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Ethereal Voices

Guest Shona Jabang

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Guest Shona Jabang

I would like to announce the release of my debut collection of short stories - Ethereal Voices.  I also recently won an award for a story The Sea Witch - not included int this book.  Please see the web site.http://www.thecaribbeanwriter.org/news/the-caribbean-writer-announces-its-volume-29-prize-winners/

I would appreciate any comments of suggestion in terms of how to encourage more readers and advertise my book.  How do I become listed as an author with aalbc?






A Beautiful New Book of Prose & Poetry


Captures Boundless Core of Caribbean Culture




Ethereal Voices offers a scintillating and thought-provoking selection of short stories and poems with an eclectic, trans-Atlantic, Caribbean flavor. This debut book by Shona Jabang is a fascinating account of what life was like for a child growing up in Jamaica and entering womanhood. The author's gift at writing transports the reader to the flavours, smells, cultures, social mores and climate of that country. She also skilfully represents the poignancy and charisma of the indigenous people who are constantly searching for their true identities.

“These tales depict a specific type of beauty, a type of beauty you can’t find in many places on earth,” says Jabang. “My goal is to capture it and allow readers to immerse themselves in a varied and in-depth impression of what it means to be from the Caribbean. I impart this through an eclectic mix of vivid imagery, rhythmic tones, and symphonies of poignant moods. I’m certainly not the first person to try and capture the Caribbean on paper, but I believe I’m doing it in a way never before attempted.”

Jabang is a Jamaican-American, a graduate of the Master in Creative Writing Program at National University, San Diego, California. She has a Master’s degree in Literacy and Learning – from Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. She is currently a high school language arts teacher with the Department of Defense, assigned to the United Kingdom, and a Writing 101 teacher with the University of Maryland University College Overseas Europe.

Jabang further states: “My poems and stories don’t just focus on Jamaica. There’s also a gripping addition which embroils readers in a humorous and ultimately tragic story set in The Gambia. It’s an extremely varied adventure, and will appeal to anyone with a thirst for discovering new cultures, or hearing about the unique struggles of different women around the world.”

Ethereal Voices is now available on Amazon and www.lulu.com


Contact:     AudioArcadia.com   Email:  info@audioarcadia.com  Mobile:  (+44) 07432 369298


Shona Jabang

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Hi, my book is Ethereal Voices and is available on Amazon.  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ethereal-Voices-Shona-Jabang/dp/1326520814

Sorry if there was any confusion - I have a story featured in The Caribbean Writer which is not connected with my collection of short stories.  I am here to promote my book as well as my featured story. 


Shona Jabang Go to "Ethereal Voices" page



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