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Politics and History Intersect?

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What does that mean? During the sixties, the South expelled Black students demonstrating for civil rights. Now, the Republicans demand that the government revoke and expel the visas of any students who speak out to support Hamas or the Palestinians. How about you expel the Nazis marching in the streets?

We better pay attention to the students because they will not tolerate bullshit!


Is it a stretch to compare the two?

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Not a stretch, two groups who are the same thing can always be compared. But their variances are not tiny. 


The students of the 1960s came from basically two primary groups. 

Whites/Blacks. Asians/LAtinos in the 1960s were much smaller groups than today. That matters on a number of levels, especially organizationally. 


Today, many students in the usa  support the stated demands. THe modern student body in the usa isn't philosophically one. They were not in the past, but the lesser multiracial quality meant they organized easier. Today, it is harder to organize when you have so many varying groups. 

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