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  1. Hello Pioneer, I hear you. I think we can discuss this issue until the end of time. What a great discussion to have. I will say this, racism and sexism are both powerful and ugly. I am a combination of both, therefore I see through both lenses. I believe that the world is changing--has changed. Women all over the world are starting to fight back. The role of victim is transforming a little each day. If Hillary is elected, I think there will surely be less victims in terms of White women and prominent Black and women of color. That's surely something to make the sexism shake his head and p
  2. Okay Troy, you've got me going on this one. Your statement: "Surely a man, even a Black one with little experience, or a reality-TV celebrity with zero experience, would be a better president, than even a strongly qualified woman." Some years ago, I would firmly agree with this. However, not in today's political climax. Older White men cannot discriminate against Hillary for her race because she is White. This is a given that leaves sexism as their weapon of choice. I have no doubt that this population of men is going to give her a fit at the polls. Do you feel that Barack Obama, the Blac
  3. Hi Troy, This makes me wonder how I’m perceived in a first sight impression. Am I seen first as a woman, of female gender? Or does my Black skin color overshadow the woman that I am? How does my appearance in terms of my age impact any of this—meaning am I perceived as an older, Black woman or am I a woman who happens to be Black who is up in the years? I would think that one would have to determine how they want to discriminate against you based on his or her perception of who you are. I really don’t know how one discriminates against me without knowing who I am or what I am all
  4. I'm a little late coming into this discussion. I have so much to say about literary critiques and Dyson that I could fill this page, but I will only say this: Bad books persist because of sheer greed in certain aspects of the literary industry. As long as lots--and I say lots--of money can be made off of vanity publishing and "bad" indie authors, bad books will continue to be written and presented. It's a tough market out there for decent, aspiring, unknown authors. It's not a game to be played unless you are prepared to compete as a literary warrior. This means that you must be prepared to le
  5. Hello Troy, Thanks for posting my information about Literacy on the Go! I had a man to stop me in the parking lot of one of our libraries yesterday to comment on my literacy touting Armada. He and his wife were very impressed with what I am hoping to achieve. Also, here is the link for what I posted about Wade Hudson. Please know that I plan on purchasing another spot on this platform for my books. But I want to wait until The Hunt for the Magic Pearl, Second Edition is published. This second edition is really nice! I want both my books to be featured at the same time I hope you know how awe
  6. Thanks Sara and Cynique. I am trying so hard to impact our struggling children in the best way that I know how. Also to Troy. Of course you're right--I knew that I was giving them "free" advertisement when I did it. However, I cannot tell you how many people have asked me if my book(s) are on Amazon. I just wanted to eliminate another step in trying to get my books into the hands of my reading audiences. At some point when my brand is familiar enough, I am going to restructure how I market. Right now I am pitching to a few corporate giants in hopes of having them to do a little advertising an
  7. Cynique, I don't want to get into this fray. I have too much on my plate as it is. But I want you to know from my heart that I truly love you and totally respect your years and the wisdom that comes from those years. I knew from day one that you would challenge me. Sometimes, It made me angry,but most times it made me think. The thinking part is what allowed me to grow. Keep being the beautiful lady of wisdom that has allowed your strong mind to continue on. There is so much truth in the words that you speak! Keep living and keep it moving sista girl. Shirley
  8. How utterly refreshing to wake up to this. Thanks so much for sharing this video about this amazing young woman. In a brief recap, this is what I picked up on: Jolyon spoke of questioning being essential to one's development, saying that we don't ask sufficient questions of our governments. She spoke about writing from one's internal world and, how writing is the mechanism for freedom of the mind and imagination. She spoke about the importance of having great covers for books and how these covers are the objects of beauty!!! In addressing on how best to publish the interiors of children's book
  9. Hello Celestial Greatness and Troy, In this instance, I am using diversity strictly as it pertains to children's literature. As an adult, looking back through my child's eyes, I seem to only remember reading European literature and history in school. I was bored too death because for one thing there was nothing in it that pertained to me and my chitterlings, pigs' feet, collard greens, black-eyed peas, watermelon eating, big crazy family, Black culture. I loved the foods that we ate. It was sustaining and damned good. As a child I had no idea about cholesterol, nor did I care. I just knew
  10. I am going to do just that. I hope he is on LinkedIn too. This is a fight that I definitely plan to help win. I have received awesome critiques from my instructors and peers at Gotham Writers Workshop on The Peanut Butter Trap: Hate Is Such An Ugly Word and The Hunt for the Magic Pearl, Second Edition. CreateSpace has been a Godsend for me. Both my books shout diversity. I must get them into the hands of our youths. I am on this 100%. Thanks so much for your recognition and support of my efforts.
  11. Thanks Troy. I appreciate it Just so you know, I am looking to submit to Just Us Books, Inc. and Marimba Books. I didn't know of them until I visited the homepage. Thanks!!!!
  12. Hello Troy, I know I'm a little behind on what has been happening here on AALBC.com, but I just want to let you know how good this site looks and flows. I just visited the homepage and it looks great. I also took time to read and print out a copy of the "Ten Steps to Promote Diversity in Children's Literature" by Wade Hudson. I definitely plan to share it. Even as an author who is out there pushing my own work, I still try my hardest to support other authors--especially us. It's a difficult road toward acceptance and recognition in the literary industry. If we don't support our own, who w
  13. Literacy on the Go! If you spot my Armada (you really can't miss it) and you can tell me the day, time, and location where I'm driving, you can be entered to win one of my awesome books for FREE! Just enter your email contact information on my website. It's that easy! I will contact you when you win. I'm going to be driving from Texas to Virginia to Washington D. C. starting late June 2016. I am also planning a road trip to Chicago to visit libraries, schools, and community centers in the Fall of 2016. Look for me. I'm coming to talk about literacy and the lack thereof. How far
  14. Cynique, OMG!!!! I had a few minutes to spare and thought I would drop by. I am coming back as soon as I can. I will be back with both my books from CreateSpace no less. CDBurns will be so proud. I am in love with CreateSpace. They are professional publishers on every level. I am also totally enjoying the courses that I am taking at Gotham Writers Workshop. Of course, I am blowing it out the water. I really would like to teach online for them someday. Now, Cynique, I love your challenges, but not like this. This is not the way to exercise your brilliance-of course that is only my opinio
  15. Hello Troy, I just watched the video from beginning to end. What a fantastic job you have done sharing and explaining this platform. I absolutely love it. I am busy getting ready to launch The Peanut Butter Trap, Hate is Such an Ugly Word via Amazon's CreateSpace. I am really excited. I am praying that my proof is all that I expect and more. The cover is awesome. I am also attending my online courses at Gotham Writers Workshop. This is already a great experience for me. I can already see the benefits in my writing. For my first book, The Hunt for the Magic Pearl, I have filed a comp
  16. Shirley Gale


