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  1. I wonder why we assume that the offender is always a man. Women are just as (in)human in this regard as are their male counterparts.
  2. The philosphy of the Republican party is: this country belongs to us. We stole it from the Indians and we are not about to turn it over to the Mexicans. White folk did NOT steal from the Indians, they merely claimed what was rightfully theirs; I believe it was called Whitemanifest Destiny. I was only half paying attention in history class.
  3. None other than T-bone. Been a little busy with life (as you can see the time elapsed response).
  4. As an out-of-the-closet rapid reader, I have to say that I am NOT missing out on the enjoyment of reading. I find that I rejoice at the masterful use of language (when I encounter such things), am mesmerized by the details of the world within the pages and can cry/scream/suck my teeth/roll my eyes with lightning speed. My speed does not hamper my affective response to the text. Yet, I do have to admit that there is a trade off. While I can "feel it," I can not necessarily remember it. Oh sure, I remember the feel of the words but I have an issue when it comes to remembering the details of interactions, some cause and effect relationships or the moment before the denouement. As a result, I am the Queen of the Re-Read (if I have to discuss with any semblance of intelligence). Non-fiction selections are treated much the same. I want the information and iwannaknownow! I'm never too far away from post-it notes to mark a place of return or jot an at-the-moment-prolific thought. Ultimately, I want to get through the text and move onto the next shiny thing that captures my attention. As an educator, I understand the need for slower reading, especially as it relates to content specific text. Students, no matter their level, struggle when it comes to pulling meaning/understanding from text full of specialized vocabulary. Their expectation is, if I don't get it the teacher will translate for me. Of course, as their teacher, I throw the spoon at them as I inform, "Feed your damn self!" Reading is one thing I enjoy fast.
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