberto MArtinez did not bring the most complete midfielder Belgium have. KDB Witsel Mertens Hazard all are too impotent defensively, especially working as a team. But, Japan and Brasil paid for not taking advantage of blunt chances, the japanese center forward, coutinho, renato augusto, giroud will all look at their chances and woe them. But, France scored through an umtiti header post set piece and defended stoutly to undermine Belgium's strategy of counterattacking teams. As a small point, I love when teams like MCFC/Belgium/Barca suggest counterattacking teams are not playing soccer. The foulest thing in sport is when a loser suggest the one who made them lose is not playing the sport.
Croatia versus England was another reality check for an overhyped imbalanced team. England's EPL player core, are like Argentina absent the attacking flair while having greater defensive strength. If Argentina had england's defenders or England had argentina's attackers the lack of true midfield quality from either would not matter. On the reverse, croatia is a complete team. MAndzukic is a true number nine. He can work alone and is willing to constantly press alone, battle alone and challenge in the air or back to goal. the midfield four in Croatia , not just rakitic/modric but the other two all work for each other. I can see Rakitic has lost how he was at sEvilla being at Barcelona, but Modric has maintained his ways and the other two midfielders positioned themselves accordingly to retain pressure or aid defenders or make up the midfield positions. The backline of Croatia are warriors, no nonsense defenders. Perisic is not a foil, but the two legged player, like llalana who was not brought for england, offers that danger on the ball, no other croatian player has.   

?The third place match in the 2018 world cup will be between england and belgium. Some have said this match is worthless, others have said professionals do not care about it. The problem in the third place match is depending on participants, it is a joy or beneath their self driven view to themselves. Turkey loved being in the third place match. I think Belgium should be invigorated. Belgium has never won a world cup medal and never placed so high. This world cup is the best for Belgium through where they placed. It will show roberto martinez as a coach or the belgium team as a squad if they treat this rare opportunity as a less than. England while not a heavy trophy lifting team, tend to make it deep into competitions relatively. I think Harry Kane as a captain will prove his worth. He need to show he can get england to play hard, opposing the common media narrative which is that the tournament is over for england or belgium. I can not say which team will come enthused. If both come enthused, the rotations from coaches will have a huge part to play, so I will not predict a score, but I predict Belgium will come more inspired to this match, not cause of Roberto martinez but cause some players will want the world cup where belgium reached higher than any before to end on a high note. I think many players from england may succumb to the common media narrative. 

?France versus Croatia will be a battle. Croatia will remain consistent and play counterattack while Deschamps has geared his team to play counterattack, thus, this match is delicate. If France try to play to more possession they risk a counterattack from Croatia and I am not certain, Mbappe is ready for that on his side. But, if France play defensively, the match will be a grind. I think Deschamps will play is safely, and I know Croatia will, thus, a cagey final. 

?You know, with the final match arriving to the world cup, I think about some of the things said to this world cup , things that this world cup reaffirms. First, in club soccer many people in media tout the guardiola's/roberto martinez's/mauricio sarri's as entertaining but defense is always the beginning to lifting trophies. Mourinho and Conte proved with Chelsea defense first side a sharp attack is the way to go. I argue that Guardiola's success last season in the epl had as much to do with the lack of quality defenses in england as his high press attacking system. Real Madrid won three straight UEFA champions leagues based on a defensive block utilizing, casemiro/modric/sergio ramos/varane or pepe using bale/cr7/benzema to cut through on attacking measures. Juventus dominate italy based on defense. Even Monaco was able to pry ligue1 from big money PSG based on a great defense. Many have said this world cup has proven that possession is overhyped but the truth is possession was always overhyped. When the italian teams dominated uefa, it was defense first. When liverpool had their great age in the 1970s they had a steel defense that flew through king kenny. Defense is always the dominate winning force. Modern media, unlike media in the past can sell lies better , wider, deeper and thus create illusions old newspaper folk could only dreamt. Defense always wins out most of the time in the beautiful game, cause the goal is to get the ball past a player, who has help. Most sports in the usa are designed or managed to oppose this position. This is why, in the modern NBA teams evaluate scoring three pointers over dunks. In the modern NFL, great quarterbacks are left defenseless while expected to pull off throwing miracles. In baseball, fielding has died as most teams have athletes to bulky or clumsy to catch well or to crude a hitter to challenge outfielder positions. In the usa, the media dominance has allowed the fandom to mirror the agenda to the owners. but in soccer, the one truly global sport, the agenda to those in england or some clubs can not refute truth that is allowed to exist beyond the borders of the money or most potent communities in humanity. So that a government tiny in populace or land like croatia can show greater quality than the usa, a government not represented in the 2018 world cup, or that a country like France,  who tried to keep algeria/ ivory coast, indochine as satraps, now uses players whose lineage is from their former or current satraps to defend french honor. The earth is big, no one way from any human people can dominate it. Nothing in sport reflect that better than the beautiful game... This will be the last Audible for a while, but I will keep posting on the aalbc blog and reshare on google+ or twitter thoughts on the beautiful game whether in womens or mens. 

