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100. Thousand. Kingdoms.

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@harry brown I'm a little unsure how to reply appropriately, but based on the cliff notes, I'm intrigued.  I would love to see this trilogy as a movie.  I'm intrigued by the wordsmithing, mystery, sci-fi mix, attention-grabbing, and heroism of someone who appears to be an outcast, yet a potential heir to the king.   yes? 


The title, alone, made me think about the black queens/kings of the past.  Then, I thought about the original Moors of North Africa who gained swift victories back in the 8th century and became legends. And the Moorish/Moroccan Empires that span North and all of West Africa.


My apologies if there is no comparison, but again, I am intrigued by the title and summary which sparked thoughts about other Kings from the past.  


at the risk of sounding displaced with my comments, feel free to align my thoughts as you see fit.  

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