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Interesting Videos on African American Literature


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I have not watched all the videos


All the back peddling on the use of the term "African American," at the beginning of this video was pretty funny. However, I could relate as it is a surprisingly controversial term that I've had to defend many times.  She does a good job explaining it.  Though it won't change anyone's opinion or the term, those who don;t have a clue will learn about the controversy.

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Pretty interesting Blog posts.  I've made some of the work I produce available on the web for students.  Nowadays many schools use a system called Blackboard I just use it for entering grades.  I keep my lecture notes on a website I created for the course: http://cis3630.org/  


It would be interesting to know how many professor use the web in the way that we have?

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We had blackboard but I wanted traffic going to my site. Most professors didn't have websites and had zero interest in starting one. I actually had a high school course where I taught students to build websites using wysiwyg and small chunks of html, so I really pushed tech. I went as far as electronic paper submissions. The students liked the idea of responding online and it generated more dialogue in class.

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