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OBMono poem

RM Interviewer


The following is link to a Renga for Obama- 100 length

But I thought about why not we writers outside harvard have fun but what can we truly do?
Using hashtags with indexes, we can do a monostitch with these rules, they can be extended to any webstie anywhere

<hashtag:OBMono><numeral:value +1 prior><CONTENT:at least nine syllables, it repeat the syllable representing numeral-1 if zero then syllable 9>


the first can be
#OBMono1 He wanted to stitch the U.S.A. 
the next can be
#OBMono2 He wanted to make the u.s.a. closer to the happiest dream
#OBMono3 Some want to dismiss what we all can be
#OBMono9 Trump can not be blamed for what we do
#OBMono10 Trump never said he is a hero

In this way, anyone can add to the poem,  unbound to any site as long as they reply noting the source

If you start a OBMono or add to one, link it into the comments. 

HEre is the OBMono I started

If you are willing to have a laugh about soccer and like poetry, check out my ebooks 
Kings of London 2014-2015

Kings of London 2013-2014

Kings of London 2012-2013



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