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  1. Me + No money + no car = no go. T_T And God knows I need a new tote bag. My old one is starting to fall apart.
  2. Lisping and derogatory racial epithets. Charming lot. I can't say I'm surprised though. Trash doesn't die easily. They breed like cockroaches. Glad Clyburn was able to tough it out, though. Good for him.
  3. Bookfan, I copied and pasted "the bible stuff" off another website. The link for Television tropes and idioms is at the very top of the page. Pay attention.
  4. You know what? Never mind.
  5. E-book readers have been rapidly growing into a very popular reading for the last couple of years. Sony and Amazon have been cashing in big-time due to huge demand. Authors are starting to switch from paper to digital format and selling their stuff right offline. All in all, a really cool new way to enjoy the reading experience. But will this mean the end of book-books? Are they endanger of becoming obsolete? I don't know if I can give up paper. The thought of it is kind of scary. Using a Kindle isn't the same as holding a hardcover book in your hands and turning the pages. Plus, the
  6. Motherland is the sequel to 500 Years later, right? That documentary was already pretty heavy.
  7. Monique's character wasn't supposed to be a "representative portrayal" of Black women. Her character in the book was a crazy bitch, not a stereotypically angry Black woman. She was mental and took her issues out on her child. She wasn't meant to be seen as the norm. Both the director of the movie and the author of the book were Black and the white masses weren't intended to be the target audience. Not only that, but the author based Precious and her entire situation on the lives of real young girls she encountered while working as a literacy teacher in the Bronx. The actress who did end up pla
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