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  1. I got a question yesterday from a fellow writer about how to drop the price to .99 cent on Kindle books. I did a video to walk her through how, but the question is should it be done and does it hurt the author's industry? I don't think so since author's royalties have always been right around .25 cents when publishing with a traditional house. I've seen growth in sales since I just price changed my books. The increased eyes on the books has also lead to traffic in my online store for other products. Mainstream publishers think it's bad, but I think what they see is competition. I guess the idea is if the books are dropped to .99 cents, where is the next drop? Here is the video, with the question submitted by Jessica L. Crenshaw founder of the Spartan City Poetry Club. I put her twitter and website in the vid if you want to check her out.
  2. Like I said Sara... I thought you were in this for the good spirited debate that I've encountered here, but you definitely have PTSD traits and like I said before that is no laughing matter and it is not to be played with. When I see what you write, I see issues and when I see that I back off. I love winning a good internet battle, but after reading what you wrote to Cynique, it appears either you know her from somewhere else that I know nothing about. Hence the winks and the "guessing" of where she lives. Regular people or people who are okay don't do what you do in each of your posts. In regard to me all of your posts have been in response to... this was cool when we were debating on the other thread because it didn't feel aggressive or in your face, although it lacked support, it felt like jousting. This though the consistent need to pound your chest and belittle, it's ugly and dark. Maybe it was my use of asshole, obviously in jest which is why I also called myself an asshole that triggered something, but since that point you've sounded exactly like the person that said a man should burn in hell. Nelson, I think the language barrier is ruining your ability to engage in what I am saying to Sara. I'm not playing a game or being rude, I see PTSD and I don't know if you've seen people killed or seen people hurt, but people who have seen these things and haven't dealt with it, write and talk a certain way. Sara is doing this, but there is something very odd about her attack on Cynique and her need to try and diss me. The tone, which can be conveyed in writing, has all of the elements we had to deal with when kids were killed in gang violence at schools and we had to talk with our kids or when we left the Gulf when I was in the military. I say this without any ill intent, Sara your banter in this thread is not the same as it was in the previous thread where we went back and forth. This is something different. There isn't any humor in it or wit, just venom. See you on a different thread if you feel you need to win this one, you win. Nelson if you would like to continue a discussion, I advise you to begin a new thread and fire away. A good discussion, with an edge or without is good for the soul.
  3. Sara, you are one angry person. I guess you feel like you are winning the internet today. I can't imagine that you are really a person who marched or did anything in support of anyone but yourself. Unfortunately, we will never know who or what you have done, because your sole intent appears to be discontent. I guess you come from the Jesus with the skull of an ass, swinging on people in the tabernacle school of Christianity. Your pen is filled with venom and it slices with the viciousness of a pregnant pit bull defending an imaginary pup. I am beginning to think that you are a troll. Someone solely here to target anything to get a response. Reading your words almost makes me feel sorry for you because somewhere inside of you something is broken, or maybe nothing is broken at all and you are defensive because of your experiences and you've earned the right to be... but unlike Cynique who willingly listed her participation in the movement as a writer who didn't encounter the physical brutality of the CR movement, she definitely encountered the mental brutality in dealing with the responses to her columns. She also has a picture up and has stated where she grew up. She is not hiding behind an avatar. People fight against intolerance in many ways. I admire the writer as well as the front line soldier, but you are like many of the people I served with... you seem to have some PTSD. Brothers who are good dudes(I didn't serve with women), but are always ready to battle even when the threat is only in their heads. So I am in agreement with Nelson that I should apologize to you because you are dealing with demons that have turned you into something that attacks and in your mind you're justified in your attacks and there is nothing wrong with what you say. It's just like the internet trolls who float around websites ready to tear down people at a moment's notice. If you aren't tearing down, you are in defense mode and what I thought was satire and dark humor from you really isn't. It's a dark edge that is the prodding of a bully, or the poking of an abuser. It's the first time I've seen this on a Black platform of debate based on solid intellectual thought and delivery. Because I do feel that there is something not quite right here in your dialogue I really am apologizing because battling/debating someone who I think has some issues that appear like PTSD to me is no laughing matter and it definitely isn't something to take lightly.
  4. Whew, tough room tonight. You guys are right. You two are the most positive people I've ever encountered. It's a shame that I'm such a poor and unintelligent rabblerouser who offends everyone with every statement he makes. I apologize with all of the power in my little ignorant, self hating brain to you two. Seriously... that was me being an asshole again. Nelson you seem genuine, so if anything I said was offensive, I definitely apologize to you. I feel that you have a very good spirit and your intent is good. Sara, bye, lol.
