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Power in the Age of the Feudal Internet

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Speaking about the "Power in the Age of the Feudal Internet."  I read article but one of the comments seem to state the problem more clearly--at least to me anyway:


This isn't about 'winning a battle' or 'war' this is about energy and human mediocrity. People have limited time and energy and will do the things that require the least energy and take the least amount of thinking because they already have stress coming from every which way in their own lives through work, relationships, finances, etc. They are desperate for someone to look after them and take care of them so they don't have to think or work, or expend energy.


It's the nature of capitalism to exploit this aspect of the masses for maximum profit and normalize their crimes by buying up and transforming the law to legalize their criminality, you're not 'In the middle' you're just as stupid as the masses. To get a middle class required two world wars and the cold war, everyone seems to forget that. It didn't come from the 'job creators' or the 'wealthy'. We needed the radicals to push society forward towards a more humane society. The people in the middle are sheep to the slaughter.


Besides, it seems to me most people are completely oblivious of and don't care about the corporate take over of the Internet.  This issue only means something to a minority of people old enough to have been involved enough with the Internet in the early days--old enough to have appreciated the promise it held and old enough to understand how it has changed so radically for the worse.


I don't see anything changing online (or off-line) for the better unless something radical happens.


But even I don't really have the stomach for invoking the radical change needed to make thing better for everyone.  Perhaps I'm too comfortable, to lazy or too concerned with my own situation... 


So I attempt to utilize the tools of the masters to communicate the problems; which is a fatally flawed tactic as the owners of the net control what is seen online.


The Internet will continue to come under complete control of a few corporations and people will not see this as a problem until it is much too late to do anything about it.  Anyone who thinks the Internet will ever be a tool for starting meaningful social change will be disappointed.




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What is it the Internet will do that will prevent meaningful social change? Is the Internet really omniscient? I think there is a  public awareness of the disparity between how things are portrayed on the Internet facet of the media and how they actually exist in real life.  The average person does not completely embrace what they encounter on line.  Most folks do recognize the Internet for what it is: an entertaining pass time,  a dispenser of news wherein one has to consider the source and - a notorious invader of privacy!.


But apart from all these hazards that come with the territory of modern day civilization,  people go about their daily existences,  leading their personal lives in keeping with their own conveniences. They do what they have to do to get by and sometimes this involves the cyber-inspired avatar concept wherein people conceal their real personas in order to navigate in a superficial world.  A world where Planet Earth rotates on its axis and orbits the sun and time passes on.


But, assuming that disappointment does await those who think the media will facilitate social change, what is the alternate venue people should  look to instigate social change? And what the heck is "social change"?  Presumably social change is a change in how we interact socially.  As our lifestyle evolves, what the Internet has spawned actually represents social change.   So, in this instance, what is really being sought is a reversal of social change.


I suspect that "political change" is a more apt term for this issue. And if the Internet is not the tool for bring this about, again what is the alternative? Returning to the old way of fighting racism and poverty and crime and unemployment and, above all,  corporate piracy? And what is it that recommends this course of action?  If the old ways worked, we wouldn't still be seeking reform.


We are travelers in cyberspace.  And, yes, greedy opportunisitc corporate America has become the FAA of computer airways . Who should replace these regulators?  Is the sinister, ubiquitous Government a cure worse than the illness?  Can a diverse population come together and slay Big Brother?????   Who knows?

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The internet was a product of the Department of Defense anyway.

It wasn't designed for the betterment and or enlightenment of humanity.

It was designed for the elite (military, economic, political, ect....) to share information/intelligence among each other.



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Pioneer1 yes when you look at it that way you are right, but even the Vint Cerf (the guy who created the Internet) should not have envision the complete commercialization of the Internet.


Del do you believe Big Brother is a natural consequent of humanity?  I think it is a obviously a possible outcome but certainly not as inevitable as the creation of God.


Cynque you have much more faith in the average citizen's ability to discern fiction from reality on Internet than I.  As far as the Internet's (social media really, as that IS the Internet for the vast majority of us) ability to effect political change look how many people truly believe Twitter started revolutions throughout Africa.  Look at all the people who thought Occupy would be driven through social media.


Yes the old school tactics are far better that tweeting.  It is not that those tactics failed us, it is just that we stopped using them.


Of course a diverse population will come together and slay Big Brother.  The global population, at the end of the day, is really not that diverse.   Don't believe the ease at which we are manipulated and pitted against each other is because of deep inherent differences. 

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LOL OK, Troy.  Pioneer thinks we'll be at war with Russia by the end of the year.  When do you predict all of these  people who you say are not able to discern internet reality from fiction will  suddenly flip and go on Twitter and rise up against the very technology that they are depending on to overthrow Big Brother?    :blink:

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Cynique, the answer to your question is never.  I don't expect it to happen.  I've spoken to too many Black professionals, for example, who are all-in as far as social media is concerned.  Part of the problem is that many of these Brothers and Sisters work for corporations, so the sensibilities are very different.  I worked in corporate America for over 2 decades--I get it.


I don't think the war mongers running the country are crazy enough to go to "war" with a Russia.  Who would America get to risk their lives in an armed battle with Russia?


This "war" would be drones, bombs and terrorism.  If that is the type of conflict Pioneer is suggesting then it may have already started.

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