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  1. Hi There. You should also find some groups to connect to. There is one on Facebook and the owner of the group is connected and should be able to point you in the right direction. Its called https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThePitch101/
  2. Hi Cyn...I suspect the reason this is a cricket post is because folks are feeling the same way and why there is no outrage about these items. I feel ya !!
  3. Hi Troy. Im not sure why Monique still feels the need to bash her "peers" because that is what it feels like to me that she is doing. All the women in that film are well aware of what they make so Im not sure what Monique is trying to accomplish. If there is a pay disparity why not organize a "black" union or something in place of this whining that is feels like she is doing. It makes her look.....like she is hating. Im pretty sure she feels what she is doing is helpful...but.........
  4. Are you serious right now? First off a permit does not give you the right to incite a riot which these dudes did. Did you not see the white boy who mowed folks down and people were killed? This is NOT allowed. Ever. I wouldnt condone The New Black Panthers carrying weapons to march with. It can only have a bad outcome..as we witnessed.
  5. Ummmm folks betta leave Cyn alone LOL
  6. Hi ya !!! Im well. About to go have a procedure on my left eye to keep from going blind on Monday. A bit anxious about it but hey...better than loosing my sight....so they say YIKES.....not feeling a long ass needle going in my eye. Think positive thoughts for me cause Im a big baby LOL
  7. Hi everybody. Great conversation. I have some thoughts I will share when I have more time
  8. I think your reaching way to broad in your comments. I 500% agree about Carson and Barkely the rest not so much. Hi everybody long time no see
  9. Hello all...I am dizzy reading all this...I will take a week to absorb...then possibly make a comment LOL
  10. Congrats and the honor is well deserved !
  11. I think its fine because a good book, is a good book no matter the author. I look forward to reading. Sounds very interesting.
  12. Oh hail no..that isnt an orginal thought from Uncle TomClar, I grew up with that saying.. LiLi
  13. LOLLOL I hope you brought it in right..I was sick and still havent recovered LiLi
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