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  1. Erzulie_Danto

    NY Times Article on Nat'l Black Writers' Conf

    Me + No money + no car = no go. T_T And God knows I need a new tote bag. My old one is starting to fall apart.
  2. Lisping and derogatory racial epithets. Charming lot. I can't say I'm surprised though. Trash doesn't die easily. They breed like cockroaches. Glad Clyburn was able to tough it out, though. Good for him.
  3. Erzulie_Danto

    No, honey. AA LITERATURE does not belong with smut.

    Bookfan, I copied and pasted "the bible stuff" off another website. The link for Television tropes and idioms is at the very top of the page. Pay attention.
  4. Erzulie_Danto

    "Death of the Author"

    You know what? Never mind.