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When I first started AALBC.com the best selling books of all time included titles by Iyanla Vanzant, Saul Williams, Terry Mcmillian, Zane (best selling Author on AALBC.com), the the best selling book each year since 2006 has been Confessions of A Video Vixen.

While Tom Burrell's Brain Washed has beat Confessions for March/April 2010 (I have not had a chance to publish that list yet). Only one title has sold strong enough, over the course of a year to beat Confessions for the yearly title since 2005 (Confessions was #2 in 2005, but was published in Jun 2005) and that was Kevin Powell's Who's Gonna Take the Weight?

It is what it is...

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Chris can't one just stay here and bitch?

(Good one! Far be it from me to advocate restriction of one's Constitutional Rights

By all means, Bitch! But don't just bitch to the choir--bitch at those who got you bitchin'! In this case, one could bitch at Ms. Steffans or her publisher.

Or Oprah!

Yeah, Oprah! She must have had something to do with it.

The Oprah National Anthem:

Where there's life

There's hope!

Where there's dirt,

There's OPE!

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