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Self-Published Authors 4 Ways to Get Your Book Reviewed


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PW Select

When you register, your book receives an announcement listing in PW Select--which is bound into issues of Publishers Weekly and appears online at publishersweekly.com. Every announcement listing includes bibliographic, marketing, and editorial information about your book--so you can promote it to booksellers, publishers, agents, and industry insiders.

Additionally, every book listed in PW Select is automatically eligible for a review from Publishers Weekly. From the hundreds of books listed in each PW Select, approximately 25 percent are selected by our editors for a review. And, all authors registering with PW Select receive a six-month digital subscription to Publishers Weekly. Visit Publisher's Weekly Website to Learn More.


Rawsistaz Literary Group

Are you looking to have your book reviewed by one of the most-respected (and first established) team of reviewers specializing in reviewing African-American books? Well, look no further. Feel free to submit your book for review. You do NOT have to query us first.

We have been reviewing books since 2001 and because of the size of the Rawsistaz website, it was necessary for us to give our book reviews a new home at www.BlackBookReviews.net. There you’ll find a repository of 7000+ book reviews for books of all genres, both mainstream & independently published.

However, on Rawsistaz, we will feature some of our book club member reviews, our top rated reviews from TRR, as well as spotlight our wonderful reviewers. Learn more at Rawsistaz's website.


The Kirkus Discoveries Program

The Kirkus Discoveries program gives self-published authors a chance to obtain an unbiased, professional review of their work, written in the same format as a traditional Kirkus review.

A book review can be an essential and powerful tool for promoting your book to literary agents, traditional publishing houses, booksellers and, most importantly, potential readers. Visit Kirkus Reviews for more information.



Launched in 1998, AALBC.com is the most popular and frequently visited website dedicated to books by and about people of African descent. AALBC.com is also a premier source of reviews of these books.

Reviews are; permanently published on the AALBC.com web site, linked on the AALBC.com homepage for at least a month, highlighted in our monthly newsletter (which reaches over 17,000 subscribers), and at AALBC.com's discretion, included on our social media platforms. Visit AALBC.com for more information.

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Thanks to technical advances and a shift in culture, the self publishing alternative has taken on a life of its own. Who needs the big conglomerate mergers to get a book out there? Today anybody with a little disposable income can finance their dream of seeing their words made available for public consumption. The term "author" has lost its distinction and writing skills and talent have become irrelevant. Never has self-expression had it so good, and once "writers" use all the enabling resources available, they can have their finished product critiqued by those who, likewise, require no credentials, except the confidence to declare themselves "reviewers".

But, whatever. It's a sign of the times, typical of a society that has spawned FaceBook And Twitter and "Keeping up with the Kardashians". And it's not like those at the top are exhibiting any ability for running the country. :blink:

Sorry, Troy. From time to time my cynicism requires a fix, even as I plead guilty to my own accusations. ^_^

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Cynique, please don't apologize for speaking your mind, that is why I post here. If I wanted people to tell say everything I posted was great and never express a dissenting voice I'd put it on Facebook.

I believe critical book reviews are a crucial component of a healthy publishing industry. The current state of reviews for Black books has always been sad, but lately it is absolutely pathetic!

I'll get into it in more detail later 'cause I have to run now, but I'll say this; I can't remember the last time I read a scathing but honestly written review of a book. The incentives are all wrong, as a result, most book reviews are favorable, short, shallow and not very useful to the industry or the reader.

There is a lot wrong with publishing today, the lack of crucial reviews is one of many problems.

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Here's a copy of an e-mail from a writing team whose books I have enjoyed over the years.


DeBerryandGrant.com November 15, 2012

This isn't easy to say which is why it has taken us so long to say it. But so many of you have asked and continue to ask when the next book is coming. Our answer has been somewhat oblique and indefinite "We're taking a break..." or "We're not working on anything now..." because it was less complicated than explaining what's actually happening with us. So here goes...

No, neither of us is ill.

Yes, we are still bestest friends.

However, our writing career is officially on "HOLD".

Edited by Troy
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