    As a reader, rape connotes violence and robs me of any ecstasy in the act. The title took me there. There are rape victims who did not come forward initially because they admitted to being aroused when they were being victimized by that sinful lust. I guess this is where my mind went. That's poetry for you. It's all up to interpretation. We do indeed create our own truths. On another thought, I wish I hadn't hit that lowercase i in my response. I certainly know better!!!!!
  17. Shirley Gale


    This is a powerful and sad expression of an act that violates the soul. i hope your words are used in healing somehow. Thanks for the courage to share it in its raw essence.
  18. Tracy Bradshaw 1st Sawbear got to go camping, visit Orange Beach, and fly on an airplane! He got his picture made with the pilots and had great adventures in Kansas City. The rough drafts are completed and can be viewed on Shutterfly. Dear Shirley Perry-Church, I love your writing about Bernie Sanders. It makes him a real person. We don't always think of presidential candidates as real people. He doesn't want to get out of bed in the morning, and for goodness sake he even farts! You bring candidates to a regular people level, and I like that. Thank you for sharing. T
  19. Hi Troy, Yes, it is a good site with lots of benefits for the members. Here is the link: http://www.napw.com/authors/search?category=children%27s+books&commit=&keywords=&page=2&utf8=%E2%9C%93 I will get the Google Analytics to you soon. I am not so familiar with it and I need to find it in my brain first. I have only played around on it once or twice.
  20. What you are about to read is my 1st homework assignment for Gotham Writers' Workshop. I created this narrative based on my African-American cultural experience. My perception of Mr. Sanders may well be different from others due to my prior knowledge of the man. The Bernie that you will read about comes solely from my limited research and overactive imagination of what he might be like in the mornings. The homework assignment was to pick one person from a list of people that intrigued me. I was tasked with writing a scene showing this person getting up in the morning and getting re
  21. Thanks for the advice Troy. I will look into the buy button. I have gone to Google analytics. I didn't know exactly what I was looking at. I will go back to it to hopefully gain a better understanding. About Galveston: when the storm hit Galveston Island, it almost equated to what happened to the poor people caught up in hurricane Katrina. It is just a matter of time before this plush area that I speak of will be vacated by the poor and developers move in. That's just my thoughts. The cruise ship industry is right there. The beach is right there for the tourists, but so too are the p
  22. Hello Everyone, Like I said, I was half-joking and half-hoping. I know it would take mega bucks for the miracle that I speak of to take place for us. Anyway, moving on, I have changed my shipping. I only had it set that way because it took time to order the few books that I needed from Archway. Also, my shipping is based on weight. For my books and t-shirts it is $4.50 to ship. The cost goes up for the mermaid wall dolls because they are heavier and fragile. By the way, I have gone up and down Galveston Beach to check out their mermaid figurines and there wasn't a single pretty Black
  23. Hello Cynique,

    I didn't know where to post this so that it could be somewhat private, so I thought I would take a chance to do it here. I would like to ask a big favor of you. I know that you are from and or currently live in the Chicago area. As such, I think you are an authority on the population there. My story, The Peanut Butter Trap takes place in Chicago. I believe that the contents holds true for what the youth are experiencing there. As such, I would love for you to review my manuscript and give me a thorough critique of what you think. I had it reviewed by Kirkus and while they provided a semi-positive review, I know they missed the point entirely. I would love for you to look it over.

    Now, if you don't have time, I thoroughly understand. Please know that this will change nothing in our developing relationship if you cannot do it. I think very highly of your intellect and I value your opinions. 

    Please let me know your decision pretty quickly. I am going on Lightning Source or Create Space to publish it as soon as possible. Also, if you like, I will happily send you a "free" copy of my expensive book, The Hunt for the Magic Pearl for you to gift to a young girl. Just think you can get it while it's hot!!!! Yeah Sure. (LOL)

    Thanks so much for all your great posts and responses. If yes, I can attach the manuscript to your email.

    Shirley G. Perry-Church

  24. I am certainly connected to your passion in this poem. Very nice indeed.
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