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A day in the life of a black man

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Here is the video:



I've been called the n-word numerous times in public.  If I were in this situation it never would have gone as as it did because I, like most people I suspect, would have simply gone about my business.


Once I discover someone is deeply troubled, as this woman clearly is, unless I'm prepared to help them, I leave them alone. 


I also not keen on people recording other people, without expressed or implied permission and putting it on YouTube.  There have been a few occasions when I recorded something I knew would attract a lot of attention, but chose not to post the video.  I don't even take out my camera anymore.  I live in New York City trust me I see a lot of crazy things.


I just don't think the dysfunction of others should be a source of our entertainment.  I did not think the Jay-Z getting a beat down by Solange video should have been made publicly available either.  Someone should have loss their job, but I'm sure TMZ paid the person a couple of years of wages for the video.


Honestly posting videos of people embarrassing themselves is very tempting.  The video above was viewed over 6 million times as of the moment I posted it above.  It should have make several thousand dollars just with the google ads alone. 


Maybe one day I'll succumb to greed or need and post my own videos of people behaving badly just to make a few bucks.

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I don't think this woman was troubled or dysfunctional.  She just doesn't like black people.  She was, however, stupid.  Anytime you see that your ranting is being recorded, you need to stfu.

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Not only does she call him a nigger but constantly uses the word "fuck" infront of her children.
And accuses HIM of being racist while calling him a nigger, lol.

I'm looking at her hair and features and I'm guessing she's probably either of Jewish or Italian heritage. Italians in New York are world renown for their racism and hostility towards Black people, especially those living upstate who don't have much contact with Blacks and can only go by what their parents or grandparents who left the city years ago have told them.





I'm actually glad he video taped the incident because if he hadn't, there would be so many doubters and naysayers who wouldn't WANT to believe that this happened that only a video could have proven it anyway.

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It appears that I was right in TWO respects........

I only watched the video Troy posted when I made my previous post but after actually clicking on the link Cynique provided:

1. Whoever posted that video said the same thing I said, that some people DON'T WANT to believe how common this actually is.

2.Her last name is "Ambrosia" which sounds Italian. Like I said she's probably of Italian heritage and probably has an unforgiving hostility towards Black people. Probably because we remind her of a part of her ancestry that she'd rather forget.

But on the radio interview she mentioned that she's bi-polar, something fairly common today.
A more mentally stable person would have done a better job of hiding their racism.

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Cynique I think it is a given she dislikes Black people.  I don't have enough information to speak to her intelligence, but I'd be willing to bet her IQ is lower than yours or mine.  She clearly has mental issues.  Her reaction was way out of proportion to the situation.  I seriously doubt this brother was the first to experience her wrath.  I'd be willing to bet her husband and children hear her go off quite frequently. 


Pioneer the Brother that filmed the situation contributed to it escalating.  He incited her even further, so it was an artificial situation.  I lived in upstate new york for 4 years and am a frequent visitor to the region.  This lady's behavior is not typical of people in the area, in general they tend to be pretty friendly folks.  That is not to say there are no rabid racists in in upstate NY, you just don't encounter these situations as regularly as some are implying based upon this video.


But After posting the message above (June 6th) I ran a few errands.  Less than 60 seconds after leaving my apartment I observed the brother pictured below.  Actually I heard him first because he was engaged in an obscenity laced conversation and used the N-word at least twice in less than 30 seconds.  He was not yelling but he was certainly speaking loud enough for anyone in a 20 foot radius to clearly hear what he was saying. 


Next I noticed the sagging jeans, of course my man fits right in.  Seeing brothers wear pants like this is no more unusual than hearing a Black man using the N-word in public.


What stuck me as "odd" was that home-boy was carrying a brick!?  He was not holding it in a menacing, I'm-about-to-kick-some-ass manner.  In fact, he was carrying it using only the tips of his fingers as if he did not want to soil his hands. 


I could understand why a white woman who observed this man (he was well into his 20's), with sagging pants, cursing loudly and carrying a brick, would grab her purse a bit tighter and cross the street if she saw him approaching


Again I don't agree with people posting videos of folks with the intent of embarrassing them.  I this case I'm not revealing the identity of anyone.  I just smiled when I say this Brother thinking about my comment of how easy it would be for me to film people doing things that others might find funny. 


I was at least 5 other things that stuck me as weirder still just that afternoon.  One has to do the current style of women wearing tights as pants.  No some women simply should not make this fashion choice.  You just wanna say, "Boo-Boo, no honey, that style is not for you." :-)


I'm going to look for that video of the Brother fighting in the street and load it on YouTube.  If I make more than a $100 I'll let you know.



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Flava Flav said "come on g"...., you're mixing apples with oranges and throwing in cabbages.

This is not about the anti-social behavior of young Black males
Nor is it about privacy.

It's about the racism that still exists in out society.

Yes the silly and vulgar behavior of a lot of Black youth can contribute to racism in our society as not only Whites but many Asians and others will have a low opinion of Black males based on the negative behavior of a few, however.........

That brother who recorded that woman's racist rant didn't instigate or fuel her racism any more than Martin Luther King fueled the racism of the south when he started his Movement towards equality and integration.
It was already there and he just exposed it.

In this case, it was already in her heart and he just brought it out of her and exposed it to the world with undisputable proof.

Like the radio DJ said in his interview...or started to say....
I understand you being angry over your children and you claim you're not racist but how can the word "nigger" be in your vocabulary if you weren't?

