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  1. I've been following Amazon on all fronts. What really blow me away is the latest project in grocery shopping. Thus far Amazon has been experimenting with staff. They walked into the store, chose the product, scan it with their I Phone and walk out without interfacing with a cashier--loss jobs--the sale goes to their bank account. Mr. Bezos is preparing a rocket for commercial travel into space--hopefully by the end of 2018! (I Love space travel projects.) There is a race going on to colorize Mars. Trump (that's about as respectfully I can come in naming him) invited top executives of the Sillacon Valley to a discussion on the future of technology, I believe Bezos was in attendance. Word in a legitimate news media said Trump informed the equally (?) rich individuals that he is going to take care of them [as president]. Bezos was heard to say later that he would let him ride in his rocket into outer space. Om Malik wrote in the New Yorker.com/business/, November 28, 2016. The lead-in was that perhaps it's time for those of us who populate the technology sphere to ask ourselves some really hard questions. But what caught my attention was, "However, when you are a data-driven oligarchy like Facebook, Google, Amazon, or Uber, you can't really wash your hands of the impact of your algorithms and your ability to shape popular sentiment in our society. " Malik goes on to say, and I quote, "If you are Amazon, you have to acknowledge that you are slowly corroding the retail sector, which employs many people in this country." We, African Americans, are going to have forge our own way in the Trump-era. Be it in retail, literature, and--God forbid--space travel. Season Greetings.
  2. IMO the polls did not show an ethnicity breakdown.They could only rely on the old census population. I don't trust polls. That said, there are several reasons but I won't get into all of them. I watched the news comparing the 2008 & 2012 numbers turn out for President Obama against Clinton's 2016 polls. Wrong! All black generations and ages voted for the first black man to run for president. Many had no idea how Washington actually worked and didn't care. They just wanted their "son" elected to the highest office in the world. Many African-Americans did not see that wall erected against this "Negro." One of the oldest Republican politiations made the remark, ok he's in but he will not see a second term, but he did. And that's when that brick wall became stronger. Back to Clinton’s campaign. Her managers refused to admit that she was the wrong color in comparing turnouts. And that some black folks remembered how President Clinton waged war against black men and the poor. Her managers were in denial. Yet, President Obama understood, read the tea leaves, and campaigned for Hillary to the point of exhustion. In unspoken words he said, if you love me elect Hillary Clinton. He was fighting for two issues , his legacy and blocking Trump. Finally the Democrats realizing that Trump had his finger on the pulse of America and jumped in too late to help Hillary Clinton. I supported Bernie Sanders until the Democratic Party smothered him to save Hillary. Then my only choice was Hillary. What I learned is nearly half the nation is indeed prejudice. Trump doesn't care about what he sees happening. What he realizes is that he now has power to go along with his billions. He is a businessman and a smart marketer. Nevertheless, someone had better step in and block those campaign promises he made before America is "drained."
  3. John's story including Negroes was, may I say, soft. In my opinion, Sammy the horse stole Chapter One. In that chapter, Matt wasn't that impressive. Stories about the Army or war is not my favorite read, and what I know about boarding horses I could write in 30 words or less. But John's writing skills are very good. I guess you can say this is the subjective side of my brief review. Usually Chapter One briefly lays out the book's premise. I see the possibility of several precursors there, however: Matt's promotion as a Negro commander, will it go good or bad, and how will his brothers-in-color take it. His relationship with the Mrs. teaching him to read could signal problems down the line. His troop may use that against him (among each other), and his letting Virgil off and not arresting him as a possible deserter. These are all possibilities to strengthen the story. The Indian fight looming could give the story a kick--more tension. But, if I were writing this I'd be as careful with Indian history as with Negro history. Cultural-wise, they are very close to each other. IMO, John you were wise to bring the novel before an African American audience for a review. It shows you care about how all people will take your story. If you want to know about me visit my website at http://www.millerscribs.com Peace. (Minnie Estelle Miller)
  4. Sorry, I forget to respond to these discussions here on our forum and not on Facebook. So, I'm repeating my comments here. The so-called good point I was referring to was Troy's comment about "black folks weeping in the aisles about the white writer's portrayal of Negroes in "The Help." Yet, we chewed out Perry for his portrayal of African American women in "For Colored Girls." I hated the trailers on "Precious." I feel that poor young actress was thrown to the wolves. BTW, where is she now? Who will pick her up in another movie? But that's another story. Back to "Braver Deeds." I knew I was not going to the movies, paying my meager pennies to see an exchange between black maids and white ladies/housewives. I didn't see enough Negro history in the motion picture's blurb to legitimize the story. This is a must for me. I am an African American writer, age 75 and know a lot of facts about Negro-Master's relationships on Southern Plantations. Troy, in my opinion we want our brothers and sisters of color to write us in a perfect light because we are brothers and sisters. We say, "Don't bring us down any lower than we are today." As an African American writer, I'm still climbing the mountain of acceptablity of my work by all races. My last novel is multiracial. The characters are African American, Native American and Polynesian. Of course, non-black writers have a headstart on us. To be fair, I'll read Braver Deeds.
  5. I'm reading "Black Orchid Blues," by Persia Walker. The opening page hooked me and made me laugh. She was describing West 133rd Street between Seventh and Lenox Ave and the *character* of the streets. "Only a few weeks earlier two cops had gotten into a drunken brawl...one black, one white...They'd pulled out their pistols and shot each other I knew I was in for a fun ride in NYC during the Renaissance era. Most of the story is narrated by the reporter who witnessed a shoot-out and kidnapping in a nigt club. The person kidnapped is the club's transvestite entertainer. If you have problems with lifestyles you may not like this novel. I think it done with exceptional writing. Minnie E Miller http://www.millerscribs.com I'm also reading "Buying Time," by Pamela Samuels Young. I'm not too far into this one, but a brief synopsis says it's about greed, blackmail and murder. BTW, Ms. Young is an attorney. It works for me.
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