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  1. Ok so you two @Chevdove and @Pioneer1 are breaking down the history in very comprehensive ways, with lots of details. There seem to be a lot of sticking points about dates/time periods and nomenclature. But otherwise there's some agreement here.


    I admit I'm more of a recent history guy (1600-present) versus ancient like you two. I do consider myself a Biblical scholar, but as Pioneer alluded to, its not 100% factual. But from what I'm reading, the both of you seem to agree in the existence of "Black Dravidian Asians." Is that fair to say? If so then I need to read up some on this subject matter before I can comment further. The words black and Asian combined is weird in and of itself. I assume these people had kinky/nappy hair?


    The second preliminary conclusion I'm getting, based on both of your comments, is that the Black Dravidians did in fact play a role in creating today's "Caucasians" aka white people? If not, correct me. Again I'll contribute more to this discussion once I learn more about our Dravidian cousins.


    On 3/19/2020 at 8:06 PM, Pioneer1 said:

    First of all there is no such thing as "Original Caucasians"...it's a contradiction of terms.
    If they are Caucasian then they CAN'T be original.


    They are not original, meaning they didn't come into existence naturally. Is that what you're saying?


    On 3/21/2020 at 11:41 AM, Chevdove said:

    The term 'Caucasian' does not originally define white people


    This is/was my position from the beginning. I always felt white people (Europeans) usurped the term "Caucasian" from the people of Georgia, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, etc. But this whole discussion even calls that into question. I believe Pioneer's position is that Arabs and Europeans are Caucasian. Make sense. Just more to wrap our heads around.

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  2. And to all the obedient black people out there parroting and mimicking white people and Asian actions and talking points with all the coronavirus stuff, just remember, you're still black. Just like these two black men found out while wearing protective masks at Walmart. I don't need to hear the white copsucking community defenses of their god in the cop costume. Already read them. This is just a PSA.



  3. "Alphabet" is nothing but a shady attempt by Google to hide, funnel, launder, etc. its assets. 95% of "Alphabet's" revenue is Google advertising.


    Google and Amazon are trillion dollar companies. So logically Facebook is more vulnerable than those two because its "only" worth $70 billion. Twitter is obviously more vulnerable than Facebook as its only worth about $4 billion. Regardless Twitter epitomizes the short attention span, lazy quip culture of the world. So unless there's some mass awakening and people start reading books again, Twitter is just fine. And "we" don't control anything related to those platforms. Not sure where you got that idea.

  4. 10 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    I remember this drug [Interferon] because from the 90s when Dr. Alim Muhammad of the Nation of Islam was using it to treat (and cure) HIV patients!


    Damn bruh. I never knew about this until now. Just read a few articles on it. That's some crazy shiz. Thanks for the knowledge. Rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper.

  5. 21 minutes ago, Delano said:

    Trump wants to end the isolation. So do you believe Trump when he said it was a hoax that the Democrats made up?


    I don't get into the left/right political soap opera. What I do know is that Trump tried to buy the rights to vaccines and research from CureVac, a German pharma company, for $1 billion. Of course he and CureVac deny it now. But several non-US media outlets confirmed it.


    Everything Trump does is for himself. He only cares about himself. Talk of sending $1,200 checks to people means there's something in it for Trump. The $500 billion slush fund in that "relief" bill that Trump and Mnuchin have complete, 100% control over tells you all you need to know. Democrats are desperate to get their version of a dementia-suffering pervert (Biden) into the WH so of course they will politicize anything and everything.


    Cuban doctors sent a drug called Interferon to China and it apparently works to cure coronavirus as China is getting back to normal. Of course you don't hear about the drug in US media because it's made in Cuba and big pharma companies cannot cash in on it. Of course pharma companies advertise a lot on US media. Again, they don't care about people. They care only about themselves.

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  6. 14 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    Trust the media and those in power to tell you the truth and open yourself up to be taken advantage of and harmed?

    Or do you ignore them and what they're saying only to face possible harm from a real threat?


