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  1. Just as I feared I would I busted out LMAO at parts where others found laughter inappropriate--you know the ones that were supposed to be "touching". "Touching" like a child molester putting his hand under a little girls dress out by the swings. Just like I did in that abomination of The Color Purple Jurassic Fart Stephen Splishburg foisted on us. I had to blame it on bad lithium.

    I see why white folks liked it. They love to see n****z flailing around, crying and screaming and crapping on themselves. Gets em right here (grabs his own crotch)

    I heard Monique wore a Hattie McDaniel outfit to the Oscars last night (I would never stoop to watch that trash--3 1/2 hours of Hollywood giving itself a blowjob) How apropos.

    Look out for a flood of this swill in the future--

    Well, we need a new Oprah saying.

    Here it is.

    Where there's life

    There's hope

    Where there's trash

    There's Ope!

  2. My understanding is that the State Party and the Obamites, now in full panic mode after blowing the Massachusetts Senate Race, see Patterson for some reason as a loser and they want to throw him over the side and are leaking a lot of this themselves.

    I understand that under the circumstances he did a pretty good job, and was really just an accidental governor anyway after Spitzer's demise.

    Can't a blind man get no symphathy? Maybe he ought to start playing some violins--you know. Crying on camera. Talking about how he was abused. How people used to trick him into thinking a waffel iron was braille--

  3. Twitter is absolute Bullshit. That broad is in there with a room full of people and can't think of anything more to do than exchange messages with entities that could be nothing more than message bots for all she knows. She was rude, and if she'd been in my house I'd have thrown her butt out, and I consider evidence that the victim was a Twitterer an absolute defense to the charge of murder.

    It is only evidence that Americans are a stupid and frivolous people. That 'everybody' is doing it does not mean it is hip or in or whatever they want to call it.

    In another couple of years conmen Bill Gates and Steve Jobs will have all the techno monkeys doing something else--I notice this:

    That we keep getting all these newfangled electronic communication devices does not change the imbecillic quality of the exchanges being made--that is 99% of what "information" is being passed is absolute bullshit.

    "Chewing gum for the mind!" a wise man is supposed to have exclaimed when he first heard of television. Everybody poo pooed him and opined how it meant that everybody would be sitting around watching performances of Shakespeare plays, Grand Opera and lectures by wise academicians.

    When I think of Twitter and Facebook and cellphones, I thank God for the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction and do not fear their use...

  4. Tavis is far from being a dummy.

    (I'll admit he is not a dummy. He is a cynical, shallow talentless hack--a Black Larry King. His show is for white folks, not black (here it comes on at 12:30 am, so even THEY ain't watching him. I guess when PBS goes begging for money up on Capitol hill or other places, they can point to him as "Black" programming.

    I would rather say it is OREO programming)

    With that said, I was sad these two men who both have something to bring to the table, had this "discussion" in public. They should have picked up the phone and had this conversation in PRIVATE.

    (Why? Basically they are both in Show Business. Both are pretending to be--I don't know really what they are pretending to be but it depends on them doing their shtick in public so they can score points.)

    "WE" need to stop giving folks shyet to use against us.

    (Ain't no WE and US. When Joe Stack flew that plane into that building in Austin Texas, an act which every black person I spoke to saw as confirmation of White Men as crazed homicidal time bombs waiting to go off, I didn't see none of them cringing.

    I don't care what two Negroes I don't even know are doing on the other side of the country. That "WE" stuff is just som more group responsibility stuff left over from Slavery)

  5. Cornel West recently spoke out on this subject, saying that Obama may not be obligated to have a black agenda but he did have an obligation to be concerned about the welfare of the poor and the unemployed, - most of whom are black.

    (Morally West is right. Legally and Constitutionally the President has no such obligation.

    We live in a money system. The poor and unemployed have no money to give to our politicians--and to make it worse they don't vote or demonstrate or make calls or send letters or do anything else.

    All you got is people like West, who probably only sees poor people as he speeds by them in his Mercedes, talking about what poor people want.

    Why don't nobody ever go to poor people and ask them what they want?

  6. The thing I hate about the Cyber generation is that they got all youse thinking you have to change and upgrade and all that rot every other week or you are a "luddite" or something.

    It is very frustrating learning how to do the same thing (post a message) to somebody every few months and it is the reason why I don't visit some websites anymore but I guess you ain't gonna stop as long as those assholes Bill Gates and Steve Jobs keep on conning us.

    Jesus! If you are coming back hurry up while there is still somebody left here to greet you.

  7. Well, now Barry is going to go on TV with the Republicans and discuss health care. It will be an above board discussion with no politics or dirty tricks.


    The day after this atrocity he is going to look like an even bigger jackass than he does right now.