  5. Welcome back Sara! I thought you would be happy that I called myself an asshole after calling you an asshole, lol. I guess not. (Note: I'm smiling while writing this out.) I think we've pretty much killed this topic and thread. Let's all move on to the next one. You know I didn't insult your religion, just like Nelson knows I didn't insult his philosophy. So that is now in the past and rehashing it with a pretty sentence just places us right back where we were. Face it, you're an asshole. I'm an asshole. We are all assholes at times. I think it's okay as long as if I'm broken down on the side of the road, and you feel comfortable about stopping you stop and help me out and I will do the same for you. Oh, I read what you wrote about Cynique and that she probably stayed in the house during the Civil Rights movement... I hope you know her personally or that's an asshole statement. Bye Bye
  6. Ahhhhhhhh now I get it. You are in England and the word asshole is offensive. I curse a lot. It is what it is. I am not apologetic about cursing because it's just a word that explains how I feel about something at that moment. Like I said I could use different words, but I don't. I even curse in my videos. I've been told it's a sign of a lack of intelligence and that you will never succeed because of the way I speak. I don't think this is true. Some people curse, some people don't. I do find it interesting that all you have done throughout this thread is talk about how positive and uplifting you are and you are trying to be, but you focus on the negative. I'm sure you realize that what YOU focus on is what you generate. I focus on action and response, not on the negative so I tend to overlook the negative and deal with it as it comes. You are saying that your subconscious mind picked up only on the negative. That's a shame and it's unfortunate because that answer that I gave you has some really good information in it. I'm sorry you can't see it because of the curse words. Now, you know what I also find interesting is I have a friend who is one of the only Black owned shoe companies in England. I've helped this brother (he's Nigerian) and when we Skype he is not offended by my speaking and we've gotten a lot accomplished although he is England and I'm here in the US. http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/kudz Anyway, I can't advise you on anything. I wish you well in all that you do. I think we have come to a conclusion in this dialogue.
  7. Yo, on the real. You are being very sensitive. I was talking about how Sara said I said Black Christians were the same as the KKK. Does that make you happy. That's what the asshole statement was about because I never said anything negative about Christians and to say I did is what assholes do. Could I use better words? Probably, but an asshole is an asshole. Like right now, I'm being an asshole to you because you are getting real emotional about a positive post. I thanked you for a great question and I could have just said thank you and not explain anything. But now you have a full grasp of how this site works as a small business. In regard to everything else, it was an explanation. if you feel insulted. I guess... but I don't see it. I thought we were making progress. Who the hell insulted you about a profile picture? I was explaining that not having a profile picture and information limits who you can reach. What is offensive about that? If that was an insult to say that you limit your reach, please don't start a business bro and have to deal with customers who are always challenging you and what you've done. Because I haven't said anything offensive at all. Stop picking something negative and ask a question about the rest of what I wrote about the platform and Google Ads or once again, I'm checking out. Oh I don't want your details or I would have asked. This is what you need to know about when I write. I write so that any person who is reading this will get something out of my response. So my answer about this website was about how it works so others can understand why it's important not to post long conversations on Facebook and Twitter and other sites that don't allow you to monetize your content and that replace your information within 24 hours so you have to keep generating more content. Sheesh.
  8. War is destructive, you said Sara and I were in a civil war. Damn bruh, can you take a compliment? I complimented you on a good question and you turned it into something negative. smh and lol.
  9. Nelson, good question. The reason I spend time on this site is because I also use Facebook. Facebook doesn't not allow me to monetize my content and when I share and post and write long thoughts on the page, Facebook uses an algorithm and then they market through the ads on the side to me, you and any person who is on Facebook. This has made Mark Zuckerberg a very rich person. The same thing happens when we enter long exchanges on Twitter and any social media platform. My goal in writing here is to build up content on Troy's website that is indexed and searchable on any search engine in the world because has created a platform that has become basically an online library for writers. More important Troy is a Black man helping writers by hosting and working on this website at his expense. The reason I spend so much time here is because he shares a lot of information that is important for Black folks. Also the more I write, the people who are lurking and not commenting but reading, they get to see how I think about certain things. After a while they may make a decision to click on my name and visit my website. While this can happen on Facebook, I am not interested in giving Facebook any of my serious conversation because doing so is a waste of time since any exchange on Facebook or Twitter is gone and hard to find after 24 hours. By writing and engaging people on this site a Black business earns income. If you look at the top of this page and at the bottom you will notice ads. These ads are hosted by Google Adsense. Troy is able to make money based on the number of impressions we give those ads every time we load this page or any other page on this site. Since he delivers information about Black writers and is not compensated for doing all of the work on this website, using Google Adsense helps to offset his expenses and like I said earlier it build up a searchable database of short blog posts of anyone who is on the site or who visits the site. I also collect everything I write here in an Word document and I will edit it for my own blog and website and post the same things I wrote here, there. This will then give me the ability to have content in more than one place which improves the likelihood that I will sell books. When you click on my name and picture there are links to my webpages. Troy has literally created a community online that allows me to market and advertise myself without paying for a domain name if I don't want too. So instead of remaining anonymous and not posting a picture it is important that I have my picture and complete my profile because the more impressions I have on the web the more of a digital footprint I have to reach potential readers or sneaker lovers or music lovers for CBP, ARCH and CBP Music. While you see this as destructive, I see it all as a positive as it is real nation building. It is only destructive when people decide to be assholes and distort what is being written by other people in an attempt to seem more intelligent than other people. This is why I never disrespected you, I only challenged you so you would leave information about yourself and what you are doing because this is all available for the entire world to read if they want to read it. That's the purpose of writing here on AALBC. We build up a black owned companies content instead of giving our power away to Facebook and Social media with long posts, we empower ourselves. There is nothing more important than this. So we are creating and learning when we ask the right questions or better questions.