...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club as RM Interviewer ... be Safe

END SPEAK Timing from Spreaker, infer main questions, place in aalbc article side google post 

0:47 World CUp 2018 Semifinals 

4:08 third place match 

5:50 the final of the 2018 world cup 

6:38 final thoughts on the world cup

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Well, I watch Serie A, unlike many who watch the epl. Napoli's Sarri never won a title based on two principle. First, no rotation, Sarri like to use a standard elevent throughout the entire season in all competition. Second, his strategic rigidity. Napoli never once knew how to control a match, his all out attack style is meant to score plenty of goals on lesser opposition and outscore equal or better opposition. 
In my mind I imagine Willian/Hazard/Kante/Cesc/Pedro are all gone for various reasons. Hazard/Willian/Kante to UEFA CL clubs which chelsea is not and neither of them has the age to risk  27/29/27 respectively.  Cesc or Pedro is 31 /30 and neither have the fitness for sarri's system over time.  Victor Moses is a very good player, but I don't know if he is willing to leave england, i think he will be wise to go to China. and at 27 he needs to become a regular starter, he can not afford to risk a benching role though Sarri's system can help his game. Moses may remain at Chelsea. I think Morata if wise remain in Chelsea. Going back to my original points, Sarri's system that does not use rotation and is hyper offensive, require three things from all players in all players in attacking/midfielder or wide defensive roles: fitness <if you do not have the fitness you will not last a complete season in all competitions starting>, close quarter passing/dribbling skills <if you are easily trapped or limited in dense passing scenarios sarri's system is not for you, because he wants to push the attack>, youth <now you will say his napoli were on average late twneties to early thirties  and that is true and thus confirm my point. Fitness is a great thing and is mandatory first, but in all earnest, Sarri's system is a young man's game, I don't care how fit you are. Napoli were collectively fatigued every season under Sarri cause absent rotation, even having fitness, the fatigue in may/june in all tournaments showed and in england absent a winter break, it may be even worse>
Thus my chelsea starting 11 options for 2018-2019 should be

In defense Rudiger/Zappacosta/christensen /emerson/Zouma
in midfield Jorginho/Barkley/bakayoko/Musonda
in attack morata/batshuayi

I think all others outside goalkeeper in the current squad are players that need to leave if they want to be starters or need to leave if they don't want to be run into the ground or need to accept a bench role that will not be as active on the pitch. 
I think higuain is an awful choice, the english game is defensively more athletic than tactical and higuain has never been in it. Morata already proved that a player from spain/italy's game not used to the physicality in england can be battered quick, and he is younger than higuain.  Hazardproved in seasons past, one good season is followed by a lukewarm one, amplified by the world cup and made more possible by sarri's system that in the english game, will run hazard into the ground, cause I don't see Sarri implementing rotations. 
If Hazard/Willian/Cesc/Kante/Azpilicueta/Pedro/Cahill side all other applicable leave chelsea,for whatever reason I like the possibilities to the players I highlighted using Sarri's system. they all have good fitness, good youth, and have some ability in tights spaces. And, will not demand, Sarri change his napoli system which i do not think he will, since he had three season to implement rotation or strategic change. he did neither in three season in napoli in five season in empoli or napoli. 

