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Vampires in Business Suits

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Contact: Demetrius Sherman






Dark Hunger is a story of vampires in business suits Or Bernie Madoff as Vampire. The ebook thriller, by Demetrius Sherman, is available on Amazon.


The protagonist of Dark Hunger is private investigator Peter Sunday. Sunday is an hard-boiled ex-cop. He isn't Sherlock Holmes, but he never quits no matter what he runs into. His partner is young and athletic Tony Grey.


Sunday loves helping the people of Chicago and he takes cases that the police can't. Then the strangest case ever steps into Sunday's office. The private investigator soon discovers that guns and muscle can't help him against things that aren’t human.


“Corporate wrongdoing, rapacious vampires, a remorseless detective, together with a taut plot and dialog make this the best of Mr Sherman's books - so far. I look forward to the sequel.” Mike Hogan author of Sherlock Holmes and Murder at the Savoy


A sample chapter can be read at:http://www.amazon.com/DARK-HUNGER-Demetrius-Sherman-ebook/dp/B00CF5HB64


Demetrius Sherman is creator of detectives Sheridan Hope and Peter Sunday. Sheridan Hope is a modern day black Sherlock Holmes.. Peter Sunday is a hard-boiled private investigator in the vampire tale, Dark Hunger. Other works by Demetrius Sherman include Shooting the Moon and Other Stories—a collection of humorous, dramatic and bizarre tales. All available on Amazon.



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