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The 38th edition of the 2023 Richard Murray Newsletter

What story reminds you of how your parents raised you most? please comment if an answer  

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  1. 1. HAve you read "Girl" from Jamaica Kincaid?

    • yes
    • no

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Cento poetry series 17th entry
Ma'am the reply to Girl from Jamaica Kincaid , thank you to Bettsfic
First Mass of the Perihelion story
I made Bayonetta in a Super Smash Bros Collaboration, thank you Ry-spirit


Dates- astrology and other sweet things


If You Made It This Far : Mark Dawson in KWL for indie writers, introducing an important speech at Teldar paper, Princess Bombshell from Seanime, listen to Aliens in the Mind staring Peter Cushing side Vincent Price, Madebirdscom bird boxes automata





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ROFL.. @richardmurray  no you didn't!!  Bruh, I admit it - I'm a little technically challenged, and regrettably not bi-lingual, so I didn't recognize the context that implied that the page was a Cookies Notification, and all I had to do was Accept Cookies....lolol!  


Anyways, I have another bombshell.  The Princess Bombshell is over my head, but I do love the wordsmithing and the descriptives used to set the tone.  'Sing from tween the years when the ant hordes drank Gold Mushrooms and the silver tree barks....  when beaming gardens lay spread across the world like free rainbows beneath the stars'. 


I'm totally there! 

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@Dee Miller :) no problem. You are  not alone in initial dificulty, I can tell you this for sure:) 


haha! yes, I am glad you liked my use of robert e howard's styling from the introduction to conan to use on the artwork from Rayseb, a black artist. Did you click the deviantart link under the text you like? Did I get a good description based on the image?


thank you again. 

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