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Akashic Records


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I can't believe that I have lived this long and professed to be a spiritual person and touted the benefits of meditation and Karma and achieving nirvana, and referred to God as omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, and yet be so unfamiliar with the akashic records! You live and learn. I vaguely remember having heard the term but never explored it until you, Delano, mentioned it. Thank you! Because of your question, I was motivated to google (sorry, Troy) the term and all the information that came up for my benefit was truly a revelation - if not an epiphany!


Perusing all the literature on the subject was as though someone had read my mind. I don't know what conclusion to draw from the fact that what I had always imagined as an alternative to religious dogma, is a discipline that already exists just waiting there for me to contemplate. It is, indeed, a lesson in the old wisdom that seers and mystics and gurus refer to. And it explains a lot of things to me; specifically why people become so entranced with Jesus. He provides them with a symbol who represents a higher power. Choosing to accpet this, requires no effort; just a surrender that comforts.


What I, personally, have been seeking is to get in touch with why I am who I am, and the Akashic records offer a way to tap into the source that might enable me to do this. Others prefer not to deal with what is, but rather with what will be, and they focus on  prayer as a coping mechanism and Jesus as their usher into the hereafter. So be it. I prefer to go where my mind takes me.


The bible refers to God as the Alpha and the Omega which is as good a term as any to define the end-all-be-all that I believe is at the core of the universe, and is the origin of our existence.


I clicked on to a YouTube link that walked me through a way to enter the akashic realm and although I found it challenging, its potential was enough to inspire me to continue revisiting the experience in hopes of achieving enlightment. 



"My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.  I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists".  Nikola Tesla.

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LOL!  Cynique I use Goolge from time to time myself.  I just stopped using the verb "google" and now refer to the activity as an internet search,  I don't use Google as often as the search results are not as good as they used to be.


I asked Del to share his link specifically because I wanted to see specifically what prompted his question.


Cynique would you post a link to the Youtube video that so interested you

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Well, strange things are afoot,Troy. The video that intrigued me began with a woman speaking in a deep soothing voice and who, after inducing me into a relaxed state, instructed me to imagine that I was surrounded by a breathtaking landscape and before me was a beautiful majestic white building whose stairs I was instructed to picture myself climbing, encountering pleasant friendly belngs along the way, including all my loved ones who have passed on.  Upon reaching  the top of the steps I was then told to visuaize 2 huge gold carved doors before me.  When they opened  a vast awesome library was revealed where I was greeted by a warm cordial librarian.   She proceeded to suggest that I open up a big record book available and concentrate on revisiting any period of my past life, just immersing myself in the experience and allowing thoughts to flow into my brain.  This I was able to do with some degree of success but choosing to go back to my childhood, raised more questions than answers.  Anyhow you get the drift of this exercise that came to a close when I left the library and walked back down the steps.
So what happens today when for my own purposes and to fulfill your request I google akashic records to retrieve  the video? Again a whole array of sites  appear to provide info and invitations.  Any other time I would've copied and saved the "share" link of a YouTube video that interested me. Why I didn't do that this time is a mystery.  Anyhow, I tried and tried to find the video I'd previously watched but I couldn't!  It seemed to have disappeared.  However, while searching I came across an article that totally resonated with me and made me wonder about the claim of there being no such thing a coincidence.  Was I supposed to find this distracting article that exposed my fickleness and ambiguity and vacillation?
All I know is that I suddenly realize that I am desperately seeking to find my QWN truth and when I find it I will know it because it will be MINE. This is my journey and I will continue to stumble along, suspecting that death is when the answers are revealed.  
Below is a copy of the article that revived and inspired my instrospection.   After you read it, you can create a link for it since reprinting articles here is a "no-no".
"I hear a lot of rather confusing perspectives on WHERE the Akashic Records are located. The idea that the Records are some sort of cosmic library or that there is a "Book of Life" that holds the Akashic Records unfortunately give the impression that the Akashic Records are ... elsewhere.
The Akashic Records are rather abstract in nature, and so of course we've tried to make them more concrete and accessible in our imaginations, so that we can more easily grasp the concept of a database that stores each and every choice we've ever made.
Unfortunately, by trying to make the Akashic Records more concrete, we've placed them outside of ourselves and created a disconnect of sorts from this wisdom source.
The Akashic Records are everywhere. They are contained in the fifth-dimensional aspect of each and every one of us, and the energy that connects us all. The Internet is the best analogy for the Records - like the Akasha, the Internet is everywhere and accessible from anywhere in the world. We are inherently part of this information super-highway.
Your Akashic Records is right where you are sitting, right now. It's seeming separation from you is simply a matter of density, not location.
Sure, it's helpful in our minds to visualize ourselves "going" somewhere when we read the Records. it makes us feel like we are "doing" something. But I've also had students who so emphatically project their vital force energy "out there" in order to feel like they are REALLY "doing" something to access the Akashic Records that doing any kind of reading work left them tired and depleted.
If you're accessing the Akashic Records, remember they are not far away at all. They are you.
To your infinite wisdom."

Andrrea Hess

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