    What is wrong with the President? Is he Crazy? On a Mission? Over confident? Getting Bad Advice.

    He ought to just hang a sign on his back that sez "Kick Me" and get it over with.

  8. Carey:

    You are wrong.

    Have you never read Huckleberry Finn? How about Pimp, the Story of my life? How about this book we have all been talking about, Push?

    None written in proper English.

    All the writers are using, mostly the same vocabulary. The difference is in Voice. The particular way they use or combine them.

    You may come up with something that uses the King's English and that is so dull nobody wants to read it.

    You know what you should do? Join a writers workshop and work through it. You sound like you are very unsure of yourself on this and not ready to do a novel.

    Many writers have workshopped works that were later published.

    Also, you will have the benefit of having folks right there you can talk to.

    THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET, MY FRIEND. I don't give a damn how long you study you will probably never get to the point where you can write everything out smoothly in one draft.

    WRITING IS HARD WORK. Sometimes when I have really got down on a piece I am funky and tired just like I got through running a country mile.

    And then the "fun" starts--the rewriting.

    It is just like excercising, or playing a sport, or a real hard physical job.

    You should only step out on it unless you GOTTA!

    Of course, you can get a ghostwriter.

    That would be expensive--and again--


    Bon appetit

  9. Okay.

    I admit I was sold on the global warming thang.

    Now though, with almost the entire U.S. under snow and unusually colder temperatures (and with the revelation that some of the scientists have been fibbing) I am not so sure.

    Al Gore sure didn't bite his tongue a few years ago, what with the film and the prize.

    Where is he now? Eh? If he don't say something soon to hell with my carbon footprint. I'll make it big as I please!

  10. After about six months I had given the man an A minus.

    Now, after a year, an F.

    Personally, when he failed to do something right away about jobs, gave all that money to the big banks, and went into surge mode in Afghanistan instead of getting out, I was through with him.

    Practically, when he and the rest of those Democratic clowns allowed Teddy Kennedy' seat to go to a Republican thatwas it.

    The Democrats are too stupid to live. Too inept to hold on to a seat that had been Democratic for more than half a century in the Bluest of the Blue states (Oh, I know everybody will come in talking about Coakley and the Mass Democratis but Obama is the leader of the party and he blew it.

    Health care is dead (I posted that before right after Kennedy died)

    He can get it back up to a C or even a B if he clears the decks and maintains the Democratic majorities in the November elections but to all indications that Clown don't even know he's in trouble.

    He has this tin ear, he is slow to react to developments and he is stiff.

    I suppose, since the white folks picked him after all, they would have got a nuetered puppet. Ah well.

  11. In the world of entertainment, it does make sense that an industry controlled by white moguls doesn't hesitate to exploit race. A lot of politics is involved in the "bestowing-of-awards" process. It's not always about good performances but about whose turn it is.

    Taking this a step further, white Hollywood always seizes an opportunity to pat itself on the back, and nominating pictures about Blacks for Oscars will placate those who might accuse the industry of being racist. Blacks who point out that the pictures and roles singled out for recognition are always ones about the down side of black life, have a point. Aestheticism is Tinseltown is always tainted by cynicism. <_<

    (Cynique, in my absence you have become a clear and cogent critic and commentator.

    I wonder how long it will take me to get you back out to lunch again? Hmmmm. What will I have to do?? Hmmmm...

  12. . Black directors make movies they feel are relevant to their personal agendas and those of their targeted audience (which is generally black). White people have nothing to do with it.

    (With that comment you reveal that you don't know a damn thing about America, the movie business, black directors or filmmaking.

    Why am I not surprised.

    You got in there crying and snotting over this sad story and now you can't even see straight enough to tell it like it is. Admit it. It's all emotional.

    You like the movie. Lots of black people have questions about it. Maybe you're right. Maybe THEY are. Get over it.

  13. I would be glad to do it, but only after you consider this.

    What do you want an editor for? To find all typoes? Spell check and your own eyes do that. To make suggestions about character, setting, theme, and the like.

    Most authors already have that in their minds.

    I have done this for people where we went through and found every typo and misprint and mistake.

    And the mss was submitted and the editor STILL wanted changes.

    My experience has been that this is something requested by those who are unsure about their talent, reception, etc.

    They want somebody who will help them produce a surefire mss that requires no editing and is immediately accepted.

    This does not happen save if you are Stephen King or some author whose name is bigger than the title on the cover.

    I will apply for the position you advertise. But I can guarentee nothing.

    I will do it only if you consider what I have said and mull it over.

    My advice is clean it up as much as possible and jump in the water and swim like everybody else. And when you got that mss finished, start on the next one.

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