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Interview to Gloria Chetachi Ofoegbu

RM Interviewer


This is my Q&A to Gloria Chetachi Ofoegbu Nigerian womens national team player 

What is your nickname, your favorite position on the pitch? 
Daughter of Zion, left wing back
Growing up what was your favorite club in Nigeria?  
Eyimba of Aba
Currently, What is your favorite club in all C.A.F. ?  
black stars
Does your favorite club in all C.A.F. have a womens team? If no, do you want them to start a women's team? 
yes, Ghana women's team
What soccer player,any gender, do you emulate? 
Crystal Dunn of USA, and Cristiano Ronaldo
What was your favorite goal in the African Womens Cup of Nations in Cameroon? 
My goal was to win the trophy no matter what was happening around
If you had a chance to gain three sponsors, assuming they will give you more money than you dream: who will they be? 
Dangote,Wale Adenuga and coca cola
What womens team outside Nigeria impressed you the most, after looking at them play? 
USA and Germany
What is your favorite moment on the pitch?
federation cup i scored 2 goals and u-20 world cup qualifiers I scored 2 goals against Zimbabwe
What question did I not asked that you wanted me to? 
No question
What book are you reading now? If none, what book do you want to read?
Reading beyond bound arise
When you have a chance to speak to the spirit to all that is or is not, what will you say?
When you honor God,he does the same in return

Gloria Chetachi Ofoegbu social pages


communicated through Jessica Amadi - Rivers Angels FC media officer ( https://twitter.com/Isiokpobabe // https://www.instagram.com/isiokpobabe_/


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