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“Black Literature is for Everyone” —Troy Johnson”

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Short Biography of Troy Johnson

Troy D. Johnson, is the founder of the African American Literature Book Club (AALBC) and President of, LLC. His contributions and dedication have made a significant impact in several key areas:

Amplifying Black Voices: Through the AALBC, Johnson has provided a platform for Black writers, authors, and literary professionals to showcase their work and share their stories. By highlighting their voices, he has helped promote diverse perspectives and narratives that may otherwise be overlooked or underrepresented in mainstream literary spaces.

Preserving Black Literature and History: Johnson’s efforts to celebrate Black culture and history through literature play a vital role in preserving and promoting the rich legacy of Black literature. By curating and promoting books by Black authors, he ensures that these works are recognized, valued, and made accessible to readers worldwide. This preservation work is essential for future generations to connect with their heritage and gain a comprehensive understanding of Black experiences.

Challenging Mainstream Publishing Barriers: Johnson has actively worked to address the barriers faced by Black writers in the publishing industry. By providing a platform for Black authors to showcase their work, he helps overcome the biases and systemic obstacles that often limit their opportunities for visibility and success. His advocacy fosters a more inclusive and equitable publishing landscape.

Empowering Readers and Communities: AALBC, under Johnson’s guidance, has become a valuable resource for readers seeking diverse literary voices. By curating book recommendations, organizing events, and fostering a vibrant online community, he empowers readers to explore, engage with, and learn from a wide range of Black literature. This empowerment extends beyond individuals, contributing to the overall cultural enrichment and understanding of diverse communities.

Fostering Cultural Understanding: Through the promotion of Black literature, Johnson has fostered greater cultural understanding and appreciation. By exposing readers to diverse perspectives and narratives, he helps break down stereotypes and challenge preconceived notions. This work contributes to a more inclusive society that recognizes the value and contributions of all cultures.

Troy D. Johnson’s dedication, passion, and advocacy within the literary world, particularly through the African American Literature Book Club, make him a significant figure in advancing the representation, recognition, and celebration of Black literature and culture. His contributions have a lasting impact on readers, authors, and the literary landscape as a whole.


  • MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business
  • MS from Polytechnic University (now NYU Tandon School of Engineering)
  • BS in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University
  • Stanford University’s Publishing on the Web course

Professional Experience and Entrepreneurship:

  • President of the African American Literature Book Club, the oldest and largest website dedicated to books by or about people of African descent
  • Book Publisher, including the award-winning novel Running to Fall by Kalisha Buckhanon
  • Over 20 years of corporate experience in various roles, including network design for defense contractors and managing international projects for Wall Street firms

Teaching and Speaking Engagements:

  • Adjunct Lecturer at Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business (2014 – 2022)
  • Presenter at conferences and events globally, including Book Expo America, The Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival, and The National Black Writers Conference

Awards and Honors:

  • Madam “CJ” Walker Award for Merit from the Hurston/Wright Foundation (2023)
  • New York City Proclamation for Outstanding Literary Activism (2022)
  • Jubilee Award from the Center for Black Literature (2022)
  • Pillar Award from the Go On Girl! Book Club (2020)
  • Literary Trailblazers Award from the African American Literary Awards Show (2017)
  • Literary Activist of the Year Award from the AAMBC Literary Award (2012)
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles for “Extraordinary Contributions to the Literacy Legacy of Los Angeles” (2008)
  • Outstanding Alumni Award from Syracuse University
  • EarthLink’s “The 100 Best Websites for African Americans” listing for
  • Named one of the 50 Most Powerful African Americans in Publishing by Black Issues Book Review magazine

Publications and Media Appearances:

  • Author of numerous articles, including a new introduction to the 2020 hardcover edition of the Harlem Renaissance classic, The New Negro an Interpretation
  • Featured on C-SPAN2’s BookTV and in various publications such as Publishers Weekly, the New York Amsterdam News, The New York Times, Essence Magazine, Emerge, Black Issues Book Review, and many others

Advisory Boards and Committees:

  • (Active)
  • Syracuse University’s Alumni Association Board (past)
  • Literary Freedom Project (past)
  • Harlem World Magazine (past)
  • The Sacramento Black Book Festival (past)
  • The Harlem Book Fair (past)
  • Black American’s in Publishing (past)
  • New York is Book Country (past)


Business Address:

Residence: Tampa, FL

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