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Stanley Crouch on the Venus Booty Controversy

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Nawl Chris, you gotta first show us your hand. I mean, what's your take on the issue? I can speak for ABM... "GAWD DAMN! LOOK AT ALL THAT A$$"

(I knew posting something about what ABM has labelled BOO-TAY would get a rise out of yez.

My take on the issue, is that she was making a statement. She was showing all those prim, uptight, hypocritical white tennis folks who have hated these African women coming in and dusting all their fair white virgins her ASS and saying screw it!

It ain't what I would do, but--I dunno.

I remember a Cardinals baseball player here, Vince Coleman. You might remember him. He grabbed his balls and gave the finger to the home crowd at a game here once. It was Ladies Day.

At first, I was horrified like the rest.

But, now, I believe I understand why he did it.

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Returning to the subject of the Booty contretemps (or the Case of the Contemptuous Cakes) where is the outrage over this?

Every other day somebody is on here ranting about young black men wearing their pants down low and showing their butts.

Now Venus gyrates her gluteus maxiumus and nary a peep.

It seems that Black Women can do no wrong in the Bizarro Universe!

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