  10. Cynique, thank you for the compliment and you know I will keep on doing the work. Nelson, I said in my last post to you, I'm done talking to you about this. If you want to talk about something else, cool, but if the extent of your dialogue/convo/back and forth/ is just the same repetitive stuff I've given you my discussion points and they are very clear. I hope that Ma'at serves you well in your ventures into entrepreneurship and life. I am not creating a civil war with anyone here, we are just talking. I simply choose to stop talking, which is hard for me because I like writing and talking, when the people I'm talking with begin making shit up about what I said. lol
  11. You are touched. LOL. 1. I can only tell you facts that you love to ignore. Show me one sentence against Christianity. You can't which is why you keep saying I'm linking "Black" Christianity to KKK. Three pages of material and you keep repeating the same damn thing. That is the definition of touched. Stop separating your religion. Stop ignoring facts. Why did you leave out what I said about Preachers pimping their congregation. This goes for Joel Osteen and Creflo Dollar and anywhere a mega church exists that doesn't have a homeless shelter attached to it. In regard to self hate you segregate your religion, that is the definition of self hate when you have to distinguish your religion by race. I never did that. I said Preachers who pimp their congregation are the same as the Klan. Stop reading into shit and reaching. It's crazy. 2. Every word you write about Christians and Christianity oozes contempt and disdain. is what you said. Where? You are the only one who sees any disdain or contempt. I said earlier that my experience has led me to meet good and bad people in all places and religions. I went as far as to explain the breakdown of my basketball team where I had almost every religion there and my team captain,who is now a preacher following in his father's footsteps who married my wife and I because she is Christian, was the team captain. You are on one sis. I mean you are really on one. I go on below to say that all religions have merit, but I said that so many times on these three pages it's redundant. You are really reaching. Oh I don't have to say SOME preachers because I said, Preachers who pimp out their congregation. Those that aren't doing this aren't included. You want me to say that, but I haven't. I said what I said. I don't need to infer anything, I will just say what I mean, obviously. 3. Please, please, please show me where I said Black preachers. Please? 4. That is a bare-bones definition of the word. A cult can be ascribed to a celebrity. "System, religious veneration" doesn't quite fit your limited definition for a CULT of Personality, does it? However, cult of personality usually does have one DEFINING quality of what makes for a cult, i.e., a small number of adherents. Ergo, BY DEFINITION, Christianity is NOT a cult. What? Your last few statements up there are so confusing I can't even understand what you are saying. But it looks like you're saying The Inquisition, Guyana, Waco, KKK are not Christian based organizations. Just as ISIS is a Muslim organization. Are they the good in these religions? No, but they are there. If you read my last paragraph, which I will repost here since you seemed to overlook it, you will see that I have honor and respect for all forms of religion and philosophy. You don't want to look at that. In regard to my hate for Blacks I really feel sorry for you in your attempt to diss me on this and I won't begin to talk about all that I have done and do for my people. You have taken a debate and made an ad hominem attack on the topic. Any attack I made on you is based on the information you have presented by separating your religion with the terms Black. I never did that, anywhere in these three pages. This is what I wrote above to end this and I'm reposting it here: I can no longer debate with you on this topic, but I will see you on another thread I'm sure. I leave anyone reading this with these words about ME. I believe there is something so powerful and beyond my comprehension that I call that something God just as all religions do. For me, I am spiritual and I look at all people based on their actions and words. I don't give a flying hoot about whether a person is a religion. If you are a good person and you have done good, that is all that matters. I choose parts of all doctrines I have studied and I incorporate those things into my life. I can call a person God because I admire the studies of the Nation of Gods and Earths founded by Clarence 13X. I admire the Supreme Mathematics and Alphabet. I can say Namaste because I admire the stillness that Buddhism teaches. I can say God Bless you because the Ten Commandments and Jesus is worthy of being studied and understood. I can say Inshallah (God Willing) because Muhammad provides people with a path to God and this makes many people better. Because I can respect all of these ideals and philosophies I am content with the fact that I live my life through logic and meditation and spirituality. If you claim a religion and it makes you a better person and you need it to make you a better person this doesn't make you less or greater than me and vice versa. It just is the way it is. I have never explained my position, but when dealing with people who love to twist words to make sense of themselves, this is necessary. I am exiting this dialogue with both Sara (once again), but as always feel free to ask me whatever and if it makes sense I will answer and debate.
