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Chi-Town update

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Chicago's in a B&B mode, - all agog about Barak and Black Hawks. The president returned to his Hyde Park digs to spend his Memorial Day week-end in Chicago and the Black Hawks made it to the NHL finals and are now vying for the Stanley Cup. Woooo.

Elated White hockey fans and excited Black Obama supporters are all full of pride. Me, I don't give a "puck" about the Black Hawks but I do hope Obama doesn't injure himself while hoopin with his buddies or - choke on a rib bone while scarfing down some barbeque.

Obama will also be laying a wreath and giving a speech at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery here in Illinois. That's where my brother, a WWII naval vet, is buried. He died before Obama got elected but he backed him from day one. Glad he'll be present when our first black president pays tribute to America's fighting men.

My hometown is also in a tizzy because we have 2 home grown graduates from our local high school in the NBA finals. Glen Rivers, coach of the Celts, and Shannon Brown a player with the Lakers. Booo, Kobe. And - come on, Lebron. You are the Bulls' missing piece!

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