As I said earlier, if he hadn't recorded this lady acting the way she did....there would be a lot of people, probably MOST people...who would try to deny that she did and said what she said.
He just provided proof.
In my opinion, once you start being vulgar and hostile towards others and making threats the way she did in a PUBLIC setting....you lose your right not to be recorded and exposed for what and who you are.

Walmart, gas stations and other establishments record you on the strength when you're just a normal customer doing absolutely nothing wrong....certainly my'manz had a right to record some crazy woman calling him names and making threats against him.

His phone was just a wise weapon of choice in modern self defense.

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Pioneer, I disagree.  It is all related.  You are treating this situation like the Brother with the camera is a journalist, reporting on racism, as if the guy was reporting on something that happened.


Don't you see that he was effecting the outcome of the situation.  Again most people would have left the scene before this lady had a chance to go on this rant.  Most people would not have continued patronizing a disturbed woman while filming it.  That is the opposite of reporting.


What I did was post a photo of someone that you can not identify to illustrate a point.  We live in a society where people post images of others in order to make fun of them.  Unfortunately I'm subjected to a great deal of this on social media.


Increasingly, we are seeing people take it a step further by egging people on just for fun maybe even for profit.  This is not an example of MLK risking his life marching for our freedom in the south.  This is the Steve Harvey Show making a crank phone call aggravating unsuspecting people to entertain their audience and make money.


No one would mistake a crank phone call with a true reflection of reality. 

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This discussion just goes to show how 3 different people interpret one situation.  To me, this woman was just a bitch whose indignation was feeding upon itself. I wouldn't be surprised if she reacted the same if a white guy had done something to irritate her. I think she'd be just as inclined to call him a "dumb polack" or if his appearance warranted it, a "skin-head Nazi".   She may have even called him a stupid "wop" had he been an Italian. She's an insensitive name-caller. Mexicans and Asians probably inspire ethnic lables in her private conversations, too.  Or would I be surprised  if she met a black guy who she didn't find offensive that she would be congenial toward him. I know her type. This is the way of the world.  We tolerate those who don't ruffle our feathers, and go off on those who do.  Some of us are more volatile and demonstrative than others.  Bottom line is that we are a population of people whose prejudices lurk just beneath the surface of our facades, and black people are not excluded from this shortcoming. Polite society is a screen we hide behind.  


I also don't think this motor mouth was mentally disturbed or has a low IQ. She's just an average person; and nowadays being average includes being bigoted.  And, of course,  she resorted to what everybody else currently does when they get exposed or accused.  They either play the molested-as-a-child card or the bi-polar one.   


As for the guy recording her, the idea of taking the higher ground and passing up a chance to embarrass an antagonist is unrealistic. People act in the moment and don't take the time to intellectualize the situation and make a value judgment. The temptation to record  bizarre behavior is fueled by a human fascination with what is shocking or lewd.   


And what is the moral of this modern day Aesop fable?  That one picture is not worth a thousand words.  What we see is influenced by how we approach life. Furthermore if who we see doesn't look like us, preconceived notions come into play.

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You're right, most people would NOT have whipped their phone out to record a racist rant. 
But this is precisely why so many cases of racism have been dismissed as contrived or all in the victim's mind.
If Donald Sterling hadn't been recorded...he probably would have denied ever making such statements and most of White America and a large number of Black people would have sided in his favor.

But how many Black people actually KNOW how to properly respond to being called a racial slur to their faces?
Many think they have an obligation to react violently, others are so stunned they freeze up and try to ignore it.
But this...this was a text-book response!

This brother...if you listen to him carefully....was cool and calm.
He didn't cuss at her, threaten her, or even call her any names back.
Everything he said to her was in a calm and rational voice. He basically let her provide her own rope with which to hang herself with. 

And she better be glad that's ALL he did.
I know some cats who would have revved the motor and turned that steering wheel, lol.

Who knows, it may even be therapudic for her to see herself on video acting like that. It may force her to take a closer look at herself and change her ways.

If he hadn't done what he did but just ignore her and move on.....it would have EMPOWERED her to go off on another Black man again for even less of a reason.
And believe me, the next time it may be with the WRONG brother...lol.
The next time could very well be her LAST time!!!




Aside from her ADMITTING that she is bipolar (something most bipolar people tend to do), you can look at her overly frantic demeanor and restless "back-n-forth" and tell she has some sort of psychological if not psychiatric issues going on.

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She just came across as an angry women to me. When people become incensed, they don't have to be bi-polar to act irrationally.  Is  she under the care of a psychiatrist who has diagnosed her with being a manic-depressive.  People play fast and loose with the word "bi-polar".  Did she say she was on medication for this condition??

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She seemed a bit annoyed. And he seemed a bit to casual. Despite her ranting she didn't seem like a racist. I agree with Cynique. He seemed like q director toying with a fly. He seems a bit professorial about the situation. Maybe they are old Maury Povich actors. Aomethings I don't miss about the US.

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"A bit annoyed" is an understatement. And I completely disagree with the "professional" descrptor. My man was simply exploiting a disturbed woman.

There are ads running on the video money was made as a consequence, at least several thousand by my estimate when I first viewed it. Some my try to couch the video as revealing racism. I just think my man was exploiting a situation for fun and profit.

Del, if you live in a society that does not engage in this nonsense I envy you.

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