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  1. So....I hear you showed your gargantuan, ghetto ass at the Harlem Book Fair and slapped SENIOR CITIZEN POET Amiri Baraka in his mouth. I read this on a gossip blog and then they posted tweets you made about it. Ok the dude called you a bitch...BUT YOU ARE A BITCH and you attack this old ass man? SMMFH at this sasquatch.
  2. Hmmmmm....what shocks me is Kola not uttering a single word about Obama or this article. You think that the EFF BEE AYE told her to keep that garbage disposal she calls a mouth closed?!
  3. Please dont make this seem like black women are the only race of women doing this. Mexican's stay breeding like roaches; why dont you ask them? BTW, I've noticed you have a little pattern going with your line of questions and comments. May I ask how old you are?
  4. ..........AND? It's coming from FOX NEWS who is notoriously racist. I'm not surprised.
  5. @ Troy: Babe, I try not to just shoot from the hip because I dont want anyone to mistake me for some sort of internet troll,lol. Her pics are horrid and for the life of me I dont GET WHY she feels the need to SICKEN the board by spamming her ugly mug all over this site! I mean come on! It's bad enough having her regale the same sad, stupid and uninteresting tales about her deceased boo, osama...but MUST WE BE FURTHER OFFENDED by being forced to view that face? She looks like Mickey Rourke's character on Sin City. Damn, give us a friggin break!
  6. And your weave needs a professional hand. Girl, why are all pics of you a mess! Girl you need a stylist. You look so unpolished in EVERY PIC.
  7. I aint trying to throw any shade..but real talk…..I am questioning your genetic gender. Besides those floppy, stretched marked up, Nyquil comatose tiddays, everything else about you screams “I TUCK DICK AND BALLS!” No hips, tall as Shaq with a jaw like Arnold Schwartenegger. Hmmmm….Kola…you sho yo name aint KARL?
  8. I feel that folks should name their chilluns wtf they want....but be mindful of the future, real talk!
  9. Man, every time I see it I laugh I thought it would be PERFECT. Thanks, btw.
  10. Well after rubbing her "chunk of funk" like it's Aladin's lamp...just how good of luck do you think you would get?
  11. Your wisdom and common sense are both on point, Ms. Cynique. I just find it disheartening that many black women do NOT want a man...just a male that they can make excuses for and coddle like a toddler. It's true, a STRONG FATHER FIGURE is a role model for ALL of his children, regardless of the sex because really...HE is really what SHE (daughter) has as the first example of what a MAN is suppose to be. Fuck Dr. Phil....CYNIQUE IS IN THE BUILDING!
  12. She totally did it for publicity. Hate to say it but us "old heads" are not what's poppin in 2010, lol...meaning neo-soul singers like Erykah, Jill Scott, Ledesi,etc. are not going to sell squat, not even in ringtones because HOE SHIT is running rampant. The Nicki Minajs, Lady Gagas and Rhiannas are now whats up. They prance around scantily clad in garter belts and stillettos and these folks go crazy over them, buying everything they make. It's no longer about talent, but how wild you dress and how much silicone you put in your asscheeks. Geesh, I remember MY FATHER saying the exact same thing about "our" music (NWA, GUY, SILK) growing up, lol. That "yall dont know nothing about good music!" LOL. BTW, Erykah's booty is REAL, lol!
  13. What he wrote was PRO COONERY blather? How you figure? He simply said MLK jr. got his brains blown out, which he did. Was that a graphic description? Yep....sorta like how Mel Gibson wanted to make it CLEAR just how Jesus suffered at the hands of Romans AND JEWS.
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