Edited by RM Interviewer
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I realize that some are trying to be positive no matter what, bring a positivity to miscegenation/immigration where some deem it negative. Some like Jessica Amadi, many like her, suggested and suggest that CAF or Africa won the world cup through the French national team. I can not accept that. but I comprehend this is one of the many cultural battles in sport that relate to the world outside the pitch. France won the world cup. If the French team that won either of France's world cup's prove anything, it is that the issue in CAF is not talent or available talent but organization. When I look at France/Holland/England/Portugal/Germany/Italy and see all the players who have parental ancestry somewhere other than the flag they play for I say the countires to their parents need to improve their flag team setup, and convince talent to play for them, make as much an effort as possible. Choices mean people can choose what they want, nothing is right or wrong, but saying CAF wins the world cup when a team use mostly players whose parents are from CAF does not favor CAF or any Football association in it? does it? 



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Non Football best 11: 

 a 433 system. 


Mikhail Baryshnikov
Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka/ Bill Russell/ Aleksandr Karelin/ Johnny Weissmuller
Bruce Lee/Yoda/Toshiro Mifune
Barry Sanders/Tina Turner/Rickey Henderson

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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round 14 august 8th 2018 
I am in google plus as Richard Murray Fanatacism , I moderate a community in google plus called wsplus spelled w-s-p-l-u-s
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

Leandro Stein wrote an article about the Brazilian Women's national team exit of the Tournament of Nations in the online publication Trivela, shared to me by Izzy , on twitter as Izzyfutfem, spelled I-z-z-y-f-u-t-f-e-m 
And while I concured to the article, if you are reading linked below or if you are listening in transcript or blog linked below,it had two absences of high value. 
The primary is the culture in Brazil. I am a fan of Olympique Lyonnais, as a fan to french mens soccer, I was and am still happy a french team had a purposeful investment in womens soccer. But, I recall thinking the culture in France was a huge block long term. In FRance, womens athleticism is accepted, as a ballerina/ballroom dancer/swimmer/ice skater but most in france looked and still look negative toward women exhibiting athleticism in some forms. Notice what I communicated, exhibiting athleticism, not being athletic. In the victory of North Carolina Courage against Ol feminin you saw the thirty to forty year gap on wide accepting exhibitions to female athleticism in the usa opposed to France. Comprehend, Ballet/Ballroom Dancing/Swimming/Ice Skating especially figure skating are highly athletic but are accepted from most in France as what is warrant from women.
Now to the selecao, while most in France have a negative view on many exhibitions to female athleticism, but not all, in the Global Latin American community, the populaces from the geographies Africa or Asia, the commonly accepted athletic exhibitions from women are usually far less. The reality is, whether people want to admit it or not, in many homes in asia/africa/the latin american community... in brasil young females, we call girls, are not given opportunity or inspired through words or action to be athletic outside of preparation for pregnancy. And, that is the primary problem in the brasil womens national team. 
Brazilian women love futebol. I know enough of them to say they love it more than any other female geographic group; they cheer louder, pray harder, cry in defeat more deeply, support more firmly than all other women but they barely put the ball to foot. Marta herself said it countless times, she had it rough as a girl. Most males or females from any age range opposed her throughout her journey in brazil. What does this mean? This mean brazil, like the rest of conmebol, Leandro Stein's point about the conmebol womens championship as a competition to the brasilian womens team underlies the following point, is developing female teams based on female populaces being blockaded or challenged away from futebol, as an athletic activity. 
The CBF, the brazil football association, or any club in brasil is not powerful enough to cause a cultural shift in brasil to change the accepted athletic displays for woman amongst the brasilian populace. 
The Second point is the structure to the womens game in brasil. The simple blunt truth is clear. It will take a financial loss from clubs or state associations or the CBF itself, yes all three levels will have to lose money for an extended period to create a multitiered /geographically displaced/athleticially competitive system that is robust in the states, at the state level and throughout the confederation. And, said money will not be returned once invested. Most of said money will only result in a return in the quality to womens soccer in brasil.
Leandro Stein is correct, the selecao is warned but heeding the warning will require fiscal investment absent any return on investment financially. The cultural scenario in brasil to womens athleticism is beyond any money to change but the CBF/its compartments/their members can at least lead by example. 
original article
google translation 
referring tweet 

PSG's goal is to win the UEFA champions league. yes they defeated Monaco in the Trophe De Champions two thousand and eighteen edition four goals to zero but they did not play in a way that look like it is ample against a semifinalist or finalist in the UEFA champions league. Thus, from my account PSG is win-lose-draw 0-0-1 in terms of their play's appearance in ligue une or the coupes convincing to top play in the uefa champions league, yes for me, today was a losing day. Their midfield was too slow. Neymar got injured last year tracking back trying to push the ball forward. In Brazil, when Tite played Renato augusto/casemiro/paulinho , neymar was unpressured when he tracked back cause he had three true box to box midfielders who liked to make runs to adjust. PSG don't have three midfielders in that fashion like Brasil so, Tuchel has work to do.