    You get hurt either way. Just like my position on police. If I smell feral pig in the air (which you must detect to try and save your life), I'm shooting first. I know I'll die later in a shootout, but I'd rather die with dignity like that versus trusting cops to act like humans.


    These people deliberately crashed THEIR OWN economy for a reason. They have people locked indoors for a reason. They have effectively convinced people that this coronavirus is the plague. 34,000 died of flu in 2018-19. 60,000 died of flu in 2017-18. Everything was business as usual. Anyone who fails to recognize the sinister and manipulative nature as to what's happening now is simply choosing blissful ignorance.


    People are just scared to talk about anything contrary to what government feeds them. I'm not. I'm always the guy screaming alone versus the obedient crowd.

  7. 18 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    Right now, I think we need to be careful in saying that this virus is "not affecting" Black people.


    All I do is make the observation based on infection maps. Africa and India are in fact not being affected as much. It's an observable fact, as is the fact that all these black people who get coronavirus in the USA are asymptomatic. I don't know the why and frankly, it worries me. At some level, I believe the white mad scientists who created this virus to kill black people screwed up the formula and now they are trying to clean up the mess because its killing them and their Asian accessories. Again, if this disease was observably affecting black people more than other races, it would be business as usual in the USA and we all know it.


    Yeah I don't feel bad for Asians at all. They rallied in New York in support of Peter Liang, that Asian cop who killed Akai Gurley. The Latasha Harlins video from Los Angeles really had be burning up inside. She's the black girl who was shot and killed by a Korean store owner. The killer got probation for it, showing that Asians are indeed the honorary white people. There have been a lot more of these types of incidents talked about for a couple weeks, many of which I'd never heard of or knew about.



  8. Apple and Starbucks have reopened in China. Movie theaters are reopening in China. Japan is reopening its schools next week. Meanwhile its the apocalypse in the USA as they test asymptomatic people to tell them they have a disease and cause more panic that is sadly so easy to induce in the US populace. People are yearning militarized neighborhoods and needles. I'm just glad I can watch from a distance. It's like 9/11 all over again and all that BS government had the masses believing (WMDs in Iraq, passport from hijacker fell from the plane [LOL], etc.). It was called "misinformation" back then and anyone who spoke of it was called ignorant. De ja vu. No coincidence they're making NYC the epicenter of this one too.

  9. 34 minutes ago, Troy said:

    Instagram is what my students use most.


    Right and Instagram was an independent company until 2012 when Facebook acquired it. Facebook offered $3 billion to Snapchat a few years back, but they declined. That will change in due course. Vine was the first TikTok. Twitter acquired Vine, Tweetdeck and Periscope. Twitter is not going anywhere. Twitter and Facebook own social media and that's not changing anytime soon.


    Myspace is not a logical comparison to either Facebook or Twitter. The latter two are giant conglomerates constantly making acquisitions of the new kid on the block. Myspace was a 2-3 year experiment like Friendster, which Facebook also acquired.

  10. 3 hours ago, Troy said:

    Ok, but I still think Black people should stop using Twitter.


    But that's just illogical to think will happen. The under 30 crowd is perpetually tied to social media due to their conditioning from birth. All the new social sites get gobbled up by the established one. Just is what it is.


    The ONLY way Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. lose their standing as the owners of the internet is by government forcing them to break up. That's just the reality.

  11. 3 hours ago, Troy said:


    I did not say I was afraid. I'm concerned though, because there is indeed a disconnect between what we are being told and the government's reaction. 



    Kareem you ask questions that are impossible to answer or unreasonable.  This question, for example, presumes all Asians and White think identically, which obviously they don't.


    Of course I disagree with the statement; it is illogical to agree with it.


    Funny how all the Asian racism against black people in the USA was unbeknownst to me until last week. Traveling to China and Japan I saw it up close and personal. But now these war conditions have caused every story of Asian racism against black people in LA, NYC, SF, Miami and elsewhere over the last three decades; areas of high Asian concentration. A young man accumulated newscasts and news articles and when you sit and read/watch it, its quite disturbing. A black woman also chronicled stories from LA and SF. You can find these pieces yourself. I won't be posting links here.