  12. To Nelson: You are free to share, but I respectfully decline studying with your Academy. To Sara: I don't talk about what I am because what I am doesn't matter. It matters what my actions are and how I treat people. I believe there is something so far beyond our comprehension that connects us all. Man has chosen to give this presence the title God and God in my opinion can not be confined to man-made boxes of religion. Therefore I am spiritual which allows me to pull the best qualities of all religions and philosophies together to meditate and respect all people. I will explain this later. Now that you somewhat have an idea of what I believe let's get to your points. You said I'm delivering hatred and prejudice. Where? I have not once put down Christianity. Whatever you are seeing is a reflection of your own self hate. I condemned PREACHERS who are men and all men fall short. Specifically those who pimp their congregations. You said it's an oxymoron that I say Christians need Jesus. WTF? You do! You can not enter heaven without Jesus. Those are the rules. This means that according to your rules not even Moses and Abraham can get into heaven because they were unable to accept Jesus as their lord and savior since they lived before his time. That's some irony for you. Where in this entire writing have I disrespected and oooozed disdain for any religion? That's some BS and shame on you for saying that I did that. I have said Preachers. I don't know where the hell you are getting all of this shit from. It's crazy. By the way, what the hell is a Black Christian? Christians, are Christians. You have categorically separated yourself within your own religion. If that isn't cult thinking, what is. Now cults can be good and bad but by definition Christianity is a cult, that doesn't mean it's bad. I said it can represent bad elements of cults. A cult is: a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object: Any religion can have bad or good cult qualities. Now your religion is Christianity: Guyana Tragedy was Christian. Waco Texas was Christian. Hell The Inquisition and the Klan are both Christian. Do they represent the good aspects? No. But what's worse is with your own words you join these same bad qualities by saying: " As for Gandhi, I disagree. Not because he wasn't a Christian, but because he was a scummy piece of crap, a vile racist that should burn in the hell that spawned him." There is nothing Christian about this language. NOTHING. This language doesn't represent any of the Beatitudes or Commandments. How do you even justify this? You wrote a question mark after Kemet up there to show that you didn't say it was a religion (I'm lost on that. I never said you did say that if I did, even I've had to clarify that Kemetic wisdom is a philosophy. This happens in debate.) You said, Only a fundamentalist could "get down like that." Most, including myself, are not fundamentalists so..... in regard to my statement that these people are going to burn in hell on both sides of Islam and Christianity. These are the rules. I find it interesting that you choose to bend and shape the rules to fit your idea of what Christianity is. The only way is to follow Muhammad or Jesus to avoid purgatory. That's it. On top of that only 144,000 will get there. I just can't believe that. So I choose not to. I also can't see any person burning in any hell. That's just evil and I don't think God is malicious or holds grudges. You said I linked "BLACK" Christians to the Klan. I can't do something that is already done. The Klan is Christian. More important, I never linked them I said Preachers who Pimp their Congregation are just like the Klan. If you don't agree with that, don't agree but when I see multi million dollar churches and homelessness on the same block, sometimes within the church, there is a problem with that. That's not just in Christianity either. Also by segragating Black Christians, something you did, not me, you have made a separatist group. Nothing you wrote concerns Nelson is what you wrote. And that is the problem with entering a debate in the middle. Everything I've written was about Nelson. One man, and I addressed one man the entire time. I at no time condemned any group other than those that have negative qualities and tell half truths and hurt people. You decided to dive in and offer your thoughts, which were very, very, far off topic and quite condemning in the language you chose. You separated Christianity into only Black Christianity which is not very Christian at all. You condemned Gandhi to burn in hell. Which is just crazy when you consider Martin Luther King built his philosophy of non-violence by studying Gandhi, amazing. Oh and in regard to not listening to ONE Man about Sudan, most paths to truth begin with an interview, or with the words of one man. I'm quite sure when Pur discusses topics the multitude of people around him also talk so it's not one voice you will here. But I think you know this. I can no longer debate with you on this topic, but I will see you on another thread I'm sure. I leave anyone reading this with these words about ME. I believe there is something so powerful and beyond my comprehension that I call that something God just as all religions do. For me, I am spiritual and I look at all people based on their actions and words. I don't give a flying hoot about whether a person is a religion. If you are a good person and you have done good, that is all that matters. I choose parts of all doctrines I have studied and I incorporate those things into my life. I can call a person God because I admire the studies of the Nation of Gods and Earths founded by Clarence 13X. I admire the Supreme Mathematics and Alphabet. I can say Namaste because I admire the stillness that Buddhism teaches. I can say God Bless you because the Ten Commandments and Jesus is worthy of being studied and understood. I can say Inshallah (God Willing) because Muhammad provides people with a path to God and this makes many people better. Because I can respect all of these ideals and philosophies I am content with the fact that I live my life through logic and meditation and spirituality. If you claim a religion and it makes you a better person and you need it to make you a better person this doesn't make you less or greater than me and vice versa. It just is the way it is. I have never explained my position, but when dealing with people who love to twist words to make sense of themselves, this is necessary. I am exiting this dialogue with both Sara and Nelson (once again), but as always feel free to ask me whatever and if it makes sense I will answer and debate.
