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At IBPA PubU, Black Indie Publishers Call for Audacity and Advocacy

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At IBPA PubU, Black Indie Publishers Call for Audacity and Advocacy and an article from Publishers Weekly about our panel from this weekend in San Diego.


In my opinion, the best quote from the article was:


Everyone on the panel “came out of the struggle” for civil rights, said Coates, who opened Black Classic Press in 1978. “Wade as a young man was involved in the Civil Rights Movement in Louisiana. Haki is still one of the foundational members of the Black Lives Movement. Kassahun was with the Eritrean Liberation Front. Myself with the Black Panther Party. These are people who carried the struggle forward and had it bloom in publishing.”




Walter Mosley, Troy Johnson, Wade and Cheryl Hudson, Andrea Fleck-Nisbet (IBPA CEO), Karen Pavlicin (IBPA Board Chair), Paul Coates, Haki Madhubuti, Ayo Sekai, and Kassahun Checole.


Thoughts on the Legends of Black Independent Publishing.  Originally shared on TikTok.


@aalbccom Legends of Infependent Black Publishing. Learn more: https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/10045-publishing-university-the-legends-of-independent-black-publishing/ #publishing #ibpa #blackbooktok #blackbooks #readingblack #independentpublishing ♬ original sound - aalbc


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“Vision alone is not enough,” and investors and allies are essential, said Checole, who started Africa World and Red Sea in 1983.





I wish I had the confidence to write and publish. It's been years and I have been so fascinated in finding out about my ancestor from East Africa, so the Africa World and Red Sea Press is of so much interest to me. I love the photograph of the attendees to this affair. I clicked the names and enjoyed reading about each one including my most favorite, @Troy








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