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People around Chicago are taken aback over remarks Steadman Graham made during a recent interview on a local TV station. In regard to the subject of Oprah's impending exit from our fair city, anxious to secure his future as her lap dog, Steadman blubbered about how Chicago didn't appreciate all that Oprah has done for it. He even elevated her to biblical status, making reference to how the Good Book states a prophet is never appreciated in their own land, - or some such nonsense. Prophet?? I don't know what the ol girl has ever foreseen with any accuracy other than if you give people cars they'll go crazy even as they calculate the taxes that come with such generosity.

Anyhoo, it didn't take long for a couple of fearless newspaper columnists to risk their careers and put this puppet in his place. And I totally agreed with their pointing out how Oprah snubbed Chicago to build a girls school in South Africa, or how she is just one of many super-rich home-grown philanthropists who have made Chicago the beneficiary of their charitable contributions, and how she can't take any more credit than The Bulls, The Bears, The Blackhawks, The White Sox and Cubs when it comes to bringing glory to this city. Certain people in Oprah's entourage apparently think that promoting books and movies and providing an ample bosom for celebrity airheads to cry on somehow contributes to the prestiege of this toddlin town. Not.

Somebody needs to tap "O" on her shoulder and remind her that Chicago was a great place before she arrived and will remain a great place when she leaves. We survived Michael Jordan's departure and nobody will really miss Oprah when she's gone because, aside from her show, she has never been a very visible presence here.

You had a good run here, Oprah, but your time is up. See ya later, alligator.

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