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  • I found the article below which not surprisingly appeared on the Fox News site interesting because it's an example of how this election is not only polarizing the country but is reinforcing a rift in the black community. Voting for Obama has become a litmus test for a person's blackness. Race still matters. This time next month what will the situation be?? I hope the election is not a close one because I don't know what Blacks will do if Obama loses. Will they simply be demoralized or will they be in a rebellious state of mind??
  • I think white people will handle a Romney loss better. They are not passionate in their support for his candidacy but have lost confidence in Obama and simply want change.
  • I also believe the electoral college might be on its last legs as America embarks on a path where in the future the "United States" will be a misnomer.
  • We shall see...

Clueless” star Stacey Dash recently tweeted her support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, accompanied by a patriotic swimsuit picture of herself.

But now her political viewpoint has become the subject of online attacks, with many expressing crude distaste that she isn’t endorsing President Obama – and race has become a key motivator behind the digital abuse.

“You’re an unemployed black woman endorsing Mitt Romney. You’re voting against yourself thrice. You poor beautiful idiot,” one Twitter user wrote, while @Black Voice wrote, “Stacey Dash had a perm since birth. I knew I couldn’t trust her.. lol.”

Others accused the actress of “voting for white supremacy,” claiming she “is white with a dark tan,” and calling Dash a slew of offensive names.

Several other Obama supporters even went as far as to encourage “the old hag” to “kill herself.” One suicide encourager is listed as a doctor and politically active Democrat in Washington D.C., and although he reportedly has deleted the inflammatory “kill yourself” tweet, it was captured by social media news site, Twitchy.comexternal-link.png.

But Dash seems to be taking the backlash in stride.

“My humble opinion… EVERYONE is entitled to one,” she tweeted in response.

But the 46-year-old's plug for Romney attracted plenty of applause, too.

“Thank you for being willing to think for yourself despite what your haters have to say,” tweeted one user, while another noted, “You can NEVER, EVER (did I say never?) NEVER leave the Dem party if you r Black. Once you do, the name calling begins.”

Dash did not respond to a request for further comment.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I checked out the re-runs of the debate between Romney and Obama and all I could think of was that here were 2 candidates for President of the United States circling each other like street fighters, verbally sparring and getting in each other's faces, dissin and representin like gang members. This is what the contest for the job of arguably the most powerful man in the world has sunk to; 2 dudes bickering about who's the biggest liar. Bizarre.

Aiding and abetting this farce is the salivating news media with its talking heads parsing and anaylysing and taking polls and the chaotic social media with Twitter and FaceBook blowing up, as everybody takes sides, Republicans and Democrats cheering on their favorite spin master. Of utmost importance is who's pink dress looked better, between Michelle Obama's and Ann Romneys. And right there in the thick of things is the indignation of Liberals over Romney's use of the phrase "binders of women" in reference to female job applicants at his disposal - or something. Meanwhile Obama was vetted about when he declared the attack on American diplomats in Libya a terrorist act. Boy, did he go into an academy award performance in lashing out at his opponent over this. Later Romney told the POTUS to pipe down until he finished making his point. Not to be outdone, the moderator of the "debate" overstepped her bounds and jumped into the fray. Ridiculous

This is a circus. It would be hilarious if the stakes weren't so high. "O tempora,O mores." How much longer does the Empire have left??? What does the future hold for "Pax Americana"???

Got me a ring side seat. Hope this ol broad can last long enough to see how it all ends... :huh:

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I hope you last long enough to see how it end too Cynique.

This is reality TV. What is most astonishing is how caught up people are for the chosen side -- it is the same frenzy you see at a football game. The "debates" are even analyzed the way a prize fight would be -- issues are irrelevant.

If Barack loses (which I still think there is a very good chance he will) Black people will react as if the issue is just about race and therefore any action will be misdirected and ineffective. If things stay the same or get worse under a Romney administration. I think the entire country may be primed to do something effective to bring about real change.

If Barack wins and things stay the same or get worse. Black people will remain ineffective and a Republican will be swept into office easily in 2016.

If things get better under either scenario -- Great!