  13. Sara, I'm answering you. I don't have to take my own advice because I am not delivering a philosophy as the way or a religion. For Christians they have to have Jesus. Klansmen hate people or don't acknowledge them because of their beliefs. The only thing different from what homeboy is doing is that he isn't killing anyone. But disregarding all cultures is exactly the same thing that the Klan does, but you know that. In regard to the Sudan and your questions, don't look at the news go to Facebook and add a man named Pur Lam and he will tell you exactly what is happening in North and South Sudan. I don't do hearsay. He is one of my former players and he gave up everything to go back and help his people. In regard to your last statement notice the word YOU. You is singular and is directed to Nelson. You conveniently overlooked that as you did before to prove your point. Where did I lump all Black people at any time? Nowhere. Check yourself, not me. The only philosophy and advice I've given on here is for this brother to live by his own rules and to provide facts. Oh, you asked if religions are all cults or just Christians. They all are in my opinion. But that's my opinion. After living and visiting almost every continent I've found that all people have good people and shitty people. All religions, Kemet isn't a religion, but it has elements of religion, say that their way is the only way. In my mind, Gandhi shouldn't burn in hell for eternity because he was not Christian. Martin Luther King shouldn't burn in Jahannam because he is Christian. No man should face eternal damnation for not choosing one of the other especially when these men have fought for their people and given their lives for their people. There is nothing more God like than that, but according to both religions if you are not a part of either you are eternally damned. I can't get down like that. At least with Kemetic Philosophy the person has a chance to become enlightened, but even that has flaws because it demonizes everything that isn't it. When you say I should follow my own advice, where am I not doing so? I love people, that doesn't mean I have to talk to them or deal with them. It just means I don't have to harm them. I give without prejudice. I didn't judge Nelson until he never gave any facts or support. I support people until they verify that they have no intention of verifying their information. I don't follow blindly or give foolishly. I analyze then respond. You should know that through the things I've written.
  14. Like I said I'm not upset, but I'm a realist man and you seem to live in an idea world. You don't want to hear shit that doesn't fit your scope of what you think is right. That's the worst attitude in the world. It's elitist and it isolates you from people who could help you. When I coached in San Diego, I worked at a school that had one of the largest Sudanese and Somali populations in the country. Some of these kids arrived with the Lost Boys of Sudan and many of the Somali students had been kid soldiers. They went to a school with White, Asian, Black, Hispanic and a host of other cultures. We had 100 dialects at this school. While I taught there I lost kids from every culture to violence. I realized then that there wasn't any one right idea. We had Black kids who went through Sankofa training and Kemetic philosophy (beat and abused by their own). All of these kids cried the same, failed the same, loved the same, hurt the same, succeeded the same. The only difference was some were Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Catholic, African Philosophy, all of them were beautiful and intelligent.Some of them were dumb as rocks, but I loved them all and fought for them all. I learned then that the things that made them beautiful and amazing were their differences. The kids who went through Sankofa, were no better off than the Muslim kids. Their parents weren't any more successful than the many refugee parents and "illegal" alien parents with work visas. BUILDING THE AFRICAN NATION IS IMPORTANT. I get it. But I can't dialogue with you just like I can't dialogue with preachers, or Klansmen. You guys are all the same. Only your way is right. Klan = White is right. Preachers = Only Jesus can get you to heaven. Kemet (the way you do it) = Only Ma'at Will save your mind and life. It's all CULT thinking that overlooks the fact that all people will never be the same and all people don't have to be the same or share the same things. I respected my students and their parents because they were beautiful people. They were caring people. They loved each other. When my basketball team, filled with all of these different kids went into battle they battled as brothers. They practiced as brothers. We ate as brothers. When we had long road trips we all slept in the same rooms and shared ideas and dreams. The Christian players learned about Ramadan from our Muslim students. Our Buddhist students taught our Muslim students how to accept meditation. The one kid who went through the Sankofa rights of passage and was raised by Kemetic philosophy people learned from the actual people who lived in the Sudan that it's not Christians or outsiders that are fucking up the Sudan, it's tribes killing each other. I have one of my former players who earned his degree and went back to the Sudan. He explains the problems everyday when he can and I respond when he writes. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED! If you are looking for ideas, a process, strategies... if you are truly looking for a higher consciousness, learn how to love without limits. Learn how to give without prejudice. Learn how to support without judgement. These are my last words to you because it is obvious that you, just like Preachers who pimp their congregations, Klansmen who train their children to hate based on their philosophy and you who will never present FACTS only wisdom without example or proof, are only in this dialogue to prove to yourself that what you are doing is right. You don't have anything else to hang your hat on it seems. All you have is Ma'at, but if your ideology blinds you to all of this beauty in the world, all of these amazing cultures, and the beautiful people within those cultures throughout time, that is truly an unfortunate thing. In your words, Hotep, in all other forms Namaste, Salaam, and God Bless You I'm out.