Congratulations to Clarence Seedorf side PAtrick Kluivert for becoming the coach and assistant coach to the Cameroon National Team. I think it is a great move cause Cameroon is young and they are ripe to be guidened. 

I have watched Vinicius for Real MAdrid, for me, the front line of the selecao for the Copa America is Vinicius jr/ Neymar jr/ Douglas Costa 
The Midfield is Casemiro/PAulinho/Renato Augusto and if Tite want more dribbling skill in the midfield three while keeping the work ethic then play willian next to casemiro/paulinho 
The front line of Brasil men in my opinion need to be
Vinicius jr/Neymar jr/D Costa
the midfield four need to be
Marcelo(Alec Sandro or Felipe Luis replacing him)/Casemiro/Paulinho/Renato Augusto(Willian replacing him) 
the defensive three need to be 
Marquinhos/Miranda/Thiago Silva
...The following players: Coutinho/firminho/g jesus/g barbosa/danilo/fernandhino are all the bench players. Coutinho doesnt offer danger on the ball like any in the front three nor does he offer midfield work like any of the midfield line. Coutinho is a great player but only good for a substitution from injury at best for me. 
firminho or g jesus or g barbosa are not tricky players; they are small number nines who like the great Raul from Real MAdrid are great poachers, can connect well, but do not offer a speed or dribbling skill or strength that frightens opponents and that is why they don't work well with Neymar who at his best has a speed of dribble and a skill in the tight game that requires like folk about him. 
Danilo or fernandhino are good players but danilo does not offer the artistry from dani alves thus he can not be the mirror to marcelo. and fernandhino does not know how to play safely from attack to defense. The Selecao are getting even stronger, the next world cup they will be favorites. I just hope if they find a system like in the conmebol qualifiers, they maintain that system with the same type of players in the world cup unlike that gamble in using coutinho as renato augusto, which failed. 

OL feminin had a decent preseason, in that losing to North Carolina courage will make sure they start the season sharp, ready, not overconfident or lax. To be blunt, OLympique Lyonnais womens team have yet to have a season where they need massive changes and as such, they keep rolling through the seasons. The only issue is the UEFA champions league final. In the last three editions, OL won but all needed extra time and when I think to the coupe de france final 2018 or the lose in the international champions cup final against north carolina courage, I see OL at a crossroads. The team has world cup winners throughout, a ballon d'or winner, champions from england/germany/japan/holland all throughout the team. But teams will bunker hard against them and they have shown a little fatigue at handling that. Now I admit, the coupe final and international champions cup happened at the end to a long season but I will wonder how sharp how fast OL is near the end of the 2018-2019 season
Atleti feminin had a one goal victory against everton to end their recent preseason match. I think it is the last but I am uncertain. Atleti women are current champions of spain and won back to back last year. 
Chelsea Ladies ended their preseason strongly , 3-0 against juventus women. Chelsea Ladies I am proud of cause they came through the adjustment to a fall schedule top of england. Francesca Kirby, Lady Ji so-yun and company are alive.I just want to say, I wish Eniola Aluko well in Juventus side Lianne. 
My Turbinin , Turbine Potsdam have made a few moves, potentials, and I am truly proud they are able to remain a womens only club as they are the last one I follow. All others I follow were always sisters clubs or became sister clubs. 
Gladbach ladies I barely get to see, to be blunt, but I will watch their results closely cause they have to battle and stay up this time. Gladbach to be fair are gender equal and as the mens team develops players and sells, utilizing their youth, so do the women. Over time the project will grow. 
AC Milan ladies formerly BRescia I am uncertain too. I know it has been a storm in many ways behind the scenes , becoming a womens team to a sister club so I will let it happen slowly. 
Santos ladies currently sit atop Group B in the Brasileiro with nine points left to play for having earned a seven point gap already. One win and they top group b for the playoff amongst group leaders. The paulisto just started , they drew a match with only eight to play in their group altogether but once the Brasil serie a1 group status is certain they can make adjustments and focus on the paulistao to climb the table and strenghten their position. 
INAC Kobe are at half the season in Japan, they sit one point under Beleza. To be fair, like Turkey in the mens, I find the japanese womens league to be the most competitive in the womens, beyond one or two clubs but a set of four to five per season. That is refreshing. But, I hope INAC can reclaim what is rightfully ours. Japanese winters can be tough thus the late november to early march break. I think Japan can think to a summer/fall dual championship to create more competition. 
... All in all I am content to the teams I support, which is not new, cause I have never felt like a womens team I support went wayward organizationally. 

