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Poetry or More...



I successfully published a poetry book, i entitled, Poetry or More. Now, the original plan I used is to place three year in one book, text side audio. Unfortunately, a 100MB or 100,000KB limit exist on ebooks that can be loaded <that is fair cause that equate to a huge amount from raw text>. Thus, I made four version, one is only text that include all the years. The other three are partials: 2015-2016, 2017 January to June, or 2017 July to December. 
The text only includes all the poem stories, poem of the months or seasons. I placed the links to each Poetry or More variant below, and if you want an excerpt I kept the December solstice 2017/December 2017/December Poem Story 2017/July Aphelion 2017 poem blog entries. All is linked below. Enjoy. 


Poetry or More 2015-2017 text only
Poetry or More 2015-2016 audio or text 
Poetry or more 2017 January to June audio or text
Poetry or more 2017 July to December audio or text

Overdrive links 


December Poem Story 2017
December 2017 




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@Troy a company as large as Rakuten did not need to change the url's from kobo, I hope they map the old url's when or if they choose to change their addressing scheme in the future

:) thanks brother... haha, well not that many. I know some writers who are very profligate. As a storyteller i overthink plot, so I dont allow for stories to continue on and on, characters move on, they die or they have nothing left to display, in my worlds. For example, I would never write the purge as it is. I would have written, the black character in the first one die outside the house while the white family discusss the purge and the white kid get killed inside, 1/2 hour story maximum. I think too many writers push plots to be longer that put characters out of logic or common sense. 

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There are times when an artist expresses themselves for the sake of ego & status. Then there times when the artist leaves their body, and allows the soul to do the work. These words that you have molded, not written, have become vessels of wisdom which the reader is able to drink from. Thank you quenching the thirst of many in a dry world.

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@richardmurrayThe links are not working for me to see the model to pick for the poll. And your response to @Troy was mad hilarious to me especially the comment about the purge. 😂🤣😂🤣


And I wonder what you would think about my plot to my story as mine is a trilogy. 😂😊😊


Okay, I voted the one where I can see the picture. Jessica is mad pretty.

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@sabine ziya Try now, consider the words too... 

oh thank you:) i am an honest storyteller and I nearly hate filler plotting from what I create. 


Well, I don't judge artists from my own philosophy, at least, i don't try too:) I try to see what they are doing


oh ok:) 



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Okay, the image to the first selection still didn't work. I'm happy with my selection as I like the image and words that goes with it.


I'm glad you're honest about plot.  Lol. My story has a lot of twists to it and I'm telling multiple love stories as well as intrigues. I'm close to the 80,000 mark and I'm not close to the end yet. Somewhat close, but no cigar yet.

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@sabine ziya  Ok, I placed the image at the bottom to this post. Cool:) 


Sound like a masterpiece Sabine. Remember, no story ever end, just a part on the infinite road. You will know when you have finished the part you see. 



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Hmmm, she's very gorgeous, but quite naked.  Lol. I like Lola as well,  but I still like my selection.  Thank you.


I don't know if my story is a masterpiece,  but it's a story that has morphed while writing. I hope it gives others the same excitement as it did me. I can't wait till it's done and I can sit back and read it like a reader. I always wanted a story that encompasses a lot of my interests.

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