  12. 2 hours ago, Troy said:

    Everyone is differnt Kareem, and that makes us all special.


    I'm sorry but I'm just not boarding those "everyone" "all" and other similar boats right now. What's happening right now is a deliberate, unprecedented, orchestrated economic reconstruction of this country and perhaps the world. Black people are the least prepared for this due to lack of accumulated wealth and preparation (won't bother posting wealth gap graphs and what not). Reality is coming at folks fast (i.e. losing their jobs, no food on shelves, imprisoned in their soon-to-be former homes, perpetual fearmongering, etc.). I'm concerned only about my own.

  13. 2 hours ago, Troy said:

    Of course they feel threatened.


    Well I don't feel threatened at all. Sorry I don't share your fear.


    2 hours ago, Troy said:

    It is really interesting that you've grouped Asians in as "honory white people" to make your argument.


    Whether its white people being your boss at work or the Asians who own the liquor stores, convenience stores and fake hair shops in black neighborhoods...black people are subordinate to whites and Asians in the USA. Both whites and Asians hate black people equally IMO. Do you disagree?

  14. 2 hours ago, Troy said:

    Differences in skin color and texture of hair does not make one human being superior to another


    I didn't say black people are superior. I said we are special. We are different. Black people have afro (course) hair unlikely any other race on Earth. True or false? Many other races have sun-resistant skin (Indians, American Indians, Mexicans, Arabs, etc.). But we at out darkest may have the only sun-PROOF skin among humanity. Why can't you love and embrace who you are?

  15. 1 hour ago, Troy said:

    Why sue Twitter? Stop using it.


    That's not the point. You and I both both know Google, Twitter and social media in general are racially-biased. Goal of a lawsuit is for a court to declare that Google et al are racially-biased, or for the company to admit they are racially biased in depositions. That's what us legal folks do. I get off on forcing corporate high-priced lawyers to research, write and file responses, answers, demurrers, interrogatories, etc. in a lawsuit.


    1 hour ago, Troy said:

    They'll go out of business or change.


    No, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Google/Youtube, etc. will not be going out of business for at least 50-60 years. They are the new ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. They'll change as the tides of society do, just like the old networks did.

  16. Troy you know damn well Google is neither for us or by us. Neither are those social media channels. Once I get settled up in Colorado later this week, we're preparing a lawsuit against Twitter for discrimination. There is a law in California that likely deems the site a "public accommodation." Too much legal mumbo jumbo to get into. But Twitter allows white people to post stuff that they delete if a black person posts the same thing. I've been in contact with several Twitter users and had them take screenshots to show the patterns. If its successful (and is granted class-action status), there may be pathway to start holding Google accountable as well for its obvious bias.

  17. @Pioneer1 said "Human beings and their various civilizations have been on this planet for millions of years and these civilizations have expiration dates. Western civilization is no different and it's collapse is iminent in my opinion."


    I think you have a valid point. Let's be real - if coronavirus was heavily-affecting black people only, the country would still be running as normal. It's the same thing with 100,000 missing black women and girls in the USA right now and you know none of their names. But as soon as a white girl comes up missing, her picture is broadcast ad nauseum on white media outlets.


    White people ("western civilization") feel VERY threatened by this coronavirus. Look at the government responses. Look at how willing they are to be jailed in their own homes. They see coronavirus as a threat to their existence. It's the same as their obsession with black male genitalia, castrations and today, emasculation. They know black DNA could turn Europe black within two generations. So they've taken harsh, evil actions against black men for 400 years to prevent this. That's also why they are pulling out any and all possible solutions to this coronavirus thing that they see killing them and honorary white people (Asians) but for some reason not affecting black people.

  18. On 3/21/2020 at 11:01 AM, Troy said:

    Here is something I deleted today.  I'm sharing it here because I could very easily see where people would believe the absurd information presented. It reminds me of the article @Kareem shared about covid-19 and the idea that Black people are resistant to it


    White people are susceptible to skin cancer and cannot be out in the sun without chemicals on their skin. Black people can go outside naked in 100 degree sunshine and stand there all day (with water) and nothing happens to them. Are you disputing the inherent properties of melanin? Skin cancer is called MELANOMA because white people have no melanin. Our hair is different from every other race on this planet. Look I get that you've been conditioned to believe you're an inferior being to whites and Asians. But you're not. We're not. We are in fact special, the true chosen people if you choose to use religion as a foundation.


