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Local Author’s First Book Addresses Building Better Female Friendships

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Troy's Note: Innovative Butterfly, I took your attached document and pasted the text below.  More people will see it that way.  While your document was clean, downloading attachment is the easiest way to transfer viruses, so many people won't do it.   I also added an image of your book's cover and modified the link to Amazon to go directly to your book's page.  I also used an Amazon affiliate link (http://aalbc.it/roftheb) which will generate commissions.  Finally I added a links to your website where you book title is mentioned.  Thanks for sharing information about your book here.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                           July 7, 2015
Contact: (678) 744-4646


Local Author’s First Book Addresses Building Better Friendships

ATLANTA — Expected End Entertainment, LLC, and EX3 Books announced today the upcoming release of Reflections of the Butterfly: Affirmations for Empowerment, a book that delves into building and re-building relationships among females.

Written by Necole F. Turner, founder of Innovative Butterfly, LLC, the book uses Turner’s experiences as a backdrop to help women see themselves and their relationships from a different perspective with hopes of creating lasting bonds. After spending most of her life trying to find her place and purpose in life, she eventually found that in teaching she was able to motivate and inspire students to become their best. Ultimately, she took to her journal and wrote Reflections of the Butterfly to empower others to “transform” into whom they were meant to be. The book:

·         Helps women understand that self-view can hinder relationships.

·         Provides insight into how to change perception.

·         Provokes inner-reflection.

·         Gives encouragement in the reflection process.

·         Empowers women to effectuate positive change.

“I want to provide encouragement for people who have been frustrated by failed friendships. I know that begins with a positive self-image,” said Turner, a professor and legal researcher. “I wanted to share my journey and help people along their journeys as well. We can all be transformed into beautiful butterflies if we are able to have a healthy view of ourselves.”

EX3 Books Publisher C. Nathaniel Brown said Reflections of the Butterfly will provide readers a sense of peace and purpose.

Necole is comfortable sharing her personal experiences,” he said. “That type of transparency and her desire to help others, will have a huge impact on readers.”  

The book is scheduled to be released July 25 during a book signing celebration at Cornerstone Co-working, 279 W. Crogan Street, Lawrenceville, GA. It will also be available at www.EX3ent.com and www.Amazon.com.

About Expected End Entertainment, LLC:  Expected End Entertainment (EX3) is an Atlanta-based, full-service media and entertainment company that provides content for film, television, radio and the internet. Its book publishing division, EX3 Books, specializes in nonfiction publications and includes writing, editing, and publishing services among other resources for writers.


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