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  1. A little while ago there was a great outpouring of concern for the health of Nelson Mandela when he took sick--primarily in your white establishment press.

    I guess they should be grateful--he and the ANC let them keep all the money and power.

    I will be ambivelent toward Mandela.

    He could forgive the Aparthied Regime for jailing him, killing and torturing thousands of his brothers and sisters, opressing millions, stealing the wealth.

    But he couldn't forgive Winnie for allegedly cheating on him while he was locked up.

    I see where his priorities were.

  2. Harlan is one of my favorite writers. And of course on principle I agree.

    But few can take this advice seriously.

    Face it--writers, even good ones are a dime a dozen. It is a buyer's market, unless you are named JK Rowling or Zane or Dan Brown or Stephen King or somebody else whose name appears on the cover ABOVE the title.

    (Ever notice that? )

    If you treat writing as a business you understand the necessity sometimes of cutting your price, undercharging and giving away freebies.

    Dope dealers are probably among the most mercenary, blood thirsty merchants on earth. Even they put out free samples (sometimes called "testers") so as to get the consumers to come to them.

    Writing is a business, and in America, the Land of the Heartless and Home of the Paid, we are in competition.

    And so it goes.

  3. The surfacing of all of this new admiration for Michael Vick is having the effect of a jinx. Obama's praising of Vick's skills and the Philadelphia Eagle's act of "redemption" resulted in him having a bad night as the Eagles lost.

    People ought stop making a morality play out of his life and just let the dude play football without all of the distractions.

    (But of course they won't do that, will they? I mean, what will they talk about on all the Sports call in shows?

    If, after being damn near run out of the country he is so stupid he is still listening to people he deserves what he gets.

    There was a song, one time. I think you did a version as a vocalist with your kazoo band--"That's Life"?

    "Ridin' high in April. Shot down in May"

  4. Your answer is off point - as usual. Everything I said about Michael Vick was predicated on his being a WINNER. Your second comment is equally ill-founded, considering that where I live the home team just won its division title. GO, BEARS!

    (Bears sh*t in the woods)

  5. What I find it pathetic is that many Black folks will continue to praise Barack without reservation on every activity while we continue to catch the most hell and seemingly, have our votes and support taken for granted.

    (What do you expect? Negroes are still worshipping Michael Jackson and Bill Clinton although they hated them and held them in contempt.

    The Black community often acts like the classical abused spouse. Gets kicked in the arse and crawls back for more.


  6. IMO, Michael Vick's goose was never cooked. In the NFL winning is the name of the game and profit is the first down. Any losing team looking to improve its record had to be salivating over the chance to snap Vick up and make itself look doubly good in the process by appearing to be forgiving and compassionate while adding a proven winner to their roster. Redemption, hell. Professional football is a sport that thrives on pit bulls abusing each other. Vick is a superstar. As long as he wasn't raping white girls, his comeback was just a matter of time. Franchise honchos have remarkably short memories.

    Sorry, R.D. Turner, if my comments don't reinforce your sob story, I was mostly responding to Chrishayden, an adversary who relishes taking me on. LOL

    (The last time you followed the game, Bronco Nagursky was in his prime.

    Suppose Vick was NOT winning, eh?))

  7. http://www.riverfronttimes.com/locations/sweetie-pies-the-grove-41863/

    I was there earlier this week. Had the fried chicken. Black Eyed peas. Cornbread. String beans. All for $9.50. Couldn't eat it all.

    I met Ms. Montgomery, the former Ikette who runs the place. Got pictures of herself from those days all over the place. You could hardly get in for all the white folks.

    If you ever come to St. Louis and you aren't robbed assaulted or murdered, you should stop by there (It's in a safe neighborhood, too!)

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  8. You always opt to "turn a phrase" rather than speak the truth, Chrishayden. How can you, as a baby boomer who grew up during the 1950s and 60s say that during these years black folks were all "happy go lucky, water melon loving, chicken stealing coons"?

    (If this had come from anybody but you, I would have gotten angry. Instead I am sad. And heartbroken. OK, I am also laughing like hell, but I am an African in America. I have Double Consciousness.

    I didn't say of course black people WERE happy go lucky, water melon loving chicken stealing coons. I am saying that in large parts of the society--at least that part that didn't think we were whisky and cocaine crazed, white woman lusing, razor toting devils or slutty sapphires, always standing against a pillar in a nightclub and singing a la Lena Horne--THOUGHT we were.

    You just couldn't deal with it, could you? You just shut down, thinking of all the racism. It is common in blacks of your era.)

    Is this what the upwardly mobile Blacks were engaging in while launching the civil rights movement? This was, after all, the era when black men stepped up and became the leaders of the civil rights movemen

    (Let's tell the truth. For every black who got involved in the Civil Rights Movement,there was 25 who were oblivious and ten hiding under the bed. You get awful militant when somebody pulls the sheet off your insecurities and illusions, don't you?)

    The only people who can rehabilitate the image of black men is - black men. I

    (Don't look at me. I don't give a damn. I glory in it. It is better to be feared than loved)

    nd if it's anything Tyler obviously needs, it's love from black men...

    (He's getting plenty. From the ones he wants! Don't ask, don't tell...

    I love sparring with you, Cynique. It's so--easy!)

  9. It has never been about this guy's skillz on the field. He has been a phenom since he was at West Virginia (I still remember that game they played against the Seminoles where he damn near beat his opponents by himself.

    It is his associations and conduct off the field that is the problem.

    He is on track to be one of the all time stories of comeback and redemption if he can keep his nose clean.

    Stay out da hood. Keep your mind on football.

    Also, he need to forget about owning a dog. If he has even a goldfish and something happens to it they will run his a** out of the country.

    Here's hoping, but seeing what happened to his brother I think we need to take a wait and see attitude...

  10. OHO, Chrishayden. When I said that the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan were holy wars dating back centuries to the time of the Crusades, you questioned my historical accuracy, as you now say the same thing. And, suddenly, you have abandoned your religious tolerance and joined me in bad-mouthing Muslim extremists. tsk-tsk.

    (They were not Holy Wars. They were wars against the hated invader.

    Also, the war against Alexander the Great predated Islam.

    It ain't about Islam. It is about nationalism.

  11. Chris this is one reason I wish I was about 10 years older. I simply was not old enough to attend AND apprciate Parliament/Funkadelic.

    My introduction to Clinton and crew can in the late 70's via strong party song "Flashlight".

    However I did not discover what I call the "real Funk music" like "Pussy" until the early '80s!

    I did not Funkadelic perform live until the 90's. By then George's voice was shot and they were performing songs light Atomic Dog, and the more popular stuff; not of the "real Funk music". I went to see them again a few years ago and it was a disappointing. They were brought in some young blood and it was good to see the aging icons but the "real Funk music" was missing. They used a rappper...

    I'm afraid I may never experience, like you, a live performance of the Real Funk music like "Testify", "Pussy", "Icka Prick", "All Your Goodies are Gone", "Can You get to That", etc, etc.

    I would be happy to see a tight band cover these classics.

    The closet thing I heard to this type of Funk, and lyrics, perfomed in recent years, was a In Livin' Color's "When Love rears it's ugly head" -- and that song is almost 20 years old... I saw In Livin' Color perform for free in Central Park this Summer -- they were great!

    I started reading the liner notes of the CD this morning (I found one of those credit card sized magnifying glass old people use in restaurants) and see the reason I had not heard some of the songs is 'cause they were never released and other were only released as 45's.

    Are you aware of any artists creating new "real Funk" now?



    (The closest I have seen is Janelle Monae. Some of the rappers--like the Geto Boys, used some for samples.

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