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The presidental debates are over, with the consensus being that Obama won in the course of making the most notable quote. Responding to Romney's remark about America having "fewer ships than we did in 1916.", he reminded Mitt that "we also have fewer horses and bayonets. We have these things called aircraft carriers and planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines." :huh:

On Twitter, the unflappable Ann Colter referred to Obama as a "retard "and the senile debate Moderator Bob Schiefer called assassinated Al Qaida leader, Obama bin Laden. Ann Romney won the fashion sweepstakes rockin a chic green dress. :wacko:

In the more important news of the day, The Bears beat the Detrorit Lions, and the San Francisco Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals to earn a spot in the world series. The stars danced away on on Dancing With The Stars and the singers sang on on The Voice.Briitish pop diva Adele had a baby and Brad Pitt earned 4 million to make an incongruous commercial for Chanel Number 5. -_- zzzzzzzzz

That about sums up all the things that I don't give a damn about as, out there in the universe, the little blue planet Earth rotates on its axis while orbiting the sun, on its way out of autumn, headed for the darkness of the winter solstice . :mellow:

For Halloween, I'm going to masquerade as a concerned citizen and hope our next POTUS is a treat not a trick. :lol:

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The idea that an Ann Coulter gets coverage for calling Obama a retard is mind boggling. If anything that should be a reason to any respectable news outlet to stop giving her a platform.

Obama's joke about Bayonets caused some backlash as the military still uses bayonets, but since neither for those cats were ever in the military what would they know.

The line of the night to be can from someone on a Frontline broadcast with followed the debate on PBS; "Obama is the only Nobel Peace Prize winner with a kill list", I don't know if Obama is the only winner with a kill list, but I do know awarding Obama a Nobel Peace Prize was extraordinary premature.

With the surge in Afghanistan, Gitmo, and the large number of murders of innocent people with unmanned drones, I doubt anyone believes Obama is exactly a model of peace.

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Well, Mother Nature is raising hell, and doing it at a very inopportune time for the presidential candidates. Is this a sign from above? I'm trying to figure out which guy this catyclismic weather will benefit. Obama or Romney? Whoever. Will this disaster have any effect on the voting process or the economy?

Sandy is certainly a wake-up call when it comes to exposing how vulnerable America is. All it takes are electrical blackouts to bring the country to its knees. It's also mind-boggling the amount of money being poured into the hell holes of Iraq and Afghanistan when America will need billions to re-build here at home. Will we have to borrow money from China to finance the restoration?

I don't know why anybody would want to become president of a country on the brink of so much turmoil.

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This was a category 1 storm that brought the lower Manhattan it is knees. The subway system is still flooded with service only partially restored.

A couple of week ago a read where NYC is quietly figuring out ways to shore up the subway system against rising water levels. If this storm is any indication -- they better hurry up!

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The other day I almost got frustrated because the "belt" at the grocery store line was broken. So I had to push my items by hand. Oh the horror.

Then I realized how spoiled I am to these perks of the modern world. I can only imagine what the people on the East Coast are going through w/everything that has happened.

And the lady who had her boys swept away & went for help but nobody would let her in? Sheesh! Man o man, where's the humanity?

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The lady, a Sister, who lost her kids is from a borough called Staten Island. Staten Island may as will be another state; it is as different from Manhattan as the rest of the country -- and is treated as such.

I believe Staten Island's death toll as 1/2 of the total. People there are hungry, cold, without power, drinkable water, some literally homeless. But we have the resources to host the New York Marathon on Sunday which starts in Staten Island -- there will be plenty of water for the runners.

I rode my bike to the Wall Street area yesterday there were pumps everywhere pulling water out of flooded basements, and subway stations. It was a ghost town when it would normally be teaming with people. The Hudson river reeked of raw sewage.

Traffic to AALBC.com is down almost 70% from NY and 50% from NY. I have a part time gig helping folks pass the GED exam and I have no clue when I'll be able to work -- loosing money all the way around.

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This just in...


Apparently public outrage forced the cancellation of this years Marathon.

Plus since many runners will not be able to make it into the city, hoteliers can continue gouging NY City residents, who were forced out of their homes and make much more money. Which I'm sure was the real motivation....

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I think Barack Obama will beat MItt Romney for the office of POTUS, just for the record. If Mitt wins the popular vote, the shit may really hit the fan. There could be a serious movement mounted to replace the electoral college system.

The congressional and senatorial races are what will really be a factor in determining what direction the economy goes, not the presidency which stands a chance of again being an impotent force. Which is why my main reason for wanting Obama to win has to do with the anticipation of there being 3 supreme court vacancies because of retirements. If Romney wins, these seats will be filled with Repubican conservatives whose rulings will set this country back 50 years with regard to women's rights and religious freedoms.


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You may be right Cynique, but I'll stand with my prediction from 2 years ago. If Mitt wins the popular vote without winning the electoral college Obama will still be the president. Nothing will change that short of a revolution.

The line on Obama is 4 to 1 in favor to win the election, and essentially even money on the popular vote.

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