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Whew! Thank goodness Troy showed up and extracted some order from the chaos. The inmates were running the asylum. And I'm sure glad he finally activated the "delete" engine.

I plead guilty to being one of the perpetrators but the outrageous machinations of Kola Boof just bring out the mischief in me. If she would just stop trying to hoodwink everybody I maybe would chill out. I never understood why Kola couldn't just post as Kola and let her assets speak for themselves. Why did she always had to have a roster of characters who routinely turned out to be fans of hers. Guess it was because she didn't get enough adulation from all the supporters she claims to have here, people who never materialized or came forth to speak on her behalf.

But I belabor the point. As Xeon said, Kola's complaints that the regular members hate her and that their intent was to smear her and drive her from the board are not true. All anybody ever asked of her was just to keep it legit. Her problem was that she wanted this site to be a stage where she would be not only the star but the script writer and casting director.

Now that things have subsided a little, we can only dismiss as irrelevant Kola's petulant predictions about the board dying without her brilliant ambience. Hopefully, the atmosphere that results from the absence of hystrionics, will inspire some semi-interesting exchanges. ;)

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If you're not trying to start a fight, Carey, then you're doing a poor job of it. Yes, "a fox smells", but a sneaky skunk gives off a smell. Why don't you back up your snide implication that, like Kola, I want to be the star of this site who writes the script and assembles a cast. What with how idle the board has been, I have had ample opporutnity to do this but have laid back waiting for others to come forward. When I do post, it's because it's a slow day and nothing is going on. And I don't assemble a crew of imaginary friends to sing my praises. I welcome anything others say as themselves because it gives me a chance to spar with them.

And it's not like you're shy about patting yourself on the back, smugly taking credit for how extraordinary you imagine yourself to be. But I understand that because Kola humors you that you feel the need to return the favor.

BTW,as previously alluded to, you did have the option to not read this post since you knew it was written by me.

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Okay, it's a draw. And, it's a po frog that won't brag on it's only lily pad. And don't hate the players. Besides, you're one of the players. In fact, you have the big stack.

Pickup your head, Chris is coming back. He's just on a drunken weekend with some fat white chick.

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