...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club as RM Interviewer ... be Safe

END SPEAK Timing from Spreaker, infer main questions, place in aalbc article side google post 

0:39 The Selecao in the Tournament of Nations

6:17 Trophe Des Champions 2018 

7:41 Cameroon Clockwork 

8:08 Vinicius Time 

11:43 My womens clubs preseason so far

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Why do pundits/people/commentators/fans have a problem mentioning owners when they speak to salaries? 

If I am walking the street and someone hand me a check for a million dollars, what value does my accepting the money have to the quality in the financial transaction? The answer is none. When Cr7 or MEssi were waiting on getting more money from real madrid or fc barcelona, all pundits talked about them, they want more money. It is odd argument most people give; it is the following.

A potential financial transaction I do not like. I will mention the receiver in the transaction , not the provider. And, I will suggest the receiver , who has none of the value, is not negative for receiving it.  

That is silly. Is it not? Jerry jones/Dolan/the laker owners/glazers for MUFC so many are bad at their job on the team, that is the financial transactions But pundits /fans/ et cetera have no ability to state how bad they are. When a player is not scoring or a coach is tactically false on a constant basis they are demerited. but when owners are fiscally foolish on a continual basis they are unmentionables. 

Jeter/Kobe both milked the lakers or yankees respectively, but none of it was their fault. No one needed to say they are comfortable to them getting the money. Say you are angry that the owner is making a bad deal. 

Treat the owners like you do players/coaches and that is what most , stemming from the slavemaster culture in the usa are unable to do. Blame the owners/stockholders to the car companies when the cars are fiscally expensive but poor quality, don't blame the engineers. Blame the elected officials when the law is dysfunctional, don't blame the voters. Blame the sport team owners when the salaries or fiscal funds are inappropriate, don't blame the players/coaches. Mention the people in control to an issue, not the people absent power concerning the issue.  


Edited by RM Interviewer
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2018-2019 UEFA Champions League Group stage final placements

Group A
Atletico De MAdrid
Borussia Dortmund
Club Brugge

Group B
Inter Milan
PSV Eindhoven
tottenham Hotspur

Group C
Red Star Belgrade

Group D I don't know
Locomotiv Moscow/Porto/schalke/ Galatasaray

Group E
Aek Athens

Group F
Shaktar Donetsk

Group G
Real MAdrid
CSKA Moscow
Viktoria PLzen

Group H unknown first three places
Young Boys

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Good Morning good afternoon or Good evening, wherever you are listening. I am richard murray and this is the richard murray fanatacism audible Round # DATE 
I am in google plus as Richard Murray Fanatacism , I moderate a community in google plus called wsplus spelled w-s-p-l-u-s
I am in twitter as thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-1-0 

I want to say to any listeners, I have not forgotten about the audio blog but I must admit. I am trying to improve the format. After doing twenty one rounds of my thoughts in the Richard Murray Thoughts Ebook series linked in the transcript in AALBC < https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Richard Murray Thoughts&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=074aba7e-53c8-5265-8749-e5adfd8a06b1 > and fourteen rounds in the Audible series in my AALBC, african american literary book club, blog linked in the transcript < https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/225-richard-murray-fanatacism-audible/   >...Well that is it for this audible round. Any questions, please contact me in the african american literary book club as RM Interviewer ... be Safe


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