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I Want To Be Openly Gay - Free Limited Time

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Hey DT I just downloaded your book.  I did not read it yet but I did skim it to get a sense of how long the story was.. 


But I also noticed at the end of it of the story you referenced yourself being an Essence Bestselling Author. 


Can you tell me when you made the list -- A link would be ideal or a image of the magazine's page would be ideal.  I'm calling the credential into question, I'm just curious.  Last month I helped launch a new national bestsellers list called the Power List http://powerlist.info


Part of the reason we launched the list was in reaction to Essence Magazine no longer publishing their list (indeed if they were interested they could publish ours).  As far as I can tell it has been over two years since Essence pubed a list. 


I think the industry misses the buzz the list created.  I hope authors who make the Power List embrace it they way authors like yourself embrace Essence's old list...

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Thanks DT this was helpful.


Is this the conversation you were referencing: http://www.thumperscorner.com/discus/messages/1/48812.html


Unfortunately, Essence Mag did not keep their bestsellers lists on-line (I can't find them).  I was also trying to determine when they stopped producing a list.  The Power LIst best-selling books lists will be archived online permanently. 


How long will you book be available at no cost?  I may be able to mention it in the next eNewsletter.

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