  15. Listen man, let me hip you to something, giving advice based on the idea of your concept without a proven example is like telling me that a dog can open a door and crank a car because all dogs started in Africa. I appreciate you dropping knowledge and sharing, but please, for the life of all things African, stop, stop, stop, stop telling me or any person that if they study Kemetic principles they will be rich or have a better performing business unless you do what I did by giving you my investment page and sales and how much money I've made since I quit working five years ago. You want to know why Nike is a billion dollar business? It's not because they have mastered Kemetic science. They paid the right athletes and they spend a billion dollars on advertising. You want to know why Apple makes a billion dollars? They have convinced the public that their brand can be trusted as the best product. That happened through advertisement. You want to know why all of these big ass White companies make a killing? They simply have more money and more connections than the other companies. (Keyword connections) It's insulting as hell for someone to tell me how to be a billionaire based on a philosophy without showing me THE PEOPLE YOU PERSONALLY KNOW WHO HAVE MADE MILLIONS. Now, I appreciate you dropping knowledge and giving your information, but please save your ideas for making billions until you can tell me, "Chris, this is my friend Joe Heru. He used Kemetic Principle to make 50,000 dollars this month." Then Joe Heru is going to have to come on this page and show me his website, and stats, the same way I showed you that I've made 1 million plus in my earlier posts. This is not European or African thinking on my part. This is reality and it is the world I live in. You don't know what my philosophy or religion is, stop assuming and telling me that yours will help me. Just drop knowledge and that's it, unless you are giving me real evidence of you making your own shoe, owning your own record label, or owning your own publishing company and showing me your sales. You dig what I'm saying? I'm not mad, just irritated. My last words on the business aspects in regard to posting to me: DO NOT POST ANYTHING ABOUT MONEY OR BUSINESS WITHOUT SHOWING ME REAL PROOF THAT YOU HAVE MADE MILLIONS FROM EXECUTING THE SAME THING. You feel me? If you want to share more videos and info, I'm cool with that all day.
  16. Thanks for the referral, I will watch it eventually as research and entertainment(passing the time), but in regard to adding it to my thought process for what I believe and do not believe in or admire, I will take a pass. I love art. If you visit my site you will see artwork by Kehinde Wiley and Kadir Nelson. You will also see art by Bughouse and Justin Bua. My admiration of all forms of literature and art don't require cleansing. I have a high admiration for African ideas and Taoist concepts. Every religion has value and all people and persons are important regardless of their beliefs or background. In my household I have books of art on Africa, as well as The Renaissance. They are both important on their own merit. The celebration of, or enjoyment of other cultures, does not diminish my celebration and admiration of Black culture. I am capable of enjoying art/music/literature for the sake of art/music/literature. My bookshelf is full of study material on a varied amount of cultures. This enables me to interact not only with Blacks, but Whites, Browns, Yellows and Purples, lol. Which is needed in my day to day existence. If I had to solely rely on the African/Black dollar in business I would have a job and not be in business. Try this on for size. I own a shoe company. Simply looking at names in many instances will tell you what background people are from. I also write a lot of my customer and I have added them on Facebook. The support of my Black owned shoe company is about 65% White, 25% Latino and about 10% Black and those Blacks are repeat customers primarily. I definitely appreciate the shares and knowledge though. I dig that.
  17. No problem. We have to continue to find opportunities to support each other and my sharing on his page is a way of using his celebrity to bring attention to what you've been doing all along. People won't look at it if a star isn't attached to... at least on Social media. (That's a generalization of course... but I think it's a very accurate generalization.) Talib wrote an article on Medium about why he decided to go independent. I found that interesting because although he is a celebrity, even he has to use Medium to get a message to a broader audience. The work that he's doing for himself is admirable, but unfortunately it still isn't a path that others can take. He had a big studio deal and because of the years of mainstream "promotion" he's gotten he is able to reach the people that want to support him. I often find that, and I'm guilty of this, I will share or like the page of a "star" because the idea that they may check out what I'm doing could potentially lead to a shout out and some book sales. I've found though that over time even stars are guilty of not wanting to give any shine to someone that could be "threatening". Their is a definite chokehold on the eyes and ears of the masses which is unfortunate, but understandable. Honestly, what he's doing is so much smaller than what you've done for us forever that he should have been reaching out to you without me tagging him in a post... which he probably won't reach out anyway.
