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An Even Better Book Promotion Deal - the Large Book Cover


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The $1 per day is excellent, but bang for buck, the large book cover is even better. Here’s why:large-book-cover-ad.jpg.b2d33124e1efc850

  1. The book cover image is very large.  I have not seen another website that displays book cover images so big—no one, who visits AALBC.com, can miss seeing these large book covers.
  2. The images appears on virtually every single AALBC.com webpage.  Which means the book covers will be seen far more frequently that the $1 per day advertisements, which only appear on a few pages.
  3. Click through ratios of 1% or more are typical.  1% is a very high click through ratio, and means 1 out of every 100 visitors who sees the large book cover will click it.
  4. The large book cover ads will also be displayed on our development site (aalbc.org) which is already getting 10% of AALBC.com's traffic.

I appreciate more budget conscious advertisers may balk, at least initially, at the $249 price point, which explains the popularity of the $1 per day advertisements.  So while this ad is a bit more that $7 per day, you ad will be seen at least 100 times more frequently.

The Large Book Cover as is simply a more effective ad type, provided you have an respectable looking book cover.  

In fact, for this reason, the Large Book Cover will be the primary ad type I will focus on the new version of AALBC.com.  

How to Think About the  Large Book Cover Advertisement (AALBC.com ad placment in general)

The Large Book Cover ad is analogous to a book being prominently displayed in a book store’s window, table or shelf (the type of placement for which publishers compensate the bookseller).  If the cover is poorly done, or describes an uninteresting subject, readers browsing in the store will simply pass that book for a more visually appealing and interesting looking one.  People do judge, books by their covers.

sample-page.jpg.39a04f80d72a14e0f8755de9Now if a potential reader clicks the book cover, the landing page (the web page the reader is sent to when they click a the book’s cover) is also very important.  Will it turn the reader off or peak their interest?  Will the read be assaulted by the author’s favorite music as soon as the page is loaded or will they be provided with an compelling book synopsis, video or special offer?  Will the reader, who is interested in buying the book, have to hunt for the buy button, or be provided with only one option to purchase the book?

Most often AALBC.com advertisers send readers to Amazon, particularly if they are interested in sales.  This is a common strategy for popular authors, whose readers will buy their books as soon as they know a new one is available.  

However, a new author is often better served by directing readers to their website, where a much more compelling experience can be provided for the reader than can be provided on Amazon’s website.  Of course the challenge here is creating a website the provides this experience... which is whole 'nother article.

Finally, while book sales are an important measure of the success of an advertising campaign, branding and developing name recognition is just as important.  Any writer or publisher in this business for the long haul has to get their name and books in front as many people as possible.  One simply can not develop name recognition through at 32 day even on a site like AALBC.com.

Building a brand is part of a long term strategy which should include traditional marketing technique as well.  Obviously I think an AALBC.com should be part of the mix for anyone interested in reaching readers of Black literature.

Large Book Cover from AALBC.com, LLC






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Hi Troy. I am interested in this offer and wanted to confirm that the terms haven't changed since this was posted. My book, White Man's Disease, will be published in about a month and I am looking for marketing opportunities that I can afford. By that time my website will be built out. I also would like to submit my book for review. Thx...Paul

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