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Presidential Campaigns: Contest Who Can Taise the Most Money

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I'm not making anymore contributions. The $3 amount make me think of the panhandler you asks you for a penny saying, "anything will help". It is amazing what political campaigns, in this country, have become -- contests to see who can raise the most money and is best spearing at the opponent. $750MM to become Mayor of NY, $1B+ to become president.

I seem to remember the Democrats, and Obama, campaigning on campaign finance reform. Both parties are up for sale..

For anyone so inclined...

Troy --

We've run a lot of contests on this campaign, but you should pay special attention to this one.

Here are three reasons why: The winner gets to go to the Democratic National Convention, meet the President, AND spend time with the First Lady.

Chip in $3 or whatever you can to be automatically entered for a chance to meet her -- and her husband -- in Charlotte.

In addition to sitting up front with the First Lady as President Obama accepts the Democratic nomination for president, the lucky winner and a guest will get airfare, a hotel room, and VIP tickets to all three days of the convention.

You should give it a shot -- chip in $3 or whatever you can to be automatically entered:


Good luck!


P.S. -- Every time you donate in the next 78 days, you are getting us that much closer to a win on Election Day. It's closer than you think. Chip in today.

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It's too bad that all of the millions of dollars being raised to buy TV spots for 2 presidential candidates can't be put to better use. Saturating the air waves with attacks on each other is so obviously a waste of money, and it's hard to generate any enthusiasm for either candidate who, in these bad economic times, is squandering money on promoting himself. If this is an example of the fiscal responsibility needed to run the country, then neither candidate is exercising good judgment.

Instead of all of this hyperbole. Obama and Romney should just debate each other on public TV. Supporters shouldn't have to contribute money to hear a bunch of empty promises. It's a sad commentary to consider that all the the next POTUS will having going for him is that his media campaign was the one most successful at discrediting his opponent. And what do the voters have to look forward to?? Another lackluster term presided over by the lesser of 2 evils. It's all so stupid and discouraging! <_<

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