  18. Sara we homeschool so Shakespeare too! lol
  19. Well if that is the goal, I knew that's what you are doing, I'm almost finished with Youtube Certification program and it discusses that there, but you don't have to use Youtube for subscription purposes. Dame Dash released a movie this year named Losaidas. He built the film in 10 parts and released them on Vimeo. If you pay for a professional platform on Vimeo the quality of the stream is fantastic! You can monetize right away without worrying about reaching a certain number of subscribers first. The problem then becomes there isn't any ad revenue to be made from Vimeo so you lose that base of 1000 people that you can further monetize. It's a dilemma, but not really. Your subscription platform on Vimeo could be handled completely separate from your Youtube content. I thought about this with the What I'm Doing Right Now, but decided against it because I know I don't have enough of following to charge anyone for anything I could say. Spreecast is also another option for you if you'd like to do live classes and accept payments during the class. Wow your spike was good, and then that 10000 people that Facebook promises will see and share your stuff never converted... smh. We are in a very difficult situation. A few days ago I did a video because one of my customers attempted to cheat me by returning fake shoes. That video has garnered more views than any of the educational content I posted. This is a case of the market looking for that content, vs people who are interested in business talks.
  20. Thanks for the links. I know who Dr. Sebi is and I appreciate the sharing of your sister. I taught at 1 University, 1 HBCU and a Community College. I know how difficult it is to publish and develop theories and concepts, so I commend them on finding a path to enlighten others through their research. I wish you well on your digital project and I hope that you build and capture the audience you are looking for. Even if you don't capture that audience, as long as it fulfills your own goals you've done something amazing. Keep pushing.
  21. Thanks, but I'm still very curious about your website and information. Please share it if you have one. If it's something you are working on don't hesitate to buy my books because they teach you how to create your own website and presence on the web and how to monetize those things. The books are only .99 cents or they are free if you have Amazon prime and the Kindle app. I will also take any questions you have for me and create a Youtube video to answer any questions you have. I have not and do not hold any ill will towards you. I'm glad you feel that you have attained enlightenment and you feel better about it. Having pride in what you do and know is expected. I appreciate the clarification on higher consciousness. I watched the video you attached and while I don't want to spark another exchange this brother is using Freudian concepts in discussing Kemet. As a professor I look at everything and this always bothers me, but if it helps people so be it. Thanks for the exchange and I look forward to seeing you on a different thread.
  22. I don't know Brother Santeer, that's good info. But I just looked up there at your edit and you are sneak dissing with the comment about me writing long comments on a computer. Bro, I'm the same dude in person as I am on here. For you to be such an enlightened dude, you sure do go against all of your rules in your philosophy with the disrespect. In regard to my formula...Bro, are you just skimming or something? I just gave you the links to the three books I've written. I even gave you a link to my 25 Keys that you can read on my website. But I won't complain I will post them again for you here: The books that I wrote, 1 Hour To Wealth give all of keys I used to do this (http://www.cbpublish.com/25-keys-points-to-stay-motivated-in-small-business-intro/) Book 2 The 30 Day Project continues this philosophy and is about learning to be still and meditate (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qZgvh49IUo) and the final book F--k Speeches & Inspiration (http://amzn.to/1NS7KKL) tells people how to start a business without having any money. Dang I'm listening to your guy and he just said the same thing I told you. To understand Kemetic behavior you have to analyze people and yourself.
  23. Oh, okay. I still appreciate you showing interest though. I still made the shoes although Kickstarter failed.
  24. Above is the first time I didn't write Principles/philosophy. I was typing fast, but look at what you did again, "move from that plane of understanding," another sneak diss. Stop doing that bro it undermines everything you write. Nah I've never seen this brother before in the video. I don't know what you are reading on here, but it should be obvious I'm on a much different plane than most people you meet. That's not self-promoting it's just the truth. I'm still waiting to see what you've done for the movement.
