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  1. John, I will check out your book. My great grandfather was a veteran of the Spanish-American War, a member of the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry known as The Rough Riders (recruited by Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt and commanded by Leonard Wood. He fought at El Cana, near the famous battle of San Juan Hill, his unit was a part of Roosevelt’s 71st New York Regiment. He served under General MacArthur, the father of General Douglas MacArthur, He was a member of the Chinese Expeditionary force that mapped trails and navigation channels through out Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. He re-entered the service as a National Guardsmen during World War I. There was a profile written on his 90th birthday by the Fresno Bee in Fresno, CA.
  2. Thanks Cynique! I tell you one thing... I have a DEEPER appreciation for single moms ! Whew !
  3. Hello Cynique, Troy, Chris, Carey and other long time Thumper's Board Residents This is Jackie from Long Beach. I've been away for a looonng time ! Just wanted to actually say hi. There's a certain lil human being in my life now...she will be 9 months on the 20th. Yikes ! I need an instruction manual ! lol. Anyways, just wanted to holla. Hope all is well with you and yours. Peace and Blessings !
  4. I'm on twitter and FB ! I love twitter ! You can get caught up tho !
  5. Hmmm...I don't get the purpose of the emoticon ? What are you trying to say regarding Dr. King ?
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