    If a genuine plague was going to ravage any areas of the globe, its Africa and India. Why? Because healthcare is scant, as is government organization. But both areas simply have few infections. You're asking people to act obsequious and ignore the elephant in the room phenomenon that Africa and India are not being affected. It's like you're trying to sound humble for some reason. I'm not humble when it comes to my blackness. Now Europeans and Asians may and probably will plant some new virus strain in Africa at some point. But right now the facts are the fact whether you like them or not or demean them as spam.


    16 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

    You never heard of the "scat" movement?

    It's a type of pornography where people "get off" from eating eachother's shit and drinking eachother's piss.


    That was just one, but there's hundreds of sites out there promoting that madness, lol.


    Furthermore, the New York state government just issued a bulletin TODAY telling people not to "rim," which I guess is sticking your tongue in people's butts. The exact wording is "Rimming (mouth on anus) might spread COVID-19. Virus in feces may enter your mouth." So yes its definitely real. Hard getting through to Troy as you know.

  19. On 3/21/2020 at 8:04 AM, Troy said:

    Think critically and view everything on the web with skepticism.


    I do think critically. I once posted the patent documents here on AALBC for the AIDS virus and you dismissed them as fantasy because you said you didn't understand them. Every document related to coronavirus science, including the various strains (SARS-CoV-2 the current one and SARS-CoV-1 the previous one) and the vaccines since 1993 are linked therein. It's your choice to choose reading them or not. An article serves to summarize.


    On 3/21/2020 at 8:04 AM, Troy said:

    African countires are much younger than European and asian countires like italy and china.


    That's a new one. First I heard the coronavirus is not affecting Africa and India because the weather is too warm and the virus cannot thrive in heat. But that makes little sense being that Florida and Louisiana are two of the warmest states in the Union and have more coronavirus cases than all the Midwest cold states combined. Now you're saying its because Africa and India have young populations. Thinking critically, I look at the infections map and see that 60% of all infections are/were in China and Italy. I see that every infection on the African Continent has resulted from a European or Asian tourist/worker arriving in the country and being diagnosed positive, almost as if they are deliberately entering Africa to spread the disease.


    On 3/21/2020 at 8:04 AM, Troy said:

    No, pecent infection does not equal probability of contraction. This reasoning is a function of a failed education system or a deliberate attempt to mislead people. Whatever the motivation it is bad.


    This is just an attempt to use a bunch of $0.75 words for a penny point. Bottom line is that 34,000 died of the flu in 2018-19 in the USA and the country didn't shut down. As of today we're around 390 from coronavirus. I highly doubt we reach 34,000 deaths. But the country is shut down and martial law is imminent? Again I'm thinking critically based on what we know and the facts. Something sinister is happening behind the scenes.


    I think there are simply a lot of people with a morbid desire to die from this or feed off the government subterfuges. It's almost as if people want military in their neighborhoods.


    On 3/20/2020 at 8:02 PM, Pioneer1 said:

    I've also heard that our people are getting it but most are either showing no symptoms OR very mild symptoms of it.


    "At least four black NBA players – Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert and Marcus Smart – have “tested positive” for coronavirus. All of them said they had no symptoms. Actor Idris Elba went viral within minutes when he announced on Twitter that he was diagnosed with coronavirus. He also said no symptoms were present."

  20. Glad to hear you all are doing ok. I've been relocating from my Arizona/Utah property to my Colorado spot that is even more remote. I'm staying far away from civilization. I'll be responding to everyone's posts in the next day or two. California is completely shut down now. I get my mail in Las Vegas. Drove to the place yesterday and got there around 6 p.m. The streets in LAS VEGAS were completely empty. All the casinos are closed. It was eerie driving through.

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