  25. From 1995 to 2011 I taught in the San Diego, Memphis, and Ashland Mississippi. I did this to the detriment of my family because I felt that I owed my people for helping me to become educated. I was also a computer tech and I had every right to just work for a company that paid me well. Add on to this I coached basketball in an area that was home to both Crips and Bloods and some of my students had to live with me in order to graduate. All of this on a salary that was right at 30K in San Diego where the poverty line was 75K. We were on welfare and wic as a family while I was an educator. I left there and came to Memphis where I took what I learned and taught an HBCU. In 2004 I started a website called Center Court Basketball. From 2004 to 2009-10 and part of 11 I sent, by myself over 100 players to college on basketball scholarships. Many of those kids came from New Orleans and luckily I sent them off to college right before Hurricane Katrina hit. During this same time I used my CBP website to help launch the websites of Memphis' own Loretta McNary, a sister. I developed her website and her L logo. At the same time that I did this I also helped a Black Veteran named Terry Johnson launch THe Champions Within which catered to schools through mentoring. I also mentored at several schools through out the Memphis area. When I left the Black college I went to a charter school that worked with struggling students. During my time there the students shot two short films, and created two books. 1 of poetry and the other a book of essays on improving society for the next generation of Black leaders. From that group of kids one student won the ACT SO Competition which led to a schollie to TSU. This is even half of what I did there. Through my CBP Publishing company I published the book the History of the Black Soldier by Colonel Tobbie Ingram, he was one of the highest decorated Black soldiers during the Korean and Vietnam war. When I began ARCH my footwear company I made a shoe that I donated every pair to Laura's House abused women's shelter. I also started a scholarship fund that I fund out of my own pocket for my PG who was murdered in San Diego, and I named one of my shoes for him in my brand ARCH. This scholarship is still available. In the past year or so here are all of the websites that I built and all of the business I helped to start, without charging any of these people. I did it because as a person who struggled I know what it's like to not have help. 901 Prep Scoop: www.901prepscoop.com Chuck Lawson is now recognized as one of the best minds in basketball for the Memphis Area. While running a basketball network, I helped Chuck to get his 901 Prepscoop brand off the ground. I eventually taught Chuck how to run his website on his own and as his content developed his site earned him a position with national prep hoops powerhouse website Dunk Dog. City University School: Setup the original website for City University School and gave them a platform that allowed them to layout a similar setup on their current website. The Champions Within with Terry Johnson: http://www.championswithin.com/ I assisted Terry in creating his website and held a semester long workshop to make sure he had the skills needed to operate his site. Utilizing his basic site Terry has become one of the primary Character Education provider’s in the region and is expanding to the nation. The Loretta McNary Show: Memphis’ own Oprah began her journey almost ten years ago. She has moved on to establish a bigger brand since I initially worked with her on her original website where I developed her “L” logo. She now works with someone else, but my original logo and work is still a heavy presence on her website. Heros Footwear/Neimaj: As the original designer of the Neimaj website, I assisted Jamien Sills over the years in developing his brand. As he grew he took over development of his website. In 2012 however, through my company ARCH I helped Jamien to earn 25000 dollars from the Miller Coors Urban Entrepreneur Program. Utilizing my offshore production I was able to help Jamien make shoes for Mississippi State University and for the Miller Coors contest. My work also allowed for the development of his first athletic shoe the O1. This was a fantastic accomplishment. Brooklyn Ajays: www.brooklynajays.com Brooklyn Ajays is one of the best sneaker companies in the country. Selling hard to find kicks that sneaker lovers are searching for is their claim to fame. Over the past few years ARCH has been instrumental in helping this company attain inventory and stay competitive in the sneaker world. Swiftizm: The California Emcee needed a website that would allow him to control the downloads of his music and keep track of how many times the music was downloaded. He bought One Hour To Wealth and 30 Day when it released, purchased hosting and his domain and during his 60 minute session, I built this website. www.swiftizm.com. Brandon Meeks Music: The Indianapolis Bass player who is also in the group Native Sun, bought One Hour To Wealth. Said he didn’t have the time although he understood everything in the book, to launch his own site. After a few e-mails I told him to book his session. I realized that he didn’t have the money to pay for his domain. Instead of telling him to write me when he bought his domain, I had a discount for a domain and hosting and purchased it for him. I built the website. He was more comfortable with Squarespace as his CMS and he utilized that. He is now rolling along posting and sharing information with his followers.www.brandonmeeksmusic.com Add on to this I created a small biz curriculim for a local school in Memphis and did an in class workshop that taught the students how to start a business without any money. The students ended up making 800 dollars from the class on their own. I funded the development of a startup PR company of a student who was a felon that I taught at a college. I recently helped a lady start a company that makes period panties for women who can't afford to buy feminine products. All the while that I did all of this (which is all verifiable and you can find every person I mention and write them) I ran my own businesses and pulled my family out of bankruptcy. The books that I wrote, 1 Hour To Wealth give all of keys I used to do this (http://www.cbpublish.com/25-keys-points-to-stay-motivated-in-small-business-intro/) Book 2 The 30 Day Project continues this philosophy and is about learning to be still and meditate (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qZgvh49IUo) and the final book F--k Speeches & Inspiration (http://amzn.to/1NS7KKL) tells people how to start a business without having any money. Now you said I insulted Kemetic principles. That's a lie because I listed a brother who is using these philosophies in a positive and uplifting way. I asked you over and over to give your evidence of how it has been successful because you started this thing off with a diss. You asked what I'm doing. Everyday I spend time giving as much help and assistance as I can to jumpstart business. I can post to you Facebook inbox messages, but I will do you one better and give you a link to a Q& A from one of these people I shot for my web show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lSvbeSw8xA At no time did I diss you or dog your religion. Not once. I simply asked you to explain things and you didn't. I then used your 42 rules to show you where you failed your own religion. You being pissed at me is a reflection of you, not me. As I said, look in the mirror.
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