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Looking for feedback on Events Listing


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I decided today to add all major book events, not just Black ones, that I could find to my Book events listing.  I think it one of a kind.

There are plenty of places that lists book events, but none also list Black events.  My list includes book and literary festivals from across the country.  Have about 100 in in my database, some have already occurred, and others have not posted there 2016 data, so they are not showing, but right now I have 75 events listed.  Check out the list at http://aalbc.com/events/

I plan to provide a list suitable for printing, but I'm looking for some feedback on what I've done so far.  Also, am I missing any important events?

Let me know what you y'all think.

Also take a look at the participating authors at these events.  What conclusions can you draw?

Occassionaly some well meaning white person will ask me some variation of the following; "If there was an event that was called the National White Book Festival, that would be considered racist, but you all can have a Nation Black Book Fair, why isn't that racist?"

Again, let me know what you all think.


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San Diego State Writer's Conference and The Cave Canem Events are two that pop into my head immediately.

Man that is an impressive list and definitely hard to coordinate. You will need a constant influx of info to stay on top of this, but it looks great. As far as the authors most of the events cater to women and that makes sense since women read more than men. Overall each event looks like it is being organized in connection to a particular school which means that it will have an academic lean. I'd have to take my time with it, but I'm sharing it so others can pass it around.

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