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Another Sneaker Empire in the Works


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I think it's an admirable thing to do. Kind of like Toms and Bobs and several other companies that "give" back. There are multiple companies online that are set up to give back. When you say this is one way to do it, I assume you are talking about celebrity though right? Because I tend to think most "give" back companies just lucked up a marketing strategy.


Honestly that is the only way to really make a dent is with a catchy marketing campaign, unless you have celebrity, millions behind you or a really strong family background that created a small biz mindset early on.


I would feel somewhat dishonest in saying that my shoe company gives back, when my goal in having a shoe company is 1. I like sneakers 2. I want to make money and I am not really interested in giving back to a charity. I prefer to give back to help other entrepreneurs start their own ventures. In other words I want my dough, if I can get it. It's selfish, I know, but it's honest unlike Toms which has added other segments to their company that doesn't apply to the give back rule. It always comes back to the money.


Toms made it because of the money the guy who started it had and his ability to get to market first with a concept. When I hear about these companies that get started by giving back it always feels a little shady. I look at the background of the founder and very rarely is that background one of single parent or low income status. very rarely is that background one that doesn't feature a star or celebrity. So then the question becomes how does the regular every day person do this without access to capital or celebrity?


I'm glad she is using her celebrity for a cause, because she can't accept a dime of money or it will end her amateur status and she can't play college basketball like she hopes to do (which is really a crock of bullshiggity) but that's a different discussion.


Check out this old article about the lack of transparency in Toms. I hope Mo'ne and her handlers figure it out, but the shoe biz is very difficult to crack. At any time Nike can come along and make a Toms styled shoe and wipe out the brand if they get too irritating no matter how "good" they are.



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