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women's history month 2023

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  • richardmurray changed the title to women's history month 2023

Oh do I love women!

The older I get the more I'm still learning about them....lol.

I never wanted to BE a woman, but I often wanted to understand how women "think" or what it feels like to be them.

For example, why would someone go through so much pain and discomfort to bare children....MULTIPLE TIMES!
It has been explained to me over and over again for decades....but still....just don't quite get how some women would voluntarily go through that with a SMILE on their faces....lol.



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2 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

For example, why would someone go through so much pain and discomfort to bare children....MULTIPLE TIMES!

 That's what they were born to do. If they didn't, we wouldn't be here.😁


Many men make the ultimate sacrifice and give up their lives in order to protect.


Both genders have their roles to play in the continued existence of human beings.😎

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You know I was thinking about that very thing when I was typing that post.
That traditionally men have went to the military and faced serious injury and death as THEIR role to protect the community.
However is getting killed by an arrow, club, or bullet, or grenade as bad as going through 9 months of bodily discomfort to culminate to hours or intense agony having your private organs stretched and often ripped to give birth to another human being?

The event is so intense and often traumatic that many times women too die during child birth.

I have to shake my head at it and just be glad some ARE willing to do it.

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Man I looooooooove women!

I remember even as a little boy of about 5 and 6 looking at the butts and hips on some women and enjoying the sight.
Didn't know what to do with those hips, but I enjoyed looking at them.....LOL

But my love is not just sexually, but on a deeper level.
I find it so interesting how they think, how they arrive at their decisions, how often times they argue in a way that makes no sense to me.
How so many of them can be in joy one moment and depressed the next moment.

I think we as men like women more than women like men....lol

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Well, getting killed is permanent so the degree of pain is less relevant. 


Women were built to give birth. They're been doing it for a long time. Before the invention of epidural medication and painkillers.


Both infant mortality and maternal mortality are relatively low especially in the most developed countries.


That's why there are 8 billion people on the planet. A whole lot of procreation and childbirth.😁😎

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As @ProfD wrote @Pioneer1  women are built for this. As a species we are simply following our genetic predisposition to make babies desire the discomfort.


Men do go to war and kill each other and I guess on some level we are genetically predisposed to doing this too, for i can’t think of any reason why we do it so often.


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14 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

Maybe sending younger men off to battle and getting them killed or seriously injured was a slick way for older men to thin the herd and lessen their competition for the women.

That would make sense if polygamy was legal and if older men were taking care of more wives and concubines.😎

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