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  1. Atlanta, GA — Today, globally, African Americans in the corporate world have an extra detail on their to-do list that risks self-esteem, personal productivity, and the inalienable right to thrive. Tasked daily with surviving racial bias and its resulting inequality, bright black men and women must watch what they say, who they say it to, and, most importantly, how they say it. It is called “code-switching,” and no one is immune, not even President Barack Obama. Putting a spotlight on what he calls discrimination by design, a new book by author Cori Williams looks at how African Americans get from one day to the next in corporate America. Released on September 7th, Thriving While Black: The Act of Surviving and Thriving in the Same Space could not be more on-point in a social climate that is strained at best. So, what is code-switching, and why is it equal to racial trauma on ethnic groups? The term is defined as the switching from the linguistic system of one language to the dialect of another. Simply put, code-switching is a way of communicating that builds barriers between the races. Currently necessary in practice, it supports an inability to connect authentically, and that breeds micro-aggressions and stereotyping from all involved. The author of Thriving While Black said of the practice, “Some individuals don’t even know when they code-switch because it has become natural. The danger is it forces black people to live in a contrived duality. They are always negotiating their humanity and validity by trying to fit into predominantly white workspaces. There has to be some give and take.” Noted as, “An eye-opening, important read,” by Reader’s Favorite upon being awarded their 5-Star Seal, among other helpful insights, the book gives information on how to be one’s authentic self in the digital age. Addressing social problems in America from the discrimination of Black teachers to how to communicate authentically during a Zoom meeting, the human, conversational approach of William’s book is poised toward change. For more information on how to pre-order a paperback version of the book, visit ThrivingWhileBlack.net. Also, follow Cori on Twitter and Instagram https://www.blacknews.com/news/cori-williams-code-switching-deal-breaker-more-supportive-corporate-america/
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